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Re: Kaia Ra - The Sophia Code (satanic panic)
Posted by: liminal ()
Date: March 28, 2021 02:32AM

A family member of Colleen Santoro/Kaia Ra has added testimony []


Richard Santoro

I wish the followers of Colleen Santoro, who renamed herself Kaia Ra, would at least ask her for answers to the gaping holes in her testimony as a victim. After all, she uses this testimony to supposedly justify her divine authority to lead people to higher levels of spiritual consciousness.

First, she claims to have been raped and tortured daily from age 3-18. DAILY? Is that even possible? Could a perpetrator have the energy to rape and torture someone every day for 15 years? And if she was continually sex trafficked across several states as she claims, how could she have the normal school attendance record every child has to pass elementary, middle and high school? In addition, she was seen most every Sunday by whole congregations at church? Did alll this trafficking happen on Saturdays? If so, how come her siblings never noticed her missing for any long unexplainable stretch of time.

Of all the people who saw, knew and loved Colleen from birth to the age of 18, how is it possible that NOT ONE person saw any any signs of abuse on a kid who now, as an adult, claims she was raped and tortured daily? How could such evidence escape her pediatrician? Or her school medical records? Or late night conversations with her best friends?

Colleen claims that her 'real' birth mother, Constance, was murdered and Kaia Ra was placed in the hands of her 'handler parents' at age 3. Since most of her followers never saw her at that age, they don't see, as we clearly do, how impossible this claim is. Our family celebrated her birthdays. Her childhood is well documented in family photos. Wouldn't someone in her large extended family -- parents, siblings cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents -- NOTICE if a strange new child suddenly appeared in Colleen's place at age 3? Wouldn't there be a mad scramble to the police to find out who kidnapped our Colleen and left a strange toddler behind? But the face of the infant, toddler, teenager and young woman all look like the same kid: Colleen Santoro. If Kaia Ra's story is true, what happened to OUR 3-year-old Colleen?

How far can Colleen push her malicious false testimony? Only as far as her followers let her.

Her followers buy her jewelry that claims to stop depression and suicidal thoughts. Why don't they ask what OBJECTIVE evidence Colleen has to prove such outlandish claims? If I had a seriously depressed daughter, I'd want a lot more evidence before I traded her prescribed meds for Kaia Ra jewelry..

This is America. There's nothing wrong with jumping from the East to West coast and changing your name and re-inventing yourself. But when you publicly defame your real family to falsely claim they abused you, then use that fake story with a few imaginative embellishments to proclaim yourself a New Age oracle -- it's just plain fraud. And if her real family is silent when we know the truth about her deceit, then we become accessories to her pulling the wool over her followers' eyes. She will not use me that way.

Understandably, Colleen's followers might want to protect the reputation of the self- conjured Kaia Ra they idolize. I ask that you please, first consider the family she continues to throw under the bus every time she repeats her false testimony.

We know the truth and so does she.

Do you?

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