My Relatives live near the A.J Miller Compound !
Date: June 09, 2018 10:36AM

G day , my name is Debra i have rellies living near A.j Miller and Mary Lucks
Compound and they have told me they hear screams , cries , and even can hear A.J yelling and Threatening them .. they have called the police over and over and
why is it that Nick Zenephon that is supposed to do something about this has no back bone to stop another Jim jones situation ?? I myself was involved in a religious cult and it seems that the government wont step in and protect the children , are they not aware of what happened in Jones town and in Waco ?

When i got out of a religious cult i told myself if i can help just one person
that has been through what hell i have been through to warn them of why people like A.J are extremely dangerous and as a retired mental health nurse A.J is also showing signs of this behavior , just like Jones and just like Koresh .
and it did not end well . The worst thing is when media like news claims to report people like A.J they have no idea how paranoid this bloak is

for example the videos he opely shares on U tube are the main reason
he snags so many helpless people that are searching for spiritual guidance
and after about 2 months the people are completely under his spell .

Aj comes from a Cult called the Jehovah Witness cult
to begin with that makes it even more dangerous
espically to young children and it is evedent he is grooming young girls
to make them his spiritual wives in the future

If i can be of any help please let me know
i want everyone that has been effected by this man
i hold a silent prayer for you each night and your not alone

my cousins also left a cult not to long ago
7th day Adventist

i am grateful to people like rick ross
who puts it out there plainly that Queensland is
going to see another Jonestown if they dont do something and soon

A.J started out with 30 people
he already has 13 disciples picked out
and now there is well over 1000 that have joined
just like Jonestown !

i wish i could do something
so i have been warning others on my u u tube channel
about why A.J is not Jesus or Yeshua

Bless you
rick ross we need more people like you that truly Care
cause Queensland is turning soft to things like this
and the abuse of people and children

we have money for everything else or so turnbull says ?
but we cant put a mad man in a rubber room to avoid

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Re: My Relatives live near the A.J Miller Compound !
Posted by: Sugar films ()
Date: June 14, 2018 10:04PM

Hi I am a TV Producer in the United Kingdom- I am really interested to do a documentary on this-- however, it would require access, I wonder if anyone can give my email to anyone who may be willing to talk to me either in the cult at present or indeed having escaped?

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Re: My Relatives live near the A.J Miller Compound !
Date: June 16, 2018 11:10AM

I would hope you would contact Rick Ross before thinking about even stepping foot over in that compound , this man is a borderline psychopath , and very dangerous and you will risk others lives if you take upon yourself. miller is even more paranoid now , and you could cause serious problems. just like media went in full force in jonestown and 5 were shot dead as a result . Cult leaders like this are not just some buffoons , they are very cunning and can make you think they are sociable , i do not know if you know the history of how the jonestown suicides took place and how congressman ryan was warned not to go over there . but like all media they have to put themselves in the limelight , and as a result 909 died
including 300 children .

if you do plan on interviewing people from cults
you need to make sure their identification is hidden from public
such as u tube .

you put yourself at risk and others if you dont

just a fair warning

i have seen the ignorance of people that will take upon themselves to
hot dog it to get a u tube video and run the risk of causing
serious harm to themselves and to the cult disciples

is it worth it just to get some notoriety ?
are you going to be like abc and the res to them that have NO regard for their safety ?

becauase its media and those who do not understand what risk you put others through if you dont assure their hidden identity

i myself have been in a religious cult in Ohio
and its still going on , and everytime they mention this cult leader
they have to make it like a movie and make the perpatrator look like the hero
its a sick sick world and i guess some just love to see the reaction to
what could happen to miller ..

dont say i warned you
miller has all the traits of a serious psychopath
remember jonestown's jim jones was also one ...

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Re: My Relatives live near the A.J Miller Compound !
Posted by: Sugar films ()
Date: June 16, 2018 11:46PM

I understand your concerns but also I have seen moth Mary and Aj on screen happily in a lot of mainstream media- it is a well known and well trodden story even in the UK. I am not sure I would consider him a psychopath- dilusional maybe. I have grown up with many JW friends who are perfectly normal people and whilst he does indeed seem to have some elements of being a complete narcissist, I still haven't read or seen any evidence to suggest he is anywhere near WACO or Jones Town both cases of which I am very familiar.

If you know anyone who has left the compound and can testify to what they feel happens there that is wrong I woudl be very interested to hear

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Re: My Relatives live near the A.J Miller Compound !
Posted by: mechanizm ()
Date: June 18, 2018 08:39PM

Whereabouts is the compound? I would be willing to join the cult and get inside information on it. I've been very fascinated by AJ Miller since I first came across his videos. Anyone who claims to be Jesus triggered red lights in my head but I'm still very fascinated by it all and I would happily go in there undercover with a hidden mic, maybe a hidden camera too and pass all the footage and audio onto a documentary maker. I could do this very well as I come across very gullible and susceptible to mind control.

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Re: My Relatives live near the A.J Miller Compound !
Date: June 23, 2018 01:06PM

Obviously you don't know the story about Paul Ryan of jonestown and to blow this off like a smart ass is just what the rest of you propaganda hounds want. I don't think you really give a dam about the effected families that miller has put them through hell .lies and his sick perversion to entrap children and women in his extortionist Paradise of ripping off families and their money. It pisses me off to see people like you that take pkeasure in others pain and trauma . if your thinking. About using this forum to gain attention just remember I am a cult survivor and I will gladly report scum like you that use people for media propaganda . so bugger off

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Re: My Relatives live near the A.J Miller Compound !
Posted by: cew_91 ()
Date: May 25, 2019 07:11AM

Hi Yankeegirldownunder

I have known Aj and Mary for 9 years and have many experiences with them as I used to live out in Kingaroy and help with their gardens at times, I still see them on occasions.

I can tell you now that there is no compound, and that there is no grooming of children or young girls as this would go against the principles they live by and also go against the principles I live by and I would never be apart of something like that as I take those things extremely seriously.

Aj also doesnt scream to control people haha, if that was the case I would never be involved. The screaming you can hear is people expressing and verbalizing their anger alone and not at any person, I can say from experience this is a very relieving experience especially if I dont have a good day at work in the city =).

From your post I get the feeling you are very worried that the tragic events of Jonestown and Mt Carmel could be repeating but I can assure you that this is not the case; there is no cult compound, there is no grooming of children and that Aj and Mary are nothing like these people.

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What is Congress WBN
Posted by: Annikie M ()
Date: May 28, 2019 10:00PM

Please help me understand what Congress WBN is all about. The behaviour of my pastor is becoming scary after he joined it, and he now expects the hole church to follow

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