Lisa turner(psycademy extorting money and brainwash a friend ! updated contents! help!
Posted by: light34 ()
Date: January 22, 2020 08:01PM

Wonder if anyone knows this woman? There are a few reasons that concerns me a lot .. i know someone who joined her training in her academy and has been lately more distress and saying the same things she says.. things like boundaries and compromise don't seem to go together for Lisa and there is more than seems off . Would love to give some credit to this lady but i found it hard to trust someone with past issues that claims she has guides speaking for her she does a funny voice .. does she owns what she says or she prefers to have a guide instead?..she also uses a strange wording such if people are upset with her she forgives them..and perception is projection .. which leads me to think she might not take responsibility and if someone comes forward to take legal action against her she never said or did certain things it is all people's perception ..




Lisa turner on Denial



Someone who shared their opinion about lisa! tried could not attached the screen shots .. too large.

"Having attended a couple of online sessions with psycademy , I attended a half day free workshop.. as I felt the information contents offered at the half day workshop for a 3 day workshop.. sounded quite in depth..
They were very accommodating with financial arrangements as I wasn’t able to raise funds for workshop..
I felt parts of the workshop very useful however felt.. the in depth of a lot of activities were to be completed on a follow up course.. which was quite a substantial amount..

I also felt., during the workshop of where the team used tactics of selling.. to be quite manipulating for many who take this journey when reaching to their senses of vulnerability..
The teams’ having gained information on individuals financial situations.. through payments being made upfront or enquires on other methods.. I felt., some or one in particular had his weaknesses used in order to get the sale..

as a spiritual listing group.. I feel a sense of hypocrisy whilst also taking into accounts of how the corporations programmed mind is working on desires that benefit self and not as a mass..

yes.’ I hear them saying.. we train you for thousands and then you do the same to get rich from their teachings..

i believe it is fair to say this seems like a pyramid thing and there are no benefits you pay very high and need to stay there training others to recover your money

"I paid £500 for the 3days then was £25 -£35k.."if that was the amount to pay then i would say this is a very clever method to make money fast and easy .. they don't seem to be healing no one but just extorting money and doing mind control! And if you are reproved who knows what will happen ..

Re: Lisa turner(psycademy extorting money and brainwash a friend ! updated contents! help!
Posted by: facet ()
Date: January 24, 2020 10:41PM

My view her covers all of these type of groups, it’s not a personal thing because it is the same model that they all run on. It’s a business.

If this person truly wanted to help in such grand terms as they describe, it wouldn’t cost this much money and most certainly would not be a business.

On a brief reading of the home page, straight away it begins with manipulative text that is formed to plug into naturally occurring human phases with a need that most of us go through at some point in life, in this case surrounding purpose in the world, that a reader may currently be experiencing or had been through and left unresolved. This will potentially hook a person in, or not.

All of these people are chancers. They take a chance, like fishermen.

They are running a business, and nothing more. Godspeed to you :-).

Re: #Lisa turner (psycademy extorting money and brainwash a friend ! updated contents! help!
Posted by: light34 ()
Date: January 25, 2020 06:43AM

Thanks Facet for being following this topic, yes true it is a business and if genuine it won't probably be charging that much .. but she also has a video on charging clients she says to offer amazing services she has to pay thousands it is her justification to charge loads .. i would turn it around as it could actually be because she charges unjustified fees that she can afford to pay thousands on on marketing etc .. to make more and hook more desperate people that sounds like?

#psycademy #lisaTurner

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Re: #Lisa turner (psycademy extorting money and brainwash a friend ! updated contents! help!
Posted by: facet ()
Date: January 25, 2020 07:47PM

It seems to be the way things go with manipulation, behind every manipulator is usually another manipulator pulling strings.

Someone getting a need met unhealthily, that is then transferred down the strings as a usual thing, a norm, when it isn’t, it’s unusual. It continues on and further manipulated persons ensue.

It is difficult to see that it is unusual if that’s the model presented and maybe we’ve been duped into thinking a system presented had a positive effect on us in some way, when actually it was the power of our own brains.

I hope that everybody involved is able to snap out of it.

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