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Aaravindha Himadra—Truly a Spiritual Fraud, and Worse?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: October 25, 2019 12:57AM

Aaravindha Himadra—
Benign Spiritual Teacher
Fraudulent, Predatorial Cult Leader?

Aaravindha Himadra has a large following, especially in Europe. He does have US followers, too, particularly near his home for part of the year on Orcas Island, Washington.

Sadly, recent accounts and articles appeared that indicate this Guru is not all that he seems. He has claimed to be an enlightened teacher who found and has been trained my secret Himalayan masters that only he knows about. He claims to be in telepathic communication with them, perhaps at all times.

The fact that this sort of claim has been proved to be nonsense by every and for every spiritual teacher who has made similar assertions in the past would lead one to wonder. Anyone, like myself, who has actually been to the Himalayas would likely laugh at them. In fact, these Himalayan claims are a part of what has led some to assert that Aaravidha’s teachings are “bullshit” and to state that he is a total fake. Some spiritual folk have gone so far as to tell this writer that an in-depth look at Aaravindha’s teachings would indicate that they are revamped fluff, bits and pieces taken from many other persons and traditions, all put together in a way designed to gain followers and donations, all with the pretty blonde man dressed in white as a cover for the enterprise.

Then, an article by Be Scofield appeared. (It, and others, can be found here.) it asked questions regarding Aaravindha Himadra, his organization’s (cult’s?) connections to a mysterious murder on Orcas Island, and made Aaravindha a more well known “teacher” in the process.

Aaravindha’s responses to Be Scofield, both in the legal system and, it seems, extra-judicially with a cyber attack dog of limited intelligence but some technical prowess, have been detailed in the ‘Be Scofield” topic on this site and will be fully explored here in subsequent posts. (News: Aaravindha was forced to withdraw his lawsuit against Be Scofield since it had no grounds and was frivolous. He was forced to pay a penalty to her otherwise pro bono attorneys.)

So, Dear Reader, what do you think? Do you know of or have experience with Aaravindha Himadra?

Is he actually a “real teacher,” or is he another sad sack of Fake?

I must state that I have yet to find anything, even if the worst suspected now, besides murder, is proved to be true, that puts him anywhere on the scale of depravity near the excremental James Swartz. However, to say that one is better than James Swartz is not exactly a high complement.

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Re: Aaravindha Himadra—Truly a Spiritual Fraud, and Worse?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: October 25, 2019 10:57PM

Aaravindha Himadra's Apparent Attacks
On Be Scofield Have Backfired.
Now, the Spotlight Is On Him.
The History of This Is On This Site at
"Be Scofield -- The Truth Is ???"

Just to be clear, I had not even heard of a guru claimant named Aaravindha Himadra until Be Scofield was attacked by what appeared to be a few people on-line.

Then, information came out that the attacks on her were being paid for by either Bentinho Massaro (Martian Slave Colony enthusiast, cat torturer as a teen, self-confessed 'diagnosed Narcissist', and higher on the spiritual scale than Jesus, according to accounts from his 'camp') or Aaravindha Himadra.

Aaravidnha who?

I began to read of Aaravindha with Be Scofield's article, continued with his own website, and have continued on this journey of (increasingly sad) discovery regarding this more and more false-seeming teacher thanks very much to this forum. To see the revelations unfold, please do read the posts in order at "Be Scofield -- The Truth Is ???" here on the Cult Education Forum.


From Aaravindha's own homepage on his website comes an image of him that shows the falsity of his whole spiritual "gig" almost as clearly as the closeup of the eyes of James Swartz on his own website showed his intrinsic evil nature back in 2017.

Regarding Aaravindha's 'teachings,' one insightful spiritual person said, "If he really claims that 'secret telepathic mountain master stuff,' and that's the best 'teaching' that this guy has, so he puts those words on his front page, then he's clueless. He's a fraud. He tries to attract people by calling them 'artists,' 'conjurers,' and 'powerful,' and then gets them hooked with his group think and white robes. He's definitely just out for the power trip, to savor the ego thrill of being an exalted, acclaimed, special Himalayan 'somebody.' He's as attuned as a teacher as a rock--and the rock, through silence, might have more to give."

Here's Aaravindha. Look into his eyes. Trust him if you will.

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Re: Aaravindha Himadra—Truly a Spiritual Fraud, and Worse?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: November 04, 2019 09:53PM

On the Be Scofield thread, the Post below went up yesterday (03 Nov 19).

It was Aavindha Himadra's apparent funding of the attacks on Be Scofield that brought him to the attention of some, including myself. It was only then that the falsity of his whole story, and the inadequacy of his teachings, became obvious to those with experience in the (dualistic doings of the) "spiritual world" who looked. Plus, his own doings showed strongly that this 'teacher' either didn't really have Himalayan guidance or wasn't at all listening to 'them' or 'it,'

What Aaravindha does have is a smooth way with words, the blond white-robed presence, and a lot of money behind him. Plus he has some very loyal followers, too, as well as an apparently very guilty conscience. About what or how many things? Those are the questions, aren't they? See the above posts and links for details, though some would likely be found in the book mentioned next, too.

The Truth about Be Scofield is...???
Her Own Story
Is Now Available

Where better to start in assessing and evaluating an investigative journalist than with her own words?

The link to details about Be Scofield's Memoir, and how to get it, is



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Re: Aaravindha Himadra—Truly a Spiritual Fraud, and Worse?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: December 04, 2019 07:08AM

The below is a post that has been on the Be Scofield thread for some time.
It links to a story by Be Scofield about Abraham Hicks and about the Law of Attraction (The Secret) folks.

Just to make sure it was not missed, it is inserted here,
much to the joy of Aaravindha Himadra, to be sure.

More from Be Scofield--
Is She "Doing Good Work"
Or Is She 'Bad News'
As Aaravindha Himadra and
Who Seem To Be His Attack Dogs Claim?

This is an easy one for me.

The first time I heard about "Channelers," I shuddered inside. Give someone who's a good performer a vehicle to spout anything they like, with the excuse that he or she is only the "vehicle," the "mouthpiece," for some sort of wiser, higher being, and what could happen?

Well, the Channeler gets rich and famous, for one thing. Or does if he or she is a good marketer. Plus, a lot of barnyard stuff gets spread around, all mixed with some cute sayings and fluffy spiritual truths.

So, judge for yourself. Is Be Scofield on target here, or not?

When you have completed your evaluation of her investigaton of Abraham Hicks and the whole Law of Attraction group, what do you conclude?

Here's the link:

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Re: Aaravindha Himadra—Truly a Spiritual Fraud, and Worse?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: December 09, 2019 08:16AM

Is Aaravindha Himadra a Fraud and a Bully?
A new page at asks this question.

This question is asked at a new page on Before, this site was reserved for the ultra-horrible (to many) James Swartz. It is where the book "Guru? The Story of Heather" can be downloaded for free.

However, Aaravindha Himadra has grown recently in a very negative type of renown. To say he is now infamous (as is James Swartz in reputable circles) would be an exaggeration, at this point. However, his ill-fame is increasing--and, as with James Swartz, all thanks to his own doing.

Much of the information on the new page (at this time) echoes posts on this thread on the Cult Ed Forum. The main reason for the new page is to give more persons access to the questions regarding Aaravindha Himadra.

"Forewarned is Forearmed," and it seems that Aaravindha Himadra is a person who definitely merits some cautionary words to prospective students both regarding his seemingly bullying and vindictive nature and his very questionable spiritual history and (therefore) teachings.

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Re: Aaravindha Himadra—Truly a Spiritual Fraud, and Worse?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: December 18, 2019 12:30PM

Another Attacker Hired by Aaravindha Himadra?
His lust to find scandals in the life of
Be Scofield
Apparently knows No Bounds

Should we feel sorry for Aaravindha?

How sad that no matter how hard he tries, all he can come up with that is "really bad" about Be Scofield is lies.

Certainly Be is not perfect. However, her exposes about some "spiritual teachers" in particular, including the expose of Agama Yoga's founder, of Bentinho Massaro, of Aaravindha Himadra, and of Abraham Hicks & The Law of Attraction - have been of much benefit to tens of thousands.

Aaravindha Himadra reacted like a spoiled rich bitch (though male) to her original article about him and his 'group.' First he hired his cyber attack dog, who did his best to fill the web with lies and slanders about Be Scofield. He also filed a 'SLAPP' lawsuit against her, which he lost resoundingly. Now, he has hired someone more reputable. It is to be hoped that she, at least, will stick to facts, in which case it is highly unlikely she will find anything truly 'scandalous.' Being the new investigator seems reputable, and likely wouldn't accept being paid 'by the hit piece' like the cyber-rat terrier, it is to be hoped that she will be paid well by the "Pier One Wonderboy."

The Fakes don't "get it"

It is interesting that the fakes don't seem to learn. James Swartz, who has his own, larger and older thread on this site, can't stop himself from going after those revealing the truth about his crimes and the many weaknesses of his teachings. Every time he writes he reveals his true self more and more, and being he is a dark personage, a duller of the brightness, a fraud and a con, his own writings show this every time. He should know better, but can't resist.

Neither, now, does it seem that Aaravindha Himadra can stop going after Be Scofield. The difference is, possibly because he's rich enough to do so, he uses proxies. Attorneys to launch false lawsuits. The Cyber Attack Pooch to spread terrible lies and distortions. Now, a real person, who might be too honest for him, as she seems unlikely to manufacture evidence or to downright lie.

Happy Holidays, Aaravindha Himadra. Enjoy the fact that your own responses to Be Scofield's original article have made things much, much worse for you than if you'd just shut up. Aaravindha, didn't your hidden telepathic Himalayan Masters give you warning? Didn't the example of Ramana Maharshi (do you even know much about Ramana Maharshi, really?) teach you anything at all?

The only conclusion based on all this is that you, Aaravindha Himadra, are a total fraud.

Your Himalayan Masters story- of them choosing you to share their truths to a world that desperately needs wisdon--is an old one, and it always has turned out to be false. Your own responses to Be Scofield also show that you aren't 'for real.' (To a knowledgeable person, just the 'words of wisdom' on your own website's homepage show you to be a falsity, a fake on an ego trip going after fame, power, perhaps more money, and maybe, when the rich wife isn't looking, some sex with young sexy followers.)

Am I wrong? Nothing has indicated that anything in the last paragraph isn't "the way it is." Not one person has weighed in on your side, even in Private Messages that won't be checked by the Moderator unless there is a complaint.

From you, Aaravindha, all we've had is a fraudulent lawsuit, slanders paid for by you, and now investigations into Be that her friends call up and tell her about (since she has a lot of friends and has never been that terrible in any way. Some bad moods, occasional angry moments, sure, but that's human. But James Swartzian- rape, drugging, and mind-screwing? No way. Trying to start up a cult? Huh? Show me a recruiting meeting she's had. Putting out her own teachings and tenets for her 'followers' to adhere to? What? Where? When?)

Now, rules to follow, tenets to which to adhere, donations to make, things you 'should do,'--gee, Aaravindha, you've never had a thing to do with any of those, right?


A Personal Note

One person, in a moment of total imbecility, tried to Post on this Message Thread and to the one focused on Be Scofield that I, Traveler, am actually Be Scofield.


It's kind of a compliment that I could be taken for someone as well-known and distinguished as she is, but she writes under her own name. For reasons I've disclosed before on the James Swartz thread, I don't. My 'investigative journalist' path didn't start until 2017 when I found out about Heather's allegations regarding James Swartz, and that can be traced back by any investigator with even mediocre skill. (When did Be's start? I honestly don't even know. I found out about her first when a good friend recommended her as a 'famous guru investigator' who could bring many readers to the facts about the crimes and false teachings of James Swartz. This Aaravindha thread, and Be's thread, started in large part because, similar to how I felt with James Swartz and Heather, I hate injustice and bullies.)

Plus, my style is different. Be describes things more objectively than I do. In general, she states the facts and lets the reader make her own interpretation. I give the facts and editorialize quite freely. Be has never gone so far as to describe Aaravindha as "a fake on an ego trip," however true it might be. She'd never call him the "Pier One Wonderboy," either. (That aspersion came from the assertion that his wife is an heir to a Pier One fortune.) Were she to choose to write about him, Be Scofiield would also not refer to Jame Swartz's failing physical abilities, his mental diminishing (could his teachings get worse, really?), or the 'horrible fate' of being stuck alone in a building with his wife (of whom the tales are quite fearsome indeed).

Be wouldn't write a sentence like the last one. I do. Often. At least about James Swartz--and now, increasingly, about Aaravindha Himadra, who, to me, just seems to prove himself to be "worse and worse" the more he does regarding Be Scofield.

Aaravindha, if you can do it (and I doubt you can) find out and (as mentioned above) do similar to Ramana Maharshi when he was the subject of "scurrilous" writings. (The thing is, maybe that won't work for you. The writings about Ramana were total falsehoods. Regarding you, well, your reaction to Be's work so far would indicate...)

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Re: Aaravindha Himadra—Truly a Spiritual Fraud, and Worse?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: December 18, 2019 10:38PM

A Hijacked Post!
Corboy Posted Wonderfully in the
'Be Scofield -- The Truth Is ???'
Message List

Yes, I cut and pasted it word for word here.

Aaravindha Himadra, if your ego permits, please take note.

Below is Corboy's post


Re: Be Scofield -- The Truth Is ???
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: December 18, 2019 09:37PM

Advice to any guru who wants a long and successful career:

The United States of America and many other governments have generously and trustfully given religious groups tax exempt status. This frees you to accumulate wealth more rapidly than persons who do not claim their groups as tax exempt entities.

Therefore regard all US tax payers as your supporters even when they do not share your beliefs. Treat them with respect.

Inform your students that trolling, even in defense of a guru will cause them to be re-incarnated as garden slugs.

Never abuse, scare or annoy people who know how to use search engines.

Treat your neighbors in a friendly and respectful manner. Do not annoy or scare your neighbors.

Do not lie to your neighbors, and do not use your wealth to accumulate property and manipulate local politics and economics to benefit yourself at their expense.

If any of your students abuses others and misbehaves towards the neighbors, boot them out and tell all the other disciples why.

Any guru who disregards these rules will be reincarnated as a garden slug -- next to the Mortons Salt packaging plant.

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Re: Aaravindha Himadra—Truly a Spiritual Fraud, and Worse?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: January 18, 2020 10:57AM

Are the Rumors True?
Is Aaravindha "losing it"?
Or, is this just Wishful Thinking
by some persons who claim to know?

Many e-mails come to me. Most are related to the criminal and seemingly confessed rapist James Swartz.

Some, though, are about Aaravindha Himadra.

The thing is, for him to make the claims he has regarding the Himalayas, Hidden Masters only he knows about, telepathic communications with them, and all (when this is such an old, tired story, told by so many proved to be bogus or, from the beginning, presented as fictional), and then to react as he did to Be Scofield's piece about him (see the posts above)-- well, all of this points to him to be unstable and a fraud.

However, beyond this, reports are coming in that he is displaying unusual behavior with his students. A bit irritable, edgy, sometimes angry--and worse. This could be many things, but it also might be, as one writer hypothesized, that he is responding to the truth being brought out about him.

Can anyone confirm this? All we have right now is rumors and mostly second hand. Your help would be appreciated.

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Re: Aaravindha Himadra—Truly a Spiritual Fraud, and Worse?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: January 18, 2020 10:47PM

Traveller99 wrote:


The thing is, for him to make the claims he has regarding the Himalayas, Hidden Masters only he knows about, telepathic communications with them, and all (when this is such an old, tired story

That story goes all the way back to Helena Blavatsky, who cooked it up in the late 19th century. Her material and methods have been copied, ever since, with elements added over time, such as UFOs, Mayan calendars, Quantum physics, DNA/evolution, etc.

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Re: Aaravindha Himadra—Truly a Spiritual Fraud, and Worse?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: January 25, 2020 09:34AM


Immortal Self
Immoral Bluff?
An Investigation of Aaravindha Himadra and his (alleged) tale of
“A Journey to the Himalayan Valley of the Amartya Masters”

Devon Adler

My friend Devon Adler, the author of "Guru? The Story of Heather," which details Heather's account of her rape and abuse by then around 40 years-old James Swartz, accepted my request.

I shared with him the story of Be Scofield writing about Aaravindha Himadra and his group, their strange connection to a mysterious death on Orcas Island, Washington, back in 2006, and Aaravindha's severe and pronounced response to her article. Devon became interested, as I knew he would. He said, "Send me all you got about this," and I did. This included the link to Aaravindha's own website, the links to the Be Scofield and Aaravindha threads on this site, and the links to all of Be's articles and those of Aaravindha's paid cyber-bully(ies?).

Devon diligently went through everything, and concluded that Aaravindha was most likely a terrible faker, a liar out for self-aggrandizement. We discussed what to do, and concluded that the best thing was for Devon to actually read Aaravindha's book, and to evaluate it based on his understanding of India, the Himalayas, spirituality, and all.

Devon did it. He got a copy of Aaravindha's "Immortal Self" and went through it, in order, section by section, chapter by chapter.

I've got the early draft. Once fully edited, it will be published as a free to download PDF.

In the preview below, "Carlos" is Carlos Castaneda, whose 12 books about his experiences with the Toltec Nagual Don Juan in Mexico were best sellers beginning in 1968. Originally called non-fiction, they are generally known today as largely fictional, but with some interesting insights. Carlos is one of the possible inspirations and sources for Aaravindha's book, along with the also mentioned Baird Spalding, Alice Bailey, and Benjamin Creme, who are listed in an earlier section of Adler's book.

Here's the Preview:

Devon Adler - Critique of Aaravindha's "Immortal Self", early draft


Here, for five pages, AH (Aaravindha Himadra) is in India at a market in Delhi. A mysterious blue-eyed stranger appears. This stranger approaches him, and speaks. AH recounts the strange consciousness he experienced during this encounter. It was “dreamlike.” He writes that “in a snap, the environment around us fell completely silent, as if someone had just flipped a switch on the world.” The stranger reflected “an extraordinary depth of goodness” in his face. Later, AH feels a sort of “dizziness.” The stranger invites him to come to what we now know is the valley, but AH is not ready yet, and tells the stranger so. But, AH knows that someday, he will be.

These five pages could be called “Carlos Castaneda II in India.”

I begin to wonder if the whole book could be that way. Perhaps Carlos really was Aaravindha’s prime inspiration. We shall see. (Let us remember that Carlos did at first try to pass off his books as factual, though now they are held to be fictional, but with some interesting insights and fascinating stories.)


While on Orcas Island (the site of the mysterious death, but that is certainly not part of this book) an apparition appears. It gives him the Second Invitation to the hidden valley. This time he knows it is time to go. AH announces that he has a talent for asumedhika drishti, which is a seer’s ability to find things in a non-linear, non-scientifically explainable way. Yes, his abilities go beyond a normal person’s “powers of intuition.”

Bravely, he hints, he will now use this ability to go back to India and to journey forth into the rugged mountains to find his fate.

Summary: More Carlos. The academic Castaneda also became aware of latent powers as he went through getting to know and then officially becoming an apprentice of his Master.

Chapter 2. THE LETTER

In this chapter AH learns that he is to look up a past life friend named Krishnalila who, in present times, is somewhere in the hot deserts of Rajasthan. In a letter to AH from the hidden ones they call him “Shri Aaravindha,” and he makes sure to point out that Shri (also ‘Sri’) is a term used for someone honored spiritually.

Most importantly, AH realizes that in a past life he vowed to return to the valley and then to share his wisdom with the earth when “a daunting and exceedingly dangerous revolution in our world’s economic and human social environment...” would compel humanity “to make an unprecedented shift in its ethical motivations, bringing on another shift that would optimally pave the way for a monumental global healing, leading to the potential genesis of a far more evolved age.”

What to say? Here, AH leaves Castaneda far behind. Carlos thought his books might help some people, but he never looked at himself as a Messiah. Carlos never saw himself as someone who could, perhaps, lead humanity “to the potential genesis of a far more evolved age.” He never saw himself as keeping an ancient promise to return to a mysterious valley in the Himalayas (or in Carlos’ case, Mexico), learning their ‘secret truths,’ and then sharing them with the masses to bring out an “unprecedented shift” in planetary consciousness.

Baird Spalding comes to mind. He claimed to have met the spirit of Jesus in a cave temple. Except, Aaravindha doesn’t need Jesus. He’s got himself.

Also, one wonders if Benjamin Creme, Alice Bailey’s protege who claimed the Maitreya/Christ was here on earth, had met Aaravindha. If so, could it be that Aaravindha is the person that Creme’s Share International folks are looking for?

Certainly the message from Aaravindha in this chapter is clear. Aaravindha has kept his sacred promise. The World Teacher has arrived. (Do I hear an “Alleluia”?)

Damn. Until reading Devon's manuscript, I had not known that Aaravindha Himadra proclaimed himself as an, or the, announced "World Teacher" come to save the planet.

To steal a line from Devon later in the book, how is it, then, that this "Mountainous Magnificent" became so upset about a single article by one journalist?

Much more to come...

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