Conscious Transformation Cult
Posted by: RalphHarrah ()
Date: January 30, 2020 12:20AM

This seems all innocent and helpful at first. I'm sure that's how most cults operate. There are at-home meditations, free local book clubs, and weekend conferences. I have done the meditation series and attended a conference.

The meditations are ok - they do help you build some emotional awareness. They aren't really meditations as they are guided and very active. Meditation is mindfulness and more relaxing. Joey Klein constantly interrupts the meditations by over explaining and using confusing terms for things. His book is similar. He will spend two pages explaining a simple sentence with descriptions.

The big problem comes in with the claims the leader, Joey Klein, makes. He can cause "instant transformation" and I've seen it mentioned elsewhere that his meditation or light healing can heal tumors. This doesn't surprise me.

Once you've paid enough money He will tell you he is acting as his higher self - or the universal consciousness. OK so he is God? And he will tell you that you will be more powerful than him someday (as long as you keep paying thousands of dollars per year). He shares insight on how we reincarnate as if he created the process.

Apprenticeship - the biggest scam they have going. Complete MultiLevel Marketing Pyramid SCHEME.

The conference was a constant sales pitch to be a yearly member (attend 4 conferences) and to be an Apprentice. Apprentices may become trainers but only after you train 25 people through the series ($1k each person) and you attend 4+ conferences a year. So it's an hour a week with 25 people for a year, at least $10,000 for you per year - most likely more. BUT.... "Some of the trainers are making 7 figure incomes". That is complete garbage. I have looked into these trainers. Most have other primary jobs or are married, previous wealth, and offer classes that cost $400 max for 12 weeks - and I'm sure Conscious Transformation keeps most of that. So to make 1,000,000,000 per year they would need 2,500 students attending their classes. YEAH, OK. The places they meet seem to fit 20 max.

The conference was enjoyable because I'm a self help junkie but it had no lasting effects. He does interventions just like Tony Robbins and even ends the weekend with the same energy practices. I don't know what the group work at a Tony Robbins conference is like but if it's the same then this is almost 100% a ripoff of Tony Robbins.

Some of the interventions were harsh and miscalculated. I don't think Joey Klein is qualified to take someone through there deep trauma of rape in front of 100 people.

We heard very personal emotional stories- anything from a failing marriage to rape and incest traumas.

The mirror neurons from this made me very emotional the rest of the weekend- like I wanted to cry for no reason and I never cry. I was even pursuaded to sign up for a specialty course because I felt so broken... like I needed it because there was something wrong with me. When I couldn't attend the conference they had someone else take my spot (who paid) and they refused to refund me and were very rude about it. They are helping raise the consciousness of the world though, right?

One woman had a past trauma worsened by witnessing one of these. She told Joey she was a complete mess and was now dealing with being raped and tortured by her father.

He then basically humiliated her in front of 100 people saying she is attention seeking and wants everyone to give her "warm and fuzzies and to comfort her".

She did not seem helped in the end, at all.

And then there are the people who have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars going to these conferences and specialty programs, paying for airfare and hotel while their personal relationships and career suffer.

I have personally seen two trainers act in anger, fear, immoral behavior.

Aside from the inital benefits of some Emotion Intelligence, which you can achieve almost anywhere, these programs clearly do not offer large benefit. It's possible you have a local trainer in your community that runs a good program and I don't want to say they are bad people. They probably have been fooled by Joey Klein and his marketing team at some level but they may offer some local value in their community. My advice would be to avoid going to Denver and the regionals conferences. Stay within the self-meditations and local classes.

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Re: Conscious Transformation Cult
Posted by: RalphHarrah ()
Date: January 30, 2020 01:21AM

I should add that Joey Klein is a successor of Sai Maa and even dedicated his book to her. It's clear he tries to distance himself from her publicly because she has been exposed multiple times, especially on these forums.

He was likely groomed by her as his accounts of her in interviews pretty much states. He was desperate and in a bad place and Sai Maa took him under her wing.

The story of his "Enlightenment" seems to be different in interviews, at conferences and in his book. I think Sai Maa was his only teacher but he claims different spiritual influences at different times.

It's always concerning when someone can't get their story straight and proves it's all what is more marketable. He also lives in a mansion and drives a ferrari and a porsche I believe. But who needs material things, right? He's trying to raise the consciousness of the world - but his market and pricing is for Rich White Americans.

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Re: Conscious Transformation Cult
Posted by: Willsutton ()
Date: May 17, 2020 03:27AM

Joey Klein has created a high-demand group and cult following called Conscious Transformation. People go in seeking self-development and are groomed by staff and trainers to "commit fully" and pay 10's of thousands of dollars to Joey, who ends up shaming and berating the very people supporting him. It was not uncommon to hear him yell at an apprentice, asking, "are you fucking stupid?" He utilizes the carrot and stick method to motivate those in the inner circle and maintains control using intimidation, fear, mind-control, and community policing, especially by those in leadership positions.

Trainers and apprentices recruit for him under the guise that they will be developing their own meditation teaching business. Costing them 10's of thousands of dollars a year to remain in "good standing." Apprentices must bring a minimum of 25 people through a year-long series equalling $35,000 paid to Joey to qualify to apply for certification. They don't get to keep any of the money as an apprentice. There is a complete lack of transparency as apprentices are not able to see the trainer contract until after they apply for certification. The above is free labor and covertly explained as "shifting the consciousness of the planet," and it is making Joey Klein very wealthy. He talks people up to their face so that they continue to bring people to programs, which is $$ for him, but shares behind the scenes that those same people will never certify or be allowed to certify as trainers.

His weekend programs are setup solely by volunteers, and he seemingly has zero qualms in convincing/manipulating people claiming it to be an honor to serve him and the community to build out his company, which is making millions in revenue and could very well afford to pay for hall setup.

The entire system lives on referrals to programs. There are many incentives for members to recruit new members such as: getting special attention from staff, trainers, and Joey. There is a contest at this moment called "The Impact Award," offering dinner or a one-hour session with Joey for the person who brings the most new people to programs. Many of his trainers "sponsor" friends and family to go to programs to stay in good standing with Joey. Also, Conscious Transformation offers referral program credits that can be used to pay for specialty programs. These specialty programs are where Joey gains access to the information from participants he uses to exploit and manipulate them for his personal gain. The information he learns gives him access to participant's deepest wounds. He then can trigger these wounds in whichever way he chooses to get people to do exactly what he wants them to, which subjects the unsuspecting member to further trauma over long periods of time. He and others in the community actually claim he is triggering them to foster a deeper level of self-mastery, which leaves people vulnerable to years of abuse.

Joey boasts of an inner circle of ten. Many community members aspire to be a part of the "inner circle." What they don't realize is once a member reaches the "inner circle" they are repeatedly manipulated and tightly controlled.

He targets new members with large networks or people with money by drawing them in closer and making them feel seen and special. Once a member reaches the "inner circle," they are covertly influenced by Joey to live only for the vision of Conscious Transformation and must work to "prove their value." Joey requires absolute loyalty to himself from his followers and unwavering commitment to Conscious Transformation. The leadership team defends and justifies his awful treatment of people continually cleaning up after his blowups on community members. Those same people who support him are abused, bullied, intimidated, and mind-controlled the most.

He maintains tight control over all aspects of his company i.e., staff, trainers, and apprentices. Many of them must ask for permission to make any changes in their life, and many times are coerced to leave family and friends to support the movement of Conscious Transformation. Anyone who doesn't "choose" what Joey wants for them is blacklisted and removed from the leadership positions they were recruited into and gave thousands of hours to. Joey, however, shows a lack of leadership and integrity as he won't follow the same set of rules he sets out for staff, trainers, and apprentices. Joey started dating a one on one client and brought her into Conscious Transformation as his Chief Operating Officer. Joey granted her privileges others had worked years to obtain.

I have good evidence that he pays his staff way less than he claims. Joey exhibits a lack of leadership as he states that he pays his staff based on performance and threatens to reduce pay on a whim if he feels they are not performing to his level of expectation. These expectations are subject to change and often do without warning. Most often, when he does not see the sales or revenue he wants. He leaves staff members to live in constant fear of being unable to provide for themselves. Joey has made many promises to people that their volunteer time will pay off when he has space to bring them on staff in a highly paid position. His girlfriend was the only one to be brought on staff and paid a fair wage; everyone else makes less than fair market wages for their positions.

I have been a witness to the terrible treatment by him that his staff must endure. They are often required to work up to 65 hours a week without extra pay. Crying and breaking down at the office are not uncommon occurrences for staff members. I have evidence that they are often forced to overlook their failing health to show up for work and are often convinced by Joey that any diagnosis they have is a false positive.

I have been a witness to multiple instances where Joey uses attack therapy on members in front of a large number of people. Some of these attacks created severe psychological damage, especially on those who have already been subjected to intense trauma. Joey often uses pressure from the group via a show of hands, shaming a person in front of hundreds of members to force the subject into submission.

Founder of Conscious Transformation Joey Klein is hurting people, all while convincing them he is the only one to heal them and charging 10's of thousands of dollars to participate in Conscious Transformation. Anyone that challenges him or tries to expose him is defamed and discredited. It's no wonder why people don't come forward and share their experiences with Joey Klein more often. The people that have been hurt by him don't feel safe to speak, and yet, their silence protects him.

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Re: Conscious Transformation Cult
Posted by: BernettahLinden ()
Date: January 20, 2021 12:42AM

Joey Klein renames Conscious Transformation to Inner Matrix Systems to stave off a rapidly declining community. Members are waking to the truth that Joey Klein is indeed exploiting them. Many people have come forward sharing personal stories of mental and emotional abuse. Changing the organization's name is a cowardly way to avoid taking responsibility for the damage Joey Klein has caused. Inner Matrix Systems is the same organization, run by the same founder Joey Klein who exaggerates his experience, claiming to have "coached leaders from some of the world's top companies" when he posses zero credentials from any accredited source. Protect yourself, your loved ones, and your financial assets by avoiding this organization.

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