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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: November 02, 2022 11:44PM


You are here apparently to defend Swartz. You don't seem interested in anything else.

Swartz and his followers have repeatedly trolled this message board in an effort to attack and discredit his critics.

In your opinion has Swartz done anything wrong?

What mistakes do you think he has made to warrant criticism


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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: December 30, 2022 02:12AM

Self-Confessed (inadvertently)
Criminal Rapist Pedophile
(one of)
The Spiritual Teacher(s)
he despises and defames,

Recently a few friends have mentioned Mooji. A couple said how terrible he was. They used an article by Be Scofield, who is generally an accurate appraiser of gurus and teachers, and this forum, as proof that Mooji was a bad guy and an unworthy teacher.

I asked them if they'd ever heard of James Swartz? Most of them hadn't. James Swartz is small-time compared to Mooji, as has been mentioned before. Of course, the next thing I said was:
"Here's some of what James Swartz has done..." and detailed:

-- Rapist and paedophile.
-- Liar about his spiritual history, teachers, and...
-- Deliberate distorter of sacred texts so that they fit his (mis-)teachings.
-- Killer of neighbor's family pets (with poison).
-- Spiritual bully and attacker.
-- Obsessed with, in varying degrees, the five destroyers of spiritual teachers-- the cravings for SEX, DRUGS, FAME, POWER, and MONEY.
-- And, of course, much more.

Then I asked, "Has Mooji done all of that?"

They answered, "No! That's really bad. Is it true?"

I referred them to this forum and to the website and said, "You decide after checking those."

Then, to their surprise, I listed all of the faults of Mooji I've been able to identify. This list consisted of:

-- Yes, hair-cutting happened. A mistake, he said he wouldn't do it again.
-- Yes, they shot a bird that was eating the fish (after having tried myriad methods to keep the bird away).
-- Yes, Mooji tried exorcisms, and they failed. He, I believe, stopped doing them.
-- Yes, Mooji has had sexual/ romantic relationships with a few women. Did he ever swear or proclaim celebacy? I don't think so. Did he try to downplay them? Very possibly.
-- Did Mooji's people hide money from one or some national gov'ts to avoid paying taxes? Probably. In India and Portugal, such things are SOP.
-- Yes, Mooji has had moments of unaccountable/ unexplained anger. (He is not "perfect.")
-- Yes, some of Mooji's people have done Hindu devotional practices aimed at him, their guru. This would only surprise or offend very ignorant folks.
-- Yes, some persons at Mooji's ashram felt put upon, over-worked, and unappreciated. Was Mooji running around with a whip? No.

To me, to compare the crimes of James Swartz with the faults of Mooji is like comparing the serial murders of Ted Bundy with those of a driver who hits a pedestrian accidentally while driving in a rainstorm.

As always, any smart seeker should check out their teacher carefully.

Those who do so with James Swartz will likely run away screaming into the hills, never to go near that malicious poisonous bastard again.

Those who do so with Mooji will have a more complicated decision to make.

But by checking, at least they're fore-warned -- and that's half the battle.

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