Church of Shambhala
Posted by: omaha ()
Date: January 27, 2006 12:13PM

Ronald Lloyd Spencer, founder of the Church Of Shambhala, is at it again. Tonight, 1/26/2006, the Kharnang Rinpoche, head of the monestary in Kharnang, Tibet, is being held at the Cass County Jail in Plattsmouth, Nebraska.

The official reason? Immigration troubles. The real reason? He won't promote the fact that Ronald Lloyd Spencer is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, the Buddha Maitreya (2,400 years before the prophecies say he is coming), and a bunch of other David Khoresh style nonsense. The other seven monks that got taken in at the same time were released already and we'll spring His Eminence tomorrow ...

This business just drives me to distraction. I've hired them a lawyer, just like I did for a monk they mistreated in a similiar fashion last year. Does anyone here have an in with the INS so someone will flag these scoundrels so they can't do this sort of thing to others?

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Church of Shambhala
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: January 27, 2006 07:18PM

You should discuss this with officials and/or support organizations associated with H.H. the Dalai Lama of Tibet.

See []

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Re: Church of Shambhala
Posted by: RealTalkNow ()
Date: October 28, 2023 06:20AM

Well Now he’s claiming he’s Jesus (perhaps doesn’t want to support Buddhist as much as himself and his own personal toys and biz like electric cycles in Hawaii etc and a half finished monastery in lake county ca and supposedly taking down the anti-Christ Trump to stay with the whole Buddhist reality for now unfortunately he’s gotten even worse as you can see by his recent teachings on YouTube

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