A different way to look at Hare Krishna
Posted by: Paul T Harrison ()
Date: April 15, 2019 12:15AM

Iskcon says that 10 per cent of souls "fell" to the material world due to a desire for independence. Iskcon calls this independence being demoniac, but actually independence is a great quality and something to strive for, especially when it comes to critical thinking.

Iskcon is based on a hierarchical, dictatorial model in which we are supposed to accept possible or not true things as absolutely true, and accept that we are not smart enough to "understand". In other words it is not that the statements do not stand up to scrutiny, but that the questioner is "puffed up... has a big ego.... is a demon etc." lol

I have read Gita and all the references to "less intelligent" people and the boast thaT "more intelligent" people will understand. haha Talk about snooty elitist attitude. Is it not enough that Krishna is God, but he has to go elitist too?

Be proud to be someone who actually stood up to God. :-) I mean what kind of God wants all yes men in an absolute dictatorship anyway?

Krishna says he fools around with who is intelligent and who is not, and plays around with what u do or do not remember, then he makes fun of less intelligent people? HE MADE THEM LESS INTELLIGENT. So the Gita presents God as a bully....

Only ten percent stood up to Krishna and came here with all the dangers, according to them.... or more likely, the Gita was written by ancients giving their best explanation of God and life at the time....

So you are one of the rebels :-) The rest of the souls would seem to be "goodie two shoes" straight party line submissive co-dependent worshiping types.

Absolutely literally true? NO, it doesn't even make basic sense. No matter how Iskcon tries to spin it, logic and reality still have an effect on truth. They simply cannot have it both ways.... God is either not all powerful or not all merciful.....

ALL powerful and all merciful are words made famous by dictators..... not the most merciful platform :-) It is good to rebel against those ideas.

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Re: A different way to look at Hare Krishna
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: May 07, 2019 11:41PM

If a person takes even ten minutes to do a web search for such things as “ISKCON crimes” a plethora of items will appear, perhaps the worst being the pedophilia rampant in that movement’s schools and orphanages.

Sad to say, the Hare Krishnas seemto be no better than the Catholic achurch— for every St Francis there are a thousand abusers of children, or so it seems.

Allegedly now the predominant misogyny that ruled under the movement’s founder has Ben tempered, but...?

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Re: A different way to look at Hare Krishna
Posted by: Paul T Harrison ()
Date: May 07, 2019 11:57PM

yes, very true.... I knew about the movement from the early days in my neighborhood, and my brothers friend showed me a Hustler magazine that was busting Iskcon for bogus practices in airports back then. Now we are fortunate to have internet info as long one knows how to research.

If I had even known the one thing that the swami leader married a thirteen years old, I would have not given them any recognition.

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Re: A different way to look at Hare Krishna
Posted by: Paul T Harrison ()
Date: May 22, 2019 02:32AM

The silly thing is that as soon as anyone simply looks at the Vedas as myths with bronze age morals, all of a sudden everything makes perfect sense, and it can become useful even for today. :-)

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