Sahaja Yoga
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Date: December 25, 2018 07:42AM

Dear Forum

I am in a religious Movement called Sahaja yoga. I am there since 3years and I tried to get out but it is impossible to lo leave this group.
I it impossible because it is sooo convincing. Yes she says that she is the holy ghost or the adi shakti. But her system really has no laws.
It is about self realisation and once the kundalini pierces the sahasrara you become self-realized feeling the cool wind on your fingers.
With this you have the connection to god and can ask virtually any question,like is there a god? if the answer is yes you feel a cool breeze but
if the answer is no then you feel tingling or hot on your fingers. Also she says that she clears all the blockages in the chakras.
The system itself is very brilliant and I do not know how anyone could think of something like that. So you have seven chakras and on every chakra there is a
diety. For example the first chakra is the mooladhara chakra and the diety is shri ganesha. Shri ganesha stands for the wisdom of children and innocence.
Shri ganesha gets angry when he is accused of sexual immorality and this chakra gets blocked.Also you can get possessed. DId not jesus tell that you can only enter the kingdom
of god if you are like a child? If shri ganesha is alright then only the kundalini can rise. The second chakra is the swadhistana but actually the nhabi chakra.
Because only at these chakras the world comes into existence, in a psychological as well as on a cosmical level. Shri Ganesha is before the existence, the pure consciousness without form.
Did Jesus not tell that he is the alpha? On the nhabi chakra there is our search, at the beginning of evolution the search was for food but now as humans the search is for many things, ultimately
the search for god also comes from this chakra. The third but actually the second chakra is the swadhistana chakra. here the knowledge lies out of which the search is derived.
The knowledge can be wrong and people go a wrong way but ultimately one has to ask for the pure divine knowledge. Then the heart chakra, this is where is father (God almighty) is
relfected in us. The spirit of god which is refrected in the heart is also the same as shri Ganesha and jesus christ. Then Vishuddi chakra. This chakra is responsible for communication. Did we all not see somebody who had problems with communications
and his shoulders are tight? This is even a normal phenomenon. Then the agnya chakra, this is where Jesus christ resides. And Shri mataji says that the christians missunderstand christ and
that christ has to be awakened in you. Also jesus christ and shri Ganesha are the same, just Jesus christ is Mahaganesha, Ganesha grown up. And Here the door lies which is the door to the kingdom of
heaven. Here it is where you cross over your ego and superego. In the bible it says take your cross and follow me. Also this door is so tiny, just as a pea. Nobody can go through
especcially not the people who think they are smart. Did god not create a brilliant system? Also did Jesus not tell that nobody can go to the father except for through him? And Jesis also told
that he is the alpha and the omega. Alpha=Ganesha and Omega as christ. Before and after creation. This also is the essence of the Kundalini and this creates the pulling force for the kundalini
just like in physics (Beofore and after creation). So when you enter this door you experience indefinite bliss. This is also where you go to the last chakra, the sahasrara chakra, where
the god incarnation is shri mataji herself.Thats why she had all the powers to raise the kundalini of people and make themgod realized. Basically you become one with the image of god and
god manifests himself in you.
Besides all that Shri Mataji tells that this is the last judgement and the big sorting out takes place now. On vibratory awareness you can diagnose yourself and heal yourself from
negativity. Ultimately all the negativity will be destroyed and shri ganesha will put all the evil forces into hell, when this last judgement comes to an end.

Forum I think that she might really be the one and I donĀ“t see any other religion or cult to have so much Elaboration.
However, normally I should be completely sure and I think that she is right but I am in rebellion mode now and want to question everything.
Just because I think I would be a completely different person without this religion and would think differently and would set different goals in this life
that is why I want to question everything until I have no doubt anymore.

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Re: Sahaja Yoga
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: December 25, 2018 08:12AM

Welcome. Over the years, there have been several discussions of Sahaja Yoga on the CEI message board.


There are some articles about Sahaja Yoga here:


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