A.J Millers Disciples Expose the Truth behind Aj's Secret
Date: June 13, 2018 08:19AM

so you want to really know how aj seems to turn on the charm with people making them think he is Jesus ?

Then Watch this video ... i was a Tarot Reader in to the Occult for 15 years
and this Video Proves ans shows you how he does it and how he seems to even manipulate a young man that lost a stillborn in death and takes the blame for it ? that is insane ! the whole video needs to be shown to everyone the more see this the more they will realize this is not Jesus but a man messing with the Occult and when you play with fire you will get burned in the end
jim jones found that one out so did Koresh

please share this with everyone lets put a stop to this
extortioner that is scamming people and ruining peoples lives with LIES ...

ps ... we have friends in this cult and this is a personal WAR
its time people speak and if i have to be the first let it be
at least maybe one person will wake up and get out before its too late
the time is ticking please share this video if you live in Australia
lives are being ruined by this psychopath if you remain silent he will win
report him to u tube as a extortioner
pass the word
report to the local police
children are also in this cult being groomed just as koresh did
you can see the videos for yourself

if anyone needs more info i will be happy to provide just message me
if we can get the kids out first and proclaim him mentally unsafe for Queensland we can get the rest out ..



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