Dance world is plagued by cult - how should I react?
Posted by: Peter_EU ()
Date: November 11, 2019 02:31AM


to make it simple: I discovered Ballroom Dancing to be a cult and quite destructive one. The entire city is plagued by them, in terms of dancing - they schools are all around the place. I have experience that they are irrational, malevolent, vindictive, controlling - and what is worse, they know about me! (and the fact that I recognized them as such).

Now, I am scared... I tried other dances, these places are not cults nor (so far) I recognized any destructive or controlling person.

yet, I am still scared. I noticed that the toxicity around dancing community is quite high, and this toxicity resembles the one I observed within the cult - egoistic ruthless women, suspicious people, exaggerated impulsive reaction, mood swings and creation of conflicts for no severe reasons.

The situation is "tolerable", I sense no presence of alarming hostility and toxicity, but only yet. I do not know what might happen.

And this is what leads me to my question: I am scared! I intentness destructive cult, hidden in plain sight, dangerous irrational vindictive malevolence people, and people outside this group either close their eyes or ignore stuff altogether. Despite having some toxicity leaked out.

Also, naturally, some cultist sometimes will visit other dances, which bugs me the most - they will bring their toxicity and mindset with them. Possibly machiavellianism, psychopathy and narcissism as cultists do have these traits.

I am asking myself if I should under such circumstances leave dancing altogether... This problem has potential to grow again and cause me problems. On the other hand, I enjoy dancing...

What would be your opinion on such situation?

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Re: Dance world is plagued by cult - how should I react?
Date: November 13, 2019 09:37PM

I hope Ed Balls isn't tied up in this! He seems like such a nice chap.

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