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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: MynameisHeather ()
Date: September 19, 2019 07:31AM

The Swartzian double-speak psychobabble reminds me of this guy:


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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: BeTrue ()
Date: September 21, 2019 12:31AM

For persons holding such knowledge, I think all would benefit greatly from a bullet point timeline beginning with JS’ self proclaimed two years as Swami Chinmayananda’s personal attendant and his resulting self proclaimed moksha. Please include JS’ age and the year of occurrence, information he has shared personally via his seminars, written word and in passing, highlights from Heather’s sharing and first hand accounts from others who have spent time with him. I am not sure of the best format to respond to this request but I do feel it could shed important light on this process of discovery. I myself have been unclear about what events happened prior to his self proclaimed moksha and what events happened following. Thank you.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: MynameisHeather ()
Date: September 21, 2019 10:08AM

Hi BeTrue,

From my conversations with Jessica, Swartz's time with Chinmayananda was before we were with him. Jessica, Marlene, Joseph & I were with Swartz from 1980-1982. Though...let me correct that...I was with them at that time...Marlene & Joseph were certainly with him before 1980.

Someone out there in the world reading this...may have been with Swartz before 1980. Perhaps that person will have the courage to speak out on this time with Swartz. It would be very helpful indeed.

Here is what I think...but it's only my opinion...not based in my knowledge or facts...

I believe Swarts was with the Chinmayananda people before I met him. He probably gathered a lot of information on the lineage...on the teachings...and figured he could do well do be a guru himself. Then, I suppose, he did a trial-run with me, Jessica, Marlene, Joseph, and others see just how he could play this guru scam...and how far he could get with it.

At the same time, however, he was running all his other financial "gigs" which included an import business, an antique shop, prostituting his wife out in sex shows, and running a stripping business (which included his wife, Jessica, then me).

I believe Swartz was testing out his guru-gig. When we all fell apart, I'm sure (but I can't prove it) that he went on to find other devotees...and took a long road to build up his guru status.

Part of that narrative necessitated him TOTALLY LYING about his "credentials" and him being a part of a lineage.

I would like to shout out a wish to the universe...

If anyone out there knew James Swartz before 1980 (or even during that time) please have the courage to let us know of your experience with him.

Someone hopefully will be able to put together a REAL timeline (not his false book)...and help people get a clear picture of Swartz.

There MUST be folks out there that knew him then. I would love to hear from them.

It would be great to get a real timeline...not the false narrative Swartz put out in his book.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: MynameisHeather ()
Date: September 21, 2019 11:21AM

I never really looked into Chinmayananda. I only had my personal terrible experience with Swartz and his false teachings, and his atrocious abuse.

In my cursory investigation into Chinmayananda, I discovered this youtube video.

I’m sure Chinmayananda is churning in his grave…at seeing Swartz distort his teachings…using it for his own sociopathic goals.

I’m thinking about how Swartz used what he learned from Chinmayananda to create his own CON-game in creating his own guru-identity…lying about how he was a part of the lineage.

Swartz distorted Chinmayananda teachings…all the while he was harming me and others…abusing us…” sinning”.

See on this video (time 6:00)

Chinmayananda’s teachings on the concept of sin.


Quote from narrator in video:

Sin is the measure of the angle of deviation between the ‘Desire of the Mind’ and ‘Judgement of the Intellect’.

Deviation is also mentioned as Variation…when this variation or deviation is accumulated over time, it becomes that single letter V (VASANAS) that veils us from the kingdom of God.

Swartz told everyone around himself that we were sinners…(he always talked about our Vasanas) selfish…not pure…entrapped in Maya (the illusion of the world)…and all the while he was abusing us. He was sexually assaulting me.

Swartz caught himself in this equation of sin…and he truly was acting from his own V (Vasanas) when he raped me.

Then he tried to put it into my mind that it was my fault…because of my “karma”.

Swartz is a false teacher. He used the teachings of Chinmayananda to try to get away with his atrocious crimes.

The narrator describes how one can overcome Vasanas (beginning of vid)…by performing self-less acts for others.

Well…whew!!!! Swartz is the LAST person to perform selfless acts for others! Hello!!! If fact, what he does is manipulate others to believe they are the cause of the problem…they deserved the abuse, punishment, “the result”. How bloody-well convenient for the conman to come up with that one.

Swartz does not take any responsibility for his actions.

He is just a worm. A parasitic worm.

Wake up people.

His website should be called (not Shiningworld but) Sinningworld.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: MynameisHeather ()
Date: September 21, 2019 12:20PM

...oh I just checked Wikipedia...found out that followers of Chinmayananda believed he transitioned to "mahasamadhi" when he I guess he's not churning in his grave...but you get the idea I was after.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: September 21, 2019 07:12PM

The authority to teach comes from the guru. This is the guru-shishya relayionship. And there are many various factors involved. I will share some here:

1. Scripture says the teacher should be both srotriya and brahmananista. That is learned in scripture and have attained enlightenment.

However there are cavreats here. Someone can teach in manana, supervised, even if they have not attained enlightenment.

And in any event, anyone who teaches, it is the best way for manana for them. There is no such thing as fully cooked. And many place judgments on teachers as they assume once someone is enlightened, that is that. It ain't. It is only the starting point. KArma carries on, so there is always stuff to deal with. That is a blessing, as it should keep the enlightened being humble.

For teaching unsupervised, the person should be enlightened. This is termed a guru. If they are not, they are at best what is called 'upaguru'. Inspirational.

2. The permission to teach must come from the previous teacher. The parampara, lineage is an unbroken one.

This needs a caveat also. When JS was with SWami Chinmayananda, the average time to learn, as a swami, was around 8 or 9 years.

It is true that Swami Chinmayananda took the teachings down from the mountains. There was however a problem. In that the mountain training was not applicable exactly to urban life. Though I will set that aside for a moment.

Besides completing the actual training, there is a kind of blessing that is conferred onto students when you are sitting at the guru's feet. This can actually confer permission to teach it has been suggested. I spoke personally to swami about this, and I was told that it is a cultural thing.

there is another point that i know for a fact. Which clouds permission even more. Some Swami will be a bit more relaxed in all this. I've saw it. That permission to teach is freely gave.

4. It is important to see what permission if any was gave. I have to say, my own view is that if JS was sitting in front of Chinmayananda, then he would likely have received this blessings, but it is a generic type of thing. However, he may well have fallen foul of his guru, and there are strong indications of this his memoir. Permission cannot be took away to be honest, however that also depends on what permission was gave.

While it is one thing to try to look critically and see there was possibly this blessing gave, one has to look to the validity of what Shiningworld teach. And my own views in this topic have been robust. An interesting point to make, is that I watch the posting trends in SW, and they have been invariably making more souunder posts over the last week in areas that they have been tackled here. While I don't support them, I am not here to flame them. The truth is all that matters. Any way things are addressed now, comes from them as they are being challenged, and doesn't erase the past.

So what did JS learn in those two years? He could only have been taught what Swami Dayananda learned in TEN years there. Swami Dayananda did not attain enlightenment in those tean years. Even though he was viewed as the main student of Chinmayananda. If I can term it like that as a point. Swami Dayananda was to take over. Not carry an oxygen bottle.

What chances of JS attaining enlightenment then? This leads me to my own view of why Shiningworld have adopted this modern vedanta view of 'realization', then 'assimilation'. And 'tripti'. These various levels. One can be 'realized' in nididhyasana. self-realized.

Swami Dayananda says there is no such thing as 'self-rrealization'. There is moksha, enlightenment. As the starting point. And it carries on working from there.

There may well be some kinds of assimilation, breathroughs before enlightenment, however these are sometimes gave too much weight that they have, and this is perhaps down to what was taught. SWami Chinmayananda taught mystical vedanta. That enlightenment comes from samadhi, experiences.

It does not. It comes from jnanam. Knowledge. And only the vedanta pramana, the teachings, can provide that knowledge. Shankara says so.

It's my view that JS jad issues with Chimayanada. He actually did try to learn with SWami Dayananda, and was thrown out after two weeks. This was after Swami Dayananda sorted out what he was not being taught by Chinmayanada. He ws not being taught how to use vedanta. Which means neither was JS.

JS came back to US, not having been taught properly. And at best only having had some mystical experiences. This has no doubt been a problem. Without the clear guidance of a teacher, at this stage the person will place too much importance on experiences and they will by-pass stuff. They will be blind to so much. And they will have enlightenment sickness, to use JS own terms on himself.

At the very best, JS will have tried to learn as he goes along. However, scripture is clear on this, one cannot di it this way.

JS has placed too much important on a mere two years with Chinmayananda. And I want to make the point, as we can see from his lack of seriousness in his memoir, would he have been a good student? I doubt this.

The karma from JS's time there has without a doubt constantly repeated itself. He left both Chinmayanda and Dayananda, not in good terms. And as we can se this happens so much in Shiningworld. Anyone who gets close to him and Isabella, usually they get burned. It is always a matter of time.

I want to express this carefully here. the very first teacher that JS ever had. That guru students relationship was ruined, once Isabella and JS got together. She has been involved in virtually nearly ever issue. A teacher should not ever let something like physical attrraction or prema, romance, get in the way of the parampara lineage.

I am using precise sanskrit terms here, as I know that they are reading this. He is meant to know better about bhakti. Bhakti is not romantic love. While there is asome of it in it yes. The opening verses of the Narada Bhakti Sutra how that Kama/pleasure, is as different from prema/rommance as prema is different from Bhakti.

If JS is enlightened, he should be able to see the consistent pattern of how avarana shakti, the velining power of maya, has clouded him.

There is an interesting teaching in the Rigveda. An ancient Rishi, a very accomplished Yogi, was meditating underwater. He saw two fish mating. And got turned on. So he went to the local king, in order to get one of his 50 daughters to marry him.

The Rishi was an old man. Horrified the king said if one wants you that is fine. So the Rishi went away and use powers to make himself a lovely young man. Next day all 50 princesses wanted him. And he married them all.

Then the King says, they will all be jealous, living in the same house. So the Rishi magiced 50 castles for each of them. He had thousands of children, and lived for thousands of years.

One day he realized, that this sexual and romantic desire, had actually clouded him. And he warned us all. For it was only when he saw it for what it was, that he learned his mistake. While I am not equating JS to such an important Ancient Rishi, the scripture is that maya can and does cloud. He is always, every single time, taking his wifes side over the sanctity of the parampara. It's ridiculous it happens that regular. He says he is too old to even care. Then why teach. A teacher has a responsibility to their students.

Of course, JS and Isabella won't see this. This is because they have a curiuous teaching. 'Non-dual' love. HAha. What are they talking bhakti? There teaching is an oxymoron. Non-dual, implies all that is. While love is not applicable to all that is. Love, anything experienced, is prema, vishya ananda/object happiness. What you actually are cannot be experienced, nor cannot be known. For that would make what you are an object. Pure wishy, washy modern vedanta. they even come across when they promote this, as gangaji and eli. It's modern vedanta, pure crap.

We cant say that the wave is non dual. Well it can be said, but it confuses. It has a real danger of leading one to validate that which they are by romance. Which doesnt work. The relationship of James and Isabella SWarz, or anyone else, is not and cannot ever be a validation for what one actually is.

This is important as it is another example of not knowing how to use vedanta properly. And lumping in ones own ideas

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: BeTrue ()
Date: September 21, 2019 11:59PM

Regarding the timeline, in a piece written by JS and shared on ShinningWorld:


JS shares that he first met Chinmayananda in 1969. He then goes on to share that he traveled a bit and then spent 2 years with Chinmaya in India before returning to the US to teach. JS also mentions 40 years ago in the article, written in 2014, which by subtraction provides a date of 1974. So his initial tenure with Chinmaya appears to be sometime between 1969-1974. This puts him with Chinmaya and claiming moksha well before meeting Heather in the early 1980’s.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: September 22, 2019 03:50AM

The thing is with moksha it is very hard to know at times. However, scripture says that ones own mind can slightly color things once moksha is attained. This goes back to the jnanam carrying on working.

And this is linked to whether one has moksha or not. I find it incredible that JS would claim this, whenever SWami Dayananada specifically said he himself did not get it after ten years. In fact, Swami Dayananda was told that he was not being taught Vedanta properly by Chinmayananda. Swami Dayanananda had to go to another Swami in order to be shown how. And then he quickly got it.

In any event, why would JS even want to go learn with Swami Dayananda anyhow. I'm unsure if JS was threw out in either India or the USA ashram that Swami Dayananda formed.

Regarding his piece you have linked...

He speaks of not needing to seek anymore, and this would imply moksha. However Shiningworld are a victim of their own inaccurate teachings. They regularly proclaim people enlightened, and they call it self-realization. This is in the niddhyasana stage, they says things like, 'seeker turned finder'.

However, knowing for a fact there terms does not mean moksha in reality, they further confuse by teaching things like nididhyasana never ends for jiva. It does. I've had some teachings of Shiningworld looked at, and this is another that is wrong. Verified to me by well known Swami.

If a person has not attained moksha, but this 'realization' whatever, they have not had proper teachings. So they stay in binary. there is no Advaita, no enlightenment. If however, a person has had proper teachings, with enough nididhyasana it does end for the person. it has to. Isabella posted this teaching, and it was checked by a well known swami and said to not to be accurate.

Moksha, enlightenemnt is only when the vritts of what they are is solid, and the understanding of Tat Tvam asi is there. There are further complex ways this can be shown, but its gonna be a turn off here for a lot of readers, so im writing this as Shiningworld will see it really.

So, Isabella, nididhyasana is only for one thing. To assimilate in the buddhi that one is Brahman. That is it. Your confusion comes from you assuming that just because avarana shakti, maya, has the power to cloud even jnani, enlightened being, that somehow the jnani needs nididhyasana? How is that even possible?

Only an ajani, an un-enlightened person would think this. A jnani also have the assimilate vritti, thought, that they are not the mind. So whether the mind forgets or not, upon remembering, the jnani knows as they are Brahman, that they never forgot. And as time moves on, if their has been proper teaching, then two vritis, thoughts are side by side. I am Brahman, and the person thoughts.

So nididhyasana does end. The mistake is a rookie one Isabella. And this is in part because of the non completion of teachings your own teacher, JS has gave you. But also because you have been elevated to a de facto head of Shiningworld, without earning it spiritually, merely by being the wife.

Shiningworld is going to fall. Are both of you ready, I wonder. This is an extremely successful topic. Because of it's traffic. Its purpose is working.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Valma ()
Date: September 22, 2019 11:29AM

For the record, here below one of the messages (found on a thread about Mooji) sent by someone who had an interaction with JS this year, not 40 years ago:

Posted by: AnnetteChappelle ()
Date: May 08, 2019 11:02PM

I have an UPDATE to share,

I ended up writing to James Swartz and asking him to please take the article down as I didn’t realize that he would be using my emails and personal story on his webpage.
(I didn’t want to be combative so I didn’t bring up the change from what was written between us and what he actually put in the article).

His response was to send me the disclaimer and then say I was being afraid of Mooji. In the disclaimer it said he would keep me anonymous. The rest of his very lengthy reply I will not go into here. But it made me feel really uncomfortable (and not in the way hearing the truth can sometimes feel). The uncomfortable a person feels when they realize they opened up to the wrong person about deep wounds.

I sent one email back just restating my request and saying again I was unaware he would use this and hadn’t read a disclaimer first and to please take it down. I also told him that writing I was anonymous source for Be article, after I had shown him this was already on the internet did identify me. If there is only one unicorn and her name is Annette Chappelle, you can say a unicorn shared this and it’s pretty much like saying Annette Chappelle shared this. He must have seen that point because he took that part out. But the way he responded the second email left me no doubt that this “teacher” can’t really be connected to Source.

Since this has happened to me I share it for others to learn from as I can not speak for “Heather” but the emails back included violence and sex in his responses that had no place in my simple request.

This man could do A LOT of damage to an impressionable and trusting mind. I don’t buy his bullshit for a minute because I know he’s not CLEAN.

BEWARE of him.

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: September 22, 2019 07:33PM

That is a really good post. And agian, as it's not only the Shiningworld High Command that read this, but more and more of it's members, there needs to be a real warning gave here.

I've personally spoke to many people who have contacted Shiningworld teachers in confidence, only to end up having their lives made public. It matter's little if a name is omitted or something changed.

What the staff are not realizing, or simply do not care, is that people who have had traumatic pasts have spoke to them in private emails, about their lives. Shiningworld staff have simply no way of knowing the potentially traumatic effect that having private teacher student confidentiality made public, might do. I've spoke so some who have been seriously traumatised over this exact thing Valman. So Thankyou for highlighting.

THis is another form of abuse. For one, the teacher-student confidentiality is not adhered to by these people. I mean, is there nothing sacred to them? There actually seems to be nothing that they will be dharmic to in regard to students.

Heather was a student. Look at her. From them on, once thing after another with these people. The most disgusting, and adharmic behaviour torwards students.

Next time James and Isabella are canvasing for money, buyer beware!

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