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Date: August 03, 2018 10:22AM


Brown was curious about how these followers found Swan, and many of them described “some sort of cosmic delivery.” ”They were putting this intention out to the universe, and Teal’s videos were sort of coming to them,” said Brown. But Swan had a more straightforward answer to this question. “She said she basically targets them, using basic SEO, and basic Google tags, so when people are searching things like ‘I want to kill myself,’ they find her videos.”

Teal Swan didn’t respond to VICE’s requests for comment, but I was able to get some answers from a Google representative on how they deal with suicide-related searches. The tech giant doesn’t allow autocomplete on searches that indicate self-harm, and serves a “results box” at the top with the phone numbers of trusted country-specific organizations. But with straight-up titles like “I Want to Kill Myself (What to Do If You’re Suicidal)” and “What to Do If You Feel Hopeless,” Swan’s videos aren’t hard to stumble across on YouTube’s search platform.

(Professor Janja) Lalich says she’s been hearing complaints about Swan for quite some time. “Mostly they’re from people who feel they’ve been exploited,” she said. “They want some kind of validation that they were right in feeling that way about their experiences.”

For more read here:

Yes, There Are Women-Led Cults
Meet Teal Swan, a YouTuber who proves selling salvation to desperate people is an equal opportunity racket


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Date: August 08, 2018 09:34PM

The following Blog details the ways in which the Teal Swan group meets the criteria for a cult


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Date: September 02, 2018 11:03AM

Teal Swan & The Craziest Wellness Cult Conspiracy You’ve Never Heard Of
AUGUST 31, 2018, 12:00 PM


This small quotation from the article gives an interesting view on
Teal Swan's source material.


This backstory (Teal Swan's alleged sufferings in early life) is the focus of episode 5


in which Brown and Glazer dig into Swan’s past. In her teens, Swan says a man she trusted, a veterinarian, recruited her to be in a satanic cult. While she was in it, she claims she witnessed the sacrifice of at least two young children. These are heavy claims, and the details of her alleged experience were left out of the final version of the podcast.

“No one should hear about these horrific things on their daily commute,” Brown said. “That was hard, because it was a big part of her story, but they were too explicit for our radio audiences. And that is saying a lot.”

But we do know this: her memories of the alleged cult were uncovered during a therapy session with Barbara Snow, a controversial figure in her own right. Snow specialized in “recovered memory” from one’s adolescence, and according to a 2007 article about a government investigation about her


she “allegedly imposed on them false memories about being sexually abused and being subjected to military testing.” The government eventually dropped the allegations against her after she agreed to go on probation. Swan has modeled a version of her teachings after recovered memory, and she calls them “completion processes.” (According to her website
Snow is still a practicing individual and group therapist in Salt Lake City.)


Swan appears to have been so influenced by this repressed memory work that she has even developed her own version of Snow’s process by combining it with Carl Jung’s shadow work


and has deemed it the “Completion Process.”


This process has a person reenacting a moment or interaction from their childhood in to uncover the root of one’s “current pain” and resolve it.

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Date: September 08, 2018 09:21PM

I've been aware of Teal Swan for a couple of years, my thoughts if they're useful:

1. The Completion Process is a very effective trauma recovery practice.
It is clearly based on well established practices, so it's not surprising that it works.
Teal's refinements of this process are useful.
This is the one thing about Teal that is objectively positive and useful and adds to people's life tools.

2. Outside of trauma recovery, many of her statements are mainly nonsensical in real-world terms. (Aliens, Akashic fields etc.).
I think she does believe them though, I don't think she's consciously lying.
However, they are not down to earth, or verifiable, in any sense.
That in itself should give viewers pause for thought.

3. Her older videos seem to have more integrity, less woo-woo Goop type stuff.
From what I can tell, the commercial expectations of the people invovled have corrupted the useful stuff that was there.
Maybe she was corrupt before, I don't know, but her success has brought it out.
Example: She used to explicitly refuse the label "leader" ... and now she claims it.
I suspect also that people around her have put her into a slightly alternate world, because it suits them to have a "guru" type figure with super powers.
Makes them feel special.
Teal used to mock those who became "guru" figures. She actively fought against being that in her earlier videos ... now it seems she's accepted that's what she's become.
In my opinion, that was a wrong choice that has led to lots of nonsense and, sadly, turned what was something like a genuine as far as it could be postive self-help group, into a cult.

4. On suicide:
I looked into this, and my view is that, at it's root, Teal basically says:
If someone has been having suicidal thoughts / feelings for a long time, then one way of getting free of them is to imagine doing it vividly.
The idea is that this breaks through the person's stuck state, enabling the person to become aware of what happens after suicide (i.e. it hurts other people and doesn't fix anything).
Clearly, this is a dangerous method for anyone to do without proper support; and would only be useful in a very few extreme cases; and should only be done after everything else has been tried.
From what I can see, the suicide that did happen on her watch causes her a lot of pain. That person seems to have had a long history of mental illness, and many years of suicidal thoughts / behaviour.
That the person did it while in Teal's therapy doesn't mean Teal is responsible. It happens to a lot of mental health practitioners.
What Teal's credentials are for doing this kind of work with these kinds of people is another question.

5. I admit I'm disappointed with the way Teal Swan has developed over the last couple of years.
She is a powerful communicator, an insightful empath, and has some useful and practical ideas.
In some of her videos, she exposes a lot of ways fraudulent teachers out there fool their students, in very clear, and well explained, ways.
What therefore surprised me is that she also thinks Osho was a positive influence. That made me wonder about Teal's reliability.

Overall, I suspect that if she hadn't made this her business, she would have remained "good", as far as normal human beings can be.
That she and many others now earn their livings from her work in this field means it has been corrupted.
Blake's comments quoted above about boundaries and rape show that there is a toxic arrogance that has infected them.
This arrogance is a sign of the corruption that is now in the group, very unfortunately.

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Date: May 06, 2020 05:29AM

Teal Swan: The woman encouraging her followers to visualise death

By Lebo Diseko BBC News 23 November 2019


Reactions after the BBC feature article by Lebo Diseko:

Cult Members Petition For… Something, I Guess? Teal Swan Cult
Posted on 29/11/2019 by Andey Fellowes


The Cult of Teal Swan ft. Andey Fellowes


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Date: May 08, 2020 09:26PM

Teal ‘spiritual catalyst’ - unfortunately the only catalyst here is emotional manipulation.

Wether they were aware of what they were doing or not (that is Teal and Blake), videos were more often littered with careful edits surrounding various on camera emotional breakdowns that still kept the crying bits in, cut shortly before restarting. This technique helped ‘Teal’ gain her following online and with the payoff of YouTube’s financial reward more and more videos turned up. Emotional breakdown edited clips were the ones with the most view counts.

It has to be fairly argued that the visualisation of death thing is actually a widespread spiritual practice, most notably amongst shamans and many other traditions, it is for the acceptance and potential removal of fear of it from the psyche, however.. to have it out there so openly available is extremely dangerous to the general public, especially in the sense that any person if any age or health status can access this information. In a tradition, you would have been tested vehemently by a guide or one to one teacher before being exposed to such a process, and importantly, this would be in person, not via the internet.

Delusions of both general reality and of grandeur throughout all of the materials, all of which set to challenge the sense of reality of persons engaging with them leaving them open and vulnerable, therefore seeking (largely unconsciously) for a stable, “safe” anchor or leader.. step in the role of this self proclaimed catalyst.

Some claims so wild that anyone dare not challenge them, in case of being labelled as a victim shamer or gaslighter.

I’d like to add that I have no comment whatsoever when it comes to what has been shared on histories of sexual abuse, this area of someone’s reality is simply not for me to talk on or question. Whilst I do not personally agree with sharing such information in such a way, these things are for the person putting them out there to know and to resolve.

Many people came out with various issues surrounding this brand of spiritual growth, this cannot be ignored.

I’d like to point out that trauma and traumatic experience runs two ways in the sense that a. trauma is experienced by a person or persons, and then b. trauma is experienced by those exposed to information about that trauma in whatever way it transpires, creating more trauma.

In professional terms I believe this process (b) is called ‘vicarious trauma”.

This is why self presenting to professionals outside of spiritual circles who will not bring spiritual stuff into the equation and who know how to help best with trauma is essential.

For any self proclaiming empath, the last thing that an overly empathic individual wishes to do is inflict pain in any way shape or form, being extremely meticulous about it too.

Whilst I do not condone keeping a lid on it or silencing people, I do believe in being responsible about what you put out there and how, who such information is freely available to, etc - if this point has been overlooked by someone who claims to be a catalyst and such looking out for other people, then the question has to be raised on wether that is the authentic truth behind the cause. It contradicts itself.

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Date: May 09, 2020 08:45AM

the little thing that Teal Swan seaam to have arogant was whan, one of her "student"was sitting next to her, and Teal droped something, and she was waiting when this student will pick it up, and give it to her, and when the student did as she was waiting , I saw she was selfishly enjoyed power over that student. Then I stoped listened to her. I knew she had ego in herself.

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Date: July 05, 2021 05:23AM

Here’s a YouTube upload via Questions for Science where facts are utilised to pick apart some of Teal Swans claims:


Note: others are included in the video too, the upload discusses the topic of “crystal healing”.

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Date: May 13, 2022 10:24PM

The Deep End' Trailer Reveals the Cult-Like Influence of Teal Swan


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