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This person dodged a bullet - they fact checked
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: May 13, 2018 04:37AM

Disturbing Experience: Was looking for a meditation class...but think i ended up at a Cult recruitment event



I’m trying to work on my social anxiety now so I’m looking for things to do in my spare time. This led me to do an internet search for meditation classes in my city. I found an advert for free weekly meditation classes run by a charity. I thought it looked great and went long to the class last week.

It was so disturbing. This is what happened:

There were about 25 people there. Half of them ‘new’ like me and half of them experienced. First they played some very relaxing music and then we were given a talk about the meditation. They showed a diagram of energy centres in the body. They talked about an energy at the base of the spine which can be released via meditation. Apparently during the meditation the energy rises through the body and bursts out of your skull. Apparently this causes a cool breeze over your head and you reach a state of ‘self-realisation’.

Apparently a lady, they refer to as the divine ‘Mother’ came up with this idea. She spent her life providing the free meditation around the world, because she is such a good person. She died a few years ago. They said it was not a religious thing.


Then one of the women led us into a guided meditation. There was a photo of ‘mother’ at the front of the room. There was also a candle and burning incense. We were told to always meditate in front of ‘Mother’s’ picture. For the meditation we had to put one hand on the lap with open palms towards mother’s picture. The other hand we had to move to various parts of the body during the meditation while the woman doing the meditation was saying things like “Mother the spirit is within me” “Mother allow me to forgive myself”. I felt a bit uncomfortable but I totally went along with it….hoping to achieve the state of self-realisation. I actually believed that my energy would burst through my skull and I would feel the cool breeze on my head.

When she finished we had to keep our eyes closed and listen to more of the relaxing music.


At the end of the session, one of the experienced members came to talk to me. She told me how wonderful the practice was and how it had saved her from her drug addiction. She asked me questions about myself….like she was looking for my vulnerabilities. She insisted I took a photo of ‘Mother’ home with me and told me to meditate to it twice a day. And gave me written instructions about how to do the meditations. She said that if I go next week she will bring some incense sticks as a gift for me.

The whole thing seemed a bit strange. When I got home I wanted to throw the photo and instructions in the bin but I felt like something bad would happen to me if I did. I googled it and found out that this organisation is alledgedly a religious cult – disguised as a meditation group. They offer ‘free meditation classes’ to recruit new members. I have read alot about the beliefs of the orgnisation, and how they hide these beliefs from new members until they are hooked into it.

I have done a bit more reading about cults and I believe the whole meditation thing was a form of hypnosis. I can’t understand why I went along with it. I believe I was hypnotised. I feel a bit exploited that they managed to get me to go along with it. Also, angry that they are trying to prey on vulnerable people. What they do in these classes is very powerful and I can definitely see how people will be drawn in to it. They are advertising this free meditation all around the UK. I’m worried for other people that might get drawn in to it. And I’m upset for myself but also, glad that I wont be going back there. I'd like to write the name of the organisation on here, to warn others....but I have read reports on the internet that they can be violent to people who challenge their beliefs. I'm scared!

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