Re: Mooji cult: summary, ressources and reports from people who left the cult
Posted by: Amitao ()
Date: April 22, 2021 08:36PM

Das Ist Das

Please join and share this Facebook group Mooji - Behind the Satsang for those who need and wish to share their experiences with Mooji that he would like to get deleted through his team and lawyers...and to help and avoid future victims... Thank you

Re: Mooji cult: summary, ressources and reports from people who left the cult
Posted by: Lopez ()
Date: August 04, 2022 07:48PM

The old not so fat anymore TONY does it again!

Already so much evidence is mounting that the guy is a total control freak. In the last episode of how to live your higher being he has the balls to condemn the very things he also likes, Marry and Juanna as well AI Waska
His royal highness would of course not devolve such information normally but something spooked him soo much so he had to make special secrete announcement.
Don’t let people who do drugs into your own home was the message. That drugs can and will destroy communities. Those who use them are doomed to failure. I could go on, but in a short, he seemed at odds with it as a whole. Strangely kept bringing Tiruvanamalai into the picture. At that point one has to wonder why Tiru? What happened there and so I dug a little. All kinds of stuff is there in his past, Allegations of tax evasion sexual misconduct amongst other things. And something else happened there we do not know, maybe it was the death threats. Since dumb Tony keeps it all hidden we can only speculate. So back to his video podcast, I was told there had been others where he tells everyone they should wear covid masks.
While he of course does not . The pattern emerges, Self absorbed and wants to tell other people what to do, how to behave and that his way is better and higher. Yet none of those things he follows himself!
He starts to ooz so much arrogance its seems strange fit to him.
All the while telling us what great power they now have, i wonder what that really means, money for lawyers to keep any defamation squashed? His Aura has turned into more of a politician than anyone else. Politicians also tell you what to do and then don’t do it themselves look no further than Boris Johnson. I guess thats why he stays quiet and secrete with these topics and fights he picks. If he were to stream the real dialogues going on at that Cashram no-one would go. Conflicts and power snuggles.
The in fighting continues more people are being expelled, Cash is coming mainly from online subscriptions. As backlash against him grows, he further retreats under his rock.
In this recent video it also became apparent that hi was reading from script. This means some else is calling the shots.
There was a rare show in the music hall a while back and the Big T came with his 50 odd gang, they all sat on one side of the concert and stayed very still and solemn without emotions that many other guests were indeed confounded what was going on here? On top of it they all wore masks which have not been required since spring time! I was a shit show and obvious to everyone there that something was weird.

Since My closer sources have dried up, I have not much. it is finally worth noting that he has become more weak frail and deluded, old age is setting in. Just come clean Tony and give everyone their money back! Oh baby people do not know this but, he expects everyone to work for free around him, but tells them he would pay, so he keeps a goof face, but then later doesn’t give the money, many he conned in the fashion. Ah the list of crap goes on and on. All the while he saves face and acts all holy, we should kiss the earth he walks on.

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