Proof A.J Miller is Grooming Children for sex !
Date: June 13, 2018 08:42AM

[] 26:38

Listen up Queensland , Unless you have not watched what happened in Joes town and

A.J Miller is now grooming children as young as 5
and more children are being brought in to his den of iniquity

A.J needs Exposed by people , if you know how to create a video exposing him
please do it , the more we can get that exposes what he is doing the more the
Government will intervene. you cannot just let 2 years go bye and think this is going to go away its Not ..

here is a video of Koresh's Wives from Waco and how Koresh was just like A.J
started out with one wife ended up with 20 and 24 children

and had sex with a 11 year old girl !
here is the video of that interview
i have been tracking this guy and this cult since 2012
its getting worse ! please share Ricks videos and this info with everyone
you know in Queensland and in Usa


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