Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: ExKC ()
Date: June 09, 2017 01:46AM

Some of you might be aware of the LA sex scandal associated with Yehuda Berg, former Director of KCI but not too many people heard of the similar Kabbalah Center sex scandal in Russia.

That other sex scandal similar in nature with the one in the US involved former leader of KCI in Moscow, Russia David Mats. Karen Berg, KCI's main figure, did everything possible to hide it from public and media, and that is the reason why Moscow's scandal is practically unknown. Still, a lot of followers/students left Moscow's center being disgusted by this scandal.
Karen Berg discreetly removed Mats from his position at the Moscow Center, and he resides in Isreal now. Rumor has it that KCI paid Mats vast sums of money to keep his mouth shut and not disclose dirty secrets of Kabbalah Center to anyone.

This post is published to raise awareness among current Kabbalah Center's members about KCI's practices where behind some spiritual facade there is one single goal to squeeze as much as possible from their members be it money, favors, sex, etc.

Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: June 09, 2017 04:06AM

Thank you for this information.

Yehuda Berg lost in the Los Angeles lawsuit. He was found guilty of sexually harassing a KC student.

Did not know about the Moscow situation.

Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: ExKC ()
Date: June 09, 2017 05:18AM

As it happens, Kabbalah Center has a lot of skeletons in its closet.
Ex-members should start to speak out to prevent this organization from recruiting new members.

Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: June 09, 2017 07:23AM

Moscow's rich and famous turn to Kabbalah - Sputnik News


11:50 15.12.2010

At first glance, the Moscow Kabbalah Centre on Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya Ulitsa could be any trendy cafe in the busy Russian capital. Black polished tables and chairs are placed neatly around the room and a coffee machine puffs away in the corner




The Kabbalah Centre opens the teachings up to the masses, marketing them as a “universal system for self-improvement.” The 10-week courses on offer aim to teach students how to achieve their goals through the most direct routes, which means improving business performance has come to be seen as a secondary effect of study.

Although it claims to be a non-profit organisation, the movement has come under fire, especially among Orthodox Jews, for being primarily a money-making scheme.

“The so-called ‘Kabbalah Centre’...seems to be more concerned with retail sales and protecting its market share than spirituality,” U.S. cult expert Rick Ross says.

At face value, the Moscow centre certainly seems to have more in common with a business than a spiritual institution. Books and various other trinkets on display for sale include: “The Power of You” (600 roubles), “72 Names of God” cards (760 roubles), red-string bracelet (500 roubles), 23-volume Zohar text (12,500 roubles). The centre’s website, located at [www.kabbalah.ru], also lists a range of products, although prices are not available.

Although Mats insists that the center attracts a wide range of students from a variety of backgrounds, there are some telling signs that the movement is especially popular among the capital’s ultra rich. The centre will soon begin holding courses in English for Moscow’s high-earning expat community and also plans to hold lectures at Rublyovka, a residential area west of Moscow which boasts some of the highest residential prices in the world.

Numerous Russian celebrities are also rumoured to have links with the organisation, according to the Russian media. Big names include singer-cum-actress Lolita Milyavskaya, musician Stas Namin and Armenian-Bulgarian pop singer Philipp Kirkorov.

“Being a Kabbalah member is seen by many a sign of affluence and glamour,” Russian anti-cult activist Alexander Dvorkin says. “A lot of people swallow the bait out of vanity to show that they have reached a certain level of achievement or success. They want to show that they make enough money to be a member.”

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Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: ExKC ()
Date: June 09, 2017 09:27AM

You are right. Kabbalah Center is in a way a money making scheme for the Bergs.
It should be noted that majority of donations to Moscow Center are in cash and these
transactions often involve very serious funds.
One should only guess what happens to this cash...

Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: ExKC ()
Date: June 10, 2017 02:10AM

I hope that ex Kabbalah Center members can get together on this forum to exchange thoughts and share their experiences to help current members become free of this dangerous cult.
This important work can also prevent KCI from recruiting new members/their potential victims.

Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: Free_Mind ()
Date: June 10, 2017 11:46AM

I use to be Kabbalah Center student for many years and can tell you that it is extremely corrupted and dangerous place. They mix true ancient wisdom with their own corrupted messages and agendas. It takes time for people to realize the real nature of this organization. By the time they realize it - they loose money, time, relationship and (a lot of them) families.

CEI archive info on Kabbalah CentreOlder KC discussions
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: June 10, 2017 10:59PM

The Truth About the Kabbalah Centre -- "Libel Chill"


Here is Cult Education Institute's archived information about Kabbalah Centre.

Anyone involved with a friend or family member in KC should read this.


Earlier CEI message board discussions of KC




Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: ExKC ()
Date: June 11, 2017 04:27AM

Kabbalah Center often tries to recruit super wealthy and powerful people anywhere they can be it the US, Russia or elsewhere.
A good example is Anton Viner, the stepson of Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov. Usmanov is one of the wealthiest people in Russia and is very, very close to Vladimir Putin, Russian President.
Anton Viner is a nice guy but was brainwashed by Kabbalah Center in Moscow. They followed their standard practice with Viner where when the wealthy man is lured to the Center they try to marry him to one of their chevre no matter he is already married or not. This way Kabbalah Center can better control one's mind and money.
In Viner's case, he left his wife and kids and almost got married to the Kabbalah Center's chevre but changed his mind at the last moment.
Kabbalah Center does everything possible to destroy a family or a relationship if they think that one member of a couple is not fully devoted to the Kabbalah Center. It did happen a lot over the years...

Re: Karen Berg's Kabbalah Center Sex Scandals
Posted by: Misstyk ()
Date: June 12, 2017 03:00AM

Is this what the sex scandals are about--encouraging wealthy members to leave their spouse as a way of gaining control of someone's money, or is there harassment of single members, as well? Is it mainly about money, or is it sometimes just about sex, or sex as a path to mind control?

I'm asking, as a potential way to get a window on what might be going on in the new Tibetan Buddhist circles in parts of Russia. I've been told that Russian women would never be so naive as to fall for the come-ons of spiritual leaders, but I think that in the spiritual realm, all bets are off. You never know. And Russian culture/mentality can be very open to mystical traditions, which can spell a certain degree of vulnerability, possibly.

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