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Re: Call for sound investigation on the integrity and intention of Sat Yoga following the prediscussed subject of : Shunyamurti aka Robert Shubow of Sat Yoga Institute
Posted by: Amoo ()
Date: April 04, 2020 12:25AM

Thank you for shdung your lught.

As I am on quarantune, here is lots of time to kill, so i kill.

In terms of your positive look on 'they did favour to me', I dont see the reason to interprete that way, as they asked me not for my benefit but for their benefit; no benefit creating any non existing positive favour in their end.

Anyone who has spiritual bone of their own could live at Sat forever and still their apocalyptic agenda cant penetrate as their agensa is just like throwing rocks randomly hoping it hit some blind bird one day. I was there more for the nature and mountains, and Sat's psycho analysis is so 1960s and never that convincing from the beginning and his apocalytic agenda was never convincing either; rather really weaken his teaching method, which otherwise could be more alive.

In term of your light on;

> I think Shunya will be disappointed when it turns
> out that the nuclear war that he keeps announcing
> still won't be happening anytime soon, and he'll
> still be just another human pretending to know
> everything, and his treasure trove is just a
> toilet paper stockpile.

See effectively stand against any fixed sectarian agenda like Shunya or BK's apocalypse agenda, it is more fruid to go beyond that. Shunya is off not because there will be no nuckear war nor collapse of monetary system and all; rather such fixed agenda is off despite that there actually is a possibility of nuclear war or financial disaster. There can be nuclear war or end of humsn race not because Shunya or BK saw it, but because this phenomena called world or universe is infinite possibility including nuclear war and collapse of humanity.

I can sit and build my own sec based on the phenomena experienced through my own kundalini transe; however, that is hiw exactly cult and sec are created. It is just a dream appeared in my little bubble of body mind, never be universal truth no matter how graphically I paint and decorate with bunch of theories and preexisting similar theories.

Stand still with our own window of universal oneness no matter what happened in front of our little body mind present to us. Even if there is nucleat war today, it is never the indication that Shunya or BK had some ability to see that comming. They threw rocks for tens of years, and one day theur rock hit a blind bird. Tgat is that nothing more than not.

Namaste all for human liberation

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Re: Shunyamurti aka Robert Shubow of Sat Yoga Institute
Posted by: facet ()
Date: April 05, 2020 12:13AM

Hello Amoo,

Thank you for posting, I really like what you said.. this “ Like everybody on the path, I have my own level of awakening and I can say this much- nobody knows anything. ”

I was sitting at the table reading and saying yes, Yes !! Haha.

I hope that you are well on your return and I am sorry that you had been sent out from the ashram. You are right, it does raise questions, especially in the excellent point that you make about other ashrams providing solace for those really suffering at the moment, it does point to where sat yoga's service to humanity ends and where service to itself begins.

I have not watched it yet, and may not, though I have seen uploaded to the sat yoga you tube a video thumbnail that states “purity of the heart is the real immunity”. Yes and this is lovely, however in reality terms this ashram (along with the many others that run in this way) are running on fear. I’m sure that most of us seasoned and unseasoned people understand the effects of long running or continual fear on the immune system, it is a very dangerous thing to suggest anyway, let alone the circumstances people are living in.

Be safe and well, I really appreciate your post as I am sure others will. Ps it is ok, you do not have to worry about posting Radha’s name.

By the way, maybe you realise already, up on the unhealthy narcissism scale people are seen by narcissists as a tool to be put to use of some kind, not as a person with their own autonomy. This type of person is forever trying to put you to their good use and for free.

If there is a charge suddenly for work set by the yourself for instance, there is no longer a use for you. They often act confused about an equal exchange before disposing of you.

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Lrts Read and Investigate on Lacan, Freud, Derrida, etc names dropped by Shunya in lieu of being impressed by Sat teaching : Shunyamurti aka Robert Shubow of Sat Yoga Institute
Posted by: Amoo ()
Date: April 06, 2020 08:10AM

Dear beings who decided to kill quarantine time by engaging in not so significant blab on randome subject about Sat:

As quarantine continues, here kills more time.

I used to be one of those wierd mind who refuses to let random information to be leaked into inner world. For that foundation, Jiddu Krishnamurti speaks directly to my brain.

Due to the old tendancy refusing to be affected by others point of view, I did not read much of philosophy nor psychology related subjects, the damage was when I encountered Shunya first, I was impressed by his way of disposing information and some insight. After the return from Sat, organic decision is made not to listen Shunya anymore, as it will be absurd keep listening Shunya after the direct witnessing of the fatal limit.

However, there is call to touch the information refered and used by Shunya with my own direct contact. So, for the last few days, I exposed my brain to Lacanian psychology, Freudian approach, and deconstruction {Derrida}. That limited exposure gave understanding that my brain was never impressed by Shunya, rather it was impressed by Lacan and Derruda as Shunya borrowed or applys heavily from them.

If anyone is impressed by Shunya, go directly source such as Lacan, Freud, and I recommend Derrida if you want to short cut{you better check all names dropped by Shunya though eventually if you r really want to dig} for philosohoical component.

so, I dive into direct source without subjecting my brain to the second hand knowledge puked by Shunya.
This is truely liberating as there is nothing to be impressed by Shunya anymore and no need to struggling with absurd agenda of that old man in costarican mountain, further no need to be bothred by Sat agenda. Everyyhing Shunya teaches are there in the direct source and here is doubt how much is his original teaching of his creation. Shunya appears to enjoy creating vocaburary but Lacan is known for the same tendency all position regarding desire, sexuation, joussance are all Lacan language. There is really nothing original to be impressed from Sat teaching as far as my little brain concerned, Their celibacy, cleaness, and all stuck up life style is from BK. Lame joke is if Sat people are next yoga leading force, I prefer to not survive. They are very very spiritually, intellectually, energenically monotonous, aka fatally unauthentic. Not that I crave excitement, but ' ALIVENESS' of soul is missing under Shunya's authoritarian, narssistice force.

My limited brain reached its closure that Sat agenda is not dangerous to anyone who have decent intellectual horse power as it wont be able to penetrate decent intellect. That is wht most of deciples are more 'obedient and trying hard type', and no unique genius there. Narssist cant coexist with any independent mind nor unique genius. Also, there is no way to prevent anyone who is already fasconated by Shunya or Sat as they are either psychologically vulnerable and more likely project savior and perfect father figure to Shunya. Those minds ate too intellectually inadequate to see through absurdity in Sat agenda. Paradox and futility indeed.

My highly conditioned brain says that Shunya is not interested in highly intellectual minds, whom he appears to care is mediocre intellect(under the condition ones are wounded souls yearning salvation or healing) with RESOURSE, which includes but not limited to youth for physical labour, usuable skill( such as marketting, IT, engineeering etc. Any usuful skill), connections, and financial resource. But, the deal breaker is the independent critical minds which can see through his genuine intention. So, lame joke is if one mediocre intellect and already fascinated by Shunya, one is his future deciple.

Having said all, this forum is really for mental fun as the ones here reading this are structurally immune from Sat or any type of cultish manipulation and the ones who are vulnerable to such influence are hard to be saved anyway, here goes karma. Their karma to be subjected to Sat or BK or any cultish force. Words words words.

Cheers all for human liberation and blessing for all throughout the suffering we humsn race are currently undergoing.


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Re: Lrts Read and Investigate on Lacan, Freud, Derrida, etc names dropped by Shunya in lieu of being impressed by Sat teaching : Shunyamurti aka Robert Shubow of Sat Yoga Institute
Posted by: facet ()
Date: April 07, 2020 05:22PM

Hi Amoo,

I don’t think any understanding or educational background of what someone has learned via known thinkers is guard when it comes to what some manipulators are up to, especially when learning of hypnotic techniques. It may help but this can happen to anyone because it is largely hypnotic, and potential misuse of psychology.

If you know a system, then you can choose to wield an illusion, fun or not so fun, in our magic that’s fine though as people grow into adults why is that used to capture others? It is a child like behaviour to me.

In trends, many young people profess that they think Freud teachings as “creepy” ha ha, so this could be a factor some of the time. The others, I don’t know so much though at the end of the day, it is all a heck of a lot of thinking for those who profess to leave the mind behind as valueless.

Brahmachariya for me (not applied to everybody, each have own meaning) turned out to be a part of the death drive, for humans are a creative thing. I found storing all that up lead to issues, and again the sexual activity is known and proven to be a great benefit for the human immune system, as well as being a wonderful form of human intimacy (in it’s correct context of course).

Sex is not impure or wastage of energies, that old chestnut does not wash with me anymore. To put shame on those who partake in it appears to me now as an emotional manipulation, the same with the specific food eating as afterwards, immediate guilt because we are “impure” - forget it ! Unless you have just eaten various neighbours and relatives for the past month (psychopath style) then I’m not interested.

I think it would be easy to devalue the people of Sat Yoga, including those who started it, though they are all learning as I am at the end of the day and, delicately, feel that many of Shunyamurti’s actions are simply what he has learned as correct and thought was the right thing to do, though in disguise it had been a lot of narcissism.

In his mind, it likely may be helping those you describe that he will have at the Ashram, this sounds reasonable to me because he can uplift others with the expanse of knowledge and gifts that he has to share. The stinky bits are in the old programming from various teaching / cults / thinkers.

Look at the models.

When people get stuck, addicted, reliant, are a form of business income (and a sole one at that) etc, this is the problem. To me it would be to hang my teaching or whatever it is apron up with the specific person and set them out to live their lives, free from all the restrictive slavery rooted practices.


With the brahmachariya one has to pose the question, is that true? I think not to question in this case would be disasterous.

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Re: Shunyamurti aka Robert Shubow of Sat Yoga Institute
Posted by: facet ()
Date: April 15, 2020 10:30PM

Think I’m having what is known as a facepalm moment after reading the following:

“A special message from Shunyamurti regarding the current world situation
and the coronavirus.”

Beloved Friends of the Sat Yoga Ashram and Members of our Cosmic Sangha,

Our Ashram community is taking full advantage of the current world situation to engage in an intensive Corona Retreat. We have closed the ashram to visitors so that our yogis can give continuous attention to being worthy of receiving the Crown of Light that is now being offered by the Supreme Self to those who are ready to lead the human species to a divine reordering of the world. This in turn will enable us to create a transmission tower of infinite spiritual strength that we can send out to all souls everywhere who remain under the influence of the ego and are therefore suffering in one way or another.

At this point, it seems likely that events will require sustaining this closure at least through the end of May. Of course, our project began on 9/11 in 2001, when this and other events still to unfold were clearly foreseen, and our growing family of stalwart yogis have been working very hard for all these years to prepare both spiritually and physically, so that we would be ready to serve during this time of global emergency. For us, it is the time of global emergence of the highest level of human potentiality, which deserves to be called God consciousness.

Many people are already under lockdown in their countries, forced to stay at home or to shelter in place wherever they are. In a sense, the world is being turned into a giant monastery, with each monk left to pray in his or her own cell for salvation. Please do use this precious time to meditate, to silence the ego mind forever, and to become a living temple of God. That is the underlying meaning of this historic moment.

The more time you spend in the radiant light of the Supreme Presence, the more power of health will be received by your organism, the more will power you will have at your disposal to endure the privation of food and medical care, and the less you will feel any need for any other source of support. The prana will flow through your organs and keep your immune system strong, Shakti will gradually replace the need for food, and the bliss of the Self will dissolve all fear and all desire. This is the time to return to the One Self. God is giving us all a forced occasion to slow down, to reconsider the nature of reality, to re-calibrate our values, to renounce the ego and its delusions, and to be spiritually reborn as unified manifestations of the Transcendent and All-pervading Luminous Intelligence known variously by such names as Shiva, Allah, Brahman, Jehovah, Christ or Buddha Nature, or the Dao. Out of the many shall now emerge the One.

For now, we will shift our offerings entirely online until we are able to welcome people to the ashram again. During the lull that will come, some of you may want to apply to join the community. We hope that there will still be time and funds to build more housing for you. We are working to make that possible. Meanwhile, as part of our continuing mission to awaken souls to the Truth and Power of the Real Self, we will be offering a series of videos to inspire, clarify, and empower you to thrive during this time of testing. We will also be live-streaming many of our satsangs and retreats for as many of you as possible.

The Supreme One will be offering the ashram residents and our online members advanced spiritual training to enable everyone to attain Liberation in an exponentially accelerating manner. We have entered into a period of very intensive and disciplined sadhana, to purify the body and the soul, to ascend beyond the plane of karma, and to be able to emanate spiritual power to all. Keeping the body healthy is a by-product of keeping the consciousness at the Zero Point of Absolute Being. Do not give in to the demon of fear. Wherever you are, you are in the merciful hands of the Loving, Living God.

We invite you to stay connected to the wisdom, the life energy, the love, and the vibrational frequency of God consciousness that we are transmitting:

Join our Members Section where we will be uploading teachings and additional content to help navigate these tumultuous times.
Purchase the complete Audio Video Retreat Package of The Corona Retreat: Awakening in a Dying World.
Sign up to our newsletter to receive all the latest updates from the ashram and teachings from Shunyamurti.
Tune in to our social platforms for daily shots of power and serenity—follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

You also have the opportunity to do the very good karma of helping us help you. The ashram is out of funds and because of this necessary closure, we will not be receiving any of the income our retreats usually bring in. If you have the resources, please know that we need to purchase equipment immediately to ensure that we can continue to offer live-stream gatherings, and of course many other preparations for the long haul. We shall all endure and build a new world together as we unify our hearts and form an energy field of such divine power that miracles will appear as needed, and a new age of Beauty, Goodness, and Truth shall be born of our efforts.


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How Cult Leaders Will Exploit The Coronavirus
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 15, 2020 11:50PM


Beware and get away from any teacher, leader or group that does any of the following or more:

* Who suggest this epidemic was caused by your sins, caused by your having doubts or misgivings about the leader, the group, the teachings.

* Who exploit this to further entrench teachings that we are in the end times, the Kali Yuga, that the rest of the world is damned and that you in the group of of the Elite, and will shed your samskaras (cosmic cooties) if you pray harder and yet more obedient to the leader, the teachings, the group. This is exploitation.

And spirituality is not an exclusive country club whose members must pass scrutiny and jump through hoops and pay big bucks to join.

Spirituality is a big tent for everyone.

* Beware if they ask for increased donations and increased prayer claiming it will protect the elderly leaders who have the power to walk you through the Kali Yuga. That's spiritual slavery that will continue long after this epidemic is over.

* Exploits Shelter in Place by demanding that you view yet more videos, yet more conference calls in ways that increase your anxiety

* Distrust any leader or group using social media and conference calls to monitor you yet more intensively than before.

* Suspect any leader or group whose social media, conference calls, directions for increased meditation, visualization, prayer, take you away from your family when your family need you more.

* When this interferes with your taking breaks to look after yourself and do things you enjoy.

Telling you not to listen to the news except what they tell you.

Or, if you listen to the news, require that you also check in to hear the group leadership's commentary on the news.

Pushing you to install tech devices in your home and computer that enable the leader and group to keep you more closely tied to them because they can monitor whether you are participating in the group's online events or are diligently logging in to their online materials.

Suppose you are a technophobe, happily ignorant of Zoom. Once you are importuned to learn Zoom, your absence from the group's meetings will be noticed and you know this will become mark against you.

Yet another thing to beware of:

In this age of social media, group leadership can use a much loved or high prestige member as an "influencer". to instigate something that is seemingly organic, from from that person's initiative, but is actually a strategy fostered by the leader/s to generate an setting for enhanced indoctrination.

And find out which group members participate and which are less obedient and do not participate.

This can be done in sneaky ways.

A beloved or much feared group member appear on Zoom or Skype and announce he or she has decided "on my own initiative", to engage spiritual exercises that fall in the category of high demand behavior. Deeds that many of us would not do if left to our own devices.

If other members of the group announce they want to "join in" and give their names, this can generate social pressure for you to join in as well, so you can feel togetherness, so you do not miss out on the "progress" the others make, and so you are not exposed as a less than enthusiastic group member because you have *not* joined in.

* An online confession of personal faults

* A personal pledge to begin reading books or online material sanctioned by the group that zones you out. If enough people ask to join and this becomes a "spontaneous book club" you fear you'll be outed as a lazy member unless you join as well - and get yet more marinated in the group's indoctrinational material.

* Pledge to make a special contribution to the group or leader despite personal financial hardships.

* A high demand fast

* A high demand restricted diet

* Sleeping hours less than before to keep vigil

* That he or she is going to do a lengthy series of chants, guided meditations each morning and report what happens.

* Pushing hinting coaxing using social influence to get you to buy more of their books or products. to purchase yet another set of books, participate in an upcoming fast, cleanse, meditation marathon promising togetherness and enhanced spiritual development, greater unwindings greater shedding of pesky samskaras/cosmic cooties/bad karma.

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Re: How Cult Leaders Will Exploit The Coronavirus
Posted by: facet ()
Date: April 17, 2020 05:21PM

Thanks for your post corboy, there are literally all elements included in the list that can be found in the statement.

Plus... “ Our Ashram community is taking full advantage of the current world situation to engage in an intensive Corona Retreat.”...

note how at the very beginning of this somehow “special”? statement that Shunyamurti tells everyone exactly what he is doing, this is a hidden form consent, rationalisation for him, consent for everyone else.

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Re: Shunyamurti aka Robert Shubow of Sat Yoga Institute
Posted by: facet ()
Date: May 08, 2020 08:59PM

For the record, and to those questioning if they should still visit this ashram after finding this thread, the decision, choice, and responsibility for those things are yours, not mine. Don’t private message me about it.

Why does it have be to someone else’s choice? Only when you are not a responsible person for yourself.

If you are a grown adult, there is no more parenting - you ask yourself and you are responsible for yourself.

My view is one view. You could go there and have the time of your life following the ashram, growing it instead of yourself, working for it and generating and income for it (again, instead of yourself) though that is not for everyone.

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Re: Shunyamurti aka Robert Shubow of Sat Yoga Institute
Posted by: facet ()
Date: May 22, 2020 10:54PM

Hi Ex-,

Thank you for sharing your valuable experiences and link to further discussion here in your posts.

“I suspect that a lot of the discussion will be uninteresting or irrelevant to anyone who was not a BK. We may pick up on bizarre subtleties that non-BKs would miss” - you answer right here why it is important that those inside might share outside, because of the subtleties that others might miss.

What I am propelled to write is to really address the aspect of the idea that other beings enter others, through another etc, this widespread belief throughout many spiritual circles is a dreadful form of the taking down people’s personal boundaries and elicits much fear within those subjected to stories of this, also the belief. It may bring a feeling of specialness if one is fanatical enough about the energy that may potentially enter one day, since you would have to be so ‘blessed’ for this to happen, to be chosen if you like.

The issue is that when a person is no longer in control of their own faculties or autonomy, for example, thinking for themselves (because another being acts through them, it is god, not I etc) then it is others present that take the wheel and control for their own purposes. The belief of the unseen force is then left with you, it causes issue. It is akin to having another program written over the original, so the original no longer acts.. because someone else acts. I like to look at it as viral, because it is an outsider that acts as if it has the right to change your own chosen inner preferences.

Despite beliefs, and I understand that it is different for everyone, however for me the reality is either a: outer control mechanisms of the people or person who wield the beliefs that are running, or b: projectional value due to strong held belief - people seeing what they see despite reality, not any chosen or particular unseen force, and c: complete and utter grade a acting skills in order to make a living (survive) and enjoy any immature payoffs of being perceived as special or the only one, etc. In my own view, I largely observe explanation a. as most active.

It happens in the daily relationships between very controlling people too. If you research amongst the narcissistic abuse communities you may well come across those both teaching about it and studious that some entity, alien, god, deity, demon, black goo substance, or dark force etc is behind the behaviour and symptoms experienced, which is absolutely not the case.

You can find the unseen force used as a manipulation tool (through fear) throughout many agendas, unseen forces aka aliens, ghosts and supposed paranormal activity, the ability for other humans to jump into another’s body, the channeling of entities or deceased persons, various energies, darn it even colours are given bad labelling.

It changes what you might rationally see, which is part of how they get into ones system.

When the imposter is booted out of the driving seat, the person can then act to recover themselves, but only because the program (or related) is no longer running.

As you may know yourself already it takes a lot to step away from everything.

“Whereas, without a doubt, he is intelligent and has studied much and, presumably, has a right to sell that knowledge and those skills if other people want to buy them,’

This is wonderful, and I do not doubt that there is a wonderful person here however, who sits and says that they have discovered something so wonderful, so helpful to humanity, to raise all to a specific field of being so tremendously beneficial as Sat Yoga puts out, and then says now pay me?

“I know, so you must pay me” it just does not come from a place of sharing, which has been one of the main ethos put out by Sat Yoga.

I get working one to one with people, though there is much varying context to add to this which would need to be taken into consideration. The costs are highly questionable.

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Re: Shunyamurti aka Robert Shubow of Sat Yoga Institute
Posted by: facet ()
Date: May 23, 2020 12:57AM

In a previous thread about channelling, I have posted the following:

‘In my own personal study, I have found what is thought of as channeling to be the result of two main strings of things..

One, using natural abilities of human empathy to step in another’s shoes, in this case the given energy of what is said to be being channeled, and
Two, projection of the compartments (either one, or many more) of the given human psyche.

The bit that makes it “channeling” for people is the addition of magical thinking, or bs for some kind of gains.”

Magical thinking is the part in us that places belief in any unseen force. Moving beyond this element means that logic and reason begin to act.. which may be helpful. It means that the story is not believed, it is simply enjoyed for the unseen fiction that it is.

It is interesting to me that you post the clip from YouTube where Robert speaks on ‘white magic”. I noted this as one way to wield an unseen force, and here he clearly outlines what he is doing in his action because all magic is illusion, it is done by someone who knows a system and does not share its secrets in order to keep the adulation going.

Great to read your posts today Ex- !

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