Why Iskcon has changed...... LSD.... Vedic College being bogus
Posted by: Paul T Harrison ()
Date: April 04, 2019 11:43PM

Disclaimer: I do not personally recommend to anyone to take drugs like LSD, or DMT, or peyote....

Huge realization today..... Almost all the original members of Iskcon in the East Village of NYC where I lived at the time, were taking LSD either during Hare Krishna or before they became devotees with a good, long, transition time from LSD to chanting. Everyone knows that LSD, Peyote, and now even DMT are drugs used by spiritual types to induce transcendent experiences and in some cases seeing God, or feeling like they have seen God, or seeing the matrix. So.... the movement was not founded on just chanting but on the effect of chanting while on LSD, or the effect of chanting after having taken many trips before, which changes you forever.

Back then, no one used any of the current Iskcon talking points like it may take millions of births to reach perfection..... that the chanting is not working for you because u r doing it wrong..... you are not getting the result because u haven't found the "right" teacher to be a submissive "slave" to. (their words) HAH They never questioned like that because LSD was also the basis for the original devotees, and if you want a "spiritual" experience, then LSD worked easily right away.

So then the movement became money hungry.... Prabhupada said famously, "The Money is the Honey" and then the movement started getting lot's of "squares". Iskcon is an addictive program designed for addictive personalities and also the movement seeks co-dependent submissive types, which is far from the original counter culture LSD taking explorers than founded the movement.

Now it has not only become a square and fundamentalist movement, but regular commercialism and cheating is the mode of the day. Misrepresenting is OK if you bring in money.

Take the Vedic College... they let people think they are a real college and an educational facility, but it is NOT. They lied to me and they mislead everyone. It is a purely faith based program where the proof of anything is in the books, no matter how much the books contradict themselves and no matter how many thing are proven not to be true or not even logical, or wanted. for example, do we really want God riding around the planet chopping off ALL people's heads? Well Vedic College thinks it is OK because they claim ppl get some kind of liberation when they are decapitated by God. This is the exact basis for dictatorships, and not at all what the original love child hippies were trying to create. Not a real school.

Here is a basic thought.... There are actually tons of really good ppl in the world and we all know someone who is really a good person. Now by definition, God is better than them. So why does iskcon stick to their myths more than for story morals, even though they present God acting like a monster who is treating his children like lab rats????

Because the movement went from "hip" counter culture ppl to 'squares' following the authority party line.

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Re: Why Iskcon has changed...... LSD....
Posted by: Paul T Harrison ()
Date: April 05, 2019 12:42AM

Clarification: The bogus thing about any Vedic College is that the correct word is "institute" as college infers that one can apply credits etc.
Dictionary: an institution offering instruction usually in a professional, vocational, or technical fiel
These Vedic institutes are avocational, or recreational was my point. sorry I kind of sounded heavy, and I love any study facility.
I am a little touchy after the Trump University thing and what is going on in US education.

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