Re: Lama dondrup Dorje / Peter Young FAKE
Posted by: anon27 ()
Date: August 27, 2018 11:27PM

More of the text referred to above on Peter Young's organisation "Pathgate"


"... 'maximum' on the Group Psychological Abuse Scale, characterized by absolutely indefensible misbehavior and violation of the common vows of Vajrayana Buddhism. ... represents a clear and present danger to its membership, and to society at large. ...
... characterized by fundamental deceptions, requiring ever-escalating deception on the part of leaders and members in order to maintain secrecy. ... absurd claims to infallible divinity, and morbid preoccupation with the outward signs and trappings of status.
None of them can pass the Trungpa test."

The "Trungpa test" comes from Trungpa Rinpoche's commentary Buddhadharma Without Credentials, where he discusses what he calls the "perversion of sangha".

You will note that Trugpa Rinpoche was a real Rinpoche, recognised by the right authorities.

Re: Lama dondrup Dorje / Peter Young FAKE
Posted by: anon27 ()
Date: August 28, 2018 12:06AM

Interestingly, since this thread was started and notified to groups linked to Pathgate, Peter Young has removed from the web all the email contacts of its groups around the world (including on their own websites).
All contact must now go through the central hub in UK, clearly for the purpose of censorship.

This is because:
Peter Young knows his lies are so weak that he can't take the risk of his students being exposed to any other point of view;
and he does not want them to think for themselves based on the objective evidence.

It's a good sign: clearly, more students are starting to see his abuse of them, and of Buddhism, for what it is.

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Re: Lama dondrup Dorje / Peter Young FAKE
Date: August 28, 2018 10:12AM

But friend... could you keep your mouth shut about my last enail for a while?
It is for what my health concerns.

Allow me to deeply reflect upon the truth of all things a bit more before you post it.

Besides, i see some mistakes in your logic about him and his teachings now and than.. Would you like me to correct you?

About the email adresses btw, that could be because i was sending them some e-mails lately.

Also they may receive bad messages from people. Because of the information online on internet.

Lets take some time to reflect more on the truth of things. What if we are mistaken about some things? The cause and effect of that can have drastic effects for both them and us... Do you understand that?

We need to consider that..

What IF we are wrong about things?
Consequences could be very secvere.

Lets overthink things more..
Could u please wait a bit until you receive further information from me?

I hope u consider my health...
It is bery poor right now...
Its prtly because of this..

Re: Lama dondrup Dorje / Peter Young FAKE
Posted by: anon27 ()
Date: August 28, 2018 04:14PM

It is often very difficult to accept an abusive cult leader is fake.

One of the important steps in freeing oneself from their influence is to accept they are abusive.

Here is there clear proof Peter Young is a dangerous fraud:

1. The Buddhist authorities refuse to acknowledge Peter Young.
He claims to be endorsed by them.
He is not.

2. Peter Young claims to understand Buddhism, yet gets the most basic ideas totally wrong.

3. Many people, from all walks of life, have gone on the record stating that they have experienced abuse at Peter Young hands.

Re: Lama dondrup Dorje / Peter Young FAKE
Posted by: Udumbara ()
Date: August 31, 2018 01:05AM

Dear Gentleman and Ladies, if there are any among you.

I have read, with great interest, your comments and complaints about Lama Dundrop Dorje ... I do not know this monk. I have never met him but I have seen a couple of his videos and, although I know nothing about the Venerable, I know about Energy. Everything I have seen in his videos teaches all there is to know about Energy - how to create it and how to use it.

If I, who am a nobody, can grasp what he's teaching, I find it very difficult to believe that you didn't. Energy, is in each of us. In some it is stronger than others. It can be controlled and redirected BUT to harness the power of such Universal Qi, there has to be a pure intention.

If we suffer from delusions, allow our egos to get in the way and only want to harness such powers for inappropriate use, it will never happen because we wouldn't be operating from a place within the Heart.

It seems a little unfitting, and not very gentlemanly, to blame others for what we haven't yet grasped.. and if we haven't grasped it, perhaps we need to look internally and not externally.

And, perhaps, we should remember, too, that nobody has any power over anybody else because, as Human Beings, we have our own Free Will.

I am really so sorry to hear of all your experiences, and I wish you a complete and speedy recovery but ... when you follow the great advice given above, also think carefully about why you allowed whatever happened, to happen. Taking responsibility for our actions, speech and life is the first real step to recovery and defence.

I wish you all the very best from the depths of my Heart. I will be meeting this Lama soon and so, I thank you for everything you took the time to expose here.

Re: Lama dondrup Dorje / Peter Young FAKE
Date: August 31, 2018 05:06PM

Hello friend,

I myself am not saying he can not do it. But i know how this works.
I was one who was doing all this very fast, my energy was quite strong at certain moments. I even introduced to them a new practice. Sungazing.

This is what they used to increase their own power very fast.
This people have learnt a LOT from me, because i understood these mechanics and energy works very fast. Because of strong intuïtive practice. Feeling for it.
And dedication, i had shown to grow my energy very fast.

At certain point i was ATTACKED by them, from the astral realm!
They blamed this on ghosts - it was PREPARED for in his teaching.
That he told the students that GHOSTS would suck your lifeforces if you do certain things.

Which i realised NOT to be TRUE! Thats why i am upset with them.
And right now, they have done this EXPLICITELY, with GREAT VIOLENCE!
My body internally, is VERY MUCH harmed and damaged!

My intestines were bleeding, my LIVER is pierced, my BRAIN is heavily pierced and very much attacked by this Dondrup Dorje and A LOT of his MONKS!!!

All because they were INSULTED because of me.
And because i did no longer had interest to follow the masters instructions.
WHY? Because he had been LYING!!! About MORE things!

And VERY SECRETLY introduce to his monks and nuns this new practice of Sungazing, that I found for them. Which this Dondrup Dorje ALSO LIED about!
He told me it was NONSENSE!

But YET i was receiving GOOD ENERGY from the sun! VERY PURE LOVE!
He was LYING about it!

And NOW he is PROMOTING my practice!


And he give VERY HARSH attacks on his students to make them FEAR him
He ABUSES that to keep CONTROL over everyone!

And i got to say, he STOPPED my spiritual PROGRESS !!!
He wasw ENVIOUS!!!!
He ATTACKED me with KUNZANG NAMGYAL to DESTROY my capacities.

It IS possible!
I have been complaining A LOT about this Free will.

The lama will think you are his POSESSION once you take Refuge with him!
I strongly recommend you will NOT GO there!!

Even while i am HARMLESS, this people STILL HAUNT ME EVERY DAY!!!!
They PURPOSELY make my body WEAK! And DESTROYED LOT OF ORGANS inside!!!
They PURPOSELY TRAUMATISED me! Giving me A LOT of suffering, psychic disorder (yet still smart though) amd emotional trauma because of their attacks.
A LOT of his students (especially senior monks) are involved in that!

CONTINUOUS stalking me while i am LONG GONE from them!
He said he didnt want to see me again, and that was ALL I WANTED!
Because i was WALKING AWAY from them on a daily basis.
Because of this manipulative and unfair and unreasonable character of this Dondrup Dorje! He INSTRUCTED his monks to attack me from the astral plane! Thats why he has taught them to astral travel, and certain practices to ATTACK me with. EVERY DAY making my body weaker, giving me PHYSICAL PAIN and TRAUMA!

This man is an IMPERIALIST! You should NOT GO!
I wish you all the best of luck.

And thrust me, once you're ENGAGED with him, you are NOTHING FREE!
He will make you SUBJECT to HIS WILL! And YOU no longer matter!
You are NOT FREE to go your own way, they will be JEALOUS with you picking other lama, or Tulku. They will seek to KEEP YOU as a POSESSION!

This is my experience.
I was purposely traumatised by the master, so this people can control me.
Now i am NOTHING but a broken youngman, emotionally DRAINED and CONTINUOUSLY VAMPIRED by this people! DAY AND NIGHT, EVERY SECOND!

NOT giving me ANY opportunity to free myself, and EVEN PURPOSELY!!

Keeping me TRAPPED in pain and negative feelings towards them!
They will FORCE YOU to keep a connection to them!

My body SMELLY, reminding me of DEATH, because i am NEARLY DEAD!
My body NEVER smells!

Right now, nearly every day, I smell a moldy smell, burned blood... iron...

I have NEVER smelled such things before.

They have CHANGED things in my body, so I CANT ever again have my Qi flowing properly again. They have HEAVILY ATTACKED LOWER BASE ROoT CHAkRA,
They have attacked NAVEL CHAkRA TAN TIEN, they have made my EYES incapable of perceiving as i was before, from a SPIRITUAL AWARENESS!

They have made ALL my psychic abilities destroyed!

Want to know more? Just ask

Actually, the truth is! Most of his monks and nuns (which spread to the lay students as well) have follow MY example of howto practice Qigong really, because most of them didnt really seem to get it...

They just started perceiving me as a threat, out of fear.
They KNOW my capacities. They wanted to slow me down, because this people want to be ON TOP! Want to be SUPERIOR!

And THATS WHY they took me down... Its SO fucking very amazingly sad.
They NOT even give me chance to recover from my TRAUMA! :(
This Dondrup is Extremely unreasonable.
And does EVERYTHING to make me unhappy! MANY MANIPULATIONS going on in here
Thats what their DAILY LIFE is about! EVIDENTLY!

his MONKS were instructed to act this way, so they DO!

This is the EGO of the LAMA being affected dude...
Thats all.

Also did i spread Spiritual knowledge that he wanted to HIDE, wanted to keep SECRET! This is what he is frustrated and angry about.
And therefore i suffer.

Re: Lama dondrup Dorje / Peter Young FAKE
Date: August 31, 2018 05:39PM

My body, nearly NEVER smells.
And if it does, it is not really a bad smell.
Very uncommon, every now and than i would have a bit a stronger smell.

Right now i smell moldy, because this people reversed a lot in my body. And DESTROYED things in my body. Organs, systems....

And screw things stuck to the body! So better i do not eat!
Fucking assholes. They do a lot of stuff to control, traumatise and make me very unhappy within myself and within my body.

EVEN people that try to HELP ME!

ALSO get attacked!

Well, if THAT is practitioners of the AUTHENTIC BUDDHA DHARMA?
Buddha's teaching?


And I have seen MANY TEXTS, from Dalai Lama but ALSO OTHER texts, that give STRONG INDICATION that this practice is WRONG!

This man has simply stated that I am EVIL, which i am NOT!

I'm normally actually quite responsible person,
MY WHOLE LIFE i have been practicing high standards of Integrity!
With EVERY SINGLE type of person.

What are this people talking about?

Only thing that happened, is that i didnt want their so-called "help" anymore, because of this dirty nasty games this Dondrup Dorje had been playing with me.
From manipulating my environment to attacking my energy (BODY), to TELLING LIES and INSUFFICIËNT details all to redicule and public shame me, and to make me look MUCH DIFFERENT than was TRUE?!? While i was still very much suffering from the dirty scumbag secret attacks and stuff... Depression andsoforth...

This people are TRUELY SCUMBAGS!
That want to enfore HIERARCHY

And for THAT they have stop me this way by this spiritual VIOLENCE on me!

They want to COMPLETELY CONTROL everything and everyone!
And NOW i am the victim because they FEAR ME!

And FEAR the CONSEQUENCES of their actions!
Which i think is reasonable to fear, because they are SO WRONG!!!!
:(:( Sorry to complain like this, child-like

But its COmPlETELY UNFAIR what this people do to me! UNREASONABLE
And MY LIFE is NONE of their BUSINESS!

So, THERE YOU GO with free WILL!
You DONT HAVE here!

You will LOSE your human rights as a human being.
You will even lose your basic right for HAPPYNESS if this dictator wants you so!

This is, oke, somewhat emotional (but understand, they have been CHASING me for 2 years through the astral plane, and now misbehaving on me for 5 months without even a SECOND break!), but it is TRUTH! TRUE!

His past student
named Karma Ngawang.

I dont go by that name anymore.
Too much disgust of this people.

But be MINDFUL, that,
OFFCOURSE this people will slander me and talk bad about me.

I can tell you by forehand what they blame me off. They blame ME for having my little sister having had a negative experience with some boy that has moretheless forced her into having sex with him.

Ehm... what did i do in that scenario? What do I got to do with it?
I can tell you. I had been watching pornography in past times.
1. To see how i would respond to it, and 2. to venge off some overdose of energy i was feeling from frustration due to certain unethic people i had been spending too much time with.

Than this Kunzang and Dondrup attacked and locked my body, in this unhelpful kind of lust-energy, so that this Dondrup could public shame me, and manipulate my daily life through that energy, AS IF i was so extremely lustful that every woman i would see would AROUSE me? Which is FALSE because i am NOT like that and have NEVER BEEN like that! Because I am quite picky actually....

And what HaPPENED in their CENTRE is that this MANIPULATION of my energy was STILL HAPPENING! And they played with it so that sometimes OTHERS would receive that energy! So did CHÖCKI LHAMO! SHE KNOWS!
To make us suffer. To shame us.

And NOW, SOMETHING went WRONG in here! In the centre, which has to do with THEIR OWN manipulation of my energy, but now is BLAMED on ME!

IM SORRY? But IM not gonna pay for that?

There is one big lesson for them, which they STILL havent learned!
It is what HRM (sungazer pioneer) said: "What you SUPPRESS, bounces back!"

And that is THEIR responsibility, THEIR ACTIONS!
And therefore I suffer, for 2 years (plus the 2 years of manipulation PRIOR to that)

All because this man Dondrup, is shy of admitting HIS responsibility!

I am hOME, FAR AWAY from them, YET they have to MAKE ME SUFFER!
AS MUCH as they can! .......

Sorry but ofcourse i am somewhat angry because of all this.
All this violence, all this manipulation, all this INJUSTICE!!...

Thanks for listening though....

Cheers mate, i wish you the best time.
May be easy and fast. But if you make MISTAKE
You will pay big time.

So the choice is yours.
This man is INTOLERANT to mistakes
VERY Intolerant

I am FAR AWAY, yet they STILL perceive me as a PROPERTY of them!
I dont even want to be ASSOCIATED with these fools!

They are copycat-monkeys that COPIED my practices, EXPLOIT it and use it against me. And THERE they exploit ME also, day and night sucking my energy and intentionally make me a complete PUPPET with NOTHING! NO ENERGY NO ABILITy
NOTHING! And wish to hold me stuck in pain and trauma.

Well? Long live the Buddha.
But Buddha won't do this! Im sure.

Re: Lama dondrup Dorje / Peter Young FAKE
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: September 01, 2018 03:13AM


Please don't engage in victim bashing here.

If you are intent upon becoming a disciple and risking harm that's your choice, but attempting to dismiss the first-hand accounts of others may make you feel good about your choices, but it serves no useful purpose here.

Re: Lama dondrup Dorje / Peter Young FAKE
Posted by: anon27 ()
Date: September 02, 2018 02:05AM

Thank you RRmoderator.

I say this in response to Udumbara, but really it's for everyone to see how these sorts of statements are so easily exposed for what they are:

I know about Energy. Everything I have seen in his videos teaches all there is to know about Energy - how to create it and how to use it.
By saying this, it is clear you do not know about energy.
What you think you know, and what you do know, my friend, are two different things.
I've spent time with the lineaged Abbot of the Nyingma Tantric Monastery.
He would never in his wildest imaginings speak like this.
You might want to ask yourself why.
(Clue: it's not because you're smarter than him).

You believe you get "all there is to know about energy", from a YouTube video?
Seriously, I advise more discernment.

Ask yourself:
Why is it that no authenticated teachers / masters show this kind of energy work on YouTube?
In fact, why does everyone who knows something about martial arts and energy mock Peter Young's ridiculous displays?
The videos are fake. It's all stage magic and hypnotism.
I was there for 20 years.

If I, who am a nobody, can grasp what he's teaching, I find it very difficult to believe that you didn't.
Then don't believe it.
Instead of assuming everyone is less capable than you, do try to think a bit more deeply.

You call yourself a nobody, yet your post screams in every sentence that you are full of yourself.
Think about how you can be so arrogant, and yet believe yourself to be humble.
Then, think about how accurate your other conclusions about things are.

to harness the power of such Universal Qi, there has to be a pure intention.
Buddhists would, politely, call this unrealistic.
Power does not equal blessing.
Donald Trump and Peter Young have a lot in common.

All the old legends, and all the tradtions across every culture, and the reality of the modern world ... all prove you are totally wrong.
Factually incorrect.
Think again.

If we suffer from delusions, allow our egos to get in the way and only want to harness such powers for inappropriate use, it will never happen because we wouldn't be operating from a place within the Heart.
All Buddhist, and other relevant, authorities on this would totally disagree with you.
Ask anyone with any lineage, in any tradition, anywhere in the world.

It seems a little unfitting, and not very gentlemanly, to blame others for what we haven't yet grasped.. and if we haven't grasped it, perhaps we need to look internally and not externally.
It seems staggeringly foolish to presume you understand what others have and have not grasped from the little information you have.
That you do, shows a lot more about you, and factually so, than what you imagine you've understood about others based on presumption.

And, perhaps, we should remember, too, that nobody has any power over anybody else because, as Human Beings, we have our own Free Will.
Everyone else on this forum who has experienced cults would totally disagree with you.
Every psychologist with a patient would disagree with you.
Every doctor who's ever treated an illness would disagree with you.
Every policeman who's ever stopped a criminal would disagree with you.
Every person who's fought in a war would so totally disagree with you.
Every poor person looking for cash would disagree with you.
Every black person would disagree with you.
Every environmental protestor would disagree with you.
Every parent, and every child, would disagree with you.
... um ... should I go on?

Here you have gone beyond "unrealistic", into what the Buddhists call "delusion".
That means you are mixing up reality with fantasy.
That you believe "free will" means nobody can have power over anyone else is amazingly infantile.
Free will has nothing to do with what you're saying here.
Look it up.

Udumbara, you are precisely the kind of person Peter Young specialises in attracting: seeking power, full of factually incorrect assumptions, and characterised by a sense of innate superiority.
He attracts people like you on purpose, because you are the easiest to manipulate.
Clearly, from all the factually incorrect staements you make here with such conviction, getting you to swallow more nonsense will be a walk in the park for Peter Young.
Be very careful.

Although you've managed to insult so many people at once with your post, including me, and in fact, yourself (although it's going to take you a while to undertsand how you've insulted yourself), I'll do you the favour of telling it to you straight, because I understand where you are at:
Wise up, or be a sucker.

Re: Lama dondrup Dorje / Peter Young FAKE
Posted by: anon27 ()
Date: September 08, 2018 08:46PM

This is a recent article from The Guardian on a yoga school that was a front for the predator who set himself up as a teacher to abuse his students:


What's interesting is that the following quotes are exactly what Peter Young does in his cult:

“When they said “no”, the women claim Tarcau would say “I know what’s best for you”, before forcing himself on them.”

“... many complainants say they stayed for years due to what they described as “brainwashing” at the school. ... and those who complained spoke of being silenced by a threat of “negative karma” for the rest of their lives. ... people had completely blind trust in him and his spiritual powers,”.

“... he was this big, fat repulsive man ... but senior female teachers at the school kept pushing me, telling me it would be really healing for me ... would keep them under his command through a combination of degradation, hypnosis and mental manipulation.

“I was so brainwashed at that point that I thought ‘he’s my teacher, he knows better than me what I need’. ... criticism of Tarcau was systematically undermined. If I ever tried to speak up about Swami’s behaviour with women,you would be shut down immediately, dismissed as being dramatic, that you were spreading gossip and lies and threats of you being ostracised – and that’s a key dynamic that makes it a cult,”

“You would be told: ‘you can’t speak badly about your guru or you will have negative karma for the rest of your life.’ It was such a culture of victim blaming and karmic retribution. That’s how they kept people quiet.”

I hope all those who are in fear of Peter Young, or who believe he does has some kind of magical powers realise from this: predatory cult leaders all use the same nonsense to control others.
Peter Young is a cliche. He has no powers.
Every con artist in the spiritual world uses the same lies to manipulate others.

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