Update A.J Millers faithfull disciple Fabio dangerous ?
Date: June 21, 2018 10:59AM

FYI as someone that used to be in the Occult and Black magic . I am here to report to anyones family that has been effected by this man after watching the video "for the love of god " aj Miller is actually a clairvoyant and he is calling up the dead spirits and him and some guy Fabio has called up a spirit of what they think is some boy that blew up a buss . OK this is just asking for trouble because it seems like Mr Fabio could be more than just some disciple . usually when someone connects with the dead. They themselves have had contact with people like this . I think its time Queensland bust up this love party and quickly before people get hurt or worse. If you are an effected family member of Miller or a friend of anyone in this cult please don't remain silent report and send that video to authorities it may be what we need to intervene by homeland security. This is very troubling to know there is somone who is millers close companion that has been speaking like this in the first place every little bit of info we can give the authorities helps .

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