Posted by: Maria Lena ()
Date: September 14, 2019 05:21PM

I copy here, only for general information, the money I give to Cleeng the platform for live TV that M. uses for his online satsangs and Sahaja Express.

Zmar may 2015 Online Silent Retreat 186,33 €
Sahaja Express monthly subscription 29,06 € July 2015
Monte Sahaja retreat July 28 190,07 €
Zmar September 2015 online 183,90 €
London online November 2015 129,61 €
2016 Zmar online May 170,59 €
First Monte Sahaja online 2016 117,77 €
Second Monte Sahaja online 2016 117,77 €
Zmar online September 2016 113,99 €
Lisbon online April 2017 77,77 €
Zmar 2017 May online 117,28 €
Monte Sahaja online July 2017 123,12 €
Monte Sahaja online August 2017 122,32 €
2017 Susc Sahaja Express Dec 23,30 €
2018 Susc Sahaja Expres January 23,50 €
August 2018 Netherlands online 91,67 €
June 2018 Monte Sahaja online 126,50 €

I was also looking at the charity and I could see that they have an auditor from Kingston Smith LLP. The person who did in 28/9/2018 was Mahmood Ramji. It was nominated for English Asian Business Award.
I don't know if it's possible to ask for another audit.

There is also one thing to keep in mind that it is Brexit, the birth of the Association in Portugal I think goes along that line, as the Foundation will become extra community in October. I don't know if in Portugal the control of the Charities are as exhaustive as in Britain.

Thank you for your contributions, they have opened my eyes and I would like that open the eyes to many more. And thanks for removing the trolls.

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