Re: Candice O'Denver and Balanced View
Posted by: Leslie Read ()
Date: March 01, 2022 01:29AM

Thank you for the update on Candice’s name the the new name of their website.

Candice aka Ziji Rinpoche not only changes her name frequently but has been known to, literally, ‘whitewash’ the web (a costly process) in order to avoid being tracked.

“…but the last couple years there was another wave of members leaving as happens now and then.” This was an every-few-years occurrence at SAT (The Society of Abidance in Truth in Santa Cruz, CA) where there would be a wave of folks who would leave.
It was like clockwork.
I am inclined to think that it was the teachers who washed them out…for various reasons.

SAT and (now) ‘Short Moments’ are intrinsically tied.
Nome (the head teacher at SAT) and his brother Russell Smith worked with, then, Candace O’Denver to establish Great Freedom/Balanced View.

It is the for lies and deceptions of those teachers regarding HOW they established the center of GF/BV that I became the holder for and hence their existential controls over this life…and the lives of my family.

Here is only part of the story…additionally Involving Adyashanti and Gangaji in covering for them:

Re: Candice O'Denver and Balanced View
Posted by: Leslie Read ()
Date: October 28, 2022 10:19AM

The teaching gs of Candice O’Denver (who goes by a variety of names) and (Great Freedom/Balanced View (which has had their website scrubbed of search details) indeed are high-level teachings which can/do, also, result in the realization of Wholeness or Oneness.

**YET**…Candice *also* operates with significant controlling and manipulative shadow as do my own former teachers: Nome and Russell Smith of SAT in Santa Cruz, CA with whom Candace collaborated on in the early days of establishing Great Freedom.

There are numerous records of Candice’s outright stealing of Dzogchen teachings.

We’ve all seen that one can be awake to wholeness and yet that, in no way, means one is free from shadow or is somehow a balanced and decent human.

One can be awake to the Oneness and still be creating delusions and, worse yet, harming others in the process.
To make matters (even) worse…there is overarching and systemic cover for the lies of these teachers…Candace (Candice) O’Denver, Nome and Russell Smith… in the non-dual community.

Use discernment and your own inner knowing…



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