Matthew Remski Article Why Anti Cult Truth Telling Takes Guts
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: August 22, 2019 08:37PM

What’s Behind the Blowback You’ll Get When You Engage Cult Members

Matthew Remski


One reader made two comments:


This is brilliant. I would add a further and very unpleasant dimension. That some of the people abusing others in high demand groups had already centred on sex offending in their lives, or on other forms of abuse or sadism which they fed on. These people have sensed the lack of respect and boundaries in high demand groups and purposefully embedded themselves so they could continue to offend, even more easily than before. So whistleblowers are directly threatening to such offenders, who will fight tooth and nail to destroy the whistleblower so as not to be exposed, or lose their hunting ground. This is not restricted to the highest leaders, and these types can even become very threatening and violent. Another reason whistleblowers and survivors are incredibly brave people.



Another aspect that you touch on and I would emphasize, is that by acknowledging the abuse in their high demand group, members may be called on to also deal with abuses in their family of origin, or other early experiences. That can feel overwhelming, and members who have been in denial about that too, will work hard to avoid the pain of acknowledging all of it, suddenly. This is why people won’t read Andrea Dworkin for example, for as she said, once you acknowledge the onslaught of suffering and pain due to sexism or other oppressions, your life is forever altered. People sense that and won’t go there, and will fight not to go there.

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