The Psychology of the Cult Experience (1982)
Posted by: not moses ()
Date: October 16, 2019 05:05AM

A research-updated commentary on one of the first major, comprehensive articles on the then-emerging cult phenomenon in The New York Times designed to provide a well-written (by investigative reporter Glenn Collins) introduction to the topic to academically-oriented neophytes and other serious, secondary researchers.

Re: The Psychology of the Cult Experience (1982)
Posted by: MynameisHeather ()
Date: October 21, 2019 08:28AM

not moses,

Thank you. This is amazing information!

After clicking the website, I clicked "proper treatment (in the first part of the text)...this lead to "Can People truly Recover from Cult Indoctrination and Manipulation?"

I'm going to sit down and read the whole thing...this is very valuable information. For anyone in recovery mode...this is the mother load!

Knowledge is power.

Cognitive behaviour approach is essential...but how to rewire past the CPTSD???

I know I'm one among many who still suffer symptoms.

It's a brain thing.

Thank you not moses for providing this information...can't wait to read it all.

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