"Masterpath" is a scam.
Posted by: Sunflower7 ()
Date: August 25, 2019 01:04AM

I am writing to let ‘masterpath’ students know that leaving the ‘path’ does not bring death, doom and destruction. I’m not writing to argue with masterpath students or members that monitor public forums for comment/dialogue about Gary Olsen and his path. I simply want people to know it’s OK to leave, there is no mayhem or psychic darkness (as he would have you believe) after doing so.

I was a student for a long time. When I arrived at ‘the path’ I was young, lost and naïve, I loved that Gary Olsen appeared humble and offered ‘truth’. Over time I started to notice things about masterpath that didn’t add up. Luckily, I paid attention to my ‘inner’ self, stopped participating in his practices and stopped paying the monthly dues.

Gary Olsen is a sham, what he presents is a veneer of spirituality. And, oddly enough he is the very same ‘personality cult’ he warns his students to stay away from. He manipulates people emotionally, mentally and spiritually. How he does this - he appears to be humble, he offers spiritual concepts that he calls ‘old wine in a new bottle’, he says he is the living son of God, he has his students center on his image in their third eye and do this multiple times a day, students chant a special mantra such as ‘gargi’ (derived from Gary), HU (for ‘holy understanding’) or another mantra given during initiation; he puts other religions down, he presents his teachings as elite and only for those that are ready.

The repetitive centering on his image (an aspect of the divine) and the repetitive chanting becomes a way to separate people from their own reasoning, emotions and identification; in this way he separates people from themselves, their friends and family. His students are not to read or listen to other materials, just his, none of which is original. The key to receiving ‘The Master’s grace’ is to surrender. Then he collects the money.

After leaving this path it’s taken me a while to separate myself mentally, emotionally and energetically. It’s taken time to rid myself of his voice, his words and the continual focus on him. And I have to say that my life has opened up in ways not seen before, I am a much happier person without him and his path/teachings.

There is life after masterpath, though Gary Olsen and the people of his inner-circle would have you believe differently.

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