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Posted by: shamrock ()
Date: February 25, 2022 11:55PM

Leslie Read
Unfortunately, give *any* teacher a growing following and desire for power and, sadly, the need for control seems to grow in direct proportion to that.

I'm coming to that conclusion too. It's the entire guru system that breeds corruption: the toxic premise that allowing the guru to gaslight you is in your own interest.

Be Scofield reports that a Dutch newspaper article on Bentinho Massaro has been machine-translated into English at []

The original article was "Massaro's organisatie is een dekmantel om hem alles te geven waar hij naar verlangt: macht, geld en vrouwen" written by Ivo van Woerden and published in de Volkskrant on February 25, 2022.

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Date: February 26, 2022 12:14AM

In de Volkskrant, Bentinho Massaro's father is named as Arturo Massaro. He operates his own guru-business from []

"Onze missie is om elk jaar meer dan 10.000 mensen te inspireren om hun eigen dromen waar te maken zodat zij Meer Plezier, Grotere Voldoening én Betere Prestaties ervaren in hun leven."

"Our mission is to inspire more than 10,000 people every year to make their own dreams come true so that they experience More Fun, Greater Satisfaction and Better Performance in their lives."

Arturo Massaro's Dreamschool website is at []

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Date: February 27, 2022 01:42AM

Bentinho Massaro -
A Further Discussion regarding a "Monster"

The Post below is based upon an earlier one in which I misspelled Massaro's name. This is an improved and better-linked version.

A friend wrote to me about Bentinho Massaro, who for over five years (thanks to Be Scofield) has been known publicly to behave abominably. Much about him is detailed in the links below.

In my limited research into this "spiritual leader," nothing has been found that would give Bentinho Massaro the slightest bit of credibity. Nothing has shown up that indicates he should not be in prison or in a psych ward rather than roaming free and preying upon the weak, the innocent, and the gullible.

Is there anything good about Bentinho Massaro?

If so, you could share it here. Also, if you wish to add to his list of felonies and misdemeanors, this is a good place for those, too. (Warning - simply cheerleading for "your teacher" is not encouraged on this site. Now is attacking those who "unjustly make 'false' accusations about your hero. Facts - please.)

I don't know any of Bentinho's victims, so this is not personal for me. Still, the word needs to be spread wide warning people of Bentnho Massarro.

From Be Scofield's Guru Magazine comes:


The disturbing cult abuse allegations from ex-followers against Bentinho Massaro include:
forcing a woman to strip naked in front of the group
taking nude photos of two women followers and posting them on Instagram without permission
directing a woman to take her shirt off while in a public restaurant with a group
screaming at and breaking down members
coercing a large sum of money from a follower
having sex with students
putting members on “trial” in front of the group
requiring members to sign $100,000 – $300,000 NDA’s
severe psychological and emotional abuse and exploitation
cult groupthink
heavy gaslighting and manipulation
breaking up relationships
forced group confessions
recording and monitoring phone calls

One member committed suicide after allegedly being abused by Bentinho.

Very recently in this forum this article by Thom Waite appeared:

Spiritual guru or creepy cult leader? The strange story of Bentinho Massaro.

By now it will not be a surprise that the conclusion of this article is that yes, Bentinho is truly a creepy monster.

More unfortunate tidings and allegations regarding
Bentinho Massaro are at:

and at

Re: Bentinho Massaro
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: April 21, 2022 12:20PM

Bentinho Massaro --
"His whole life is a non-stop demolition derby."
Which will come first for Bentinho,
Prison or Death?

How old is Bentinho now?

In my experience, persons who live as he does end up dead around forty. Their wildness catches up with them. The nine lives run out.

How fast does Bentinho drive?
How much sleep does he get?
Does he still attempt "one slip and it's adios" rock climbing?
Has he gone into paragliding yet?
Does he still Free Dive without tanks to lung-exploding, heart-popping depths?
Is he truly a runaway Narcissist, or does he just do a great imitation of one?

How many have told him to slow down, that his lifestyle is unhealthy, that he's self-destructive both in act and in word?

Will reading about how others see him in Rolling Stone Magazine make a difference? Article HERE.

Is it too early to say, "Bon Voyage, Bentinho!"?

In the meantime, any discerning person can look up Be Scofield's article about Bentinho, read the Rolling Stone article, check out this forum, and... The conclusion should easily be "Let's give this guy a wide berth."

Those who, after all the warnings that are out there, come as a "student" to Bentinho, similar to the few who still come to the cowardly old pedophile James Swartz -- is it cold and cruel to say they deserve what they get?

Again, is it mean and terrible to say that either way, both Bentinho and James Swartz will be gone soon? And that their obituaries (or announcement of prison sentences) will be read by quite a few persons with happy eyes and little smiles on their faces...?

Re: Bentinho Massaro
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Date: November 18, 2022 03:54AM

Jesus H. Christ, the things I'm learning on this forum about all of these groups! I'm only now beginning to truly realize how important this institute is so that people don't keep falling for these scams. I had never heard anything about any of this except for maybe scientology and heaven's gate before my wife got involved with crimson circle in colorado, got into a sexual affair with geoffrey hoppe, took all our savings, and left me and our two young kids. And now this Bentinho dude again. Jesus. I hope everyone involved here is alright. What struck me is that not only Bentinho Massaro got kicked out of Sedona, Arizona, as I read somewhere here higher up but so did Geoffrey Hoppe / Adamus / Crimson Circle. I don't know about Sedona but they sure seem to have a knack for discovering and getting rid of cult leaders in their community!

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