Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: gm.may.aba ()
Date: August 17, 2021 01:55AM

The viciousness of this company and their employees is beyond belief.

Per their employees, they brought Naomi Dahan, Moshe and their 4 children in 2005 to LA to deal with me, claiming that I was to blame for Phillip's stroke. I guess Karen figured if I was so vulnerable that they were able to steal $26,000 from me, they can also put that kind of blame on me.

This person became in charge of getting close to me and finding out more info about me and then sucked another $25,000 from me. As I have discussed it, when I went to the meeting, I felt soemone else was controling my body and I was doing things against my will. Once they got every bit of money I had, I was kicked out of the Center, like Shaul and Osnat. I saw Karen and Yael (Sara Yardeni's mom), in addition to a few others, personally tell her what to do.

As that wasn't enough, once I moved to the Valley to be away from the KC and build a life there, she came and opened a branch there and destroyed everything I had there and I had to drop everything and go.

Recently she has been trying to see what else I have she can steal from me. With everything they had done to me, I was able to get certified 2 years ago as a BCBA. A couple of days ago, I saw on the Board's website that she has been misreprepresenting herself and telling people she is a BCBA. I guess apple doesn't fall from a tree. Phillioo, too, misrepresented himself and he claimed to be an MD.

I was wondering why her name and picture is no longer on the KC site anymore and only the husband's name is. I guess she is in hiding now, and also KC doesn't want her connected to them, to have more bad pulicity.


The BACB has information indicating that the following individuals have been misrepresenting themselves as
BACB certificants (indicated in red text below), or otherwise misrepresenting BACB intellectual property (e.g.,
logos, trademarks). The individuals listed below are not certified by, or affiliated with, the BACB:

Name(s) and Identifying Information Location(s)

Naomi Omotala
Naomi Omotola
Naomi Lahan-Omotala

California, Utah"

Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: mhwbl ()
Date: October 04, 2021 01:33AM

Hi - I am a former student of the KCI London branch. I left in 2014 following a complaint about a very aggressive and unpleasant teacher, Marcus Weston, and then experienced a series of cyber attacks on my iphone.

I have reported it to the Police and they are awaiting IT forensics and/or more evidence from others with similar story to take it forward and investigate.

Are you aware of the KCI's IT hacking / surveillance activities? I want to expose the KCI and have them prosecuted, any info/leads would be gratefully received.
Many thanks.

Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: mhwbl ()
Date: October 04, 2021 01:36AM

With all the law suits, negative press coverage, and info on this forum, how are the KCI able to continue to be open for business? Why have they not been shut down yet, or at the very least had their charity status and tax exemption taken away, seems absurd in this day and age!

Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: ReneDekart ()
Date: January 12, 2022 04:08AM

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Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: gm.may.aba ()
Date: January 30, 2022 06:27AM

For many many reasons.

1) They don't pay a penny to their employees but they hire the most expensive attorneys to fight their legal battles.

2) They are very good at networking and ask their people to bring in people who are influential, for times they need someone in the system.

3) For years I was silent or no attorneys were willing to take my case because kabbalah center had completely messed up my life. I finally found an attorney who had a action lawsuit against them (consisting of chevre and volunteers) was willing to talk to me about it, to see if she could add me to the case. I set it an appointment and we spoke on the phone for 30 min. I mentioned some names of previous chevre who at the time, played a big role in helping Bergs and the rest of the KCI to destroy my life, specifically Yehuda Grundman and Jamie Green (who was Marcus' best friend for a while).

The attorney called me back the next morning, declining my case saying that Grundman and Green were the big plaintiffs of the case against KCI and she could not take it. Apparently she had mentioned my name to them and they had said no. Even after leaving KCI, they are running their own agenda, their own cult and they are out to make money for themselves, and not to give a damn about anyone they destroyed. If you didn't have those qualities, you wouldn't become chevre there.

Once in 2004, when Jamie was my teacher I asked him if I should become a chevre, he said, "no, you are too negative." A year later he got divorced from the girl they had told him to marry, then married someone else and soon they left the center. And now he is suing the center. And I am the one who is too negative!

Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: ExKC ()
Date: October 22, 2022 01:14AM

Unfortunately, KC is still in operation and they keep deceiving a lot of people in the USA and abroad.

Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: gm.may.aba ()
Date: November 09, 2022 03:07AM

It's harassment of single members as well. They have been harassing me for 20 years now. Some of it, I fell for their manipulations and I went to the KC and spent my money and time there, and some of the I spent getting out of there and de-programming myself. But it's they are just absolutely evil. Phillip and Karen were both out to find ways to gain control over the world, by gaining money and power. And having control over powerful people in the world. Remember, Yehuda Berg wrote a book called, "Becoming g-d". They are that crazy.

The last time I was at the KC was probably 2012, about 10 years ago. But they won't stop finding where I live and going after me. Last summer, I read an article that some of the previous chevre and volunteers of the KC was suing KC for not getting paid, etc. and they were open to add more people to the lawsuit.

Unfortunately I contacted the attorney and spoke about all the time and money I gave. But the couple of the chevre who had taken the money from me and scapegoated me, were the ones who were suing the centre, so they had let the KC know that I was speaking with the attorney.

Since then, they have started to openly go after me non-stop. I can't go anywhere near the centre which is where the Jewish community is. On the day of Purim, I went to a Jewish grocery store to buy food, Monica Berg's mother walked by me, so close she almost elbowed me (which is their common way of sucking energy from people).

When I told the owners and people working there who she was, they had no idea. They thought she was a nice woman shopping there. The next time I was there, there was a girl I didn't recognize who was following me from isle to isle. I so wanted to go ask, if she was from KC, but why bother?

I left another major kosher grocery store because as soon as I'd walk in, several people from KC would show up and follow me around the entire time. So they found out where I was going now.

On erev Pesach, I went there for shopping.Three teenage girls were following me around, talking to me, making light of things. I found it odd. I went back to the front of the store and saw Ben Shemoulian's (David's brother who is Karan Berg's son-in-law) mother-in-law there. She is also Jamie Greene's mother-in-law. Jaime was one of the people in the lawsuit against KC along with Yehuda Grundman. There was also a Persian woman who has been going to Centre for many many years there. I guess now, the entire centre shops there from now on.

I stopped going to any kosher grocery stores, because of KC.

Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: Tzadik ()
Date: March 21, 2023 03:29AM

So sorry to hear your story. It pains my heart to read it, as many of us went through painful experiences because of this horrible place.

Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: gm.may.aba ()
Date: August 01, 2023 01:40AM

Is anyone interested in opening a action lawsuit against KCI with me? After 20 years, I still have not been able to recover my credit and I can't even get a credit card. No matter what I have done so far, my finances have suffered so much I can't recover from.

My devices are all hacked into, all the time. My emails are hacked into.

I am very much interested in suing them, but looking to see if anyone else is in my position too, and would like to join me? If so, please contact me at 310-295-8591. We can discuss more in details.

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