Don Miguel Ruiz... cult leader?
Posted by: antman ()
Date: January 24, 2019 08:10AM

I am very grateful of this site. It's been useful in my recovery from "new-age" bunk and learn more about cults.

I took an "Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction" course a while back. It was somewhat helpful, but lately I have been getting e-mails from my teacher about Don Miguel Ruiz spiritual sabbaticals. I didn't think much of them and deleted them. Now I have been thinking about it and wondering if this is possibly luring people into a cult.

She mentioned about 4 weeks into the course her admiration for Don Miguel Ruiz, that he is a "true master" and that just his presence alone can make one feel enlightened. There was a sense that she worships him. I have been getting e-mails about trips and sabbaticals.

One example was to go to Teotihuacan, MX to visit this "holy" land and gain enlightenment. The cost of the trip is well over $2000 a person. There is a good deal of what I think is Woo in the description of this trip, extravagant claims of raising vibrational energy, finding your true self, etc.

Ruiz is the author of "The Four Agreements", which I read at one time. It had a couple helpful points, but overall didn't find very interesting or useful.

A few things I am thinking after reading about shams like Eckhart Tolle, Mooji, Osho, etc...

1. Perhaps the teacher is using the MBSR class, which is at least somewhat based in scientific study of mindfulness techniques to recruit new people to Ruiz.

2. I am skeptical about her claims that you can feel enlightenment while standing next to someone. Perhaps she is under the delusion of a cult?

3. Does anyone have any more information about Ruiz?

I think this could be dangerous and taking advantage of the anxiety and depression in life that most people experience from time to time. People have rationally sought out mindfulness course and may experience some benefit, but I think spending thousands of dollars on courses and trips to "find your real self" is potentially destructive.

Is my new way of thinking too close minded?

(I do not endorse MBSR or Jon Kabat Zinn at all. At best it was nice to help me relax temporarily, but at least there is some science there and not a destructive cult. JKZ seems pretty reasonable and interesting most of the time.)

Re: Don Miguel Ruiz... cult leader?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: January 24, 2019 09:29PM

It is unethical for any meditation instructor to push his or her religious or political preferences at you.

Deep trust is elicited during meditation instruction, and boundaries are lowered. An instructor is professionally and morally obligated not to exploit this, no matter how 'loving' his or her intentions.

Native Americans regard Don M Ruiz as a Plastic Shaman - a fake.

Genuine shamans do not seek fame and do not charge money and do not have publicity consultants.

Here is a discussion on the Native American discussion forum New Age Frauds and Plastic Shamans.


Ruiz derives his method from Carlos Castaneda who has been unmasked
as both a fake and whom former disciples revealed to have been an exceptionally
cruel and vicious cult leader.

Former Castaneda disciples created a remarkable and informative website, Sustained Action. Within that website they have a discussion forum Sustained Reaction.


This essay is a very good place to start.

Don't get burned by fake First Nations, American Indian books and authors
Krystalline Kraus
August 12, 2014


Here is a link to a copy of a 1995 newsletter copied by the Sustained Action website. Don Miguel Ruiz has been charging big money for the past twenty plus years.



In issue 44 of Magical Blend, a full page ad for don Miguel Ruiz's Sixth Sun foundation is on page 5. Simply stated, the ad lists a seminar at $900 and two tours at $2250.It states that he is a Nagual of the Toltec tradition who learned from his mother, "passed on" grandfather, who now teaches him in his dreams, and a desert sorcerer. He's preparing the world for a transformation that was predicted in the Mayan Calendar. An interview with a student of his was sent to us. It seemed to be in a publication called Llewellyn's New Worlds of Mind and Spirit, Nov 1993. The interview was with Dr. Susan Gregg, who had an advertisement for a book she is selling, complete with 1-800 number, next to the article. The book is Dance of Power, A Shamanic Journey. A review of this material, plus the advertisement, makes it obvious that don Miguel is using or teaching the same material as don Juan's group. In fact, it's such a close copy that it makes one a bit suspicious. For instance, his advertisement says that "Their system of teaching involved three levels of mastery: Awareness, Stalking, and Intent". It almost sounds like a book review for The Fire from Within. Likewise, the article has don Miguel directing Dr. Gregg to gaze at shadows and warns about inorganic beings attaching themselves to feed on emotions. There is also an account of her sensing the presence of death nearby, and feeling like fleeing. It all seems to be a re-enactment of Carlos' books, formula style. But everything isn't exactly the same. Don Miguel's ad implies that being a Nagual is passed from father to son. Delia said the new seers never do that. And while don Juan warned his students not to visit the Toltec ruins, don Miguel is selling guided tours of them. Also, Carlos fed fake photos to Time magazine, but don Miguel features his image at the top of his ad. Dr. Gregg's attitude toward the teachings is also different from that of Carlos' group. While Taisha warns that dabbling in sorcery can be worse than not practicing it at all, a blurb on the ad for Dr. Gregg's book states, "Learn how to be happy, no matter what is happening around you." My own experience agrees with Taisha; if you seriously practice sorcery for a while, you won't easily recommend it to your friends.

We also have 2 reports of criticism from don Miguel's group, directed at Carlos. The gist of it was that Carlos' understanding is lacking on a few topics. I had heard that Merilyn said that too, but it didn't come out in the article by her. She has another coming in a future issue of Magical Blend. Now I know it's childish of me to jump to Carlos' defense, but I'll do it anyway. Carlos' books are about don Juan's teachings, not his own. They don't mention anything at all about his own view except as it relates at the time of the story. So what is there to criticize, unless the party making the comment claims to know Carlos personally? Or do they mean to imply that Carlos made up don Juan, in which case the whole thing is a hoax and what are they selling anyway?
Please don't get me wrong, I sincerely wish don Miguel's group the best of luck. If he starts throwing people onto the sulfur plane, body and all, I'll be driving for San Diego as fast as my truck can go, cash in hand. We have several readers who follow him and their comments range from superlative to luke warm. The ones that love him are very well versed with Carlos' teachings, and obviously not naive. The one that was luke warm mentioned don Miguel in the same paragraph as his Novadreamer, apparently seeing both as being tools to an end. We aren't clear if paying for the teachings is absolutely mandatory for all, but it seems to be the rule for most. For those who want to check out don Miguel, I suggest you research if he was teaching recapitulation before The Eagle's Gift, or emphasizing awareness, stalking and intent before The Fire from Within. That would be absolute proof of his authenticity as far as I am concerned. But don't ask his students. Members of groups are notorious for passing on rumors which have no apparent source.

Re: Don Miguel Ruiz... cult leader?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: January 25, 2019 02:05AM

Another thing is reportedly those Don Miguel Ruiz events cost lots of money.

You are being tapped as a source of money for the Four Agreements empire.

And if that meditation teacher brings new cash cows he or she gets added status.

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