Facebook demon worshiping cult group... looking for help for my adult daughter!!!
Date: February 21, 2020 12:48AM

Looking for those with similar experiences, possible suggestions/insights... anything at all... I'm at my wits' end here!!

My daughter has been involved in this group now for well over a year (maybe 2) and is sucked in completely. She had been living here with me for some time but now that I"m questioning her involvement a little more, she decided to verbally attack me in a horrible way and in essence shut that door between us. She now is living with her estranged dad who knew nothing about this until I quietly informed him. He said he would research the group and remain quiet for now. But I'm not getting anymore response from him so I feel I'm on my own here, along with the help of a very loving sister of mine.

This group is VERY good at recruiting "lost souls" like my daughter, those who have felt they never fit in and have always been looking for their tribe, their family. Most of us feel that way at some point in our lives but some of us have always felt that way, like my daughter.

The egregore or collective group mind this group has formed is extremely powerful and has 300 "victims" well under their control. Many of the members are striving to become part of what is called The Order, an elite group who have a direct relationship with all of the upper level demons (essentially upper level = good, lower level = bad according to their teachings). Yes, they are even putting out books... on demons and other topics such as the dark arts, and also offering a variety of courses on their teachings, some of which my daughter has purchased/taken. They also sell things such as pendant necklaces with sigils on them and oils/potions, etc. Making a ton of money off of them too I'm sure.

I've seen a huge escalation in the number of offerings to these demons (mostly food and alcohol), multiple times a day by my daughter, not to mention other ritual type behavior at all hours. Very hard to observe this kind of behavior and not know what to do!! This group also has a public page on Facebook offering their books/courses, and when I saw a comment by my daughter saying "Hail Father Lucifer," I felt just so ill, so scared...

But what is worrying me the most right now is a screenshot of a post from within that group by one of the leaders (which I found in a video by one of the defectors) that is talking about some kind of initiations being held yearly (I'm assuming in Texas where the leaders live). Supposedly, these demons will invite a select group of witches/members for these initiations... into The Order I assume. If my daughter would be one of the "selected," she would be traveling across the country and I feel would go in a heartbeat. What she would be walking into there is just too scary for me to even imagine... but my thoughts go directly to human trafficking!!!!

It will be 2 weeks tomorrow since she left here "shutting that door between us" and I've barely made it through to this point. I'm trying to keep my composure and regain my strength. I did reach out to a counseling agency for a crisis session but got zero help. Instead they focused on me and how distraught I am... of course I'm distraught!! Their only suggestion was finding a support group, but what I need is real help with this situation before it's too late.

I keep being told there is nothing I can do but that just can't be.

The name of this private Facebook group is The Order of Dark Arts... 304 members currently. Is anyone else out there dealing with this particular group or something like it?

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Re: Facebook demon worshiping cult group... looking for help for my adult daughter!!!
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: February 21, 2020 08:37AM

Dear mom needs help, the most up to date book you can get is Cults Inside Out: How People Get In and Can Get Out


It may help a lot if you and some friends and family members can read this book together. Having comrades makes everything better. Being isolated makes everything worse.

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Re: Facebook demon worshiping cult group... looking for help for my adult daughter!!!
Date: February 21, 2020 08:58AM

Thanks corboy. You are definitely right, isolation is not helping. I'm just feeling such an urgency to help get her away from this group, but my hands feel very tied.

I certainly feel for all those in similar situations. Feels like a nonstop nightmare.

I will take a look at the book. I need all the resources I can get.


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