Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
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Date: March 22, 2021 01:49AM

> Sorry to hear about the other teacher. I know who
> you mean and I’d forgotten that factor.

I'm pretty sure one of them has been in this topic, debating. Rory.

> ————————————————————-
> I’d like to add, that I’ve felt fairly
> uncomfortable engaging in this forum at times,
> because I know that I’m prone to speaking my mind
> and to being emotional. I can see how things here
> can sometimes come across....badly let’s say.

Emotions are good, part of being human. And being honest is much better than not being. :).

Sometimes I will take my time and write, polishing a post. Quite often I simply write. It can come out whatever way, but it is my head and heart genuine. Maybe you're being a little 'hard' on yourself? We all can.

> But I also know that I can see often what’s there
> e (a somewhat discriminating mind), and I love the
> truth. (Which truth?)
> These elements didn’t produce the desired result
> in terms of Vedanta. But perhaps I just landed up
> with the “wrong” teacher. And once things have run
> their course, nee clarity will unfold. I hope so.

Quite a few people have been put off Vedanta because of Swartz. Though there is an interesting point. In spite of him referring to himself as Mr. Sampradaya, essentially Mr. Vedanta, he isn't recognised as a traditional teacher. There's a reason he isn't recognised by our tradition. A person could ask themselves since he is not recognised, does what he teache hold relevance to my own judgements about Vedanta? How would one know? I could point out for days on end how what he teaches is not accurate. Myself, I set aside all that he had taught me when I moved to my present lineage. Yes, a lot of terms are the same, but it is not about that, it's about delivery/method that makes it traditional and it Is that which make it expedient. Or not. One would have to immerse themselves in traditional Vedanta as taught to be able to see the comparisons. And. to spend some personal time chatting with Swami/Swamini. We don't use our own words, in my lineage. The words are Swami Dayananda's. All teachers will tell you this. It's how we stick close to the teachings. That is the tradition. The head of our teaching tradition - Adi Shankara, his disciples taught so much like them it is hard to tell them apart. We follow this way. I don't see James SWartz doing that in regard to his Guru. So, there is a difference. And IMO, this is one of the reasons his Guru's lineage will not endorse him. The lineage from him then takes another route. Lineage is important and looking at it shows what will be taught, or not.

James Swartz has this thing about legacy, though I think he doesn't understand. Whatever legacy he thinks he has in relation to the un-knowing masses is not a legacy in the world of Traditional Vedanta. How can it be? He's not recognised after all. His legacy is that of Mooji's also. Only Swartz hasn't made that kind of impact.

The Guru of my Guru talks about modern Vedanta. He spoke at length about these new teachers/teachings. And many things he is on record saying is what James Swartz teaches. I used it in a teaching program I made for ex-students of Shiningword that came to me. Essentially reversing the indoctrination of the cult-like God-complex. There's no other way to do this than illustrate what is wrong. For until that is systematically approached, one will carry on assuming it has been correct teachings.

If we look at it like this, the cat is well out of the bag that he is full of his own self-importance. Self-glorification. That is a person who thinks they know best. So he changes things. We're not allowed to do that in tradition. When I've been mentored on how to teach we're allowed to express it a certain way, but we stick to the tradition. If I begin to teach in ways/methods that have not been taught by the Gurus, I have been told that permission is withdrawn. I have to teach as my Gurus, and they have to teach as Swami Dayananda did. And he had to teach as his own three Gurus did. This is why we identify and have that public endorsement of teaching side by side. If changes are made we won't teach in the same classes with this person, as an example. There won't' be a close public association. James Swartz doesn't have endorsements from his parent lineage, and I am guessing he thinks he carries his own authority. But that is the view of someone who doesn't understand the importance of lineage. It the checks and balances for us. Just because he has been popular with the masses who do not know any better, does not mean he is a traditional teacher. And if he is not, what is he?

The other thing is, he is lying when he said your own mental way of being made you not suitable for Vedanta. Maybe in his special version. The view of traditional Vedanta is that if the person can understand language, communication, then they are suited. Obviously, you understand words, so he's simply full of it. Again.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
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Date: March 22, 2021 07:22AM

Traditional Vedanta is the teaching tradition of Vedanta. The teaching tradition of Vedanta is the lineage, the guru-shisya relationship. Teacher-Student. Specifically, if the Gurus feel that the student is of sufficient understanding, then they have permission to teach.

To protect the integrity of the teaching tradition of Vedanta we stick to teaching in the traditional way. I cannot improve on what has been already proven for millennia. To think so would be ego. And, as a servant of the teaching tradition of Vedanta, the teacher takes themselves out of the equation. That is why we never ever glorify ourselves. We never ever accept praise, nor would publicise it. If I can say it like this, we disregard praise. We are not important, nor special. It's only a role, that is all. This protects the mind of the teacher from thinking they are important. So the teacher will be humble.

Permission to teach is all, and is wh lineage is crucial. The teacher who knows what they are talking about, gives permission, and so on. However, the teachings that freed the teacher are perfect for what they intended, there will be a deep bond and appreciation of the lineage. Why would I not want to teach in my lineage? Using their name directly? That's rhetorical, of course, I would.

When a teacher of traditional Vedanta speaks of Vedanta they don't use their own ideas. They speak the view of traditional Vedanta. This is able to be done as we stick extremely close to what the linege says. Again, this is the protect the integrity of the teaching tradition.

Teaching traditional Vedanta isn't about sharing teachings. Anyone can pick up the Upanishads and share that with others. The teacher has to have been taught at least one teaching in the proper manner and they will then teach in the manner that they were taught. The exact manner. This is what the word 'traditional means.

All this is absent with James Swartz. He even said he teaches in a non-traditional way. Well that means he does not teach traditional Vedanta. And It is a reason he is not recognised. Another reason could be that he was never given permission to teach. It would be interesting to see some form of proof that he was because it is clear that the king of un-endorsements, is in fact himself not endorsed. Since he likes giving himself titles, he is 'Mr. My Guru's school does not recognise me as a teacher of Vedanta

These points are the foundation of traditional Vedanta. Simply because he says he is a traditional teacher hardly means he is/. The Shiningworld Cult-like indoctrination means that has been assumed. It's a very superficial and inaccurate assumption that he is teaching properly simply because he says he is, and that he shares information that is teachings. Though, without permission, there is no ability. And without teaching in the exact way ones' gurus and lineage do, there are many ego problems.

Obviously, he must have missed that class in his own ahem, 'training'. I'll say it like it is, one copies their Guru's behaviour. I copy mine, and speak mostly verbatim but expressed in my own manner. We do not go off point. The above lady who posted remarked how Swartz goes off on a tangent. And this is because he is not teaching in the proper manner. To teach in the proper manner means that you stay on point and focused in the class. It's nor rocket science. But...

... The person must submit their ego to the teachings first. Then my above two posts, all that information, is easy. And the teachings integrity remain intact.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
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Date: March 22, 2021 09:37PM

Revenge is mine says the Lord part 1
?January 8th Sundari
Dear Sundari, I don’t know if it matters but in order for you to know I received a nasty email from an ex-Shiningworld teacher on you in a spirit of revenge.

Anyway, that is also the opportunity for me to thank you all for the amazing work you’re doing and to tell you all my gratitude ????

Sundari: Thank you also for your feedback regarding the ex-teacher, that is sad to hear. He was a very good friend to us and a supporter of Shiningworld for many years, and we endorsed him as a Shiningworld teacher. We still have great affection for him, but we had a problem with him recently. He has become a conspiracy theorist and we realized it has compromised his discrimination, so we had to remove him from our website. He is a good person and has an excellent grasp of the teachings, but clearly, there are some deep unconscious tamasic samskaras he has not cleared up. It is a pity that someone at his level of understanding should stoop so low, but what to do. I feel sad for him because to practice willful injury in any way is so completely against the teachings, and of dharma. His attempt at revenge does not affect us, but it certainly affects him.

Danielle: Thank you for your quick answer. Yes, I was surprised by this mans’ email because he was totally fear oriented telling me how he was right to stand for Trump to fight communism and BLM. Unfortunately, the nasty part on you showed how he lost his entire clarity. Nothing to do but wonder how someone so much involved in the teaching can twist like that?

?Gxxxx`s letter in question ...

Hi Stan,

?Hi Gxxxx,

I’m very sorry to come to know what happen. Thank you to let me know because i was wondering why our communication stoped hardly. I was imagining something bad was happening in regard with health issues... You seem doing well and that’s te most important !

?Thanks for the kind words Gxxxx. i`ve had some serious health issues but all seems well at the moment.

I don’t know what happen in detail between both of you and i can understand your sadness it broke up like that. It’s ironic because at the end you’ve got fired like Trump was doing in the apprentice if i understand well. I don’t know what was the deal between you and i hope by stopping working for shining world will not be a problem on the money level.

?As for the money issue, James never offered to pay me and I never asked for money. As far as I was concerned I was working for Ishwara and still am actually. just in a different capacity.

The issue was that James was very anti Donald Trump for a long time and I said that I supported him. Why ? because i`m against what the liberal democrats stand for ... Censorship, de-platforming of university speakers etc, marxism as per Black lives matter, burning of businesses in riots, de-funding the police etc, etc.
As I see it, voting for Trump and the Republicans is the only option available in order to oppose all that. So, although Trump and the Republicans are not perfect by far, it is in my view the only way available for stopping the USA from sliding into totalitarianism. I`m from an East European origin and have personal knowledge how communism works. it is too fresh a memory to forget. that`s where i`m coming from.

James` mother was in his own words, a `pinko` ... someone with communist sympathies. James was also a bit of a political activist in his youth so that is his political background. We agreed to differ .

However, I at one time told him that it`s not right to mix vedanta with political opinions. one is satya and the other is mithya. it just disturbs the student`s minds as one half of them will be happy with his political opinions and the other half will be unhappy....just like the general population. so it`s inevitable that division and disturbed minds will be created.

Over the years, James always attacked my opinion of Trump and even forced me into a $100 dollar bet that Trump will not win a second term in office. I replied that I don`t want to bet and anyway, I can`t afford to lose $100. I thought that would stop him but he just said ... " make it $50 then" and that was that. I was stuck with it.

Over time, I found out that he was speaking badly about me in seminars but was nice to my face. I skyped him and repeated that he is wrong to mix politics with vedanta. it is nowhere in the teachings that politics has to be brought in ....and he is going against the teaching !
Well, that did it ! he went crazy. he stood right close to his lap top and shouted at me at the top of his voice about how wrong I was. he later calmed down and apologised. I thought that was the end of it. I never thought a guru had to be perfect nor do I have to agree with all of his opinions. not a problem as far as i`m concerned.

Anyway, pretty soon after that, 4 satsangs appeared on shiningworld about the Trump issue . they were a concoction of made up talks `incognito` about a wrong thinking person who was a deluded Trump supporter. one of the satsangs made it plain it was me...a teacher who had to be removed. It was a complete exercise in character assassination using opinions and comments that were twisted in meaning. nearly all of my comments were left out and even some lies were told. I was not disturbed but was very surprised that James and Sundari went to these lengths to blacken my name.
After 10 years of devoted service, the first I knew of my being `fired` was when i got a short email from James saying ... " Hi Stan, Never mind the end of the month. We aren't communicating. Let's call it quits James ".

If the truth be known, I had come to the point where I no longer trusted James nor Sundari as persons strictly following dharma in their personal lives.
I had seen Jame`s constant chasing of money and yet a previous teacher was fired for asking for donations for medical expenses. What would you make of James saying ...and I quote ... " Fuck vedanta stan, it`s the money i`m going for ! ". A james joke ? James just being James `acquired taste` as he puts it ?
After a while, these types of `jokes wear off and I could no longer dismiss them. why would you make jokes like that ? nobody else does.

I also couldn`t put aside the way he personally put people down to make himself superior. Sundari does a lot of this as well. Not long ago James accused one woman of being a prostitute in a satsang and didn`t cover her identity properly. She was traumatised as she wasn`t a prostitute and came from a strongly Christian family. He said he had to do it to provoke a re-action to find her deeper issues. my god, why not ask her a few more questions.

I can mention a great many issues that gave me concern and in the end, my eyes were opened to their character and they knew it. they had to get rid of me really as I knew so many intimate details about them. it`s why in the end, it wasn`t a big shock or surprise to me.
They have gotten rid of 4 teachers before me. I often wondered why as they could not give a good explanation. I know I won`t be the last one to go !. it`s almost funny really. just not in a good way. It was not very sensible for James to attack me as i`ve got a huge amount of personal information about him and sundari all on record.

For instance, whey were they thrown out of their house in Bend that was on permanent free loan ? where did they get most of the money from to pay for their house in Spain ? that`s a particularly sad and disgusting story of somebody being taken advantage of. Why was James never invited back to teach in Carbondale where he did the 3 month Gita teaching. Why won`t Dayananda`s and Chinmaya`s organisations recognise him as a teacher ? I asked them both to link to our website but they refused.
I won`t go on any more as I could be here all day and you may very well be very disturbed to hear all this.

If not i hope the time will work well in a way you can be in peace with James. According to my experience the why doesn’t really matter, mythia in any way, as you toll me once it is Ishvara choice and i ‘m sure there’s something to learn into this experience as well. The issue will be to loose your peace of mind by feeling it wrong.

?Thank you for your heartfelt and good advice Gxxxx. I certainly don`t hold a grudge and would speak to James and Sundari anytime. I really havn`t lost my peace of mind because I found permanent peace of mind long ago. It`s why I was and still am grateful for the vedanta teaching and always will be. and that includes James` part in that. I will always be grateful for his vedanta teaching come what may. not that it`s `his` in reality.

Having said that, I do separate his `pure` teachings from his personal opinions. his opinions in my view are spoiling a great work of his for posterity. He and Sundari are not the honest people I thought they were and I think that`s a great pity. I think James has still got some very deep rooted issues that he hasn`t resolved yet and that is why he gets so very disturbed about the Trump issue. it`s typical denial and projection. I don`t envy him because it`s extremely difficult to have constant vigilance to the very end. the higher you climb...the bigger the fall and it takes great humility to correct yourself and say you are wrong. It`s so easy to see the beauty and perfection of vedanta and automatically assume that the guru is just as perfect. the person is never perfect but he should be in full control of his speech at the very least. it goes without saying that his actions should be in line with his speech but who knows what goes on behind closed doors ?

I would still recommend James` books , commentaries and videos with one proviso. take his opinions or any guru`s opinions with a very large pinch of salt. they may be true but may not just as easily. I still study James` teachings ...amongst other vedantins and I still love him and am very grateful. Why ? because it`s all Ishwara`s teaching in reality. sometimes the personality slips in and if it does, we should do what is right and fight the guru if necessary. In the Gita, Arjuna looked out at the army standing against him and in it he saw people he loved and respected ...knowing he had to kill them. That included his last guru ! No wonder he laid down his sword and didn`t want to fight. What would you do ? you have to do it !

The good point is to get back all your time for yourself now ! And it is so precious because with being busy it’s running so fast...

?Yes ! you`re so right Gxxxx. it`s wonderful to have some more `me` time to enjoy again. i`ve not picked up my guitar in years ! Lol ...

For the moment i will not contact James for the help i was proposing because i already did through you first. And secondly I’m totally involve in the teaching and when i’m seeing what is left i do prefer to stay focus. I’m on the Gita step and it’s a huge step, a beautiful one...

?Actually, you can do the whole teaching with the Gita alone if you`re `qualified`. the only other teaching you would need after that is the Mandukya. Use James` book as your backbone to the teaching as you go, so as not to skip the correct order of logic and give your heart and soul to Ishwara before anything else. you won`t go wrong as whatever you will need, will be provided.

I did enjoy our communication too and really hope you will find an happy end with James at some point. I wish you also all the best for the future. It will be a pleasure to keep in touch if you feel like.

?Thanks Gxxxx, it`s been a pleasure to be in touch with you and I wish you all the best for the new year. I would be happy to keep in touch with you anytime. Assuming you`re not completely put off with what i`ve told you in this mail. ????

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
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Date: March 22, 2021 09:41PM

.Revenge is mine says the Lord part 2.

Here is Sundari`s letter in reply to Gxxxx. it`s part of a satsang on S/W.

Sundari: We find it hard to believe that any thinking person with an ounce of discrimination could support Trump, let alone a Self-realized Vedantin. Yet this person is Self-realized (but not Self-actualized, clearly). He told us a few weeks ago that ‘we were on the wrong side of history’ regarding Trump, imagine that! Firstly, we are the Self and not in time because this world is not real, and secondly, if we look at events transpiring in the US, I think it is clear what history will have to say about Trump. It is a shame that this man is publicly trying to injure us. We have never treated him with anything other than kindness and respect, not to mention that Ramji is his guru, or was.

* I never did set out to injure them. they set out to injure me as witnessed by the 6 satsangs defrying me on S/W not to mention zoominars. I was not given the chance to tell my side of the argument as it was highly edited in order to promote James and Sundari`s narrative. the dates all corroborate this. " first of all we are the self" Ha ha ha ...give me strength .... *

The thing is, though he does know he is the Self, it appears that some part of the teaching has not assimilated. He has not cleaned up all his unconscious jiva stuff. If he had, he would not have been so influenced by the madness presented as truth on social media. I wrote a satsang on this recently, you can look for it on our website. It is called Social Media Will Break Your Brain.

*( ?This is completely illogical because the mainstream media is presented on the social media sites ! in fact it dominates them to a great degree. I know James has or had a subscription to the Washington Post paper...a far left paper owned by Jeff Bezos, now online, who owns Amazon. this is in accordance with his conditioning as his mother was regarded as a `bit of a communist` according to James, and he himself was a bit of an activist in his early years. The apple does not fall far from the tree, it seems. )*

Gxxxx: I know he’s a nice guy and without him, I would not continue because I was lost within the Shiningworld website… He explained to me how it was important to follow the book Essence of Enlightenment as a road map and I sent him a sample of a mind map around this to help people who can be lost as I was. It was my plan to work on it with him, but you stopped your collaboration.

Gxxxx: First of all, to finish with the ex-teacher. He’s was questioning your integrity of both of you around money and talking about secrets he knows about both of you and so on. Just such obvious crap without any interest. I was feeling so wrong to make this kind of statement behind your back I took as a duty just to inform you because if he did it with me he did it with others I guess.

* No, you guessed wrong Gxxxx as did James and Sundari. I did not mention any of this to anyone until after all of the satsangs about me were posted later on. not on my facebook page as accused earlier, not the Cult Ed site or anywhere else. Frankly, when you`ve spent 10 years of working full time with James and Sundari, you just might have the beginning of an inkling as to what is "obvious crap" or not. your emotionalism doesn`t serve you well. no blame attached though. you`ve not had the circumstances given to you to see what goes on behind the curtain of the teachers. One day you may be given the precious gift of disappointment. *

Sundari: What this person has to say about us has nothing to do with us, not as the Self or as the imaginary person he is attacking. He is only attacking himself. I know where it comes from, tamas, ignorance. It is not his fault but is really beneath us to respond to such nonsense, especially about money. We have nothing hidden in any way about anything, there is nothing to reveal and he knows it. Everything we do is above reproach.

* ?Yeah, right and " we always follow dharma perfectly" as you`re fond of saying Sundari. I`m not implying you fiddle your taxes or you have stolen from anybody, it`s true. How tamasic was it to tell me though that as there is no new material to sell in the shop and so money`s tight.....when James had just told me that moneys flowing in from the zoominars and the donations have been excellent with 300 people participating ?

And how did you manage to buy the Spanish property if things were so tight ? James was far from selling the flat in South Africa at this point and it would not cover the full cost of purchase anyway ?
You got most of the money from someone who was mentally damaged and eventually got big compensation for being incarcerated wrongly in a mental institute and fed a lot of experimental drugs. James called this person the most enlightened person he knows as he has almost no barriers between satya and mithya but it makes him almost incapable of acting in the world as a stable person.

You personaly started to teach him hoping he`d be the next messiah. this person had a huge infatuation personally with you to put it mildly and doted on you. You invited him over to S.Africa for a fortnight whilst James was away. Apparently James was close to physically attacking this person when he got home ! Eventually he had a big breakdown when you both ditched him for no apparent reason that he could ascertain.

You got him to loan you 2/3rds of the purchase amount and wanted no more to do with him. he was completely devastated. So yeah, James called him enlightened and living as the self and you called him ...and I quote .." a lunatic" and a "loony". fair enough, he never got to be a teacher but you blagged a load of money out of him as a loan. A bank wouldn`t have entertained you would it ? no, it didn`t. there`s nothing like being up close to a guru for ten years ! If you`re powers of discrimination aren`t working, you run the chance of being well and truly screwed. no pun intended. " make of that what you will " I recall you saying. Come back Daniel, all is forgiven ! Lol ..*

But now that he is a fully paid-up member of the alternate reality conspiracists truth no longer matters to him, clearly. Truth can be anything he makes it out to be or wants to believe. And the lowest tactic to injure people is to make veiled accusations of things you ‘claim’ to know about them but do not reveal. He cannot reveal anything but he has nothing. Anyone can say anything about anyone these days, regardless of veracity. Who cares? Anyone who truly knows us or understands the value of what we do knows who we are. He is the only one who gets hurt with his venom.

* ?Sorry, but if what you do and who you are don`t align, any amount of people can get hurt. *

It is so strange though, because, at one time, he was a good friend and one of our greatest supporters and defenders. He helped us online with the trolls and haters attacking James and Shiningworld, who have formed their own little toxic nest on the internet. The victims club. Now it seems he is one of them. If someone had told me this would happen with this person a few months ago, I would not have believed them. As I said, in Maya, wonders never cease. Anyway, there really is no point to this conversation. it is over. Love, Sundari

No, I don`t feel like a victim at all. I feel saddened but liberated. it`s a pity things came to this end but it had to be. I wonder if there`s a lesson in it for you Sundari. I hope so. we`ve been here before.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
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Date: March 23, 2021 03:06AM

An Open Letter to James & Isabella Swartz of Shiningworld

This letter could be penned to both of you in many ways to get your attention. Adoration and platitudes are one, feeding the huge ego's you have built in your Shiningworld bubble. However, to address you both in that way is not honest. You are not the God-King & God-Queen. Instead, you both gasp for air as Castle Swartz melts all around you. Stan was the person most closest to both of you for many years, and in your blind delusion of self-importance, you betrayed this person in the most public manner. Attempting to discredit him. Had you lived an iota of what you purport to teach, you would have understood that this person is a good man and that it is both of you that is the cause for any effect. In this way, you have attacked the karma phala data itself, and now there is a price to pay. While Stan is his own person, revealing what he see's as he sees fit, know that I'll use any material to validate what I've already said about you, and also to highlight new things, as more verification besides my own words come about. Although I will be using quotes from Stan, this letter is addressed to both of you, James & Isabella Swartz. And neither he nor I speak for one another.

: I had seen Jame`s constant chasing of money and yet a previous teacher was fired for asking for donations for medical expenses. What would you make of James saying ...and I quote ... " Fuck vedanta stan, it`s the money i`m going for ! ".

James & Isabella, we do not say this about Traditional Vedanta. Not ever. If I said that I would be in quite a bit of bother in my lineage. I would likely be told to no longer use their name. I'm going to phrase this a certain way for the readers, though it is not exactly like this for us. Teachers of traditional Vedanta have an issue with taking money. This is because we have no ownership of Vedanta. Though is only one part. The other part is that as teachers of traditional Vedanta we only ever teach for one reason - to help others. It's a simple, no big deal thing. But it is that way. There is absolutely no way that we will place money over Vedanta, and this is because each of us has surrendered our ego to Vedanta. We are servants to the teachings. And the teachings are sacred. Not money. It's such a disrespectful and ridiculous thing to say. Though it explains why there has been such a karma build-up against both of you.

Even if this was a joke, it is not permitted that we say this. And we are never to say such a thing to students, or the public. It is an incredibly bad example and is not allowed. Such behaviour is why this forum needs to exist, and it's a good place for checks and balances. Not only are we not permitted to say this, but we will also not think it. To say such a thing shows teachers of traditional Vedanta that you are not. There are options to charge for things that we create, such as books, etc, but we do not grow our bank accounts! My paramguru, Swami Dayananda is an example. We use the popularity of Vedanta to give back to the world. Open schools, hospitals, we help people while we carry on living with little needs. Both of you are miles off the mark.

To illustrate this, I and other Swami are in the process of creating an online ashram. An academy. I am creating all the digital content (it is a huge amount of work), and I am hosting it also. It looks that we are going to offer it for free, which means I take a recurring financial loss. Even though I am already poor, it's fine. I have also been asked to write a book regarding Vedanta which has an avenue to get published mainstream, and the proceeds will go to ashrams in India. Not to my bank account. I have to ask both of you, James & Isabella Swartz...

What is wrong with both of you??? Why this greed???

: I also couldn`t put aside the way he personally put people down to make himself superior. Sundari does a lot of this as well. Not long ago James accused one woman of being a prostitute in a satsang and didn`t cover her identity properly. She was traumatised as she wasn`t a prostitute and came from a strongly Christian family. He said he had to do it to provoke a re-action to find her deeper issues. my god, why not ask her a few more questions.

The way I have been taught to teach in Traditional Vedanta is that we do not ever do this. People's feelings can be hurt, and we make a point of not hurting their feelings. This is standard for all of the teachers in Traditional Vedanta. This is ego-busting, and we do not do that. We shall look at this again, James & Isabella, a little further down.

: For instance, whey were they thrown out of their house in Bend that was on permanent free loan ?

This is a rhetorical question, I know. I'd hinted about this before. Isabella Swartz began to act like someone demented and created a huge amount of problems. So the owners threw them out.

: Why was James never invited back to teach in Carbondale where he did the 3 month Gita teaching.

This I know first hand about, as some of the Shiningworld students left Shiningworld and became my students and told me.

James Swartz decided it was okay to make derogatory comments to people that change genders, in live classes. He said that if God wanted them to be not male or female, then they would not have been born that gender they initially were. This was said in front of many people, and front of the parents of such a lovely person. Both of these persons are incredibly important people there. I don't want to say who. But if it was known, for James to say that in front of both of them shows how despicable he is.

Here is the traditional Vedanta view on changing genders: It is not wrong. If there is the option in creation to change Genders' it is only because God wills it so. Everything is God to us, and it is THIS that is freedom, enlightenment. For James Swartz to say that God would not want this show's he does not understand the foundational teaching. Changing genders is God, and not changing genders is God. Not liking it is God. And not liking people not liking it is God. This means we do not spiritual idealise with God liking or not liking something. All Is God to us. He just doesn't know what he's talking about again.

James & Isabella of your students from Carbondale left Shiningworld and became my student. Once you will read this, both of you and the people there will know who it is. This person started a relationship with another person there. And they live close and are still together (I believe). But you, you decided that for some reason it was not appropriate. You ordered that he leave her As you did with me. He refused Like I did with you also. And you told him if he did not you would throw him out of Shiningworld for a year. Banish him. If that attempt at manipulation wasn't bad enough, you cross the line as a teacher in another way. You decided to berate and put him down for the entire three months of the Carbondale Gita. He sat there and took that as he thought that is what teachers do. So, we spent some time together explaining that it is certainly not what we do. Like the person spoken of earlier being falsely accused of prostitution to cause a reaction, in traditional Vedanta, we try our best to not cause reactions in students. Yes, it may happen, but we do not try to do it. According to traditional Vedanta people's feelings are important, and we, as teachers, have got no right nor justification to impede a person's own free will. All my posts in this forum centre around that - Freedom.

James Swartz, what is wrong with you???

: And how did you manage to buy the Spanish property if things were so tight ? James was far from selling the flat in South Africa at this point and it would not cover the full cost of purchase anyway ?
You got most of the money from someone who was mentally damaged and eventually got big compensation for being incarcerated wrongly in a mental institute and fed a lot of experimental drugs. James called this person the most enlightened person he knows as he has almost no barriers between satya and mithya but it makes him almost incapable of acting in the world as a stable person.

You personaly started to teach him hoping he`d be the next messiah. this person had a huge infatuation personally with you to put it mildly and doted on you. You invited him over to S.Africa for a fortnight whilst James was away. Apparently James was close to physically attacking this person when he got home ! Eventually he had a big breakdown when you both ditched him for no apparent reason that he could ascertain.

You got him to loan you 2/3rds of the purchase amount and wanted no more to do with him. he was completely devastated. So yeah, James called him enlightened and living as the self and you called him ...and I quote .." a lunatic" and a "loony". fair enough, he never got to be a teacher but you blagged a load of money out of him as a loan. A bank wouldn`t have entertained you would it ? no, it didn`t. there`s nothing like being up close to a guru for ten years ! If you`re powers of discrimination aren`t working, you run the chance of being well and truly screwed. no pun intended. " make of that what you will " I recall you saying. Come back Daniel, all is forgiven ! Lol ..*

James & Isabella, it is this that I have been waiting on. But let me tell you both a story...

One upon a time, there were two students of Shiningworld. They wanted to be together, as they had fallen in love. One of them was character assassinated because they stood up to your control & manipulation. He was graced as he was offered a place in one of the most respected lineages in the world. The lineage that refused you as a student.

The lady that the man had fallen in love with is friends with another man. This is the man spoken about above. When her man saw on the Shingingworld newsletter and website that her freind is now travelling around with Isabella Swartz and is to become a teacher, he started laughing and he told his girlfriend;

"James and Isabella are grooming him, and will use him for his money and throw aside like dirt."

Yes, I said that you would do this quite a while before it turned out that both of you did, your machiavellian ideas are predictable. It was quite obvious that both of you were grooming this person, elevating him so that you could get his cash.

Traditional Vedanta would also take issue with your claim that this person you used was the 'most enlightened person you ever knew. No teacher of traditional Vedanta would say such a thing, it doesn't make any sense. There is not 'more enlightened' or 'less enlightened'. James, you and I debated in email before about these seeming 'grades' you have on enlightenment, it's horsepoop. It does make sense if you are trying to groom someone. This man went through hell in his life, and you wanted to make sure he felt like he finally belonged somewhere and was worth something. Part of what was going to be a family unit essentially. You said all the nice things, to get him to give you tens of thousands of euro. How dare you do this to someone? Do you know how traumatised it was to be treated like this?? James & Isabella Swartz, both of you are evil.

I'm away to finish my ice-cream...

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
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Date: March 23, 2021 10:53AM

James & Isabella Swartz Breach Universal Declaration of Human Rights

If you have had the resolve to follow this topic from its creation up until now, I salute you. Such tenacity is needed if one is to ever hope to uncover the truth about anything. We are in a culture now in which it is becoming fashionable to blur and obfuscate what is the truth. So much so, that it can be wrote 'truth'. For verbatim freaks like myself, it is an incredibly dis-empowering trend to see society turn this way.

Shiningworld under James Swartz is an organisation that operates in a cult-like manner. On the surface, it seems benign, but to dig just a little and it can be discovered what is actual. Perhaps it is one comfort that James Swartz has started to look really poorly in recent times, and there's an expectation that he won't have long left. I write that with no emotion, nor malice, only an observation. Once he dies, it is certain that Isabella Swartz will destroy what is left of it. James Swartz wrote in his autobiography that Swami Chinmanayanda looked at him with some form of jealously, knowing that Swamiji was near the end of his days, while Swartz had his life ahead in Vedanta. I wonder, are you thinking the same now, James Swartz? How does it feel to know that all of that which you coveted most is gone? We know sex is, as you decided to tell your students you no longer f*** your wife, in a class. But what does it feel to know that all the power and control is soon to be useless? All the money you have gathered from people that are suffering, it is soon to be useless.

Had you listened to your own Guru more, you might have actually learnt something. One of Shankara's most excellent texts, Bhaja Govindham, is a text of love. The prize of that teaching, Swartz, is that in our last breath we are not concerned about anything we have acquired in the world. In Vedanta, we are only concerned with one thing to have, in that last breath. This teaching impacts one's life now and leaves us humble, and not ever trying to accumulate, only to give. Ours is a path in which we are meant to always give, and to not accumulate. I love that teaching as it was the first text my lineage asked me to teach others. My heart hopes for you in your last breath, for I am not convinced that you are free like you imply.

Without trying to side-line Heather and Traveller99, in regard to the recent disclosures of myself and Stan, I've included articles in the Human Rights Act that James Swartz consistently breaches. After looking through these articles, you'll see that (based on what I say) Traditional Vedanta in fact is in alignment with them. This is because the Human Rights Act was about freedom, as is traditional Vedanta. If readers have begun to see that there is no freedom in Shiningworld, then the time spent has been worthwhile. I and others have only ever wanted to inform you, to give you all the information to counter the existing marketing narrative of James & Isabella Swartz. If you read through these Articles, I have specifically picked them as the posts here show that James & Isabella breach them. As a warning to them, take note of the last article, and that you are now living in Spain.

I've said this before, but I am genuinely at the end of my journey on this topic, just because what I can offer has run its course. I've publicly declared what went on in my own romantic situation, and will always offer each of you any proof you want, with respect for asking me. I shall always keep up to date with the topic, and will happily come on if Shiningworld trolls come on. I will be in like a rocket, as we say here. Hehe. It's been wonderful being here, and I've enjoyed learning in the other topics. I want to thank the owner, Rick, for tolerating my posts. I have never wanted to promote Vedanta, I've always wanted to show that James Swartz has been teaching as a fraud. And thank you to the other members who gave me the space to invalidate Swartz in the best way that I could.

Anyhow, here are the specific articles, and it should be easy to see the lack of respect the Swartz' have for foundational freedom.

Article 2

Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty.

Article 7

All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.

Article 12

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

Article 18

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

Article 19

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

Article 30

Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act aimed at the destruction of any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein.

Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
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Date: March 26, 2021 02:43AM

Sword Of Justice

New whistleblower reveals the evil of James & Isabella Swartz

The tears in my eyes are only matched by the glow of pride in my heart, as I write to the forum once more. A major whistleblower has come forward, a person who will undoubtedly change everything. This person is the one that lived with James & Isabella Swartz and is the person Stan & I refer to regarding giving James & Isabella the money for their Spanish property. What this person (I refer to as 'X') has revealed is a harrowing first-hand account of two spiritual teachers taking advantage of a student that can get taken advantage of. Although I desire to withdraw from the forum, my heart wills me to share with you the information that is being revealed. What you are going to hear has never been made public before and I have been asked to tell 'X's story. 'X' has come forward upon reading what Stan revealed was being said bout him on this forum.

'X' is autistic, which means that it can be a challenge to understand other peoples real intentions. My own son is also autistic, and as the forum knows, I'm also waiting on a diagnosis. In the UK at least, autism falls under 'learning difficulties and there is a certain innocence that can leave a person vulnerable to other machiavellian plans. Can I ask you, the reader, to keep this in mind as I do my very best to place you present in various situations that were forced upon him by James & Isabella Swartz? Please take note that this post is not a 'popcorn' moment, though perhaps you might have a handkerchief nearby. If you feel inclined please direct any reply to 'X' for he will see what you write, he deserves our support. This is a huge step for him, as he continues to battle the trauma they infected him with.

The abuse that 'X' received and the subsequent trauma is so great that he cannot share the story on his own. He has kept quiet all this time but feels that the time is right now. We have this forum and this topic to thank for that. For bringing us all together so that we might have a voice. Thank you Rick, and thank you Heather & Traveller99. But the main catalyst was seeing what Stan had revealed. Thank you Stan.

Most of all I want to thank 'X' for the trust that he has placed in me to tell his story, it's a responsibility I hold sacred. I also want to say that Traveller99 was also aware of this in detail already, and I want to say thank you to him, for his continued support and friendship. It goes both ways. This is not easy to write for me, and I admit that I have been tearful. I'm able to place myself in 'X's shoes quite easily for much of what he has a went through in life I have also. The similarities between his karma and mine are amazing, the only difference was the length of incarceration. The trauma that 'X' underwent is so powerful that even speaking in private is immensely difficult and he has had to have help from his mother who stands with him and is his rock in many ways. Although this is a harrowing tale a smile gently stretches across my teary face, for you have her and it is not that that means a lot, it means everything. What follows is what has been revealed to me, I have only been asked to express it in my own manner.

'X' was wrongly incarcerated in mental institutions for nearly two decades. One can only imagine the archaic 'treatment' he received for being wrongly diagnosed. For this, he received substantial compensation. Over time, quite a bit of discussion started between James & Isabella Swartz and 'X' concerning his money, this was during the time he was openly celebrated, Isabella has referred to him as a "spiritual genius". However, It became clear to 'X' that they wanted him to donate 180,000 Euro to them, plus the cost of all the fees for; finding the house, lawyers & also insurance.

This wasn't agreeable to 'X' and a loan was agreed instead, so James Swartz decided to create a loan agreement himself with collateral on the house which was explained to 'X' that it was for his own security. Which seemed quite reasonable to 'X' was happy with that.

As part of the grand road trip that Isabella took 'X' on, they went to South Africa. During the South African trip 'X' was subjected to; drugging, car chases, physical attacks and non-assistance when he needed medical treatment. In hindsight, as far as he is now concerned, James & Isabella Swartz tried several times to "eliminate" him.

'X'' admits that due to his autism he is not able to understand people's agendas and he can be manipulated easily, yet even so he was devasted because of the drugs both of them had given him and how he was treated. He knew this is not how humans are meant to treat one another. They were trusted with his love, and with his life, though desperately sick with dehydration in South Africa, they abandoned him. The pressure was intense on his body and caused organic psychosis. At this point, I have to take a break from writing, to let tears flow...

Today I have received a copy of a personal email from Isabella Swartz that was sent to another person to which she refers to this time and to 'X'. Her words both corroborate what 'X' says and convict James & Isabella Swartz to damnation. This shines a light on what the Swartz' are really like. There is no running nor hiding from this anymore:

Isabella Swartz
"I was ready to push him right out the door when he turned psychotic. It was pretty awful. His behaviour was beyond bizarre. I will not bore you with the details. "

Isabella Swartz
"Even though he had gone batshit nuts, we had to leave him as we had a seminar in Cape Town. "

Interjecting with my own comments here, I am right there with 'X' in my mind. After the substantial loan was agreed, and the loan agreement James Swartz made was signed, 'X' - a person with autism - was abandoned by them when he had a breakdown. He trusted them and believed in them, that they were not only his teachers, but they were also his friends. They abandoned him in South Africa, and the reason? They had to teach a seminar! The traditional Vedanta view is that the seminar would not be important in this situation. A student was seriously ill., and life and health matter way beyond tickets paid to go teach a seminar. I have been tasked to teach, where I and Swami have cancelled for less. In a situation like this, we would cancel the seminar and stay with our student. Or one of us stay, and the other can go ahead. Yet neither of them wanted to stay with their student, even though he had just signed a six-figure loan agreement for their 'retirement' accommodation. No-one with any love in their heart would do this to another human in desperate need. Of course, had both of them cancelled the seminar, they would not have racked in the ahem... 'donations'...

Thankfully 'X' got support from the Durban Police, Emergency Services, his own Embassy and the "Amazing Indian community there". Confused, isolated and lonely, he was eventually rescued from this ordeal by his mother who found him at the Mahatma Gandhi Hospital. Although he was treated horribly by James & Isabella Swartz, he still felt incredibly loyal to both. And we must not forget, he is autistic which comes with its own challenges as mentioned earlier.

'X' and his mother went to Spain to seek out the lawyer in charge of the house sale, and to show the loan agreement that James Swartz had made. They decided to rent a property in the locality to be on-hand to supervise things. Regarding this time Isabella said in a private email to others:

Isabella Swartz
"A month later, he moved to Spain and rented a place in walking distance of our house."

Isabella Swartz
"On the one hand, I felt sorry for him, and on the other, furious with him for what he put us through and then to have the insensitivity to come and live near us. "

Isabella Swartz
"I will make it brief as I am so bored with the story."

Isabella Swartz
"I think you know that Isvara sent us a loony to help us buy the place, (name withheld)?"

Isabella Swartz
"Ramji was determined to secure a place as he has reached the end of his tether, so he said he would manage him. "

Isabella Swartz
"This guy is a completely innocent and has no idea of how to function in the world, so we had to protect him from himself"

Yes, Isabella Swartz was furious because of what this autistic man who had a mental breakdown, "put us through". And yes, you were sent a 'loony' to help you buy the house. And yes, James Swartz will manage him. To the tune of 180,000.. And yes, he "is a complete innocent", which makes me wonder why you show so little honour in private to an innocent person who gave both of you 180,000 for your Spanish Hedonistic slice of 'heaven'. You are now bored with all of this, while you sit in the property that is funded by the money 'x' received due to his years of abuse by the authorities. You are bored with this while he has to get professional help due to your treatment of him. There is no other word for you, James & Isabella Swartx, save for - Evil.

Whilst it is true that James & Isabella were not happy that he had located in Spain, what is also true is that the so-called loan agreement that 'X' made (when he was going through all that in South Africa) was useless. The lawyer tasked with overseeing the house sale was shocked at James Swartz' DIY loan agreement and said that it had 'Zero Value'. Not only that, things took yet another sinister twist when the lawyer said that according to the loan agreement James Swartz was under no obligation to reimburse 'X'. Yes, what James Swartz got him to sign when he was vulnerable in South Africa, was useless. Thank god that 'X' came to Spain against the wishes of the Swartz'. Still, loyalty can be a funny thing, and as anyone close to James Swartz knows, he can put you under a spell it seems. What would it have been like for someone autistic, who would trust people no matter what they did to them?

It is a testament to the purity of this person's heart that even after all this, he felt loyalty to both of them. In case you are judging this (non-forum members), take a moment to understand that this forum exists because intelligent & evil people thrive on using and abusing those that can be moulded like putty in their hands. Both 'X' and his mother managed to get James & Isabella to sign a legal & registered mortgage agreement, plus an official loan agreement. Had this been left to trusting James Swartz the money would have been lost forever. As it stands, there is a legal agreement.

However, 10 days before the final sale James Swartz dictated an email to him, telling him to send it to the lawyer in charge. It was an email renouncing having 'X's name on the property deeds. The lawyers did not check with him directly and genuinely thought those were his own words.

During the time that he lived with both of them 'X' began to be disgusted at their behaviour. This was not two spiritual teachers, what is being spoken about is two hedonistic deviants. Pre-occupations with; money, sex, body image, food, alcohol, drugs and other peoples opinions is what their life is really like in private. Unable to stand it no longer he decided to get away from both of them. Whereas Stan and I thought that they had ditched him, we are corrected in that it was him who left. 'X' told them that he did not want to be in Shiningworld anymore, and they went completely crazy. This was one week before the final purchase of the house, and they likely feared the money would leave also. Though by this time 'X' was too overwhelmed, his trusting spirit crushed and he didn't even want to think about money. He merely wanted his freedom from them both, and to be left alone. Usually, there is a major public drama regarding people being 'disavowed' in Shiningworld, but it was not the case this time. I reached out to Norwegian friends of 'X' at the time, and the 'official story is that he is no longer a teacher because he did not want to write e-satsangs to people. I knew at the time that that was not the truth.

You will recall earlier that 'X' mentioned car chases. In an email from Isabella Swartz, that she sent to another I can reveal she said regarding Spain:

Isabella Swartz
"We did not know exactly where he lived, but last week Isvara construed our paths to cross. We found ourselves behind his car on the road. We followed him and stopped when he stopped. When he saw Ramji, he took off like a scalded rabbit in the opposite direction."

It is important to mention that once 'X' parted ways with James & Isabella Swartz that they set about destroying the relationships he had with friends in Shiningworld. You'll also know by now that this isolation tactic is used in cult-like control and it was used against me also to try to make me vulnerable. 'X' tells us that his friends have never really tried to check his story, though he understands why, since they are brainwashed.

Like me, 'X'' has had to cut all associations with Shiningworld, for that is essential for peace and harmony. I have spoken personally with at least another two former teachers and they feel the same. As for me, and Stan (If I can include him here), both of us would feel more unrest if we did not do something to show the truth.

I realised that for me the complete cutting out of Shiningworld was also out of fear. Fear that I would go back. The control that James & Isabella holds on you goes so deep, I can still sense something inside. Even after all that I know, and all that I have publicly said, there is a corner of me somewhere, just out of reach, that I hesitate to look at. If that is not a sign of brainwashing, I don't know. Perhaps others will call it love, appreciation, whatever. It doesn't matter what label is placed on it, there can be no escape from them while you rationalise and identify with any kind of relationship you had. They are evil, and that is clearly being shown time after time the more whistleblowers come forward.

It has been a long road for 'X' from the horrific abuse he suffered under James & Isabella Swartz. He has had to get professional help from neuropsychologists and tells me that he is still working through trauma inflicted by the many waves of abuse of James & Isabella Swartz.

Perhaps one of the best things about this is that 'X' received a huge amount of healing from reading Heather's book. For that, he is incredibly grateful to her, and to Traveller99. From talking with Trav, I know that he cares a great deal about 'X', as he does for Heather and every other person that has been affected by James. If truth be told, 'X' was shocked when he read Heather's book for he could relate to so much of what was written. It was easy to see the patterns of James Swartz, that had not changed in 40 years, he tells us. 'X' goes on to say that what he read in Heather's book is very near to his own experiences also, save for the sexual abuse. He tells us though, that he has been abused by James & Isabella Swartz; psychologically, emotionally, physically & financially. In perhaps the most sinister twist of all, 'X' tells us that while he was staying with James & Isabella Swartz he too had a bitter taste in his mouth the entire time, as was also reported by Heather when she spent time with James Swartz. 'X' never realised the significance of this until he read the book.

Norwegian Shiningworld Freind of 'X' 2019
'X' is incapable of lying. He is the most honest and dharmic person ever known"

~ Norwegian friend (still in Shiningworld) of 'X' speaking to me about him in 2019.

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: March 28, 2021 12:18AM

Abandoned like a dog in the street

James & Isabella Swartz turn their back on an autistic student having a mental breakdown, days after taking 170,000 Euro from him for their Spanish property.

The daytime humdrum of the parking lot is pierced by cries of; "Don't, please, please don't leave me!"

In vain he tries to block their path with his body. As they expertly avoid him he launches himself onto their car in one desperate last attempt to prevent being abandoned by the two people meant to support him. In a fit of rage, James Swartz gets out of the car and rushes to punch 'X' in the face. Cowering his hands instinctively raise high as he is saved by a workman. As James' fist lowers, he screams;

James Swartz
" This guy must be locked up in a mental hospital!"

Half-collapsing to the ground, 'X' only has his eyes off them for a second, when he hears the car door slam, and can only watch in anguish and bewilderment as James & Isabella Swartz speed off 'into the sunset like Bonnie & Clyde, abandoning him to attend their International Seminar in Cape Town.

Me: You had been staying in South Africa for a little time (from 26th July), initially with Isabella, and then James also arrived. On September 28th, two people close to the Swartz' arrived. The Flights to Cape Town for the seminar were on 2nd October, which is a four-day window. In those four days, you were at the solicitor's with James and the two friends that arrived. Also during that time, things went wrong. Can you tell me in your way the events?

Yes, when I was in South Africa Isabella would invite me to her place for lunch, dinner, etc. We would also go to the gym as well as shopping together. I would be given wine (which doesn't agree with me), and Isabella would always say;

Isabella Swartz
"Remember to finish your glass."

(Although this is a quite natural thing to say, I did notice that Heather was also told this by James.)

I do recall feeling a bit weirder, and tired, though I was not fully understanding why.

On August 15th I had my first blackout. I had never experienced anything like this before in my life, so I was very scared. I was so afraid, I started to cry in front of Isabella. Although it was just the two of us there, I excused myself to go back to my place to look after myself. It was very difficult to do so, but I managed to anyhow.

On 7th September, James arrived. I remember that he was screaming at me in the living room.
James Swartz

James also said many other strange and obscene things during my time in his private company. Some I will elaborate on further down."

Me: If I can interject here. I have spoken with other people who report that James has also made this or similar authoritarian verbal assaults on them.

The other extremely important thing is that today I have diligently gone through WhatsApp conversations between 'X' and Isabella Swartz. These conversations span 10 months, from January to October (and later) 2018. It covers not only the time in question but also the previous 8 months before that. Data analysis is one of my loves (I'm currently training in CyberSecurity and Data Analysis is what I'm taking exams in presently), and I can reveal that looking at the flow and trend of the conversations between 'X' and Isabella, it is quite clear that 'X' always tried to be helpful toward the Swartz's. What is also apparent is that he is often misunderstood by them, and at times blame laid on him regarding things he hasn't said. By his admission, there was an issue with written English, however, that does not justify Isabella accusing him of saying things in messages he did not, nor did he imply. When I look at the timeline of events in the Whatsapp messages, I can see that there is a close relationship between 'X' and Isabella that is reciprocal. If we took out the teaching aspect, it is clear that it is two very close friends talking for many months. There is however a change around the time that James Swartz comes back, and I would ask you to keep that in mind as we go forward in these latest disclosures.

September 26th: James and 'X' go to a solicitor in South Africa.

September 29th: Two close friends of the Swartz' arrive. Around this time both of them, James & 'X' go to the solicitors again.

September 29th: All five of them celebrate the wedding anniversary of the Swartz' at their flat.

Although 'X' says that he had weird physical & mental feelings during the whole of September (that's the time James Swartz was present) it was during the night of September 29th that terror embraced 'X'. Without warning, he felt that he could not speak, that his head was becoming a snakes head. With jaws locked, and arms stiff, he lost control of his bowels both ways, due to the sheer terror of whatever was happening. (I sympathise with him, as I have also lost control of my bowels in high-intensity situations before). Incapable of making his own food and wash his clothes he could also not pack his luggage for Cape Town (he had already given Isabella the cash for his own ticket, which she did purchase though she never gave him his ticket). Pressure grows incrementally as he realises he has to return the keys for the apartment, and with no car, he is relying on Isabella also giving him a lift to the airport. In a state of confusion and hallucinating, he tried to call and message Isabella Swartz, but she does not respond.

September 30th: It is only after the distance of time and therapy that 'X' has been able to make any sense of that and subsequent events. He knows that at this time he was not conscious of the state he was in. This is a person who was put under extreme pressure by James Swartz once Swarts arrived. An autistic man, who was shouted at and intimidated by James Swartz. As the breakdown had begun the night before, 'X' was speaking to one of the two friends of the Swartz' on this morning, and it is claimed he made a reference to Isabella as his 'lover' when asked who bought him a coffee plunger. Either a silly joke or more likely a symptom of the mental breakdown, this comment has been used against 'X' ongoing, as I have seen it in emails from the Swartz'. I do this to show that whatever the meaning of this comment (if it was said) the context and circumstances does not give an excuse to use that (or anything similar during times of a mental breakdown) as a reason to character assassinate him. That is what they did, as they did with me and others. It is important that such people are taken to task for this.

Isabella Swartz tells the mother of 'X' (in email) about an incident that is extremely disturbing on September 30th. 'X' was at the beach in front of his apartment with one of the two friends of the Swartz'. She slipped suddenly and hurt herself quite badly on the rocks. She says that 'X' freaked out and was unresponsive to being able to help. Isabella even spoke to him on the phone and said he sounded weird and did not even mention what had happened. She claims that he left the lady on the beach and was nowhere to be seen. Isabella says that 'X' was found wandering the roads, seemingly catatonic. She says that at times he would be laughing like a lunatic, sobbing and clinging. As everyone knows by now, James & Isabella Swartz lie and twist events to make people look incapable or like idiots, and I deliberately share this so that you can see her own view. Though even if this was true or in part, it would obviously be an expression of the mental breakdown, yet this has been used to judge 'X'. Can I also ask you to keep in mind her version of events, and remember that for my next major post which will be likely tomorrow? The next post will be one of the strongest cases yet of the mentality & gaslighting of the Swartz', and in revealing emails between the Swartz' and 'X'/Mother you will see first hand the harassment that has occurred.

'X tells us that he did not see the lady fall, but she did tell him that she cannot walk, so he went to get help. By the time he got back to the front of his own apartment, Isabella was on the scene. 'X' was put into the back of the car, while the injured lady and Isabella were in front. Isabella then began to drive the pedal to the metal in reverse, then forward. About 50 metres each way a few times, whilst all the time shouting at 'X';

Isabella Swartz
"What are you doing?"

"I was just watching all of this sitting in the back seat frozen", says 'X' to me.

"We then all went together to my place and they helped C to move. James arrived and started shouting at me, ordering me to stay in my room. He stood at the door to my room guarding the door,

I do not remember what he was shouting to me about".

Knowing the law as I do, depending on the state of mind of 'X' at the time, there could very well be a legal argument for false imprisonment. The person has to be held against their will without legal authority. Or, if the person is not able to make their own mind up freely, either due to duress or some mental situation any permission they gave to be held in a room could be legally invalid.

October 1st: 'X' had another psychotic episode. Support had begun to be withdrawn by the Swartz', but even so, out of desperation 'X' managed to go to their place begging them to help him.

Isabella Swartz
"We would not let him in, and talked to him through the window.

Later Ramji told him that he could not come to Cape Town. As he has a huge job to teach."

In this seminar, there were forty people from all over the world that were due to attend. Indeed, this was extremely important to both of them it seems. This is also the day wrote about at the start of this article, in which James Swartz tried to punch the face of 'X', an autistic person who was mentally ill at that time.

October 2nd: He was hospitalised at Umhlanga hospital emergency from the hotel.

October 3rd: He was rehospitalized and moved to Mahatma Gandhi hospital.

Me: 2. Your mother came to the hospital. Did she have to travel from Norway? Or where did she come from? The reason I ask is that Isabella made a smart-ass comment about your mother taking her time coming.

My mum arrived at the mahatma Gandhi hospital on the 5th of October evening. And yes, she travelled from Norway. she left Norway on the 3rd of October.

Isabella Swartz
"We called emergency services and then his mom to come and fetch him, which she took her time to do, but eventually did. "

Yes, Isabella, she was living over 6000 miles away, as you already knew. So while you were blaming her on not being quick enough (even though she was there less than 48 hours later) you and James were flying off in your superman capes having abandoned your own student and friend in a foreign country. Alone and mentally unstable, you left him at the side of the road like a dog, while you went to your oh-so spiritual event. I wonder, did those 40 students know how you just walked away from the person who had just given you (not as I initially wrote 130,000 but...) 170,000 Euro! Did they know that in the seminar? I wonder how many would have stayed. I certainly hope that some see it now. All of you enjoying yourselves when the very student you invited to that country, was abandoned by you, charlatans! And he was abandoned. There is no point in trying to claim (as above) that you contacted the emergency services, for I have the first major email that you sent in relation to the whole thing:

Isabella - October 3rd - day after abandoning X
: "We had a plane to catch and had to leave and I did not want to call the police but did not know who to call. I called the rental agent and asked her to find someone to help him move out of his apartment and get him some help as we were trying to get hold of you." (His Mother)

Yes, you had a plane to catch. Yes, you did not want to call the police. And as you are showing here, you called the landlady! Obviously, in your busy spiritual jet-setting schedule, you had time to make one call at least. It's a shame it was to the landlady placing the responsibility onto her to make a call to the emergency services. Yes, James & Isabella, both of you are the hosts from hell. I have mental images in my mind something akin to the Hills has Eyes or Mad Max type vacation. Only the most hedonistic psychopaths would want to spend time in your apocalyptic rehearsals.

What is clear Isabella, is that 'X's mother stepped in once she understood how you had been treating him. You were in front of him and walked away, his mother flew over 6000 miles to him. You did not phone the emergency services, his mother got him admitted to the hospital while she was in Norway. Let us not forget one important thing...

You abandoned him also knowing that he has no accommodation. The lease was up. Both you and James cleared off to Cape Town knowing your student and friend was having a psychotic breakdown. His mother arranged and paid for numerous things including hotel accommodation for 'X' while she was arranging to fly from Norway. It seems to me, to even begin to make any kind of negative assertion about his mother simply shows the fantasy land that James and Isabella Swartz live in. It is sadly, one that has infected many of their students. Only when you leave is this apparent. There are at least 5 ex-teachers of Shiningworld, plus myself now a teacher, who all agree on the way James & Isabella Swartz are. 6 qualified teachers, including 'X' who is qualified.

'X' also wants to reveal that James Swartz was furious most of the time he was there. It was assumed that he was tired or ill. There were other very uncomfortable things, such as 'X' would be ignored after dining with them in the evenings. James & Isabella Swartz would talk in front of him as if he did not exist talking about things such as pornography. Although the talk was very fast, 'X' tells us that James would also talk about penis enlargement.

James Swartz to 'X'
How can you manage with an ass so big?

It's God's ass.

James Swartz
Why would you never look me in the eyes? You do when talking to Isabella.

I don't know why, it is just me being like that.

The truth is that he never felt comfortable around James, though 'X' blamed himself for that, thinking it was something to do with him. This is why spending time alone with Isabella was a welcome break. Knowing autism as I do, this would have been a huge strain on 'X'. Trying not to have his meanings and actions misunderstood. I tell you, it can be a nightmare tightrope to walk.

James Swartz also tried to banished 'X' from Vedanta completely, as he tried to order me to stop. Both I and 'X' are in the same lineage now, so we know that what James says means zilch.

'X' has been formally diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum and has been assessed as needing level 3 support. This is the highest level. This includes great difficulty with change, and behaviour as well as understanding social nuances. I just want to say, that his situation and that of Dis-illusioned, have both been used by James & Isabella Swartz to judge them as not suitable for Vedanta. Which is steaming horseshit.

In the next article, I will be revealing harassment and gaslighting email correspondence from the Swartz'. And show how they were put in their place by 'X' and his mother.

(I have been asked to post what 'X' has revealed to me, on his behalf).

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: March 28, 2021 03:32AM

So let me get this straight.

There is now an apparent
By James Swartz and his Wife?

Swartz and Sundari, showing all the compassion inherent to Shining World,
Have a guest, an Autistic Man.
It seems like they Drugged him,
Emotionally and Psychologically Bullied him,
After bringing him to a Foreign Country,
And then Dumped him in a parking lot
While he was experiencing a "Mental Breakdown"
(Just as Heather would have predicted).

And, right on schedule,
"Spiritually Realized" James and Sundari,
Acclaimed and Respected teachers of Advaita Vedenta
(of a version as modeled and taught
that no reputable teacher has ever affirmed)

Display their compassion, love, and care
by driving away and leaving their Victim suffering, and alone.

All this AFTER ripping the (now) Poor Man off
For 170,000 Euros
that they use to buy their Spanish "Center."

Is that it?


Can anyone who has read the Heather book or this (now quite lengthy) forum really be surprised by this?

After all, Swartz treated his first wife the same way as he did this person. Life with Swartz drove her mad, and then he deserted her.

And this person, called "X" by EQ, knew enough even mid-breakdown to think that what he was experiencing reminded him of Heather's accounts.

What was their excuse for deserting "X" in his time of need? A noble one, of course. Swartz and Sundari both had to leave the stricken man, their "friend" and huge donor, immediately, to go teach Advaita Vedanta.

Yes, the gods affirm that James is no longer capable of teaching alone, and that without Sundari there (to change his adult diapers?) he can no longer function in front of a crowd. So, of course she had to abscond with him...


Swartz. Sundari.

If there be justice on Earth, to prison ye' shall go...

And can anything be done now about the fraudulently-funded purchase of your Retirement Center in Spain?

One can only hope.

Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Valma ()
Date: March 28, 2021 09:19PM

After reading testimonial via EQ about the being called "X", can anyone still doubt what Heather warned us about via her "story" and posts on this forum? I would say this makes her story even more credible; you can detect similar patterns and parallels in both cases.

What is being reported in this latest testimonial did not happen decades ago like in the case of Heather when some said " that was the past a long time ago". This is not the case here!

It feels like a moment of truth for the Swartz team including their "endorsed" teachers still loyal to him. Can they keep a blind eye on the way their beloved teachers treated "X" and continue their "teaching business as usual" as if it did not matter? Difficult as it is to communicate with someone in a position of authority who is denying facts and lying, there is now enough evidence to prove and face the fact that things have gone terribly awry in this Shining group.

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