Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
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Date: July 06, 2021 03:55AM

It seems to me that the more you know yourself, the more you know that you don't know anything. When someone's strongly identified with their opinions, to the point of going into tantrums about them, I think this is all the proof you need that this person is dominated by ego.

On a related note, here's a quote from David Godman's article about Ramana Maharshi's attitude towards politics:


A desire for political change or action stems from a personal belief that one course of action, or one way of organising society, is somehow better or preferable to another. A natural outgrowth of this is a belief that one’s own ideas and proposals are intrinsically better than others’. Changing society then becomes a process of convincing others – an electorate, people who disagree with you – that your ideas are right, whereas theirs are somehow defective. This is how Annamalai Swami described Bhagavan’s attitude to such posturing:

Bhagavan taught that one should reform oneself rather than find fault with others. In practical terms this means that one should find the source of one’s own mind rather than make complaints about other people’s minds and actions. I can remember a typical reply that Bhagavan gave on this subject.

A devotee, who was quite intimate with Bhagavan, asked him, ‘Some of the devotees who live with Bhagavan behave very strangely. They seem to do many things that Bhagavan does not approve of. Why does Bhagavan not correct them?’

Bhagavan replied, ‘Correcting oneself is correcting the whole world. The sun is simply bright. It does not correct anyone. Because it shines the whole world is full of light. Transforming yourself is a means of giving light to the whole world.’ (Living by the Words of Bhagavan, p. 108)

Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
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Date: July 06, 2021 10:26AM

What a beautiful and engaging discussion, thank you for this. Yes, there is definitely wisdom here. There is another perspective, that has prompted me, from reading Godman's quote specifically. I don't agree with Godman, at least, going by the context of this quote. Is there somehow an assertion that wishing for political change is not a positive? Mahatma Ghandi studied the Bhagavad Gita, and also Henry David Thoreaus 'Civil Disobedience'. With HDT having well known anarchistic leanings into the bargain (which I respect btw). Both of these works were crucial in forming Mahatma Ghandi's view of the oppresion of British Colonialism, and what to do about it. Yes, Ghandi made a judgement call, and he done something about it, so there is a discrepancy emerging in the context of Godmans quoting Ramana (not in regard to you zizliz). Or is there? Which is correct? Well, both are of course. And this is down to freedom. The moment we get into this or that being 'right or wrong', we are in the same boat as the Swartz's in regard to what is acceptable or not.

Mahatma Ghandi viewed himself as Advaitan, and most certainly brought lessons within such classics as the Bhagavad Gita, into his movement. Indeed, his movement is called satyagraha (reliance on the truth) is based on core teachings of Vedanta = Upanishads. Because this is so, satyagraha goes much deeper than a poltical tool, or expression. Indeed, might it be suggested that because it fused spirituality and politics, that it was exactly the fuel needed to light the fire of India's independance...

My own paramguru, Swami Dayananda, took the Indian Government to court in 2012, in regard to challenging the constitution. That is, he exercised his free will, as Ghandi did, to challenge politics. Again, this doesn't seem in concordance with the quote from Ramana. And so what? lol. Different people are entitled to different views, and different actions, in their different lives. Which means there are different perspective. So what's the difference, hahaha! (sorry, just having a little linguistic fun there!)

Context is everything, and really, should people be able to freely choose to include something, or not? I'm almost tentatively ready to suggest a slight taste of spiritual idealism in the way that Godman used Ramana's quote. That is not to say that Ramana didn't mean it that way anyhow, yet it is Godman that lay out the scene in his intial context. As a teacher and political activist myself, I do agree with Stan that the two don't mix (in the context of what has been spoken about), though one certainly does not invalidate the other. How could it? What's next, because someone has a vedanta view they have no view of any social injustices? The Vedanta view, fwiw, is that people are free to not want any such political stuff as they focus on Vedanta, if they choose. That is completely valid. Others can have various things in their lives at various times, which may include, well, anything. Myself, I've reined back quite a bit from teaching (not entirely) to begin to be politically active, and likely teach in that genre also/or. It's just a persons invidual choice, where all views are fine. But the issue is when some try to say there views are more important than anothers, and that those views should not be permitted. This is what James & Isabella Swartz have done, to a high percentage of US citizens. To use manipulation, threats & expulsion in order to prove one is right is also democratic genocide within Shiningworld. And really, it is plainly the way that cult leaders work.

By the way, keep an eye on this topic over the course of the next week, guys. For I am to be posting a series of investigations that share some incredible revelations. Information that has never been made public before.

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
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Date: July 06, 2021 10:37PM

Operation: Swartz Is A Cult

Cult Leaders Afraid To Go Face-To-Face With Former Member

Refusal of Video Debate, Refusal To See Evidence of Lies, Rejection of the Truth. The first of a three-part 'Endgame Takedown' of two cult leaders

When dictatorial oppression towers over you, what will you do? Cower, under the Goliath menace of that oppressor? Indeed, should you run, rationalising irrational fear. Hiding feverishly behind the terrible twins of spiritual by-passing & idealism. Yes, you might save yourself, but at what cost? Is it just about you? What about the rest of the world? For if you do not take action, are you merely enabling cult abusers to perpetuate their horrendous crimes...

Perhaps people question why I carry on. And there are two parts to that answer. But first, it's important to look at what 'carrying on' means. In context, it is the continuous uncovering and sharing with the world the truth about James & Isabella Swartz. And certainly, only the deranged and evil would have preferred recent revelations not to have been shared. You should take these posts as verbatim since they are Swartz's own words from emails, as evidence, among other screenshot conversations. Or, putting it another way - this is simply 'carrying on' telling the truth. There is a growing movement in the world trying to obfuscate the truth, of which the Swartz's are a part. But the truth matters, it has too. I leave people the freedom to do what they want with that.

Everything that I have written in the enclosed letter is offered to you. Including the screenshots of the personal conversations on Facebook between the woman who said that about me, and myself. For private reasons, I did not want to reveal such detail, but now as I am tactically taking things to the 'endgame', it is time.

For the past six weeks, I have been conducting a detailed investigation regarding James & Isabella Swartz. This has yielded detailed & comprehensive information that is independently verifiable. I intend to make a series of posts revealing this new evidence, you should expect each post to ramp up a level regarding significance. It will culminate in the revealing of something extraordinary, yet not surprising. As always, sources will be protected, and I am going to have to redact a small portion of this letter, as it is subject to another tactical stream of takedown that is still operational.

View the posts as a planned series of 'takedowns' in which this entire operation = 'Operation: Swartz Is A Cult' has been in the planning since Christmas. Indeed, as I confided to close confidantes over a month ago, I studied Sun Tzu's 'The Art of War' three times over the festive season, any action on here and in private has been tactical, availing of the timeless knowledge from that. So please, put the kettle on, sit back in your chair with a chocolate biscuit or two. For when you see what has been happening behind the scenes, you might enjoy this as much as myself and other key people have...

Robert Wayne Harrison - Email - 05/07/2021
Hello James,

I didn't reply to your last four emails as the police had advised me not to be in contact, at that time. Though, we can get to that in a little bit.

It seems that you are under the impression, according to your groupies, that I am afraid to speak with you directly. Indeed I am not. I am the very person to do so. In my previous roles (of which you have read a little), I was used to decades of physical and psychological confrontation from the terrorist groups in Northern Ireland, including death threats and being ordered to leave the country. Which, I ignored. I don't capitulate to bullies. Being able to engage in all forms of conflict comfortably was the very reason I was teaching anti-terrorism live firearm courses in Malaga. You may have seen mention of this in my Combating Crime blog that you promoted.

I understand where you and others are coming from, having lived sheltered lives compared to mine, where conflict is concerned. The truth is that I am the last person to be afraid to debate. I relish it, as I have no god-complex fear regarding you that others have. It is not that such things do not work on me, it is that the bullying and oppressive regime you force onto people encourages me to challenge. It has been my life to do so, my purpose if you will, and is a most beautiful gift.

I'm prepared to have a direct video debate with both you & Isabella together. I request that we use skype and that it is recorded. I fully anticipate what you would say to me, and am prepared for everything. 'Everything' is meant literally. In turn, I trust that both of you understand that I will also be putting much material to you. I have amassed an incredible amount of verifiable independent evidence, in screenshots, that I would show on the screen. Nothing will be off-limits. This includes you, James, (redacted temporarily) pressing (redacted temporarily) female (redacted temporarily) sex. You (redacted temporarily) Isabella (redacted temporarily). To further show that I know what I'm talking about, you (redacted Temporarily) James, and (redacted temporarily) Isabella (redacted temporarily). I have conducted a detailed investigation of you James, that spans the last 20 or so years, uncovering an impressive amount of independent, verifiable evidence that shows who you are. You are also implicated in this Isabella. Am I telling lies? Hyperbole? I never do either, my words are always precise and in context. And I am ready to release the information immediately.

I am agreeable to a head to head debate with you both if the following conditions are first met. In the interest of openness and honesty, it should be a foundation on which to proceed:

1. Since there has been a 'thing' made about finances, that myself and both of you, publicly reveal our financial records for the last five years. It would be useful that the financial records are professionally audited. And I do have a chartered account that will both do this for me on my end, and also appraise your records when you provide them.

2. Since both you and I have called into question our validity as teachers, both myself and you - James, should provide evidence from our Guru's, that we have permission to teach. I can provide written evidence from four Swami at present. Including complete permission from the top in India. There is no point merely saying, 'it was oral', for it stands to reason that there should be some evidence of alignment with lineage via ongoing contact. If you were told that you can teach, by Swamiji, then you will be able to show lineage-specific evidence of that spanning decades. For I am quite aware that 'going out on one own' to teach is not 'permission to teach from the lineage.

As mentioned previously, the police advised me not to contact you again, though the contents of this email are part of another legal process regarding you. You had written to me also, quite smugly, saying that I would not be able to pay for the legal fees in a libel case. Of course, you knew this as you had already been involved in numerous previous issues regarding telling lies about others and you have been threatened with court action regarding your lies many times.

Where our 'experience' differs is that although I got a legal opinion in writing that says I have a prima facie case of libel against you, I did not report you to the police for that, as it is not criminal. I reported (name omitted - Accussing woman), Ian/RV on forum) & you for harassment. In the UK, it is harassment if publications are made more than two times that are lies. That is a criminal offence. My online police incident report speaks about all of you, and the context of the lies in detail that you are saying about me. As written in the police complaint, from the very beginning I asked the police to check Facebook servers to see if I sent unsolicited photos.

The police phoned me a total of five times over the next three weeks. Since I was very open about the true context of the conversations between (name omitted - accusing woman) and me, I of course was honest in what happened. The police wanted to know if she was underage, based on the consensual nature of what I had told them. I explained she is not, and they wanted to know how I knew. They wanted her name, age, location, Facebook & email details. All of which I gave. None of you bothered to contact the police, it was left to me. The so-called perpetrator. It is incredible really, the police only knew about what you were all claiming because I told them so. Interesting signs, if someone was guilty. Yet, the so-called innocent people refused to go to the police. Yes, that is correct, I wrote repeatedly to (name omitted - accusing woman), asking that she report me to the police, but she would not. On this basis alone, it is becoming clear what is going on. I have always claimed I did not send unsolicited photos. And my police report says the same.

I told the police what you wrote about me, and they wanted the website page details. Nothing has happened to me. Not one thing, legally, or on my social media platforms. They all remain operational. The last time the police rang me they did not even speak to me about any photos, they were not interested. All they wanted to know was are you still publishing the lies about me, lies I can prove. I am to let them know if you publish lies about me again. And this will tie into something else.

I read with interest, in one of your spamming & bullying emails, that I would not be able to get judgements in one country enacted in another. That is wrong. I told you already I know legal law. I have been in contact with Shiningworld website hosts, Godaddy USA. They have written to me in an email and said that if a UK court makes a judgement regarding Shiningworld in any way, then Godaddy will enforce that. I can provide screenshots of this.

To date, I have had success in Google and other search engines delisting your lies, under the legal challenge of defamation. It is a stain against whatever honour Shiningworld has, that Google legal challenges against it for publishing defamatory lies, has been upheld against you. I can also provide screenshots of this.

1. I have multiple emails from Google confirming the cases that I have won.
2. I have screenshots of the online police report that I made against all of you.
3. I have three sets of screenshots of private conversations between myself and (name omitted - accusing woman) on Facebook. These show that, textually, I have been telling the truth. It shows the exact context. What was said about me was lies, and you published it? These screenshots debunk what she said, and what you and Ian/RV on the forum) said. For in her own words she is saying what is consensual, (and that I am not her teacher and she is not even in Vedanta) etc.

Context is very important as it debunks hyperbole. I am willing to provide all the evidence that I speak of, to prove that you have wronged greatly, spreading malicious lies about me. You wrote lies about me, again. You took events out of context, again. You used hyperbole against me, again, And I can independently prove what you have done, again.

I also want to make it known, if we go ahead and do this debate, that I never, ever, speak my views regarding Vedanta. Like many in my lineage, the words I use are those of my paramguru, Pujya Swamiji. Understand, you are not challenging my view of Vedanta, though I would be challenging yours.

These are my terms, and this is the proof that I am offering. In return for both of us providing the information that the public has a right to see regarding our finances and our specific permission to teach.


James Swartz - Email - 05/07/2021
Seems like you've been pretty busy, Wayne. I'm not sure what you hope to accomplish with all the screenshots, etc. but I'm not interested in your offer. Thanks so much for thinking of me, however.
All the best,

Oh, what is something I said?

How strange, that he doesn't understand the value of seeing the truth of a matter. He finds no value in seeing the independent proof that he has posted horrendous lies about another person. In effect naming them as a sex offender, a thing that has the potential to endanger my life through vigilantes. What we have here is a cult leader who doesn't care about the damage that his lies could potentially do regarding a former members safety.

James & Isabella Swartz have been publicly stating for years that anyone who has a problem with them, they are prepared to video call with them. They haven't got the balls to go head-to-head with me, for all the world to see. What is also quite evident now is that this mystique of God-like invincibility is shattered. Everyone thought they would be fearsome to debate in the video because people have bought into their ridiculous god-complex. The Swartz' are now exposed as bullies, for bullies will use intimidation and empty threats. When you stand up to them, they lose their gonads.

What is also crystal clear, is that these two demons do not have the honour to look at evidence that clearly shows a travesty. In rejecting my offer of mutual openness regarding finances & permission to teach, they convict themselves again by showing they have many things to hide. I can honestly say that they would be demolished with the evidence I would present to their faces. But they have no honour, they are not interested in the truth. Yet the Sword of Justice is, and it still hungers...

We are not finished yet, for I will be posting other more serious (and quite detailed) matters regarding the Swartz's, over the space of the next week.


"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
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Date: July 07, 2021 01:36AM

Is revealing more Dirt about
"beating a dead horse"?


A very interesting message came to me which, with the author's permission, I'd like to share here.


Dear Trav,

Heather, all the others, and you, have won.

I believe you see that, which is why you've dropped off from Posting a lot recently.

After even a cursory reading of this site, combined with a read of the Swartz-inspired Guru? The Story of Heather, how could any reasonable person have anything but great trepidation about any involvement with James Swartz?

Could any new revelation about James Swartz surprise anyone now?
(Interestingly, his list of crimes sound much like those attributed to a politician he is said to not like, Donald Trump. Is the mirror too strong for Swartz? But, sorry about that. You're right, Politics are a non-winner as goes this site's main question- "Is Swartz a true spiritual teacher, or not?")

Would anyone be at all surprised by any new revelation about James Swartz? For instance, would it be a "shocker" for James Swartz to be accused of:

--- More cases of Tax Fraud?

--- More sexual crimes, past or present?

--- More killings of family pets?

--- More deliberate lies to his supporters regarding spiritual matters (or anything else)?

--- More rip-offs of "followers" for personal gain?

--- More verbal attacks on opponents, people he's jealous of, or former supporters who don't "kiss his ass" and behave exactly as he wishes?

The answers to each of these question prove James Swartz is not a fit spiritual teacher. This conclusion to me is now absolutely proved beyond debate.

Therefore, as I began this letter, I believe that Heather, all the other posters here, and you, have "Won."
James Swartz is proved to be a Sex Criminal, Liar, Cheat, Spiritual Fraud, and an all around despicable human being.

Trav, I think you see it, but continuing to go after him is giving attention to a dead horse who doesn't deserve the time or energy.

From now on, with all that is out there and that is known, only a complete blithering idiot would go to James Swartz for "spiritual teaching" or for anything else.
Do these idiots exist? Of course. But we can't change that.

The message then went on to personal things.

Regarding Swartz and this site, my friend put this very strongly, but I find it difficult to disagree with, let alone to disprove, her arguments.

I would go one farther though.
Is there is a person out there who followed James Swartz in 2017 who still does? If so, Why? How?

Have they stuck their head in the sand and ignored all that has come out out about his or her "teacher"? Or would such a person ignore all the evidence out of "loyalty"?

Do you know of such a person? Could such even exist?
Is there actually a person on the planet who wants a corrupt, lying, back-stabbing, sacred text-distorting, homophobic, misogynistic, pet-killing, pedophilic rapist as a Spiritual Teacher? Really?

If so, "idiot" is the wrong word. "Idiot" is for a new seeker who goes to Swartz without having checked him out thoroughly.
Staying with him after all of these witnesses and facts have come forward -- that would require something more dark than simple idiocy, wouldn't it?

Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
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Date: July 07, 2021 02:59AM

Is revealing more Dirt
> about
> simply
> "beating a dead horse"?

Hey Trav, it's great to see you posting again. Even though your last two posts come across as attempting to moderate Stan & I. By virtue of following my opening series regarding a 6 week investigation, with - 'flogging a dead horse', tantamount to sowing seeds of doubt as to validity of anyone posting. lol.

Both myself, and a small number of others, supported by a growing network, have decided to thoroughly expose the Swartz's for what they are. This mobilization has taken some time to gather momentum, but it is gathering momentum, and we will resist any attempt by anyone to stifle its voice, which is not the actual moderator of Cult Ed. We have been working hard to help people cultivate the courage to also come on here and express themselves, and we are making progress. It is not helpful to for the topic to be infected by psuedo-moderatng, for that will only discourage others. For us, the full spectrum truth is important, not simply one aspect we are emotionally involved in. This is Investigative Citizen Journalism, and there is little point in trying to censor or moderate what is being said here. With respect, you did open up the topic, but you do not moderate it, nor can you influence others free will in posting. You are simply another member, like me and others, one that I highly value and respect. There is only one person who can moderate it, and only one person, myself and others would listen to, regarding posting. This is because we have the freedom to post as we wish. The mooji topic seems to carry on quite well, ad infinitum, and I assume this one will until either all contributing voices are strangely stifled, or Rick sees fit to lock it.

For my part, I will mention that it is strange to also attempt to moderate chat in this topic regarding politics yesterday, when it was you who brought it into the topic in the first place, making entire posts on the matter. You are fine to post what you like, in whatever way you like, as is every other member, of course. But peoples freedom to post cannot be impeached upon, for it has value. Which I shall illustrate below. Members should dance to no tune but their own, in the absence of Rick moderating. This means you are free to try to control the posting on here, and I and others are free to challenge that, with love.

> Regarding Swartz and this site, my friend put this
> very strongly, but I find it difficult to disagree
> with, let alone to disprove, her arguments.

That depends on what is meant by 'disprove'. This topic continues to grow exponentially, and it is reasonable to suggest that a big part of that (if not all) is the ongoing revelations and developments that have been revealed. I have taken down the post views of the last three times as I have posted here, including this time. They are:

3 posts ago: 65,368
2 posts ago: 67,162
My most recent post: 69,186

Although I am not the only person that can take credit for the material on this topic, there is approx a 2000 view increase each time that I post, over a 10-14 day period. I doubt very much that the post count is because people are 'unsubscribing'. Which is what those that no longer find value in new information can do. I'm also wondering, why there is no post limit per topic in Cult Ed? Maybe because people are free to post ad infinitum, until such times as the moderator locks a topic.

The Shiningworld Shapeshifters came on here and tried to control the direction and moderate what is being posted, and that was disregarded. Likewise, as long as the viewing counter continues to rise quickly when myself and others post, we shall continue to post new developments. I have at least another two posts to do in this series. Perhaps those not interested should unsubscribe? While those that are will simply keep viewing the new posts.

It is the intention to fully expose James & Isabella Swartz as cult leaders, the precision in regard to that is only starting.

Such interactions as yours and mine here, are good examples of juicy interactions on forums. One of the things that I love about them. Thank you for your post, I enjoy the spark of debate. This interaction will also garner additonal views, enabling the new information that is being released to be view by more. Thank you for your involvement.

With respect,


"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
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Date: July 07, 2021 04:44AM


This is not "my" forum. I created this particular topic, but I am most certainly not in charge of it. I created this topic to help Heather and to give persons a vehicle with which to tell the truth about James Swartz.

Personally, I already believed Swartz to be a pedophilic rapist and a spiritual fraud, but that was neither here nor there. A huge number of supporters of James Swartz could have flooded in with rebuttals and complaints about my slander of their truly holy teacher. But, guess what? That didn't happen.

Instead, many persons sent in their own accounts of Swartz's lies, corruption, betrayals, and crimes. These accounts flooded in to the point where, as I posted earlier today in agreement with my friend's message, to a large extent I believe the "job" is done.

The whole world sees now that James Swartz is a rapist, a criminal, and a fraud-- or can see it with a few clicks of a mouse. Now, as I mentioned in my most recent post, to my mind only an idiot would ever seek him out as a spiritual teacher, and only someone of highly questionable psychological or emotional health would have "stuck with him."

Did I bring politics to this forum? If so, it was a huge mistake, a slip-up of a large order. The danger of making Swartz more attractive to half the electorate was always there, and opening that door, however inadvertently, is something I regret. (And was a mistake I tried to fix with yesterday's post.)

The numbers of Viewers of this site are indeed up. We used to average just over 90 viewers per post, and now the average is up to around 105.
This proves that many people are interested in all that EQ, Stan, and others are adding to the sordid truths revealed about James Swartz, his wife, and the cultish "Shining World."

So, what to say?

Far be if for me to say to stop "piling on" James Swartz.

James Swartz is a sex criminal and a spiritual fraud who deserves everything (bad) that he gets.

For me, though, there is largely a feeling of "My job is done here."

In fact, only the danger of using Swartz's politics "against" him (and inadvertently producing some good feeling going his way) brought me back to Posting. That, and my friend's subsequent e-mail, which I cut and pasted as it so closely matches my thoughts.

Go for it!
Nail the bastard's hide to the wall.

He wants to be a Cult Leader, and has tried to get one going since the seventies. Only Heather, perhaps, with her courageous pre- "Me, Too" revelations, stopped him from succeeding.

Now it appears the complete stomping of this fraud's criminal ambitions can be accomplished. If the time and energy it takes to completely bury the dead horse of James Swartz is worth it, then, again, "go for it," and may you succeed wonderfully (and find peace in doing so).

Blessings Always,


Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: July 07, 2021 04:52AM

What an excellent reply to me, thank you for clarifying and correcting some of what I assumed. I really enjoyed your retort.

In freindship & respect,


"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
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Date: July 11, 2021 04:23AM

Criminal James Swartz: Shiningworld Cult Leader Evades Indian Tax Authorities

Criminal Convictions, Bankruptcy, Potential Assests & Tax Evasion, Cult Leader James Swartz exposed Using 'God' to Justify Illegal Behaviour.

Shiningworld Satsang
Danielle: First of all, to finish with the ex-teacher. He’s was questioning your integrity of both of you around money and talking about secrets he knows about both of you and so on. Just such obvious crap without any interest. I was feeling so wrong to make this kind of statement behind your back I took as a duty just to inform you because if he did it with me he did it with others I guess.

I haven't been privy to what Stan wrote to 'Danielle'. I suspect it is more of a factual claim than one of questioning integrity. This is because there cannot be any question regarding integrity since the evidence is James & Isabella Swartz's own written words. Of course, it seems that very few Shiningworld members are interested in the truth, since to date, not one single member has been in contact to scrutinize the now mountains of independent evidence that prove how despicable the Swartz are. And, had 'Danielle' of contacted Stan and asked to see the proof, instead of scurrying off to tell-tales, they might have had the opportunity to see they are indeed on the wrong side of justice.

Such actions merely show that the Shiningworld Cult is not interested in the truth. My oh my, aren't you all bastions of truth, openness, humility and nobility! Each time that proof is offered to be sent to you (by me), you flee like Dracula from a crucifix. As much hilarious as it is sad, there is no spiritual evolution in the land of the assholes. And you, all of you, are such an example of what not to do in the face of injustice.

Shiningworld Satsang
Sundari: What this person has to say about us has nothing to do with us, not as the Self or as the imaginary person he is attacking. He is only attacking himself. I know where it comes from, tamas, ignorance. It is not his fault but is really beneath us to respond to such nonsense, especially about money. We have nothing hidden in any way about anything, there is nothing to reveal and he knows it. Everything we do is above reproach. But now that he is a fully paid-up member of the alternate reality conspiracists truth no longer matters to him. Truth can be anything he makes it out to be or wants to believe. And the lowest tactic to injure people is to make veiled accusations of things you ‘claim’ to know about them but do not reveal. He cannot reveal anything but he has nothing. Anyone can say anything about anyone these days, regardless of veracity. Who cares?

The 'imaginary person' he is attacking. Here we go again, eka jiva vada, this person or this world is imaginary. Tell me, Isabella, if you are imaginary, will you jump out a window, right now? Surely the imaginary fall will have no meaning, on the imaginary Isabella body. Yes, you're a complete fail, before we go any further. It is this 'imaginary' bullshit, that is the cause of you and the rest of your cult disciples screwing over other people.

Dearest Queen of the Damned, the verdict is in, you are insane. Insane with the lust for power & control as the (latest) chief concubine of the King of Penis enlargements. Since you are so fond of awarding others titles, I could award you: 'Adept at Telling Lies' except that would not be apt, for you are seriously deluded. You speak about Stan and 'veiled lies', yet you cannot address my open and unveiled writings about you. You ignore the proof of the claims, which are you and your husbands own emails! Neither will you go face to face with me in video call so I can show you in the recording screenshots of those emails, that proven, once again, that you are a bare-faced liar. What kind of spiritual teachers are you both? There is no spirituality in this. A pair of greedy incubus & succubus. Though I don't know who is which.

Your words here are going to come back to haunt you, further into this topic, however. But first I must lay a bit of the groundwork in the investigation that I have conducted, with the idea of building up, though to also jog the memory of any other victims of the Swartz'.

An investigation was conducted primarily regarding James Swartz, and the following parameters were used:

Name - James Swartz.
Age - 02/02/1941
Areas lived: Portland, OR. Vancouver, WA. Berkely, CA.
Relatives: A**** Swartz

Results were returned across a broad spectrum, these included exact addresses, phone numbers, emails and also associates over the last twenty years at least.

Readers will perhaps know from the defamation James Swartz has published about myself and others, and of more recently speaking in his so-called spiritual classes, rantings regarding criminals. Perhaps he is referring to myself, but where James Swartz & I differ regarding the Criminal Justice System is one of its cornerstones = rehabilitation. If a person owns up to their offences, co-operates, pays for it in some manner (including training), they may be viewed as rehabilitated. I am rehabilitated and am a vocal supporter of due process. It is a primary reason why it was myself who brought the phoney allegations about me, to the attention of the authorities. And why not? It debunks anything anyone with common sense would assert. James Swartz does not believe in rehabilitation, for there is an absence of his admissions in the face of his emails. He is so afraid that he cannot come face to face with me alongside his wife in the video debate. Indeed, not even a two-to-one advantage makes them feel any braver. Fair enough. However, in our investigations, we have uncovered that James Swartz, the King of Hypocrites has a criminal record himself...

Conviction Number 1:

James Bender Swartz
Age 80
DOB 02/02/1941

Case id# CMCRPR00508895DEF00001
Case Number: PR00508895
Charges Filed: 07/24/2012
Offence Date: 07/11/2012
Disposition: Convicted
Court: Multnomah County Courts
City: Portland
State: OR

There is a similar conviction of which I have the following details:

Conviction Number 2:

Case# 18VI141287
Location: Des Chutes

Yes, you accuse people of being criminals, while you also have a criminal record. You deranged Buffon.


James Swartz was declared bankrupt on 04/01/2004. And has a 'declared' income of $60-65,000 per year. I am informed by someone who oversaw the finances in Shiningworld that he earns at least the same amount again through seminars. In fact, in one seminar alone he extorted over $15,000! Why do I say 'extort'? Simply because people have told me the prices of what his commercialised seminars are like. 100 Euro's for prayer beads anyone? A bargain surely, since the great Scamji has touched them! God knows where though! Perhaps he and mooji have this love-bead thang going on. And it is that that love-of-war tug-of-war (ahem!) you are witnessing in the Mooji, e-Satsangs.

During the investigation of assets regarding James Swartz, his name has come up in association with a property in Vancouver, WA. This property is currently listed as being worth: $800,000,00. To date, it has not been completely ascertained as to what James Swartz's involvement is with this property, so nothing substantive can be said further.


In any event, all of the above is pretty small in comparison to what I am about to reveal. There have been many rumours regarding James Swartz & financial issues over the years, but to my mind, there has been nothing that can be said to be actual proof. Until now. To my mind, this will be the first time that such strong admissions of criminal activity have been revealed, by Swartz' own words.

What follows is a series of quotations from an email of James Swartz, in which he is speaking about what action can be taken regarding a 'troll/trolls'. I wonder though, if the Swartz idea of what troll is, is what a troll is. A troll merely wants to cause trouble and is not interested in the truth... Hmmm, does that sound like any group of people we might know. Shiningworld Cult anyone? I wonder, those Shiningworld students, that have children. Are you teaching your children to ignore evidence that does not fit into what the group around them thinks? That each child is not to be allowed space to look at all information as they grow up, to make their mind and take a stand against injustice? After all, that is exactly what you, the parents are doing regarding the Swartz...

James Swartz
I got a tip from a friend in India who is certain that the troll or trolls as the case may be is a group of Papaji devotees living in Tiruvannamalai who hate me for my views on Papaji and his 'teaching.' The troll or trolls did not contact me directly.

...asking him to see if he can determine if the original email originated in India.

And what would happen if you were contacted directly, James? Nothing, as you are too afraid to direct video debate.

James Swartz
I haven't heard from the guys who are monitoring the news is good news...about new posts. They were able to get the posts removed from one server and I was able to get them removed from another.

Excuse me? While we know that you put out the fireworks for every bit of praise, real or imagined, I thought that you and your wife paid no attention to criticism online? Why do you have your cult slaves out searching? Caught out with lies, gain.

James Swartz"
I want to keep it off the website if possible as most people who contract it have no idea this is going on and don't need to know...unless they do.

Yes, you do not want the Shiningworld Cult to know what is going on unless it is your version, minus the truth. Here's an idea:

Why don't you agree to go face to face with me on a video call? We will make it live, and record it. And you can place it on Shiningworld. I will post in screenshots on the screen all of your emails and WhatsApp messages where you have exposed yourselves as greedy, sneaky, abusive cult leaders. If I am telling lies, then agree, and trap me! Surely you have nothing to fear from your emails? While the truth is that you are not as important a cult leader as you think (or make out) there will be people that would want to see both of your faces live, while I show you your emails proving you are a scumbag.

James Swartz
By the way, the trolls also put the India tax department on me as several of my friends have had visits from them asking for me. By Isvara's grace Sundari wanted to go home early so we changed our flights and flew the coup. How about that! It was the best thing that could happen.

Well, that is hardly going to be a problem for someone who has not done anything wrong, yes? Let's read on and see...

In fact, let's pause a moment to get this straight. The Indian Tax Authorities have been looking for you. They had even gone as far as to make visits to some of your friends. My first question is why did none of these friends tell the authorities where you were? What is wrong with all of you? Your friends are as crooked as you are, as they begin to cover for you, illegal in itself. If they did not break the law, please give me their details (in private) so that I can report them to the authorities.

And, why did you not contact the authorities yourself, and co-operate? Why did you bring your flights forward, and both you and Isabella ran for the hills?

So, we have the Indian Government looking for you regarding tax. We have your friends covering for you, hiding you in effect. What's next? Oh yes, you and Isabella decide to bring your flights forward and 'flee the coup'! And it's the best thing that could happen! Yes, for a criminal, the Al Capone of modern Vedanta. You're exposed, haha. It's similar to what happened in South Africa. You got 180,000 Euro off 'X', leave him at the side of the road homeless & delirious, while you go hop on a plane and teach a Shiningworld Cult event, before fleeing the coup to Spain. Likewise in India, you are teaching while all along you are wanted by the authorities, and you flee India, never to return!

James Swartz
I got all sentimental at the end of the India teaching and agree to teach again in December...Back By Popular Demand!...but this put the nail in that coffin. They might flag my visa and keep me from entering. It is best because when I sobered up I realized that I didn't want to do India again. I've been trying to bust my India Vasana for a long time and it seems Isvara is helping out in this strange way.

You knew even before the seminar finished that you would not be returning to India again. The Government expected you to pay taxes on what you earned there. And why should you not? Who do you think you are actually? Well, we now know who you are... I wonder, did you do anything to try to squeeze more money out of unsuspecting devotees while you were there? Knowing you would not return. Please, if anyone knows the information, let us know.

Wanted for tax evasion by the Indian Government, trying to evade the Indian authorities. That is who you are, not a spiritual teacher. I can reveal what you are with one comment:

James Swartz
" it seems Isvara is helping out in this strange way. "

Yes, God is helping you to break the law! Are you completely out of your mind, you imbecile? You have exposed yourself as a cult leader. A cult leader is charismatic, who uses existing (or made up) spiritual teachings to create an obedience-response in others to plunder sexually, financially, or through power. You email others, gloating, boasting about how 'god' has helped you break the law. A pure cult leader, and despicable cretin.

James Swartz
Anyway, these guys are nasty. I knew some of them in the good old days in Tiru. They resent my fame.

Are you certain it's got nothing to do with you repeatedly draining unsuspecting people for whatever pennies they have while being on the run from governments by cheating the tax authorities? But it is not that you don't know this is wrong. The very fact that you know you will not be allowed back into India, shows that you know you are in legal peril there. You are an abusive cult leader who hasn't got the balls to face either the Indian Government or even myself directly. Run, run, run. By-pass, By-pass, By-pass. That is all James & Isabella Swartz do. And teaching all of you in Shiningworld to do the same.

When you read your teachers emails sharing how they got 180,000 euro and abandoned an autistic person at the side of the road, homeless in extreme distress after they videod him, are you proud? When you read how James got out of the car, about to punch an autistic person as he screams in desperation for help, are you proud?

When you see the emails from your teachers in which they openely admit travelling to a country that is very poor, to take-take-take, and not give back. To break the law and flee before they had to pay tax like everyone else, are you also proud?

What is wrong with all of you?

Isabella, did't your opening quote say that you have nothing to hide? I suppose someone else sent the scores of emails from you and James's accounts! It is finally at this point, that the evidence is overwhelming regarding how morally bankrupt both of you are. Both of you have been completely outed as hateful liars. The cherry on the top is that in your own emails, you use spiritual teachings to excuse your illegal behaviour. It is clear, without a doubt, that the both of you are abusive cult leaders with no regard for humanity, society or the law. This is the truth, underneath your virgin white veneer, as exposed by your own words and actions.

I'm away to write a book for someone now, for the next few months. I'll come back in for a bit of sport if the Swartzohphile shapeshifters come on trolling. Or for any other reason, I might decide, but i'm going to be quite busy. It's my downtime to come on here though as posting relaxes me, so I might return to post more.


"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: August 02, 2021 06:36AM

Spiritual Teacher dismantles James Swartz' Made-up Teachings

More Evidence Revealing The Wrong Teachings Of Cult Leader James Swartz

This is the first post in a series of two. The first post is an Amazon review from a spiritual teacher that seems to have strangely been removed from Amazon. In the interests of openness, honesty, and me thoroughly enjoying the month after month adventure, I felt that I should post the removed review online anyhow. While I do not completely agree with every sentence of the review, from a traditional Vedanta teachers perspective, I can say that the Buddhist & Hindu interpretations in this review do indeed fall squarely within Traditional Vedanta. Meaning, that perhaps over 95% of this review is accurate.

I do say this often, that my next post will be my last. It's just because i'm trying to focus on other things, but when new information comes along I do feel it proper to share supportive or new evidence. It's not simply the opinion of one or two people for even though I post, I'm mostly posting others opinions these last few months.

I'm currently busy making a website of my own, incorporating three blogs into it regarding; Vedanta, the language of silence and the freedom of Anarchy (actual, not brainwashed media propaganda). When I logged into the website builder, I noticed that I have an unfinished website from last year. A website regarding the cult leader, James Swartz. I think that I will complete that website, and it might be operational either in the next 48 hours, or toward the weekend (im busy tuesday-wednesday). It will be a blog type revealing of evidence, much of which has been spoken about here. But where the website will differ is that I Will be publishing screenshots of absolutely any evidence I have, in the blog posts. I will make the SEO effective, so that it ranks high on Google searches for the cult leader - James Swartz. This topic ranks high in searches (first page), alongside other criticism of the cult leader - James Swartz.

I just want to also say, that I have received validated proof that James Swartz is tied into the owners of that $800,000 property in Vancouver, WA. If you recall, he was listed as it being in his assets. Now I have viewed joint bank accounts with Swartz and the declared 'owners' of the property, along with bank balances which are tens of thousands of dollars. At this moment if writing, even though I have screenshots of the joint bank account, I do not have live permission to be more exact. I trust that what I have said is good enough. If not, I can always ask for permission to be completely transparent. I just have to keep confidentiality with whistle blowers regarding the cult leader - James Swartz.

It is quite clear that Swartz is tied into the property, while all the while he did what he did with 'X', taking 180,000 Euro from an autistic person who was delirious. James Swartz - wanted for Tax evasion in India. A cult leader with a secret web of cash and property, that our investigations has discovered. Are you still happy to give your hard earned cash to such a greedy cult leader? How 'spiritual' that must be! What a great example to the world, by-passing, ignoring independent evidence. Jesus, the by-passing is that severe that no matter how hard I try, I can't get any more Shiningworld Shapeshifters to come on here to look at, and debate the evidence, even though I know that they read every post. Well, you are all invited to come onto the website that will be: 'Dedicated to the dissemination of the James Swartz Cult'.

Lastly, my second post will be showing without a doubt that James Swartz is a cult leader. To do this, I will be using three chapters from Rick Ross's excellent book; 'Cults Inside Out', which I have bought of Amazon.

Spiritual Teacher's Review
How to Attain Enlightenment: The Vision of Nonduality (James Swartz)

How to Distort Enlightenment

[My 1-star Amazon review (October 19, 2013) of How to Attain Enlightenment: The Vision of Nonduality by James Swartz.]

In the comments following a one-star review of Rupert Spiras book The Transparency of Things (which I also reviewed and gave three stars), a participant in the thread strongly recommended James Swartz How to Attain Enlightenment. I decided to buy it just to review it, because I knew I wasnt going to learn anything new from it. I've studied and taught Eastern philosophy for forty years, and I enjoy deconstructing dry, lifeless, exclusive-reductive Vedanta texts like this one. Everyone has his guilty pleasures, and one of mine, I must confess, is deriving perverse satisfaction from slicing and dicing texts like this one.

I took copious notes when I read this text, and the challenge for me is to reduce my extensive marginalia to the size of a book review. I could easily write a tome undermining the legion of fallacious arguments in this book, but because there isnt market for it, I will limit myself to a lengthy review.

Swartz displays his reductionist colors in the first sentence of the second chapter when he writes, Existence is consciousness.” In reality, Existence (or Being) is Consciousness-Energy, or Siva-Shakti, or Cit- Ananada, not just Consciousness, or Cit. But Shakti-ignoring Vedantans, such as Swartz, are intent upon reducing Existence (or Sat) to just Consciousness, or Awareness.

Swartzs definitions of yoga terms are poor and misleading. For example, he reduces Nirvana to a transitory meditative epiphany, when in reality it is the permanent end of samsara (or becoming). Moreover, he also describes nirvikapla (or formless) samadhi as “the last word in terms of freedom from samsara. This is wrong: it is sahaj samadhi - permanent natural, effortless abidance in and as Being which is tantamount to Nirvana (the permanent

end of becoming).

According to Swartz, Knowledge is object-dependent, not subject-dependent. He is wrong: knowledge is dependent on both a knower and a known. Swartz tells us two plus two equals four regardless of the subject; but this fact does not translate into knowledge without a subject, or knower, who knows it.

Swartz writes, Without you the world of appearances does not exist. Yes it does. The idealistic, primacy-of consciousness philosophy that Swartz pushes, which is endemic in Vedanta and Madhyamika epistemology, is at odds with inferential reasoning. The only way to embrace this kind of anti-reasoning is to deny the validity of your senses and cognitive faculty.

Swartz, properly, informs us that you cannot actually experience awareness as an object; yet he contradicts himself in the book. For example, he writes: There is nothing you can do about it [awareness] except know what it is and look for it.

Swartz writes, The thoughts that cause happiness do not stand in the way of enlightenment because a happy mind is perfectly suited for self inquiry. This does not correlate with my experience or that of Hinayana Buddhists, who religiously contemplate the body as a piece of rotting, impermanent flesh as a prelude and goad to self-enquiry.

Swartz does not understand spiritual enlightenment. He tells us Enlightenment does not feel like anything. It is simply the hard and fast knowledge that I am limitless, partless awareness. This statement contradicts the famous Hindu formula Sat-Chit-Ananda, which informs us that spiritual enlightenment - Being-Consciousness (Sat-Chit) - is inherently and absolutely blissful.

This blissful Feeling of Being, described by enlightened Indian yogis, is tantamount to Buddhist Nirvana and mystical Christian Beatitude. Swartz doesnt understand that en-Light-enment is the literal union of the Bliss Body (Ananda, or Clear-Light Energy) and ones awareness. Shakti (or Clear-Light Energy), which bestows Blessing/Blissing Power, has no place in Swartzs static, reductionist Vedanta paradigm.

Swartz denigrates the attainment of enlightenment, going so far as to write: It should be a cause for embarrassment, not jubilation. In contrast, great sages like Ramana Maharshi emphasize the value of the company of a Self-realized master, who literally sheds empowering Grace, or Blessing Power, upon his disciples and the world. But Swartz has no concept of how rare and beneficial the presence of a true guru is. Swartzs claim that enlightenment has no special status is just another display of his ignorance.

In his subchapter Enlightenment as Energy, Swartz writes: A major misconception brought on by the fascination with and craving for experience is the belief that enlightened beings have a special kind of energy and that energy is a sign of enlightenment. But experience confirms and

scripture that the self is free of energy.

Contrary to what Swartz writes, the experience of innumerable great sages does NOT confirm that the Self is free of energy. In fact, innumerable scripture state that the Self is Consciousness-Energy (Siva-Shakti), not mere static Consciousness. Moreover, enlightened beings do have a special kind of energy that is a sign of enlightenment. Ramana Maharshi, Indias foremost twentieth-century Jnana yogi and guru, in the text Sat Darsana Bhashya,” describes enlightenment: You can feel yourself one with the One that exists: the whole body becomes a mere power a force-current: your life becomes a needle drawn to a huge magnet In Sri Ramana Gita, Ramana writes: The effulgent light of pure awareness, taking hold of a centre, lights up the entire body as the Sun illumines the world. Owing to the diffusion of the light in the body, one experiences the body. That centre of radiation, the sages say, is the Heart.

From the play of the forces in the nadis one infers the flow of the light of awareness. The forces course through the body each hugging its special nadi. The particular nadi through which pure awareness flows is called sushumna. It is also called atma nadi, para nadi, and amrita nadi ...With the churning of the nadis, the Self gets separated from the other nadis and, clinging to the amrita nadi alone, shines forth. When the effulgent light of awareness shines in atma nadi alone, nothing else shines except the Self. In Sri Ramana Gita, Ramana Maharshi, in direct contrast to Swartz, makes it clear that Self-realization is not possible without Shakti. He states: Shakti and vastu, force and substance, are inseparable, are indeed two aspects of one and the same Truth. Onlt without the Shakti vyapara or the movement of the power, the Real substance is not apprehended.

Swartz perverts the definition of maya. He writes, ignorance of the nature of awareness is called maya in Sanskrit. In reality, maya simply means that which has been measured out (from the Immeasurable). The sankrit term for ignorance is moha. Swartz informs us that the creation that maya brings into being has a peculiar ontological status. It neither exists, nor ceases to exist. Try telling your buddies that creation neither exists nor doesnt exist, and you could very quickly find yourself in a loony bin with guys claiming theyre Jesus. Elsewhere in the book, Swartz also informs us that [the ego] neither exists nor does it not exist. Try telling that to your psychotherapist, and he also probably have you committed.

Some of the writing in this book is unclear. For example, Swartz writes, Mind, a counterintuitive term, is the emotional center in the subtle body, the feeling function or heart. I have no idea what hes talking about. Mind is not a counterintuitive term, and he doesnt make it clear if he is referring to the physical heart organ, the Anahata Heart Chakra, or the Hridayam (the Heart-felt seat of the Self, located two digits to the right of the center of the chest).

Swartz writes, In reality there is no karma. It only exists in the mind of individuals. Ramana Maharsi doesnt agree. He says, If you are destined or chosen to do a particular thing, it will be done. I practiced astrology professionally for years, and I can tell you that karma is real, and it isnt limited to the minds if individuals. Karma exists on multiple levels, and even if a yogi becomes Self-realized, residual karma still effects his life, even if he is psychically unaffected by it.

Swartzs definition of non-dual love is lousy: Non-dual love is the realization of oneness with the self. A better definition is: Love is the unobstructed universal Feeling-Blessing Power spontaneously radiating through a Self-realized being.

Swartz makes untenable statements throughout the book. For example, he writes, Self-realization is not possible without devotion Gautama Buddha and many Zen masters became enlightened sans devotion. Devotion is a great aid to Self-realization, but hardly a sine qua non.

To the spiritually unsophisticated, Swartz may appear to be a venerable expert on the subject of Self-realization, but to those in the know hes far from one. For example, he equates chitta (the mind) with the causal body. According to Advaita Vedanta, the causal body is the Anandamaya Kosha (or Bliss Sheath), and in the books Ive written, I equate this sheath, or covering of the Self, or Soul,, with Hindu Shakti, The Budhist Sambhogakaya, and the Christian Holy Spirit.

Swartz considers himself knowledgeable on diet and pontificates on the subject. But his understanding of the subject is, at best, remedial, and his recommendations fall flat for me. His discourse on the subject revolves around the gunas (sattva, rajas, tamas) and totally ignores Indian Ayurveda, a far more comprehensive dietary system, which scientifically determines which foods are best for an individual, based on his constitution.

Swartz mentions Ramana Maharshi throughout the book and devotes an entire chapter to his teachings. At the start of the chapter, Schwartz makes sure to let us know that the interview (between him and a friend) that constitutes the chapter takes place in Tiruvannamalai, in flat he occupied behind Ramanashram. The implication is that Swartz is an expert on Ramana Maharshis teachings. I say hes far from an expert and lacks a real understanding of them.

First off, Swartz doesnt understand Ramana Maharshis Self-inquiry. He writes: Ramanas teaching is not Ramana teaching. It is called vichara. Inquiry, and goes back several years. I say Ramanas inquiry is unique. Ive read over two thousand texts on Eastern spirituality, and no ones method of Self-inquiry is the same as Ramanas. Moreover, Swartz himself clearly is incapable of practicing the method, which I’ve practiced for forty years.

Swartz, a less-than- mediocre writer with an inability to clearly and concisely describe spiritual experience, describes the practice thus: Thus by tracing concepts from the gross to the subtle, we are led to the self, the fundamental I.

First off, ones thought are traced from the subtle to the causal, not from the gross to the subtle. The root of the causal body (where the Bliss Sheath intersects ones soul, the root of ones psyche) is the Hridayam, the Heart (distinct from the Anahata Chakra). And in accordance with Ramana Maharshi, I say the Self cannot be realized via Self-enquiry unless one's spurious, ego-based ‘I' thoughts are traced to their Source in the Hridayam, the spiritual Heart-center, where they are obviated, or outshone, by the true, transcendental `I,' the radiant Self, whose locus, relative to one's body, is two digits to the right of the center of one's chest. Ones thoughts, the products of one's samskaras (karmic seed tendencies), originate in the spiritual Heart and travel to the brain, where they crystallize as one's mind. A Jnani must practice Self-enquiry and thereby pull the mind into the spiritual Heart, where the false, or ego I' is spontaneously dissolved, and supplanted by the true, or transcendental `I, the Self.

Swartz is devoid of a true esoteric dimension. He doesnt even mention the Hridayam, which literally sucks ones mind into into itself, and he doesnt talk about the the Amrita Nadi, the force-current ceaselessly radiating from the Heart-center to the crown (and beyond) in a Self-realized being, one who has cut the Heart-knot.

In the last chapter of the book, Swartz rails against neo-Advaita gurus. He includes J. Krishnamurti, Jean Klein, and Papaji in this category, and I dont think they belong. Swartz, however, belongs in his own category: pompous pontificators who think they understand en-Light-enment, but dont. I would like to give this book two stars because its not a neo-Advaita text, but when I apply my precise proprietary rating method to it, it only registers .0017 stars. But given that its the weekend and Im in one of my rare chipper moods, I generously round my rating up to a whole star.

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: zizlz ()
Date: August 04, 2021 04:05AM

Thanks for sharing that review, Earthquake. People like me who owe their vedanta knowledge (in part) to reading JS's books need breakdowns like this one to help weed out JS's distortions. Last year I threw away all my JS books. I didn't sell them or give them away because I didn't want to pollute anyone else's mind with distorted vedanta. Looking forward to visiting your website when it's ready.

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