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Date: September 22, 2019 12:39AM

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Date: March 27, 2019 05:01AM

I have something that Mooj's team can't take down so easily.

This was a public Facebook conversation that took place over two weeks ago under one of the many, many copies of Be Scofield's article that have been shared all over Facebook and beyond...

This conversation has been up for over two weeks and been seen by countless people, no doubt, but just in case it gets deleted I will transcribe it here:

"I sat with with him (Mooji) in Tiru India Over 10 years ago. I was there with a girlfriend of mine, he used his charisma as a teacher to have sex with her, she felt manipulated and awful about it And he had a girlfriend at that time.. It was very disturbing for both of us. Because of what I witnessed of him in India this doesn’t surprise me. It’s a slippery slope that any sort of teacher has. That requires impeccable detail to your own humanness."

"I know this story, Marna, because we were both there when it happened. He never showed any respect or honoring of her afterwards, and it sounded like he got what he wanted and left her in the trash not caring how it was for her.
It obviously took her some time and introspection to heal that experience.
He actually stayed at my house a few years later with his 'entourage' and even though I had opened up my house for them to stay, and didn't have a problem with that, I never felt moved to go to any of his satsangs. And I also didn't appreciate the way he was with his girlfriend. I didn't see any behavior of honoring her as the Goddess, nor spending quality time with her. Something was definitely missing as far as I could see - granted from my limited view."

"thank you for sharing this. Yes it is a slippery slope especially when no one and no structure is in place to hold a teacher accountable. I think sitting on the throne of the ultimate is a dangerous place to be. Your girlfriend is one of the many who experienced this behavior of his. even if some have spoken up they are dismissed or pushed out. It does indeed Impeccable integrity and humility when having such a power position, especially in the spiritual field."

Re: Mooji cult: summary, ressources and reports from people who left the cult
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Date: September 27, 2019 11:13PM

Follow the money

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Sahara71 ()
Date: September 23, 2019 05:18AM

A document was given to me by a former cult member a few days ago - I will publish it here with their full permission.

Moo enterprise per year, 2017 (blue color shows estimation, black shows confirmed numbers)

2000 participants, 25 days
Satsang is free, but from my own seva experience I know how much money people donate.
2000 people giving 2€/day for 25 days = 100.000€
Shop 25 days: 12.500€

India altogether: 112.500€

Zmar retreats:
800 paying participants (375€) 300.000€
856 online participation (115€) 98,440€
7 days shop selling somethink like 50.000€
Income just from one Zmar reatreat: 448.440€
2 Zmar retreats per year: 896,440€

9 Sunday satsangs:
each 650 participants
Satsang is free, suggested donation 5€ per person: 3250€ per satsang
Shop: 3000€ per satsang

9 Sunday satsangs: 30.250€

Lisbon Intensive:
766 participants in person (300€): 229,800€
1000 online (77€): 77.000€
Shop: 30.000€
Lisbon intensive: 336.800€

2 Sahaja retreats
721 participants in person (375€): 270.375€
2000 online (123€): 246.000€
Shop during 20 retreat days: 30.000€
2 Sahaja retreats: 546,375€

One sangha gathering in MS, 7 days:
440 participants, satsang free
Housing and food (35€/day): 107.800€
Donations: 5000€
Shop: 10.000€

One sangha gathering: 123.800€

One being forum, 1 day
2500 participants (30€): 75.000€
Donations and shop: 5000€
Online participation?
One being forum: 80.000€

Madrid sangha satsang, one day
1040 participants (30€): 31.200€
Donations and shop: 3000€
Madrid sangha: 34.200€

Sahaja express:
Cost: 25€, subscribers: 2500: 62.500€ per month
Sahaja Express subscription per year: 750.000€

Karma yogis staying in Sahaja:
50 people, cost 35€/day= 1750 per day
Karma yogis housing and food per year: 638.750€

Moojis houses/appartments rent:
8 houses /appartments: 500€/month
Rent per year: 48.000€

Online Shop
12.000€ per year

Booksales on Amazon or other platforms
1000 books per year, 15€ per book: 15.000€

Food paid by visitors and workers who live outside
40 people per day: 5€ for one meal, 10€ for 2 meals: 146.000€

Snack Shop and Cafe in MS:
200€ per day: 73.000€

Summed up here we have 3.204.365€, but there is one important source of income still missing:

General Donations:
Moo gets Millions of € per year from donations. This is summed up via small donations from many people and „big“ donators, who spend 100.000€ per year or more.
Estimated: 3 mio €

Alltogether: 6.204.365€ per year
Even if some numbers are estimated too high, there is still a huge gap between the official numbers which can be found here: [] and which states 1,2Mio for 2017

How is Moojis empire structured:

UK Mooji Foundation Ltd : [] This foundation has 1 paid employee and is giving money to Associacao Mooji sangha.

Mooji Media Ltd : [] All profits are donated to UK Mooji foundation Ltd.

ASSOCIAÇÃO MOOJI SANGHA: Monte Sahaja ashram belongs to this foundation. The foundation gets itsmoney from Mooji foundation Ltd
The land Monte Sahaja does not belong to Mooji himself, close devotees bought it and later it become part of this foundation.

Jai Sahaja—Alojamento e Comercio de Productos Basicos, LD: housing in MS and product selling

Just as s reminder how spiritual teachers-gurus, who charge money, should handle it: (from Rick Ross)

"You are right these are "different times" that require different steps taken to insure integrity and prevent abuse.

When people like Mooji run a large enterprise that has substantial cash flow, but is supposedly for a spiritual nonprofit purpose, there must be meaningful financial transparency and accountability. Otherwise it becomes a cash cow for the guru to milk for his or her own selfish needs.

Meaningful financial transparency includes an annual published budget published publicly and/or distributed to all supporters, which discloses all expenses, salaries and compensation paid out from organizational funds in detail and that is independently audited by a reputable firm.

In addition to meaningful financial transparency there must be meaningful accountability to a democratically elected board
composed of board members that serve fixed terms elected by the general membership of the organization.

There must be organizational corporate bylaws in place that explicitly provide for all of this otherwise the organization is little more than a dictatorship subject to the whims and selfish desires of the leader or guru."

Re: Mooji a cult?
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Date: September 25, 2019 03:50AM

I made the estimation for year 2018 from Satsang fees only:
Intense Satsang –Lisbon-February: €220 x1500 people = €300 000,
Zmar Retreat-Portugal-April: €375 x 850 people = €318 000,
Zmar Retreat-Portugal-October: €375 x 850 people = €318 000,
Monte Sahaja Retreat-June: €550 x 120 people = €66 000,
Netherlands Retreat-August: €330 x 1500 people = €495 000.
Added together, it will be about 1.5M Euros.
It's only the gross incomes for Mooji Media inc. company from satsang fees for year 2018.
I propose to put together the all incomes for year 2018 and compare that with Mooji foundation and Mooji Media inc. online reports at the end of this year 2019.
(minus the expanses, salaries, rent costs, and atc.).

online retreats in average 90-100K euros for each retreats in 2018, it's together 2M Euro + selling Mooji's stuff during retreats....

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Date: September 27, 2019 11:17PM

Re: Mooji a cult?
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Date: September 27, 2019 12:48AM

Authorities should check out Monte Sahaja and Mooji Foundation in regards to:

1. Finances: official numbers don't make sense
2. How many people live longterm in Monte Sahaja, how much do they get paid, how are they insured, are portugiese labour laws applied, how are the housing conditions. If one goes there checking, do not let them know beforehand, otherwise they evacute the place easily and move the longtermers into places around MS and will say the huts are omly for retreats. Also bring a drone to take pics from above as they might not show all huts and tents, as they are spread out widely in MS
3, Visa and passport issues of longterm
4. Does Mooji have firearms? If the Mooji Cult have firearms, are they registered? Do they observe proper safety guidelines in the handling of their firearms? Do people in the cult compound have their gun licenses?
5. Safety issues:
-Are kitchen workers taught sanitary precautions, supplied with hot water and
foaming soap for handwashing, and ample supplies of disposable gloves?
-Does the kitchen manager/s have training in food handling protocol? Does he or she know to tell workers to wear hair nets, no bracelets, watches no rings, no danging earrings, and to wear aprons?
-Are persons doing seva work given protective equipment, such as googles,gloves, told to wear closed to shoes, taught proper lifting technique?
-Are there precautions against dehydration, such as reminders to drink water through the day and sufficient supplies of clean water? This means purchasing ample supplies of bottled water if plumbing is inadequate.
-Does the management at Monte Sahaja take care to require proof that residents have proof that they:
1.Test negative for TB or have a note from a licensed physician that if diagnosed with TB, the condition has been treated?
2. That everyone is up to date on their immunizations?
* Hepatitis A
* Measles
* Meningitis
* Whooping cough
* Tetanus
* Diptheria
* Chickenpox (Nasty for small kids, even worse for adults and potentially dangerous for elders)
- is there sufficient light on the paths to offer safe passage?
- Are entrance and exits marked?
- Is the electrical equipment correctly fixed?
- Are those tested by an authorized person?
- Are the gas-bottles used for warm water in the showers, kitchen, etc. properly applied and inspected by an authorized person?
- Is there an evacuation plan in case of fire?
- Are there any fire alarms and have those been tested?
- Are exit doors effective enough for the capacity of people hosted in case of evacuation?
- Are fire drills performed?
- What are the measurements to ensure an bacteria-free environment?
- Do emergency cars have access?
- one might not even dare to imagine what happens in case of emergency, if over 800 people are squeezed in an around a hall with a capacity of a quarter! With no lightning on the paths and you are supposed to used your own flashlight.

Re: Mooji cult: summary, ressources and reports from people who left the cult
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Date: September 27, 2019 11:52PM

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: aline ()
Date: April 17, 2019 12:45AM

Dear all,
I didn't spent a long time listening to Mooji and in Sahaja, but enough to be haunted by it since years. I cannot spend one day without the feeling that I should be part of this group, which make me impossible to build a life outside of this ashram, every move I make seems fake and wrong...
It could be first seen as 'destiny calling toward living in this transpersonal community' but on the other side, could be a very tight psychic pressure which cause not being able to live and stand in the world as an individual.
I didn't wanted to look back at all of this because I have nothing against them, what they express and live is very beautiful and warmhearted. But everywhere I put my feet, it's with me and doesn't let me free. Is this really freedom?
If anyone as experience and/or advises, please share.
Thank you <3

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: aline ()
Date: April 17, 2019 10:19PM

Gosh. You don't know how this forum opened my eyes, with the other happenings around me these days. It was a step I didn't wanted to take the last years since I left Sahaja, but to express myself and post here made all the difference.

Thank you for the ones who answered me and the others that brought their point of view along this topic. Yes I've been recently professionally helped because this all story was eating me from inside for too long, and I fell into heavy drugs to find relief, to say the least. But still I was ready just few days ago to go back for good.

I wish so much strength to everyone who have lost their freedom in this story. Connect back with your original family, if we seek guides and teachers they are there, well settled since the beginning of this life. It's a long road but it worth it. It doesn't lead anywhere too debate which is right or wrong, but please, may these forums help the ones that are fucking dying after leaving this movement (and many others).

What a world... Be brave dear friends <3

Re: Mooji cult: summary, ressources and reports from people who left the cult
Posted by: Ananas ()
Date: September 28, 2019 12:07AM

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: snapping-out ()
Date: April 22, 2019 08:29PM

when someone says to his devotees:"I don't trust anybody. They say they love you, and then they stab you in the back." Apart from sounding quite paranoia to me, what pressure on those around him, hearing this. What can they ever do to prove to him that they will never, never, ever do such a thing?

This whole thing in no way seems to me to be about Love and Truth. Or advaita. It looks like the protecting of a carefully built image of a person acting like a wise, caring and all-knowing "Father" to his devotees/children. And protecting all that seems to be coming with it. Like money and an appartment with access to two swimmingpools in the Algarve. Nobody has to be an accountant to see there is a lot, a lot of money involved.
What's with this story about a piece of land, 5 times the size of the ashram, that is bought or in the proces of being bought? Why? Will they then hold all their retreats on homeground? Charge you whatever they like for putting you in accomodations with no electricity, composttoilets and bucketshowers down the road? And as a bonus offer you the opportunity to work for free (calling it seva of course)?

I have been following this "Guru" for years, believing him to be God, which in this beliefsystem to my opinion is impossible no to do. I fully understand the reactions of all those "believers/devotees/disciples/whatever". When I first saw the denial-video my first reaction was: NO, he could never do such a thing! When you are in this spaced-out-trance-like state you mistakingly take to be a spiritual waking up( taking dissotiation to be becomming spiritually detached) all seems to be seen through a lens of unreality. Like these first stages of falling in love, when the object of affection is only seen as perfect.
Only after snapping-out of it( after I stopped watching satsang, doing the "invitation to freedom",listening to these cd's all glorifying this mortal man as a god, and started to do my reseach into what was going on), I could understand what I have been in all the time. I just was NOT aware of my mental state...
I really feel for those in the ashram. Especially those who have doubts and stories with which they are too afraid to come out. I hope they find the courage to leave. There is life after this. Is does NOT mean you miss you chance for freedom( the general threat to anyone with doubts or criticism). There is NOTHING wrong with having worldly aspirations, especially if you are still very young.

It's not a nice picture. But also not a one-off. Reading "the Guru Papers"at the moment. I recommend it to anyone who is trying to make sense of what the hell happened to them and how and's very enlightening...

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: snapping-out ()
Date: April 23, 2019 03:30AM

hi all,

that beggingvideo was probably send to everyone who has donated money. I recieved it as well and I'm not some wealthy benefactor. Needless to say they won't ever get another penny from me. It's ridiculous. Telling you that your bit of money is responsable for the running of the ashram, the video's etc. That without it it would be more of a "challenge". Considering all these millions in the bank..
And of course what it wants to achieve is that after hearing this "special message from his holiness especially for you" you feel so honoured you'll click the donate-button to give them more of your cash. Why else the donate-button below the message?

Same thing with these journals(winter,spring etc) they are sending. Very cleverly made video's. You can find these on the mooji.orgsite. Playing on your emotions(they had me in tears regularly) and lo and behold at the end of it: your chance to contribute to all this them money!

I understand one of the characteristics of a cult is their constant demand for your money..?

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: snapping-out ()
Date: April 23, 2019 09:02PM

corboy, thank you for the welcome and the warning about weird messages.

thanks to everyone contributing to this forum for all the courage to come forward with all that is shared (yuck, this is one of those moo-lingo-words, but it feels the right one to use). It's so helpful to get a clear picture of what is going on..

Just watched this delusional video of someone who seems to be talking to thin air about a fairyland, far far away. Where everybody is soooo happy!! What is he talking about?
Yes, joyfree, I also noticed immediately he is not looking into the camera. He just seems to be in some spaced-out state or something. Perhaps his own "teaching" has caught up with him? Repeating the usual mix of eastern and western religious speak.

What I also noticed is again him talking about good and evil. Regarding the inner struggle of the "Sahajans": "the struggle of good over evil, light over darkness". The psalm of David (23, for those interested): for allthough I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil. Addressing the International Sangha: "let us be without fear of evil".
He does a lot of that these recent times. Evil, or "the dark forces". And these dark forces at first were only outside yourself trying to stop you from being free. But these days they seem to be inside yourself..?

I'm very happy to have found 'the Guru Papers' and that so many of you also find it helpful. It also contains a chapter called: healing crippled selftrust. About the real pain of this and how to get on with life after an experience like this.

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: snapping-out ()
Date: April 24, 2019 05:51PM

just read the article PapajisaysNO refers to ( John Ryder PhD, Hypnosis: the power of trance. It’s in Psychology Today and is titled “What does hypnosis really feel like”)
. Thank you so much! It's so clear now what really happens during satsang and these "silent meditations" and that thing called "invitation to bondage forever". So all these 'spiritual" experiences I was having were no more than the normal workings of my own mind.

About this distortion of time that occurs while in a trance; I more and more had trouble remembering things. What day it was, names of people etc. Heard M. say several times that was a good sign. You were becoming more settled in the truth, in the now.
Also remember his account of this sanghamember, running around, being totally panicked because she couldn't find 'herself'. She was so scared. No, mister Moo thought that to be a particularly good sign. At the time I was still hanging onto every word of his, believing it to be the voice of god. So wow, that is what I wanted too. In hindsight it must have been a very unhealthty state of mind to be in...I doubt she got the help to get back to reality when Moo considers it te be a "blessing". Another thing also heard him say was that some of his close disciples started to forget their past alltogether.! That would explain the emptiness and dullness in their eyes I more than once wondered about.

The more I get into this, learn from all of you, dig into my own memories, questions and doubts, the more I know how lucky anyone is who gets to see through this veil of holy, holy bs, starting to place value again onto their own feelings. I wish many more find this forum, this thread and so can also start to heal from works for me that way, again thank you all so much.

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Date: September 28, 2019 12:24AM

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Sahara71 ()
Date: April 25, 2019 01:24PM

Interesting new development.

Apparently Tony has personally been making a few calls - trying to work out which of his former inner circle cult members talked to Be scofield for her article.

Someone who knows Moo well recently posted this on their Facebook page:

"Today my ex Guru called me by turning one of ex team member( who was like a sister to me before the call)against me through her phone. They tried their best to convince me that I'm the source of Be Scofield article. It was amazing that the hypnotic tricks didn't work & my inner warrior stood forth and confronted him on every fact mentioned in article. I'm surprised by all the courage that came forward especially when one's speaking truth. All those years of burden of things unsaid is finally released. Let's hope it ends here & doesn't get entangled as I'm done creating karmas with that cult. It's women's fight & they'll do it their way. I really hope not to be provoked & forced to come out with a video, making it more difficult for the cult as I was in the inner circle. May peace prevail & everyone get what they sowed. Speaking it out loud so people know that ex inner circle members are being targeted & manipulated. Om namah shivaya."

This person has asked me not to reveal their name, or a link to this post. It seems that Tony is getting worried and is looking for information. Please be aware, if you are reading this and were perhaps once a member of this cult that Tony is now burning up the phone lines!

Re: Mooji cult: summary, ressources and reports from people who left the cult
Posted by: Ananas ()
Date: September 28, 2019 12:28AM

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Joyfree ()
Date: April 23, 2019 05:07AM

I have been following M for couple of years, attending numerous retreats and staying at his ashram for quite some time. I was fully into him and there was no other reality. Even though in the beginning I had a gut feeling that something isn’t quite right, I still stayed and after I „advanced in the teaching“ I labeled this gut feeling as „the mind“, you know, the one that is trying to keep you away from reaching that so highly praised
Becoming more and more blinded to the fact, that the whole thing is just about destroying your attachments to any outer source „because you don’t want to jeopardize your chance for freedom“ and while detaching from most of your life, you are getting pulled into a malicious dependency!

It is very sad how many beautiful, young and talented people are wasting away „at the feet of the guru“ while transforming their aliveness into emotional numbness and giving away their power. Some just for the sake to belong, to be special, to just escape the reality of their traumas and bypass it and sadly most of them are stuck because this has become so much their reality that they don’t have the courage and support to leave. After living in such an environment for quite some time it requires a huge amount of power or great support to just allow a little spark of the idea that it might not be that great after all and that the only thing you got after years of satsang and seva is that you are more dissociative than before.

The community is not that supportive and loving as assumed. It might look like this on the recordings or during retreats, but while living there, there is no support at all! As a matter of fact some of the people don’t even reply to your speaking. Most of them look on the ground. It is stressed at all times that the speaking is to be reduced only to the „practical“ things, no other interactions are welcomed since you are there for freedom after all. The people are in complete mind control and under hypnosis. And they are afraid! They are afraid not to say or do something wrong! That’s why most choose not to speak at all. Doing seva is really hard labour under constant surveillance.

There is a recorded satsang where a girl speaks to M about being not able to keep up with the requested work, she was in tears being afraid that she can not please him. He replied by asking her what kind of job she is doing. While she answered that she’s in the office, he completely downplayed it, saying that this should not be a big deal to work in the office. I don’t know if he is aware of how hard and how many hours people put in free labor for him?! But he was not interested in details either! It is disgusting to witness such careless treatment on top of living in tents during winter time and I can continue endlessly.
It is important to know that doing seva doesn’t free you from paying for being there!!! If you choose to do seva during the retreats, you pay the retreat price and additionally you get to work! If you stay at the ashram you pay less, but you pay you rent and food! And get to work! After all „it’s by the grace of the guru“ that you can be there anyway!

The relationship he has is well known in the inner circle, but it is again something you are not supposed to speak of! As well as about anything concerning him. He is only to be seen as the guru and everything around and in his devotees lives happens only by his grace! These people are completely brainwashed and fully indoctrinated and they will do anything to defend him, because it is their sole reality. There is so much compassion needed for this folks!
I never understood the fact that he is allowing people to bow in front of him and kiss his feet. They can make millions of videos stating that he is not asking for this, where everyone knows that he is allowing it. This should be enough. But being in this kind of dissociative environment puts people completely off any sense of self, to the extent that they are in complete denial and everyone questioning anything about M is seen as an enemy, taken over by the mind, loosing any chance for freedom. While they are blind to the fact that they‘ve closed themselves into a fortress.

How would M explain his teaching when members of his inner circle, living with him constantly for many years, speak up in satsang, overflown by tears that they still can’t „find that space“ and „the mind“ is constantly interfering!? When does the invitation to freedom or satsangs work?
It is thanks to places like this, that one might read something and get a cold shower! A wake up call! This is how it happened for me and I‘m very grateful for this and people who have the courage to speak the truth!!!

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Joyfree ()
Date: April 23, 2019 05:39PM

I heard of many that they have doubts, that they don’t fully trust M. And those are people living there for years! But they still stay because this is all that remained in they life.

In the case of many, I don’t feel that they fear losing the chance to freedom, but they fear what the sangha will say and loosing their new family.

If anyone reads this and feels this way, I can fully assure that the people that care for you, because of YOU and because of YOU alone, will remain by your side and the others that will judge you, you are better off without them! You will get a huge opportunity to see the truth behind all this scam build on outdated systems of control and you will see how peaceful your life can become while getting back your power!!!

Judgment exists because unresolved trauma exists!

We saw what happened after the first video appeared! How A. has been met from the closest devotees of M. She wasn’t met from a place of non-judgment but she was overflown with accusations and judgments. This tells a lot about the teaching! People there do not get healing from their traumas, but are constantly bypassing and as soon as a trigger is present they explode. It is a great example how dissociative the whole sangha is.

Not even to mention how M. reacted…. Defamation??? M is not a famous actor being accused by some fans! But he is a GOD-like father figure, being accused by one of his children! How does a father respond to his child? Usually, he meets the child in a most loving way with the intention of clearing out the doubts. Instead he sends lawyers after her to silence her!!! This is not the way a loving parent meets his child, unless they are guilty of the allegations and they know they can’t clean up only by silencing through treats!

I want to admit that I was extremely triggered as well and went in full defence mode for him, thinking how can someone speak like this about such a “saint” and I was judging a lot! Until to one point when I started listening to my thoughts and realized what rubbish it was all together. I saw the projection clearly that I have crated and put into M. as being the “over-human”. In the light of truth all this crumbled and at first I was left with a bitter taste but I recognised the immense power and compassion of A. and the selflessness she has shown by putting herself up in the first row of the “battle” just for the sake of truth. I’m forever thankful for her immense courage and I’m certain she has made a difference for a lot better in may lives! Such an example of bravery and of a true “light worker” because this is what one does, shining the light upon darkness, fearless and bold. Everyone can get out of this malevolent environment and find that freedom is more than supressing anything coming from the mind and it happens not by guruji’s grace but by your openness to turn inward not abdicating your power of insight to a man made to be God. There is a beautiful part of the ego as well, there are likes and dislikes, which is perfectly fine and human. We shall not strive to become God, or mimic God, but to be in harmony with our humanness and our surrounding while living free amongst our families and friends not by escaping the world. This brings me to the saying he has on the homepage: “we didn’t come here to start a new community or to run away from society. We came here only for freedom” …. ??? what a contradictory saying… if you reflect on this you see the bs in it. And just for the sake of information… you actually have to go somewhere to find freedom???? Isn’t that the same question he asks his followers?

M. has created his own reality and probably he even thinks of him in such high terms. This should be alarming to every single one!

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Joyfree ()
Date: April 23, 2019 07:44PM

Insights about the lates video „this land is a taste of heaven“

Right in the beginning of the video he refers to Monte Sahaja as being a manifestation of god, this blessed place... - is not the entire world a manifestation of god and blessed by god? (If we use this terminology)

...may it continue for long long long to be in service of those who are genuinely in love with god and in search of truth- the truth and God is in Monte Sahaja to be found? Not in oneself?

... I am so grateful to live here - of course...
... the MOST blessed place! Holy place - how about the land Jesus Christ walked on? Or the Arunachala? Just as example.... one can deny that the spirit of god moves in this place etc - of course not! The spirit of god moves everywhere! It is not bound to one place!!!

... this land is a temple of good a temple of emptiness - every land is a temple of god, as every sentient being! A temple of emptiness indeed = emotional bypassing and numbness

.... I don’t know others... - even „others“ are an expression of god!

...I love to see the beings here how happy they are - really? How about the ones crying? The ones being exhausted by the unending labor?
But then it comes:...even in their struggles, because it is a good struggle to transcend the egoic mind = to bypass and abdicating their power in complete surrender to him

Following by a lot of metaphors - to speak in metaphors you do not need to be enlightened!!! It is the same language mentioned before- we are so special to speak in terms of lord of the universe and throw in some superficial knowledge of Indian culture...

...the brahman manifests the entire world and he alone exist = more in Monte Sahaja = the most holy place?

...blessed are the people that walk this land and the people of Portugal because they offer us a place to be with god! = again, god seems to reside in Sahaja and surely he is blessing Portugal because the ashram is on portuguese land under the power of the potughese authorities, you better make good friends with them! totally absorbed in meditation - sure, don’t think for yourself, just be under constant hypnosis

...and CONCENTRATION upon the supreme - you must indeed concentrate upon the supreme??? become a son or a daughter when you realize it - what are you before? You are not a manifestation of the supreme? Or is he here rather referring to venerating him=M? Didn’t he just say brahman manifests the entire world?

Yes yes hallelujah to the truth!...

Sahajans means those who recognize and are living in the nourishment of god! - Sahajans = another form of Sanyasins? More worthy of the love of god? Or the love of the guru?

Following by quotation of the christian scripture, which he likes a lot to do, gives a sense of wise talking, left free to interpretation what fear and devil means...

...but I’m also the formless one...- if so, then there should not be a need for wordy expression! The presence of the formless should be enough and not be blurred by language.

Nice speech and example of mind control!

During the entire video he is not blessing the „human kingdom“, nor is he blessing the world!!! His blessings go to god, saints and sages, the sahajans, sangha and Portugal.
No blessings for „outsiders“ nor other wonderful creations and expressions of the lord of the universe.

During the entire video he is not facing the camera for one single moment!!! From experience, when you face the camera, you are put in a state of mirroring yourself! It requires great acting skills to be credible to a wide audience. The lack of those and the lack of sincere intention makes it impossible to face your mirror! Just a thought to ponder on....

How Papaji used to say „let it be peace amongst all beings of the universe“
(He did not reduce the blessings to his crowd only)

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Joyfree ()
Date: April 24, 2019 05:39AM

Such a clear description of the type of people he is out for!
- necessary skills
- Vulnerable
- Good looking
- Subservient
- Talented in music
- Youthful body
- Weak family support

Preferably from a western european country, because there is enough financial support even receiving some form of social welfare, you can still pay something to the ashram. And there is no hassle with visas.

“Here you have to work, not rest...”
it’s like you have to work...after came here for freedom!!!... how huge is this red flag???!!! He’s probably had the same manual of mind control like the folks in the 2nd WW!!! Drawing the parallels to the slogan “work sets you free”!!! How sick is that?

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Joyfree ()
Date: April 24, 2019 04:27PM

I really suggest everyone read it who is still under the impression that M has any special powers! It is great how even the arm-levitation is being explained. The article sheds light onto the makings of M. I find it very useful to have access to this kind of valuable material.

It is just awesome how much information is on this tread that is of immense value!!!

I remember about 2 years ago searching for information about M because I had this gut feeling all along that something is not so right. Back then I couldn’t find anything and after a while this tread started. I came to check it out from the beginning, but it was new and I was torn between seeing so many people venerating him and only few posting here, so I left it and later, I like to admit that I felt ashamed only by the thought of coming back here. It seemed to me like a big betrayal of M, to read something here.... and I dismissed it completely from my reality, like it never existed. Thank I found the strength 2 years later to come back and face truth.

I know that for many it is a huge huge step to only search for it, to only allow the possibility that he might not be that great. But I find it is a big difference to see over 100pages now and so many contributing to this! Where people actually share their experiences, share valuable information and actually interact with each other. And do not get censored, deleted or threatened.

Again, thank you all for this!

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Joyfree ()
Date: April 25, 2019 03:48PM

Yes, indeed that is what is being said that the actual capacity is around 300 people in Sahaja. Although at last years one-sangha-gathering there were over 800 attendees!! Living in Sahaja and surrounding area, all attending satsang and doing work in sahaja. I wonder how that complied with safety regulations!!! Most of the time there are a whole lot more than 300 people. During the sahaja retreat in summer there were over 450 people all squeezed in that little satsang-hall.
How come there is no safety check? And how come you can run public events without having facilities for people with disabilities?
Most of the buildings do not have a proper authorization either.
How come nobody is checking those facts? After all the ashram is on an EU country not in some jungle. There should be a body of control for the sake of safety!

Re: Mooji cult: summary, ressources and reports from people who left the cult
Posted by: Valma ()
Date: October 01, 2019 04:06PM

I recently saw via this website an article titled « the haters are still at it » written by someone who passionately defends their teacher who has been put under scrutiny following serious claims by former students about his unethical behaviour in past and present. It is an easy way to call « haters » those who have been victims in the hands of a so-called spiritual teacher. You immediately hope to gain sympathy or approval of your reading audience by such wording.

Now each time i see a post with the mention of for example « Mooji’s haters » or any spiritual teacher for that matter in the spiritual supermarket i am pretty sure it is written by defenders of compromised teachers. Simple way to identify them.

There is justified anger by people who have been around compromised teachers and this is a place where they may express it as a manifestation of the pain, disappointment or abuse they have experienced. Many have been here to investigate the Mooji’s organization and his leader after having experienced his compromised ways whether in his teachings or conduct. As an Advaita Vedanta teacher once said, it is also worship of Brahman to denounce someone who has acted inappropriately in whichever way in the transactional reality or i would add at least voice our concern on such platform like this forum. Anyone who has been for awhile studying spirituality knows that hate is a useless emotion. To call « hate » the will to shed light and investigate the doings of a proclaimed guru is more likely a sure sign of a defense strategy.

Re: Mooji cult: summary, ressources and reports from people who left the cult
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: October 01, 2019 06:54PM

Regarding the "hater" post, take precautions before clicking on any links so as to safeguard your own privacy.

To the folks who accuse us of being haters:

What about at least 3 suicides at Monte Sahaja?

That's serious.

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Re: Mooji cult: summary, ressources and reports from people who left the cult
Posted by: Ananas ()
Date: October 07, 2019 04:15PM

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Ananas ()
Date: April 25, 2019 04:22PM

Ok, I found a pro-Moo comment on youtube which quotes M, what he said in Rishikesh about the scandal and what is put out by sangha in regards to all of this:

Charlene Stellamaris writes "I could only stomach reading a dozen or so of these comments, because " all the usual suspects" a.ka.a "the troll patrol" swarmed you. I have been doing some very cursory research online and got quite the education on how easy it is to " create perceptions" by using multiple identities and hiding behind false ones.

Just know that many, of these characters, in this thread , if not all of them, are actually just a handful of actual human beings, and from what I am gathering about " them" they are likely being paid to keep this manufactured scandal going.

But as Mooji said recently, in Rishikesh, they underestimated this sangha. It is not a sangha of believers but one of beings who can speak from the authority of their own seeing." That would be me. He also said just recently that this entire drama is just " consciousness teaching consciousness about consciousness." We cannot appreciate the Truth fully until we have seen the contrast the liars expose. These trolls are the ones with an inflated sensed of their own power and importance. Thank you for trying, but just know that Mooji and his sangha know this entire thing is lies and have the wisdom to see it from a much higher perspective. I stand with Truth."

So, they say:

1. It is only a handful of people who use multiple identities

2. These people are paid to do so (I wonder who they think is paying for)

3. the scandal is manifactured

4. M says the sangha not believers but people who can speak of their own authority of seeing and also the typical boring, vague M language: "consciousness teaching consciousness about consciousness.""

5. M and his sangha know that this is all just lies (why call former ex members then? Why send laywers? Why react AT ALL, if you are an enlightened being, god-jesus walking on earth? Why all this censorship?)

Whenever M feels too weak to stand his ground, he calls on his sangha. He has pushed them many times to speak up immediately when he is critizised. They have to, otherwise they fall from his grace.
And everyone is advised to comment on FB or other places online. It is pathetic...I feel sorry for everyone who is still under his spell and trapped in this illusion.

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Joyfree ()
Date: April 25, 2019 05:17PM

> Charlene Stellamaris writes

Dear lady! You have my full compassion and understanding since I have been in the same place of anger, disillusion and defence.

You are writing that you have made cursory research and educated yourself about how easy it is to create perceptions.
-This is great! Than you might ask yourself through which filter of perception and beliefs are you running your statements???

-You stand with truth? That’s great! Is that place of truth one of judgement, accusations and assumptions?
-All of them are just a handful of people being payed?
On what knowledge do you base those assumptions?
Did it occur to you that the only one’s being payed (maybe) are M’s attorneys?

You are saying: as M said, it is not a sangha of believers but one of beings that can speak from the authority of their own seeing. One of them being you.
-again: the authority of your own seeing is one of judgement, accusations and assumptions? This is a great statement about what M’s teachings are!!!

And last but not least, I sincerely wish to ask you: Did you live in Sahaja? Did you leave your friends and family? Did you donate your savings? Did you break down because of the pressure of the hard work? And and and

Please reflect on this my dear before making assumptions and yes TRUTH will be revealed, already as we speak. Of this we can be certain!

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