La Luz del Mundo or The Light of the World from Mexico
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Date: January 01, 2019 11:56PM

Hello, this is my first post here. Has anyone heard of La Luz del Mundo or The Light of the World? The founder opened the mother church in Guadalajara, Mexico, and he is believed to be a the first contemporary "Apostle of God" who is believed receives instructions directly from God and can make miracles. His grandson is now the current leader. They have multiple major religious celebrations during the year, around the current and former leaders' birthdays, including the 14th of August which is known as the pilgrimage to La Santa Cena or The Holy Supper in Guadalajara. Members are asked to prepare their souls months in advance in order to attend The Holy Supper, which means they have to "humble" themselves by attending church every day, staying away from sinful things (such as music) and increasing the amount of times per day during the month of August. For The Holy Supper, they dress in all white and drink wine and bread that the leader blesses.

Many of my family are under the Joaquin spell, as I call it, and are very close minded and socially bring themselves apart from anyone who is not a member of the church (they call non-members "Gentiles"). There are multiple blogs and websites where former members talk about their experiences, which range in severity of abuses. Some former members allege very disturbing sexual abuses by the leader's family and other allege being shunned or beaten by their own overzealous family members. There are also allegations of very high amounts of tithing being demanded of members, ranging in the thousands at times. This organization is present in many countries, including the US, but members are predominantly Latino and can be vulnerable due to their immigration status. Former members also struggle with lacking resources and access to therapy.

In Mexico there are also high rates of femicide and corruption of the authorities, which make it very difficult for people to find support in reporting the abuses perpetrated by any religious institution, but La Luz del Mundo also finds political support in multiple parties as well. Multiple members ran for positions during Mexico's electoral campaign in 2018. And the current leader has even been recorded telling his congregation during their major August religious celebration to pray for organized crime and criminals.

In Georgia, there are plans to build a 270 acre "City of Light" compound for only church members, complete with multiple hotels and its own schools.

What are your thoughts and experiences with this ambitious sect?

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Re: La Luz del Mundo or The Light of the World from Mexico
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Date: January 02, 2019 12:46AM

There is also a hierarchy in the organization, with the upper-most hierarchical levels being those who are closest to the leader himself. One of these groups are called "The Unconditionals," who are arranged a marriage with a random member of church in a mass wedding held by the leader. The children that are birthed from a "marriage of obedience" must also be arranged a marriage with a stranger held by the leader, perpetuating this cycle of forced marriage.

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