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Re: Lama dondrup Dorje / Peter Young FAKE
Posted by: anon27 ()
Date: August 03, 2020 05:40AM

Hi Karma,
I'm writing this publically because it may help others.

What you are describing here is part of the experience of surviving a cult.
You are doing your best to make sense of the experiences you have had.
That's good.

However, you can't do it alone.
All of us need help to do that.
The best thing you can do for your road to freedom is to find someone with qualifications to help you make sense of it.

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Re: Lama dondrup Dorje / Peter Young FAKE
Date: August 22, 2020 01:45PM

Hello guys,

Anon and Powerful Woman of Eternity, I want to give great thanks for your contributions on this educational forum. It give me deeper insight in PY/Dondrup's undescribed/hidden/not talked about background. Especially his past on sexual activities. Thus how he seems to somehow express his great frustration on sexuality towards me, in the way he have been assaulting me for a long time now. (Do consider that around 2015 - some time before the time i arrived at his centre he has already been energetically "raping" me for a while. When after, in retreat 2015-2016, it clearly showed, that AT ONE POINT, he stopped his manipulation on me and "let go" of his assault for a moment, as the energy of shame loosened in my body dropping down -in fluid form because it is assaulted from the root and being moved through and around the body- as i was "heavily sweating" this out... while he was looking at me i know it happened... But i only perceived it as if he was helping me, and no other way than that. Now i consider this as some form of abuse that he've been doing on me. Because also, i do remember how similar things happened before, and how he have VERY DEEPLY manipulated, shamed and troubled me in times before 2014)

It seems to me that this "lama" Dondrup" is an actual very frustrated man.
Who actually is easily tempered (angry) when it comes to his personal business/turf, which he, as a "Buddhist teacher" is ofcourse discouraging and make us feel very guilty of.

However, i want to clarify on some things.
It is not that Dondrup has no skill/realisation.ability at all.
And to "move" people is a possibility, but what you see from him is extremely exaggerated, and possibly enabled by students' own sensitivity/RECEPTIVENESS of energetic suggestions.

What i want to make clear is that this "lama" is a master of manipulating the Root Chakra, which holds your ancestral memories (which i do now deeply understand how they have been continuously DIGGING DEEPLY into with clear denial of permission from my side, but the problem is that this lowest of chakra's is very much "unconscious", so in a very subtle way they have known how to deceive me (which i was half-aware of though but i couldnt fully figure how to fend them off consistently) to manipulate me consistently. Not allways as effective due to my own "realisation/knowing", but eventually on the long-term they got me more and more insecure. Through that, -which is quite strange-, i still have allways a strong sense of confidence and self-belief however, but in the root there is this insecurity/instability in me.

Because of SHAME, which is just, as it have allways been, part of my own inner reaction on some of my sexual behaviours - it make me feel shameful to know that i have been watching porn and self-pleasure on sexual fantasies while actually i never had any problem and still not be having problem to find attraction from the female -

I seem to be having a strong sex-drive, this animalistic nature which we all have as human beings, but actually, on my own i can manage it perfectly well. It is not a problem for me at all. But in the eyes of a "great teacher" whom, appearantly is very dogmatic, and thus does NOT respect the conditions of individuals, this is a great problem. So he make of it a big problem for the individual.

I have NEVER HARMED someone, nor WILL i ever harm someone with my sexuality.
Which they know ofcourse. But for some reason, they want to abuse this "weakness" in me, and literally steal my energy.

WHY they want to steal my energy? And what do they DO with it?
They "SHOOT" this, in its fluid form, into other people's bodies.
I dont know exactly why. But i KNOW it cost me. It harms my integrity.

The root, as i have experienced for myself very deeply, as i am capable of loving very deeply, of being deeply loving, i know the root is very much connected with that. I have CLEARLY been aware of how Dondrup (and those who listen to his instructions by being faithfully blinded -by faith itself- which ofcourse is the work of Dondrup's PROGRAMMING on Guru Yoga) have been FANATICALLY assaulting this and confusing this all the time that he has been chasing after me. (I would like to share my story of his-THEIR chase on me, so maybe later)

I had some crazy things happening to me, such as, my strange neighbour had at some point kicked a girl out of the door, being totally naked, next to my door.. She was thus sitting down naked on my doormat.
I heard a desperate female knocking my door asking for help...
-They probably wanted my to take advantage of her and her vulnerability so as to make me feel even WORSE about myself and MORE GUILTY, but..-
I never touched her.. After some time of doubt and confusion - and the insecurity/fear of that, and what was going on- i opened up, quickly gave her some clothes, didnt even PEAK at her naked body because i just knew already what time it was, i saw naked arms at some point so thats enough. I heard her story, gave some answers and felt deep love for her which i wanted to share, and did.. I was, to my own thinking, making some mistakes by hugging her - it is mistake because i was still walking around with my negative thoughts on Dondrup andsoforth-, and also this kind of thing may cause FEELINGS in others which i would have rather not have that happening, because as far as i understood, this girl was "another man's woman", well, i could say "possession", because he was rather possessive (knowing her just 2 weeks and considering her as such already while nothing between them was yet very certain, so..) - By thinking logically, i reasoned that this boy had been using illegal party-drugs on her, to dwelm her and being extra submissive for... sex(ual abuse). So i had explain this to her also, which i regretted later, as it gave me doubt and insecurity later, and from that (from that place of deep innocence) the fear of having done something wrong.

Because of that fear of having done something wrong (HOW DEEPLY ROOTED is that in Dondrup's abusive programming on us?!?!!), i approached this guy for a few days, after which he finally opened the door. I was actually very very humble and understanding towards him (having thought longer about my previous assumptions about him), and approach him from this stance of vulnerability, he became very angry with me, even threatened me that he wanted to kick me ass (no chance though which i know very well, but from this insecurity-fear and guilt of what i had said about him, and being possibly wrong - i did not respond to it - normally i would ofcourse invite him to try on me --> because he is a person that, from HIS type of behaviour, people like me would LIKE to kick his ass! - but though, from that and the reasoning from "Dondrup's Wisdom Teachings" --> "The best way to respond to conflict is nòt to respond", so i allowed this to happen and thus left him with the illusion of having power over me) But in fact, from this, and as long as i was insecure and perhaps wrong, in fact this situation ITSELF had power over me, which was THEIR power - those that manipulated me, those who want me to be and remain in fear. You know who.

Sorry to complicate it a bit more, but for you to understand my experience and how that this manipulation keep causing me certain instability due to me having to digest experiences and thinking about what i'm experiencing, OFCOURSE, later i regretted my choices on this guy. He actually SHOULD have got his ass kicked. Well, not that, because i'd like to still adhere to the Buddhist Wisdom Teachings and to be loyal to the Path of the Soul-most of all-, but he should have been CONFRONTED about what he had done to the girl. And from that moment i decided to stay away from my home, from self-shame and secondly this condition.
As i decided it would be wisest to stay away from this potential conflict, as i had also been thinking of seeking the conflict so as to amend for my mistakes on him. And wanting to get the THREAT off my back you know? He is not a threat to me at all because he wouldnt stand a chance but its that idea that i am stuck with.. Anyway, i knew what he was motivated by: FEAR.

But me too.. As i want to avoid seeing him, because i am still unpleased about the way he acted on me and i feel that, he was wrong by his behaviour towards the lady at first, and second to me, so as to shield/protect his dirty secret.
For this reason i do not want to interact with him, and have been literally staying away from home for one year straight already...
I have only been back for 2 times just to make sure, posting and other things around my home would be ok so that i wouldnt have to leave or have officers/law-enforcement breaking in my home because hey are worried about my state of being and residence. Thinking i'm dead or something because i'm never home...

Anyway, all this stuff, is thus still very much connected to the Root... That's why this story serves the rest of what i have written here. And it's all for my "friends" out here who read this website.

This is what i wanted to share with you, since we have been talking about the root now, here is the reason why: []

My wish is for you to read this and i really wish the best of understanding and positive future fruition from this.

PS. I wrote the word "friends", but i dont really believe in (having) friends anymore, because my "ideals" on what a friend supposed to be like, is SO (well, very) high, that nearly nobody can manage that. At least, it demands very high Integrity and Sincerity, which most of the ordinary people just dont have.
And to my great disappointment those of whom i would have expected to have no judgement on me, due to lama Dondrup's influance, HAVE judged me. And SOME of them (some of my very BEST FRIENDS of this Pathgate place) have even accepted Dondrup's instructions on continuous sabotage/manipulation on me. WHATEVER their goals where. In the long run it was all negative, disastrous.
However i know, AT SOME POINT it will have sometething positive.

But i'm very aware of how they KEEP STICKING to me, wanting total control and influance over me, and the outcome of everything, wanting to be PART of, whatever i am doing and going through, seeking some kind of, positive outcome for themselves.

Those of friends there, from Pathgate "Sangha", those are allways remembered for whom they really are, as i know who they really are. Beautiful and very kind people. But that which disappointed me will allways be barrier between me and them. Especially as long as Dondrup is in the picture.

I have learned some things from Dondrup which are very very helpful and appreciatable, but he is most definetely, for allways kicked out the door.
Whatever or whomever he be or really is, and is actually still, trying to PROVE whom and what he is and would be..... but really, i dont care for it. Not my guru, i am beyond this eternalistic view that he is still trying to bind me to.

I have learned from another person whom also, AUTHENTICLY teaches the Buddhist path, as a high -and very LOVING (which is most essential)- teacher, that, the actual job of the Guru, is to bring the student to that state of being that the student DONT NEED the Guru.

This puts the record straight on this Dondrup Rinpoche. As an extra contributor to support what we have already understoond about Dondrup Dorje - how he seeks to BIND students to him-.

I personally have experienced this as VERY POSSESSIVE, very claiming.
Which, as a natural Sagitarius, is COMPLETELY repellent for me.
Liberal, free-spirited.

Discipline is very good. Dictature is not. Not for me.
Bless and praise those holy monks who have completely pure practice,
But... Helping others does not mean forcing others.
And forcing others, is definetely not a definition of helping others.

:) Thanks for viewing (L)

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Re: Lama dondrup Dorje / Peter Young FAKE
Date: August 23, 2020 07:55PM

Hi friends,

I would like to continue talking about the root chakra, the "everything we have", the most important of all. Literally the basis of everything. You MUST read in the previous last message of mine this link to understand better what i.. AM going through.

These guys have been DIGGING in my root 'like forever'..
And have assaulted members of my family too.
And you must understand that, how he uses this in his teachings as well.
RIGHT NOW, just listen his new audio teaching. As he speaks of how certain things "affect our parents", "in a big way" --> EVIL is he as he says this SO sanctimoniously! Because he knows very well he is the DOER of it!!!!
HOW? - Read on..

As i have stated in my messages under Dondrup's Youtube videos often, i have spoken about my own awakening experiences and how i have come there in 2015 "for help" because ACTUALLY they were already assaulting me and had manipulated already many events in my life to go wrong for me, including losing my home.
Which i was EVER ready for, UNTIL it was MANIPULATED in a very cunning way, so as this "Rinpoche" KNEW about my awakening and gains of consciousness, he thus wanted to attack. For whatever reason!!!! NO REASON is good enough as an excuse for this behaviour!

I have spoken about my personal awakening experiences to the point of becoming "advanced" (for what i know... lets just say... clearvoyancy was developing. He knew it, i knew it. They have strongly manipulated this and stopped me. I was seeing very very many colours and having many dreams, TELLING dreams in which i understood emotional states of other people, things like that. I started understanding from BESIDES being very sensitive to energies and "reading" this intuitively, i started seeing in the sky, understanding for example the meaning of it, i felt the tiredness of many people around me, i felt this in my environment - its hard to explain because i havent proceeded from there because its where things were already going wrong - i also sensed this that things were being manipulated so as to create obstacles for me- but somehow i picked up this information, from moretheless seeing energy fields and understanding them)
Very short after this i felt lot of, lets call it "Amitofu's" (mantra), mantra-like hummings on my crown... Which i have later understood as some kind of intention from the Pathgate cult to control, claim and/or obscure my consciousness.

Right now, i can't say much, i rarely have any spiritual experiences that i can really understand, see or follow. Because of the assaults on my energy field. Thats what i am most aware of nowadays. How this people keep continueing pushing themselves through my energy field through my body - which is most important to attack because the body is ALL CONNECTED to all this it plays a major part in consciousness! (So take good care of it!)

When i was in their Centre in 2015, i was very aware of a MASSIVE SHIFT in experience and understanding of the students in there. I was very much part of CAUSING this, not for the pride and honour i am saying this, but it supports the story i have about Dondrup! How i see, feel and think that, things JUST AINT RIGHT in there! I was very much, often, grounding myself, continuously continously, i had simply very good and strong practice, even developed methods (-and- movements) BEYOND what was taught to us, of which some where ofcourse ehm.. -google translate- 'diverted from' the form that was taught on us.

From this movements, as i was continously practicing, all day and night (yes i had times that i didnt sleep for 3 days, and many many days sleeping just a few hours, like 3 a day) ALL of them started copying me. Thats one reason why things suddenly went RAPID SPEED, Kunzang saw me doing things because i was at some point sleeping in their house, as i was sleeping relatively close to him he found out about things i was doing, so he copied that.

Ani Norbu copied "my" (they were REALLY not mine, but i understood them very well and demonstrated them very vividly so they started to understand) movements as well, and many other students started to "realise" things from there. How to really practice.

Dondrup at that time, as he had astrally observed me , and seen my succes, he started teaching the people my personal practices which i had found, made and applied by myself on a daily basis very smartly, and being very invested in this i had a very fast spiritual-energetic development, and strong energy, which also fired up the whole sangha -well, that part that was around at my 'troubled' time in there. When i was struggling with all the abuse from Dondrup on my root - as he was still working actively on "how to keep me IN and UNDER his CONTROL --> Thus CLAIMING me as some kind of possession/object which was HIS - because he is "THE MASTER, THE TEACHER"- you get me??..

So all this happened to me. I started talking in there about the body, also on the youtube channel i have been talking about the body, and how to take care of it so as to consolidate and speeden up practice, energy and realisation.

Dondrup CLEARLY was very angry about this, as this was his reason to set the whole Sangha up against me, CLEARLY AFRAID as well, because i was very strong and very confident, and did not allow this prick to abuse me like he did - as i was walking away from this disgusting cult every day-

so now, as i told you how he started teaching my personal "intellectual property" to others, as a means to safeguard and dig in his own position and credibility. He started teaching certain Tibetan Buddhist practices so as to quickly discredit me and assault my dignity and realisation by all means, being angered by - and perhaps jealous of- the realisations i had managed to develop in spite of ALL his verbal and non-verbal (ASTRAL) manipulation which he had spend so much time on.

Now i can continue how this lama Dondrup, does INDEED make sure all his students have ZERO TO NONE realisation at all! This is by the allways insulting and assaulting means of words, shouting, intimidation and deception he does on his students. So he GIVE you something at SOME times!!.. but JUST ENOUGH to KEEP YOU GOING and BELIEVING!!!! THATS HOW HE OPERATE!!

So, i can tell you how, he ASSAULTS students who become "better and bigger", higher in energy. CLEARLY he is allways undermining peoples' confidence and thrust, belittle them in many ways - directly or indirectly - and sometimes very aggressively, so as to STAGNATE THEIR PROCESS of growth! And hopefully to make them crawl up in their little shell, so as to not come out of it again (thats how far he got ME right now!! and i TELL YOU!!! I have lost SO MUCH HEALTH because of their assault practice on me! Nearly close to death sometimes, LITERALLY! And i am very certain that, they dont mind at all. At some point this is clearly the intent!)

The thing is - either you give up the "battle on us" - which i dont really HAVE because I AM NOT BATTELING THEM, i just want to move on and live MY LIFE !!without being manipulated and chased by them!! - or you die.

This is how Dondrup LITERALLY thinks, and caused his students to think likewise. They dont care! "YOU ACCEPT US as your angels-guides" - which they are not - WHATEVER, or you just go against us and DIE because we keep pulling out stuff out of your body and cause your body TO NOT OPERATE NOT ASSIMILATE - because their energetic "imput" assault cuts themselves through my body which causes intense stress and makes it VERY HARD to relax, and thus my body doesnt do nothing - this is why i empathyse some fysical excercise for EVERYONE who is a victime of Dondrup - especially those who are still - feel like/as if, or even KNOW they are chased by them - you MUST move!

Because that is exactly what they doing to me - they stop me from moving - through this DEEP DEEP assault on small TOTALLY useless fears which would and should, never actually face me that much.

This is how it affects my health big time - thrust me, i have lost A LOT of teeth from this - which makes it very clear that they are assualting my Root chakra INDEED! Root: GUT-bones-muscles-throat. It all started with the gut and bladder. I will consolidate and ETERNALISE this information for you soon, as from their youtube channel i have often been removing, MANY messages about their behaviours and practices on me, which would totally proof what kind of people they are and what they are doing.

By their manipulation of "shocking" me and thus fear-abuse also, they have caused me to think again (because this kind of stuff ALLWAYS makes you think) , so it makes me STOP DOING/being active and THINK instead. Thats what it does.

I will continue on this in the next message, as i MUST get the information out, because i understand the possibility of a speedened (manipulated) death.
Which is very feasible if you ask me. All the fysical problems i have been experiencing, of which most alarming is the strong decay of teeth. Which Dondrup in his new audio teaching is trying to put the responsibility in my hands solely. But HOW is that when other people invade your body and intentionally make it disfunctionable?? Thus - more people responsible here.

But all they look at is "reflecting" for me on what i have inside, AS IF I DONT KNOW, and likewise, as if i cant help myself and transform it.

THE FACT is, they STOP ME from transforming it!!!

Here is the audio teaching: [] "How to practice B-DH"
listen to it and you'll understand what i mean with covering up himself and being extremely cunning (and abusive).

PS. I want this information out - and known - just in case i dont make it.
One smart thing that they dont do, YET, is to hack my email account and other accounts and stuff, so as to edit or remove my messages, and cause MORE unhappyness and "bad luck" in my life.

I believe it is impossible for me to remove messages on this website anyway, so if i find this to be true indeed, that is a great relief. Because it must be known, this Dondrup is a big liar, he involved too many, small or big- lies in his "teaching", which caused us to have been misled, which is not fair and should be fixed. And unfortunately, its up to us to set the record straight on things like that.


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Re: Lama dondrup Dorje / Peter Young FAKE
Date: August 26, 2020 03:12PM

About our "master of root assault", i got one thing to dd:
Often have i been complaining about the stuff they would be doing to my "fluids", but it actually has way more to do with the 5 winds of the body - and consciousness, known as Tsalung.

This is how this kind of, idiotic maniacs such as Dondrup, and idiots who seek revenge and thus manipulate these 5 winds of other peoples' bodies, cause others to go insane.

Besides this, they have all the time, day in day out, been sucking these body fluids of mine due to their abuse of my winds.

And THRUST ME, those were very much poisoned due to the KIND of foods I've been eating - whiuch was due to the high stresss they caused me with this wind manipulation and THUS was INTENTIONAL as destructive becaused they INTENTIONALLY made me go "out of control", and thus totally sabotaging "myself"

As mister lama DOndrup madman was so much complaint and angry about my.. having human "lust"... he thought he should and would BURY ME in it!!

Thus, ANYONE beying prophecised into hellrounds and lower rounds by "BENEVOLENT LAMAS" and highly accomplished teachers that in fact, practice NO (true) LOVING KINDNESS at all, not practice HUMANITY in the way how the teaching is given,

WELL?.... You can surely figure out the rest what i'm about to say dont you?
(What i mean to say: If all that stuff is TRUELY real, than malevolent people like him, can perhaps cause you to take birth in lower places INDEED, if you dont have the discipline to fight the manipulation continuously in spite of exhaustion due to the intense evil assault!!)

And this is how it really is, and SURELY justifies my assumption about that they have killed my past teacher. And HOW!!

Besides this past teacher, also have he killed more than enough other people by causing them illnesses and diseases by this very ABUSE practice of TSALUNG!

For those who are familiar with, having felt MANIPULATED FEAR which where clearly by the assault of Dondrup's "powers", which should not be taken as SUPERIOR or indefinete and supreme, because we all can come to this realisations he has, but its just not that easy and take a LOT of time and effort to discover and master.

You might remember that at the front of your body, your fluids there started to move very fast and unstable like, thus Dondrup manipulation on EXISTENT, or to CAUSE fear.

Why fear? Because something is happening that SHOCKS you, and can't control.
Thats why, automatically, the experience is moretheless, somewhat fearful.

It make you feel like having to pee, or even pissing your pants.

On my personal experiences on that, i was very afraid to pee my pants and look rediculous because i was allwaysconsuming lots of fluids, thus an easy prey in that sense, to FEEL a certain way in that experience, which is by definition unpleasant. !!

That much i can tell.

Have i now betray on Buddhism? By speaking out ALL i have learned?
NO!! DONDRUP has betrayed on Buddhism! BADLY!!!
And THIS IS the reason this information - that perhaps supposed to be hidden - is coming out now.

AND NOW THE WRONG INTENDED ONES have easy acces to this information!!

Thus Evil Dondrup AGAIN, has done a GREAT JOB betraying Buddhism because of being a highly manipulative person that doesnt shy taking life at all.

He has in fact does it DOZENS of times, thats why in his eyes you can see he has been holding so much darkness which we weren't aware off.

So it it EASIER to hide it!!!

SCARY, ugly freaking m -ag -got!

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Re: Lama dondrup Dorje / Peter Young FAKE
Date: September 03, 2020 06:36PM

He was often in Singapore right?
I have asked a temple related to HH Pema Norbu Rinpoche/Karma Kuchen in Singapore (Palyul Nyingma Lineage) if they knew ven. lama Dondrup Dorje.

No one knew him...

They have a facebook website. Just use the search engine Palyul Nyingma Singapore, something like that.
Please try it for yourself.
They may have not continued on answering me, because i myself was in a bad-negative state of mind at that time.

I'm not sure if i had put the picture with it, so you can try start a conversation with them on facebook, and investigate if they know our friend "ven. lama Dondrup Dorje". If not, HOW??? How is it possible they do NOT KNOW ven. lama Dondrup Dorje if he even taught there quite often?

And investigate on the other places he would also be giving teaching often:
- melbourne and Sydney.

They have authentic taiji teachers there:
- Sifu Adam Mizner for example.

Go and investigate. See where he is teaching, and maybe you can ask him if he know this "obese Chinese with a phat glasses on his head" that used to wear lama robes (or not) and teach Buddhism and Taiji around the globe...

One thing is for sure though. It is true that, whenever we do something wrong, if we have an actual good character, this feels very bad, and we shouldn't ignore that. Even this little disrespect i am showing here.. It doesnt feel right.

And you can NOT say that he didn't mention that in even his video from long time ago, on the heart Sutra....

Don't go against yourself...
For that he DOES have deep wisdom i believe.

And maybe, besides SOME things he have been doing, he is not going against HIMSELF quite often. For what he IS sure of, is that when we make a mistake that cause us to hurt ourselves - or others --> he is there to make you feel it "the worse way".. And.. HOW BAD this really is??

If you are simply confronted with YOURSELF??...
(ofcourse it depends how it is "used against you" ofcourse..)

But if he didnt harm me himself, but REFLECT - in energy thus happyness vs pain - my harmful thoughts towards HIM? (okay, to reflect my anger towards him - why? well i guess he felt that i should suffer more because i have attacked his mind a dozen of times --> he was the one though to make me repeat it again and again so as to make me suffer and become very habituated in it - that is wrong i would say)

So yes, there is something cunning about it, at certain point i lost my awareness about the fact that still it is me, causing the suffering to myself because of the responses of my mind. But it was HIM inviting me to do it all the time.... which is sad.

Do you remember this guy from Brasil though? very respectful nice guy that called him "lama Dondrup"? He talked about his taiji teacher from Brasil, very muscular but very soft... - I guess Dondrup Rinpoche was starting to have visions of himself being choked and locked in BJJ (Brasilian Jiu Jitsu) arm bars and thought to himself "well lets just keep this student to where he he came from" - "you can stay in Brasil with your Teacher"... XD :P

What was his name again... its on my lips.. He only came once...

Anyway, investigate it i would say. If there is more information available in this area it would serve us all the more.

And bt: If you BELIEVE they have no effect on you and cannot harm you nor manipulate you, that's a good thing. Just live your life happily.
Belief and conviction can be a strong protection!

Hope everyone is doing well!!

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Re: Lama dondrup Dorje / Peter Young FAKE
Date: September 08, 2020 04:48AM

I withdraw from here. I can no longer continue worrying about this.
For me its a choice weather i want to be living or dying, and i want to live im not supposed to die at only 34 years of age.

I am utterly assaulted and i feel like they really dont care about my health.
I dont know why its so tough but its the way it is.

I must be very kind to myself now and do A LOT MORE to improve both my health and my state of mind and being. Which all connects ofcourse.

If i dont do this i may not make it to 2021.
This is perhaps (i hope!) slightly exaggerated, but 2022 i am certain.
If i dont start working very hard right now i am not gonna make it.
Still i am uncertain but i gotta do what i can to improve things.

Im not sure about wether its true or not but if i must believe the pictures on pathgate news (and the stories), than this may proof that ven. Lama Dondrup Dorje IS somehow endorsed" by (at least certain) high lamas of Namdroling Monastary. Its still pictures and stories, but i give it the benefit of the doubt and stop talking about this subject.

First off there is plenty of information out there now, second, if we have been WRONG about it, than for sure we have been accumulating negative karma.
Nothing is permanent but i have for certain been assaulted like crazy on a daily basis.

I am of the opinion that this is not the right way (at all), but it is just the way as it is right now. I do totally disagree with the chase they had instigated and committed (determined) upon me, but ofcourse, i have no power over the choice of other people.

Its like really HORDES of people/beings penetrating my body like maniacs, but at least 2 or more people every day.

Right bottom side of my dents have as a result of it been half of it crushed-destroyed after all of the friction due to stressing strings (of fluid) in my body which have been pulled and tossed all the time very violently.

So i must do as much as i can to get back to a decent health, as far as possible. I am not in a position to help anyone in this position thats for sure, but i can do my best to help myself as a start.

All of you should do at least that. I haven't done enough and have payed the price for it. So i leave it all up to this. I can no longer continue. Just from the sake of sanity. I dont listen to fear but it is foolish not to consider my health. I shouldnt think of kicking this guys ass even though i have thought a lot about this, due to the threat they cause to my health.

But my own mind is a cause for all this and it is not the way to harm or change others but to change ourselves. I feel the way it is done is all unfair, but i have no other choice and shouldnt use this as an excuse not to do anything about it, which has been my excuse. YES i was convinced about it, but it doesnt help me. And thats the point where i do now see reason to consider this lama to be a narcissist indeed. It may not be a full narcissist like mundane people, but well, BRUTAL like a narcissist for sure.

Maybe just very much of a narcistic personality, yet with high accomplishment.
(if that is possible) - And maybe he is FEARED by some (or many) of the Namdroling Monastary because he may be known for his violent temperament.

But well, lets just excuse him for being a great Mahasiddha that is using his 'skillful means of Wrathful practices' on 'people that "need" or "deserve" it'.

Anyway. Here is a last thing i want to share with you as it COULD shed some light on the character of the lama. Don't take it as facts, just investigate and reflect from your own experience: []
(They might start threatening or assaulting this lady to remove it, but i think they will not. If its removed or the person has a sudden death than ofcourse that leaves its clues by its own. Im saying it heavy but i am convinced they are playing it heavy)

(But guys, be gentle on him please, I DO think he have been through quite some bits of suffering from all the turbulence that may have happened in his Sangha - I have no idea WHAT, but it is clear ofcourse that some people have stopped seeing him)

Im not even sure if im gonna live long after this since it has been an ongoing thing and sometimes it looks like they really trying to get rid of me - as i am "useless" here anyway. This is rather false ofcourse but atm i am not really contributing to the world indeed. So maybe i rather be made food for the worms.
I know that Dondrup thinks this way literally, so i wont be surprised.
I have been throwing up, inconsistent stool, hardly piss, little bits most times, channels been pulled and all kind of phenomena like stigma.
we'll see.

Whoever is suffering and thinks it has to do with them, make sure you keep on moving, and try to do things slowly so as to have your mind focused on it properly, as ven. Lama Dondrup Dorje taught us.

Besides, stay on the right side, let love guide you, instead of fear.
If you can.

I hope all is well with everyone, i am slightly concerned because i havent seen any responses anymore. Have you guys left already?!?!? Am i hard to kill? :P hahahaha sorry i had to make a joke out of it. Its good to keep a little sense of humor at times like these.

I hope that things will improve soon. For everyone.
I must start to focus very much on positive things.
Positive thoughts, happy thoughts and happy things.

Karma Ngawang.

I'll pm my email adress, i am concerned, if i dont survive this or next year than i want it not to be in vain!!

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Re: Lama dondrup Dorje / Peter Young FAKE
Posted by: karmicwind ()
Date: December 08, 2020 01:04AM

“Lisa’s” Testimony

The following text has been slightly edited for improved readability. “Lisa” has requested anonymity. She reports leading a wonderful life with a satisfying career. She describes her life as joyful, purposeful, and with much reason for deep gratitude. Seeing herself as absolutely a spiritual person, Lisa continues to grow her spiritual awareness in healthier and more authentic ways.

I am the kind of person who is curious about things – and, nowadays, when something piques my interest, I like to research it thoroughly and develop a deep understanding. One of these things which has recently intrigued me at this deep level is the subject of ‘cult organisations’, the psychology of recruitment, control of their members and the symptoms of trauma experienced by those who have broken free from such organisations.

Dangerous cult-like organisations are well reported in the media – well, the larger ones are anyhow. And reporting only happens when their rotten core, fabrications of lies and damaging abusive actions and conduct in relation to brainwashed members are discovered, exposed and reported in mainstream media – often delivered in the most sensationalised ways.

And for most people, that all seems so ‘out there’, completely distanced, and practically everybody believes that getting involved with a cult organisation absolutely would not, and could not, happen to them.

I have bad news…

If you are an intelligent, curious truth seeker who generally prefers to see the good in people, then you are EXACTLY the kind of person a cult leadership would like to recruit. In fact, they will utilise all of these beautiful traits as weapons against you in order to exploit you, secure your submission and extract power over you for their own personal gain – all whilst conjuring a smokescreen of deceit so that you remain ‘none the wiser’.

Sound narcissistic?

It is and they are.

I cannot express caution enough when I say that falling down the rabbit hole of becoming an unsuspecting ‘cult-member’ can happen much easier than you think. It’s not just the large organisations you hear about on a Netflix series, or a passing news item reported from another country – there are a whole host of much smaller organisations around the world who are operating potentially in your country, perhaps even in your home town or city – unnoticed and flying beneath the radar of local authorities, social services and the wider community.

Cults are highly adept at separating themselves and their brainwashed members from society and surrounding themselves with a cloak of secrecy under the façade of a benign ‘wholesome organisation’ (Spoiler alert – Pathgate Institute in Newcastle-upon-Tyne IS one such cult like organisation).

So, recently as I continued to research and learn more (some of my learnings I have outlined already above) I realised that the reason I was so interested in this specific obscure subject was because it resonated with an experience of my own which occurred over 20 years ago.

As a young woman (and I was/am intelligent, curious, a truth seeker and prefer to find the good in people by the way), I had the unfortunate experience of making acquaintance with a curious individual named 'Sifu' (as he was then calling himself) Peter Young (PY). My recognition of my experiences and memories of that meeting and surrounding events led me to a simple google search of PY and, to my dismay, instead of finding that he had disappeared into oblivion, I discovered that he has now grown his following and continues to harm others.

I know it is my duty to add my own testimony to this blog to provide further resources for potential, current or ex-members in an effort to reduce harm, and provide solidarity and understanding for people on a journey through healing and towards true freedom.

So, here is my account:

When I met PY I was in the process of a distressing divorce which was freeing me from an abusive marriage. I was extremely emotionally fragile and 'lost' at that time, and was introduced to PY by a work colleague (who was intelligent, curious and a truth seeker and preferred to find the good in people). My colleague was already an established (and most likely indoctrinated) student of PY, although I was not aware of this at the time. I do not doubt that my colleague truly believed PY could help me with healing and clarity and his actions in introducing me to PY were well-meaning, well-intentioned and from a place of care and concern.

He was also, however, deeply brainwashed.

Now usually, when there is someone a person knows, trusts and respects saying “this is going to be helpful for you”, people are probably going to be much less likely to question things – and so the introduction (and attempted indoctrination by PY) began.

When I consider my fragile emotional state at that time and a desire to find answers and an end of suffering to, let’s face it, a normal human response to the end of a marriage, I was wide open to anything that I deemed might be the right path to healing.

It’s worth noting here that my research indicates that my personal fragile situation and mindset are not unique in terms of potential targets for recruitment to cult organisations. A ‘broken’ person is generally looking for answers – a route out of feelings of discomfort – so how lucky we feel when someone who has been recommended by a trusted friend turns up and flouts boldly and confidently what looks to all intent and purpose like “the answer to all your suffering.”

Well, with PY I can confidently state I found neither healing nor clarity, and only a route into deeper suffering. During the time I knew him I discovered and witnessed guilt, confusion, manipulation, deceit, abuse and coercion, all delivered and inflicted intently on others and myself by PY’s own volition. I count myself now one of the ‘luckier’ ones since I did not spend much time with PY before I took the wise decision to cut ties with his teachings and acquaintance. The time between first meeting and me cutting ties with PY was only few months at most, however I cannot say that I wasn’t left without emotional wounds – this took time to heal.

Below is a summary of some of my experiences during this short time:

My first experience of PY was at one of his martial arts classes. Everyone there really seemed to respect this guy, it was obvious that he had the admiration and adulation of all of his students. They hung onto his every word, obeyed his every command and simply accepted all criticism. No backchat, no question, a complete acceptance that ‘Sifu’ (this is what everyone called him) was some kind of powerful and all-knowing leader.

It didn’t take long to see one of the reasons why he appeared so convincing to so many. Much of PY’s time in class was spent demonstrating his supposed 'powers' – his only apparent power was throwing his students arounds the room without touching them and using energy alone. What I now understand as a psychological conditioned unconscious response in his students, back then appeared to be a wondrous miracle unfolding before my young eyes. It’s easy to see how this peacock-like display of showing off was a competent attempt to convince and draw newer members into believing he was some kind of special being who we were fortunate to have met, and I’m sorry to say I fell for this too.

PY additionally boasted unashamedly about his skills, his amazing life, his wondrous powers and the stories about how he had affected people so profoundly. His adorning and regaling of tales only seemed to serve to feed his glassy-eyed students with more ‘evidence’ that we truly were in the presence of all-knowing wisdom.

Along with his grandiose stories of compassion and adoration, he would also ‘teach’. What he was teaching though, I don’t know – it was impossible to understand. It was confusing and elusive and my normally well-honed learning patterns were totally thrown off course as I struggled to join the dots and make the connections needed to make sense of anything PY said. In the midst of the situation, I explained this away as being ‘new to this’, or that the teachings for me ‘didn’t have the right foundation to build on yet’. My updated and rational understanding now is that he was talking complete nonsense, knowing his students would be unable to, or really struggle to make any real meaning. Students were left with a whole host of abstract notions bouncing around in their heads and, guess what? Did you know that people are more suggestible to indoctrination and brainwashing when they are in the vulnerable state of confusion? Yep – when the conscious mind is fully tasked, tied up in knots with a puzzle – the unconscious becomes available to listen – and every single persons’ unconscious in that room that evening was fully listening and open to the subtle and dangerous reprogramming orchestrated by PY himself. Of course, I understand this now, but that’s the benefit of hindsight isn’t it?

So, imagine being a newcomer, who had been told on trust that here was a place of possible healing and clarity. A whole group of people present clearly believe this guy is some kind of magical being, add in the illusory spectacle of full-grown men being hurled across the room by an unseen force emanating from this individual and, well, it’s not hard to see how a person can have a curiosity of wanting to know more. And even if there were any doubts at this point, one only needs to type ‘elevator experiment’ or ‘social conformity experiment’ into YouTube to witness for yourself how a person’s individual behaviours and thoughts quickly adapt and conform to that of the ‘group’. It’s all down to simple survival of a desire to fit in (because, as social creatures in prehistoric times, if we didn’t, we would die – our neurocircuitry really hasn’t evolved that much). Also, at the same time, my conscious thinking was ‘how could so many people be wrong?’

It’s also easy to see here how a person who is intelligent, curious, a truth seeker and prefers to assume the good in people would be happy to take a step deeper into this world. And I unfortunately seemingly wilfully did so – and returned many times in the following few months.

One thing that facilitated my decisions to return was a special attention I appeared to receive from PY – you might have read about ‘love bombing’? This is a strategy that malignant narcissists and cult leaders often use in order to hook in, create an illusory bond and gain trust of their victims. Someone literally goes out of their way to do everything they can to make you feel special, whether this is compliments, extra attention, gifts, or any act that superficially appears to be selfless. Add in his notoriety as the ‘wise one’, the ‘Sifu’ and the huge following of students and (brainwashed) ‘believers’ he had – for someone sitting within the emotional train wreck of a divorce process, this attention was welcome and I felt ‘special’ for the first time I could remember in a long while. It’s easy to see, isn’t it, how a person can become trustful and attached.

Now ‘love bombing’ does sound quite harmless doesn’t it? So what? Someone was nice to you… someone paid attention… you were made to feel special – that’s good isn’t it?

No, it’s not that simple – especially and specifically when this person is only exhibiting this behaviour in order to gain exclusive control over another person. It also didn’t take long before PY’s behaviour began to shift.

PY continued with the love bombing, but with less frequency or consistency, and began to increasingly add in cruel behaviours and cutting remarks which aimed to shatter my self-confidence, cause me to question my sense of self – my personality, my skills, my relationships, my identity, my beliefs, my values, my perceptions. Hey, I’m not perfect – nobody is, but PY takes pleasure in taking a wrecking ball to peoples own self-worth and watching it shatter. He had a ferocious temper, and it’s easy to see now why his students fear him – I feared him. Time spent with PY increasingly became an exhausting emotional rollercoaster of control where I was in a constant state of emotional flux and fear, never knowing which side of 'Sifu' would appear and forever second guessing myself and my own instincts and behaviours.

By this time my already broken emotional state before I had even met PY had been substantially increased. The personal attacks, the put downs, the criticism, the reminders of ‘how little I know’, the outbursts, the tempers and the utter stripping away of my own identity by this malicious individual left me exhausted, lacking in self-worth and in a deep state of confusion.

‘But it was okay because the love bombing continued, he had a devoted following (how could so many people be wrong) and he’s got these amazing ‘powers’ – he must be some kind of wise special being?’ (please read this last paragraph with a tone of irony or sarcasm.)

But of course, it wasn’t okay, because by now I was beginning to fall dangerously deep into the rabbit hole of his control, I was beginning to provide his perfect narcissistic supply and I could not see the light of truth because of the darkness and fear descending. It really is possible to degrade, terrorise and exhaust a person so much that they become submissive in a frighteningly short amount of time – unfortunately, from what I recall now – this dark skill is PY’s only ‘power’.

Throughout all of this, PY continually alluded to his heightened spiritual awareness and status with his grotesque boastful stories and displays of his so called ‘powers’. And to further add gloss to his well-constructed illusion, he would often point mundane things out in the environment and claim they were as a result of his ‘deep spirituality’. Now, I’m talking mundane things like the way pigeons were attracted to his windowsill rather than his neighbours, and the fact he would get up to answer the phone before it rang (it always made a clicking sound first by the way). In actuality, people are meaning making beings – to quote the late Joseph Campbell…

“Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer.”

PY made a meaning, and his brainwashed students simply accepted it as a ‘truth’, rather than for what it actually was – ‘a disturbed individuals warped magical thinking and ego’. It’s laughable looking back how taken in I was. Birds nest nowadays in the eaves of my own property, and not my neighbours. I don’t know why – but I’m not egotistical enough to believe or boast that that has anything to do with me – it just is as it is.

I did hear he claimed it stopped raining for a picnic once and started again after the picnic was over because of him. Really? Give me a break – we’re in England mate – the weather does that on a regular basis!

Just as a side note – the more I write here, the more I smile. PY’s ridiculousness is increasing in my perception – perhaps this is true for you too as you read this. Are you enjoying this journey of my testimony? As you read on, I wonder how much more hilarious and insignificant that little man can become for you.

Although this next event wasn’t hilarious at all. Imagine this…

Someone you believe you respect and whose opinion and word you hold in such high esteem to the exclusion of all others (probably because you’ve become isolated from all others who love and care for you as a result of this relationship by the way) publicly humiliates you in class one day. Shouts you down. Criticises you deeply. Makes you feel like you are worthless, wrong, unworthy of even being in their presence. And all this happens in front of a whole room of other people. Imagine you are emotionally distraught at this attack, isolated and alone at the loss of favour, suffering the personal pain of their words and you are sitting at the edge of the room uncontrollably sobbing.

Of course, it’s a room full of people, so there is going to be someone there to comfort you right?


What deeper levels of hell would you feel if the rest of your group were then instructed to ignore you, to not comfort you and to scorn you instead – and this instruction was given by the very person who inflicted this emotional wound in the first place. And they obeyed him!

If you’ve already made the connection between this scenario and school bullies you recall as a child – there is really no difference. The perpetrators in both scenarios are acting in a way which reflect their own deep self-loathing and pain inside. Simply put, PY is nothing more than a childish bully on a bigger scale – it’s probable that his damaged and frightened child self simply never healed or grew up and so continues to reside and command PY’s destructive behaviours from his aging mind and body.

And now here one of his victims, a young woman, sits at the edge of the room sobbing uncontrollably, isolated and denied comfort or solace.

How inhumane, how despicable, how wrong!

It was an inhuman situation.
It was despicable behaviour by PY.
It was wrong of students to obey him and not offer comfort.

I am ashamed to admit that I was one of those students. I am ashamed to admit I feared him too much. The memory of watching a young girl sob, lost in her misery, in need of comfort and not providing this has haunted me with guilt for years. I have returned to this memory and replayed it in my mind how it should have happened if I had had the strength – how I should have approached her, comforted her, and told her “come on, let’s go – you don’t deserve this” and we’d both walk out of the door with solidarity and no inclination to return.

Of course, it didn’t happen like this. I was too scared, and so was she. I imagine she wouldn’t have even left anyway and maybe even believed on some level that she deserved the punishment and suffering inflicted on her. I cannot express enough how easy it was to be emotionally paralysed with fear.

To add to this bizarre set of circumstances, remember that PY spoke much of Buddhism. He boasted once again of his depth of knowledge (and baffled his students attempting to pretend to ‘teach’ them this supposed ‘knowledge’). But it doesn’t take much knowledge about Buddhism to know that it is a gentle path with compassion at its core. Tell me, where is the compassion in deliberately and wilfully inflicting a deeply traumatic event on a young girl?

PY would most likely twist this around (he’s good at twisting things around and this is something useful to be aware of if you meet or already know him) as an act of compassion. From a psychological and rational point of view, and from a healthy perspective like yours and mine, it is simply a bullying act of coercive control and nothing more – but you already know this don’t you?

After class, PY would often invite students back to his home, including me. We would eat, and during and after eating PY would talk… and talk… and talk… (usually about himself or some other confusing nonsense). Nobody else talked, it’s like nobody felt they had anything useful, insightful or meaningful to add. (In fact, I’m sure they probably did, but were either by now seriously doubting their own critical thinking abilities, or were simply too afraid of being verbally attacked or publicly humiliated by PY). These were university students, neither ignorant nor stupid people by any stretch of the imagination. However, they remained silent.

Those mealtimes were a weird dynamic which I still find difficult to capture in words. Students seemed disconnected from each other and themselves. They were quiet, subservient and lacking in any joyfulness. There was a sense of total compliance, a glazed two dimensional-ness, young people apparently devoid of self-identity and stripped of personality. It was very much like they were in a trance.

I could not connect with any one of them on a real human level, nor did they appear to be able to connect with one another, and looking back now I believe this too was part of the plan. PY was able to convince his students that there was something special about him, and that wider society was not privy to their ‘secret’.

They felt special to have PY as their teacher. They were the chosen and fortunate ones.

This resulted in the students skewed perception of society, and seeding the beginnings and continuation of their alienation from it. What I also still find fascinating too is that, unlike most cults which rely on a sense of ‘family’ or ‘fellowship’, here there was none. We only need recall my story of the girl weeping and ostracised in class to realise that PY, instead, created a sense of mistrust and competition. He estranged each of his students from one another, and it seems that ‘divide and rule’ is simply another crudely unsophisticated tool utilised by this dangerous individual.

Now I come to the part I’ve been putting off addressing. This isn’t something I ever thought I would write about, never mind in a document for others to see. I was for a long time embarrassed and sickened by the events I am about to tell you, however, as I stated at the beginning, I know it is my duty to add my own testimony to this blog to help others. So here goes…

I was coerced and manipulated on several occasions into sexual intercourse by PY. He would engineer situations where we would be alone at his home. By now my broken and confused self, my worldview already dangerously skewed, my belief system in flux and fearful of PY (as all of his students were) meant I was in a perfect place to be manipulated and coerced into having sex with him.

It might to an outsider have initially, at brief glance, appeared consenting. I ask you to now, however, consider deeply the history of the events which unfolded and led to this point. I was silenced, fearful and felt unable to refuse his advances.

Sexual intercourse is NEVER consensual when it is obtained by fear, lies and manipulation.

So, thank you for reading this far. It was a long time ago and I am grateful that a combination of listening to my own intuition, an inability to connect on any human level with PY's other students and the voice of another colleague who I confided in saying "this is not right, you need to break contact" prompted me to leave and never return. I held anger for some time, however time has brought me to a place of neutrality about the events that happened back then. I'm fortunate to have escaped so easily – and am aware others have endured years and, in some cases, decades of this abuse and control.

So, if you are looking for a teacher, and as a person should, researched and have now found yourself here; you know that now is the time to walk away and find what you seek from a different and more authentic source.

If you are a current member – I ask you to consider how PY distorts meaning in all that does not serve him. And as part of your programming, you may, too, find a distortive filter running inside you right now.

That filter is not yours – move beyond it and look deeper inside, and I mean really deep inside, where your wisdom, your intuition and the beauty of your humanness exists. I wonder how easily you can locate this now and re-familiarise yourself with this in the coming days, weeks and months. I don’t know if it will take you a week, a month or a little longer before you wake up to your own truth and discover the strength to follow the light to the place where you know you can breathe deeply again. Because to breathe life deeply into your true wisdom and authenticity – this is your first most important and significant step. May you find strength in your journey.

And surviving members who have already freed yourselves, you are true warriors. I know you may not yet sometimes feel truly free, and it may take some time for some of us. You have come this far my friend. Move beyond the grief, sit with and through anger, and you will in time find peacefulness, and possibly even forgiveness. We are now free to be the architect of the structures of our own lives, and these structures always naturally attract exactly the right balance of true perspectives, useful perceptions, wise thoughts and joyful feelings. So take a moment to simply stop, and look back at how much wisdom you have collected from that old experience which is well and truly in the past now, isn’t it.

(Link to Pathgate Survivors blog post)

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Re: Lama dondrup Dorje / Peter Young FAKE
Date: March 06, 2021 12:34PM

Without a doubt, Dondrup is the most unforgiving and revenge orientated person i have ever known. And lama Dondrups' methods are the most violent and destructive i have ever seen anywhere. With a LOT of devious underhand pretentious cunning arguements that he uses to abuse his (past) students for a long-time.

It is like a forever rant of destructive behaviour he undertakes against people who REALLY have rejected or disappointed him in his eyes.

A person who is REALLY a threat to him will be utterly abused for a LONG time!
This is the proof i have by the experiences i go through every day.
Without a stop. Day time night time, which is UTTER abuse of Tsalung realisations, to destroy the conscious and subconscious mind.

He knows i truely have that deep love potential, and it makes sense that he is utmost jealous and envious of it, for it is EXTREMELY assaulted and attacked.

KUNZANG AND DONDRUP are extremely invested in this revenge practice.
And MERCILESS!!! I can tell you.

Would i be playing the victim here? Well, i dont think so tbh.
It is outright experience and observation.

They use THEIR OWN evil intents, but i think they prefer to use the negative thought-moments and memories of OTHERS mostly to sabotage and abuse me.
I am truely NOT telling any lies here. And it is NOT fantasy or "surviving symptons" I FEEL, EVIL ASSAULT from this people. Truely.

DONDRUPS MAIN METHOD, ISSUE and self-exciting horney tool: fear.
All he does is BASED on fear, all is ABUSE of and on fear.
CREATING or using past memories etc.

Kunzang no difference. Exactly the same. He is a COMPLETE FAKE, a pretend that is IN THE DARK, VERY abusive! But seems very nice and kind in your face.

I want to let you know that im working on an EXTRACT which provides a lot of proof of who Dondrup TRUELY is, and his ABSOLUTE Narcissistic personality disorder and DELIBERATE blatant (and often HIDDEN and cunning) self-conscious abusiveness.He probably does the blatant part as a pretense of true power.
To cause EVEN MORE fear and confusion in others. Do know that a time will come that this will be UTTERLY oblitterated, for this man truely needs a VERY VERY obvious confrontation with reality and truth!

All of his monks, who are STILL THERE, and SUPPORTING HIM im sure, are no longer to be thrusted. At all. And for those who truely speak truthfully about the situation they are allways active in everyday, whatever they can say about it, just shows how dangerous they are or have become, in reality.

What it shows MOST, is how dangerous DONDRUP is. For none of his monks where such evil clones like they have now become! TOTALLY Dondrup's fault.
BECAUSE of DECISION. NOT that he didnt have any better choice! It is nothing other than power-abuse. As i have said before, AS I'VE SEEN, SO IT IS.

They were suddenly pushing extremely hard for spiritual powers and realisation.
I have witnessed this very clearly. And it was to overpower me and control me.
Complete Dondrup's fear so as to establish this disgusting rush for accomplishment. This dude is disgusting.

I would like some help to get through the texts i have written, to make it as concise and straightforward as possible.

I am using my memories of what he has CLEARLY spoken about in the past, sometimes directly, but most times very cunningly, hidden messages.
Which i think is ACTUALLY most serving to the cause of exposing this fraud!!

As you may know i am often weigh the more positive features as well, so as to bring upon a justful description and conclusion about this piece of.... (oops there you have it) bu

Its disgusting practice that mr Dondrup hides behind statements that "it is the job of the lama to reflect" for example, completely justifying his abuse to people. Because he does it SO explicitly, it is NOT (at all) for the benefit of peoples'insight. It is far worse and far more sinister. This i know for certain. This way he TERRORISES students and whole families, and having them NOT EVEN KNOWING nor UNDERSTANDING what is going on!! Un unconscious person will not even notice, BESIDES that he will FOR CERTAIN notice that events are going REALLY OFF, really strange, different from usual, in a manner that is undesirable and disadvantageous. But this can be clues of secret sabotage.
For this reason i consider this lama Dondrup as a person that is secretly extremely self-serving and sinister, and is in fact NOTHING LIKE what a true lama should be or would be! DISGUSTINGLY he mixes his own frustrated person in between families and people, and manipulate things. Who remembers him ACCUSING ALL OF US about this, at the first teaching i have ever attenden from him? This would be around 2011-2012 something.

Please if anyone is willing to read through my extract of proofs about his crazyness and abuse, and make this easier to read through and get a clear picture of Dondrup Dorje, please let me know. You are more than welcome, because in my DAILY (being) brainwashed activities from them, it is very hard to describe clearly what is being done and what is going on. Im supposed to be able to explain things VERY CLEARLY, but as my mind is very much abused by their brainwash practices it is HARD to get clear information out.
So some help would be very welcome.
Thanks in advance.

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Re: Lama dondrup Dorje / Peter Young FAKE
Date: March 26, 2021 07:12AM

Hello to all readers, i would like to hear from you if anyone of you had any encounters with Dondrup Rinpoche that were of the SEXUAL nature.

For i strongly suspect him of giving so much effort in longterm character assasination towards me were literal attempts to destroy me.
I have an idea that he may have been very jealous of my sexual nature, the tools and stamina i('m supposed to) have...

Has he got a micropenis? OR just a Chinese small weener like i said in insults towards him that he has a 7cm's?

Is anyone deceived by him thinking they are his consorts?

I want you, those who believe they are his consort, to check, listen, study and reflect upon, the links im about to share with you right here, which may be a profoundly helpful attribution to exposing someone who is, a teacher/guru of questionable Integrity.

I am very very curious and eager to know so as to unravel all the truth.
For i am like you may know he does- very consistently screened upon, blackmailed upon and so on.

For this reason, he MUST be exposed, all truth MUST be exposed about him and all his victims must be set free! I do no longer feel negative towards anyone of his students right now, please understand that ANYHTING that happened within me has been because of spiritual abuse (black magic?), maybe what they call ptsd (i definetely am aware of some serious trauma injury inside and i am BURDENED with it EVERYDAY, he have abused me spiritually SO MUCH that i even started hating on my father and listen, i never had bad relationship NOR ANY blames towards him! In the last year i have often cursed him to drop dead andsoforth - TOTALLY not me, and i also for certain, have felt DONDRUP's raging through me, which he calls "reflection" - he just abuses energy and turn yourself against yourself, as i understand it.)

There are others i know off that have also been through paranormal sabotages.
Before that bad things have been said to turn families against eachother, things to destroy families. Therefore i want to gain more information.

And it is safe enough with me. Crazy as i may have been, its only mental. I wouldnt murder someone. He COULD get a serious beating-ass though. But this is not my intentions so please do not hesitate.

I want THE TRUTH ON THE TABLE, for all of us.

Here is the links i want you to watch:

You must know about how certain threats (of hell etc) are used to brainwash people by the fear-mongoring so as to gain absolute control over students.
Im just using this examples because i believe this may be helpful to get the truth into picture and let all be brave enough to speak up and expose whats needed to be exposed. What is not acceptable, we all know and understand. Dont let him cross the boundaries of human values/abuse people.

Maybe more later.

Please reach out if you have something of value to say. Im still struggling.
Logical, if Dondrup and slaves keep assaulting your energy-body). Im speaking of my body for this is THE MAIN TOOL towards Enlightenment/consciousness.

I hope you're doing better than i do.
Im SURE things would be a 1000 times better for me if i were alone by myself. But im not.. Good luck

*PS* You can pm me you don't have to post public messages. Or if you have doubts just tell your story/raise your question...

I know most people may not choose me to thrust, after all of the character assasination and other crazyness, but after all, i still havent harm anyone or abuse anyone even though i really have rages now and than because of what happened with Dondrup in the past. No need to disthrust me, i am the one who is speaking straightly, i also confess all my flaws and stuff. Dondrup doesnt confess ANYTHING, all that may be flawful is completely denied. No response is also denial. Not by definition but it can be.


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Only Oblivion: Pathgate Survivor publishes memoir
Posted by: karmicwind ()
Date: September 17, 2021 12:56PM

After two years of hard work under punishing lockdown conditions, one of our fellow survivors Magda Lamb has finally completed her memoir. Magda previously shared the episode of her surviving Pathgate here and is now able to reveal the entire story through this book.

Only Oblivion is a portrayal of one woman’s experience of having an addict in the family, as well as her misplaced trust in a phony, abusive Tibetan Buddhist guru.

This book is published by AIA Publishing, who also published Fallout: Recovering from Abuse in Tibetan Buddhism, an important book revealing the consequences of spiritual abuse in a Buddhist context.

Only Oblivion will be released on 24 September 2021. Click here for pre-order options.

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