Really surprised no one talks much of Nithyananda here
Posted by: eriksel ()
Date: February 27, 2018 02:42AM

You guys familiar with him? if not, look him up on youtube, and especially google news. Some short threads are all I found on this forum search.

I've posted on reddit, too.. there's barely any interest..

so, I'm a shaivite hindu.. Most of my peers don't seem to realize he's stealing the religion and twisting it to suit his agenda.And that he's almost certainly guilty of what he's accused of. The man has elevated himself to an actual avatar of shiva, the god of the entire cosmos. He's a classic cult. Easily the most western-style cult to ever come up in this country. Layered like Scientology. Brainwashing thru psychology rather than violence or anything else. drives me nuts what this guy is doing, and he's been avoiding the court for 7 fucking years.

There's a new site out there about him that I'm shilling to anyone who's interested. :-D It's much newer and way more incomplete compared to the veteran ones like nithyananda-cult on blogspot. But it's topics tone and analysis are much better and more pointed imo.

check it out -->

it's clearly a cheeky response to the sangha's defensive propaganda site:

read that too for fairness' sake, though most here are already familiar with other rich cults are not going to be very impressed by the same basic misdirects and nitpicking that usually makes up such defenses. :-D

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