Leo Gura / Actualized.org
Posted by: SomeGuy ()
Date: May 01, 2020 10:16PM

So I dunno if you guys have come across this guy on youtube at all. He posts videos on how to better yourself and awakening. His videos are generally all about awakening now, and he achieves mystical experiences by smoked a hell of a lot of 5-MeO-DMT.

There's videos where he claims live awakenings are happening and he's relaying information straight from God himself, which he also claims he is God. He belittles his audience and tells them that they don't know what he knows, he claims he knows more than any other sage that has existed.

He has a website called Actualized.org and a forum, and all the hallmarks of a cult are there. He has all the knowledge and access to truth, you do not. If you ever call him out, you're projecting. There's people in the forum who've attempted to commit suicide.

At first I looked at his video laughing at how deluded he was, like I couldn't believe somebody like this existed. Same kind of aptivation that Tiger King caused. Megalomaniac would be a good word to describe him. Somehow he has like a million subscribers on youtube who think that he is enlightened and is speaking the absolute truth.

His logo on his website used to be a symbol that peadophiles use to secretly express their sexual preference. I stumbled across this discussion where he's defending peadophile and peadophelia and gaslighting people who try to point out flaws in his logic. Here's a link, check the comments below:

There's s response from a guy called Kevin who calls him out. This is Kevin's message so you can find it all easy enough:

"I get hypocrisy. After all, I hate war, especially war based on lies by my own government. But I also pay taxes knowing full well where the money is going. I’m part of a system that’s doing all the things I don’t like. But claiming that there’s no evil – that a pedophile is doing as he should because he’s doing it – that’s a bridge too far."

Scroll down to there and have a read.

I wouldn't usually post on a forum or anything like that, but I found this extremely disturbing and I'm not sure what to do about it. So I thought I'd just post this here for people to read as I know that there's people on this forum who'll know a lot about cults, narcissists and abusive people.

He's created a framework of awakening where there's different colour grades and if you're at certain grades then that corresponds to a certain level of consciousness. And there's people who claim that following his work is making them isolated, but he'll claim that's part of the awakening process. And if you try to call him out on stuff, then you're just unconscious, and his followers will think you're unconscious too, so there's like a group mind way of thinking and bullying. It's a cult, straight up.

The guy is gaslighting people in to trying 5-MeO-DMT and he claims that this drug is the only important thing in life. He's smoking it fucking loads and loads and people have called him out on it, which you can imagine how that went down. Here's a link to that:

If you check bits of this video out too it's pretty disturbing behavior:

Like I said, I wouldn't usually post anything on a forum like this, but I've found this guy to be really disturbing and probably dangerous.

Re: Leo Gura / Actualized.org
Posted by: facet ()
Date: May 02, 2020 09:11PM


This one has been on YouTube for a long while, I cannot go back and reference the clips as it was such a long time ago, however it was noted that emotional manipulation was being used throughout his clips, along with some form of hypnosis.

With reference to the pedophillia symbol, that is very interesting, thank you for sharing.

In my own research I found two areas where this pops up frequently amongst these type of guru.. a. controversy gains attention, it is like a PR tactic where any attention is perceived as beneficial.. it is all that is needed (positive or negative) before the other manipulative mechanisms are exposed to those fixing attention to get them hooked.

b. It is seen that if you can overide natural instincts in disagreeing with a pedophiles stance then you are one who is worthy because you are beyond judging others, it appeals greatly to the spiritual seeking ego however, it is really just a way of getting others to give their consent to extremely poor social behaviour, including that of given leader or group / members, etc.

In addition, if people are told that they cannot have alternate thoughts than any leader or group member etc, and are shamed (being unconscious or other seeming put down) for having an alternate view, it is a control mechanism in the person. High need to control others does not = freedom in the leader, and therefore in any adhering follower.

Take good care.

Oops, forgot to add about the symbol, excuses excuses when it comes to those who try to say that they work to eliminate negative connotation within the word pedophile, and associated words, inc symbols.

If they are not socially working to weed out pedophillia being acceptable, then it is a bogus venture with alternate motive.

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Re: Leo Gura / Actualized.org
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: May 02, 2020 10:49PM

If someone claims to be beyond conventional morality, watch what happens if they find a bunch of unauthorized charges have been put on their credit cards.

Re: Leo Gura / Actualized.org
Posted by: zizlz ()
Date: August 12, 2020 11:55PM

Leo's Messiah complex seems to be getting only worse. Adeptus Psychonautica did a good job with this video about it:

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