Ecclesia Network and The Well
Posted by: Splash90 ()
Date: May 08, 2019 12:54AM

Please tell me if you have heard of this group!!

My best friend, who is 50 and "sort of" Christian, has just written me to say "I think an appropriate church for my kind of faith may have found me." My defenses were up as soon as she said 'a church found me,' because of course I want to make sure no one I know joins a cult. (I was in the ICOC for 14 years.)

It's called The Well, and this is the church she's going to: []

The only third-party info I found separate is on wikipedia. The reference links on wikipedia don't work, though.

When I googled The Well, similar sites came up for different cities.

The Wikipedia page said "it is affiliated with Ecclesia, a network of U.S. missional churches", so I looked that up too.

The only similarities I discerned from the browsing I did (I'm at work) were the fact that it calls itself "non-denominational,' and meets in a school building. The Ecclesia site is all about 'planting churches'. These things were also true of the ICOC. I can't find any third-party information on them. I am worried, but since it's been a while since this group started and there isn't any third-party info on them, that might be a good sign that it's benign.

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Re: Ecclesia Network and The Well
Posted by: mstidham ()
Date: April 11, 2021 10:45AM

I realize this post is two years old, but in looking over Ecclesia, the leadership comes from a number of different evangelical denominations. Long story short, they're not ICOC.

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