Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: March 05, 2019 09:12PM

This is from the reddit link published just now by hes a very naughty boy.



Reallythowtaf [score hidden] an hour ago

I lived there for about four months and did several retreats at zmar, and a season in India, as well as countless online satsang and a few online retreats. I was never part of the gang let's say, but I was around them for a good while and observed it all.

I recognize the extent to which he allows people to engage in worshipping him. Every other teacher I've ever met looks either bemused or irritated by this kind of behavior. I don't think it's healthy and I never understood why he tolerated it.

I'm aware of one person who was told that their relationship was no good for them.

He regularly does these huge naming ceremonies which go on for hours. Having a name there is some sort of initiation, but people also come for a couple of weeks and get a name from him. Then update their Facebook straight away.
He does shave people's heads. Several people ask for it. And then others spontaneously ask him to do it in the flow of the ceremony. As with naming ceremonies, it sort of lost its meaning for me because it seemed like it wasn't really connected to anything of significance. The first time you watch these things they're interesting.

He eats meat. I don't think that's a big deal. He doesn't hide it. We ate mostly vegetarian in Sahaja. Some fish. Occasionally chicken.
We were told to remain in silence. You didn't talk at the dinner table. No unecessary communication. But then you would see people talking. It seemed more of a rule for the short term people.

you are governed by a coordinator. They seem to be discussing you with the karma yoga team. You are also talking to the karma yoga team. You are aware that you are being managed. There is this feeling that you might be able to stay longer, and it's all under consideration. I saw one person bags packed, saying goodbye, when Mooji suddenly told them to stay. That kind of feeling where you're not sure what will happen.

Mooji and a few others live(d) in a closed off area within the ashram.
Those closest to him can seem a bit cold and they are managing his personal space for him.

people say things about him that sound like they are calling him God-like. Again I never understood why he tolerated it.

you see people going into fits and weird states during the spontaneous moments around the land. I never experienced it myself, I don't know what they were going through.

I stayed in a tent, I don't remember what I paid but 600 doesn't sounds too far off. You end up spending more in the shop and cafe.
the Sahaja dust they sell it's true. I may have peed in it! (Just kidding)
That's all I can say for sure from my own personal witnessing. It is a very peaceful place and yes there is some nonsense happening I think. The rest, I hope not

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Why victimized women fear speaking publicly
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: March 05, 2019 09:35PM

Before we demand that victimized women speak publicly, please consider that
its possible that as part of the grooming and recruitment process, this woman was befriended and encouraged to confide personal information about herself to
someone she regarded as a friend or mentor - but who actually coaxed this information from her not as a friend but as a procurer for the male - whether guru or Hollywood moghul.

Repeat: in some very bad cases, a victim of a sexual predator may have already lost her privacy before she was physically assaulted, because she was betrayed into confiding her personal information to someone she regarded as a friend but who as not a friend at all, but the procurer for the powerful man.

She's lost her ideal of the guru, and also discovered that her beloved confidante was part of the set up. That means, she's been assaulted by the man she idealized but has lost the one 'friend' she needed to help her make sense of all this.

Because too often, as part of the grooming process, a victim is led to isolate herself from other people and put all her trust in her intimate frend - who is actually betraying her.

Friends, it is a sad and ugly fact that if a woman is known to have been
used and discarded by a powerful male, she's at risk of being targeted by other predators.

This is an area where life is "not fair", it is a shitty retrograde stance, but
unfortunately, it exists.

So, before we judge and berate victims of assault for not speaking out.

What if a woman wants to continue yoga or meditation study after being assaulted
by a male guru?

She risks being gossiped against by women as well as men. Am sorry to report that girls and women are ghastly gossips and slut shamers.

The worst abuse of all is when older women who have been used by powerful males
keep favor by befriending younger women and then and send them to the guru.

These older women re enact their own betrayal and abuse by becoming victim perpetrators. They rationalize all this as being empowered.

An 18th century royal mistress discovered her influence was fading. She kept the
king's favor by recruiting young girls for him.

This "empower yourself by discarding boundaries" has become powerful in the media and is used to rationalize a myriad of boundary dissolving behaviors
and suppress one's own dismay.

So a girl or woman who has been used by a guru may have a double trauma:

She's been betrayed by the guru and and by a woman who was her intimate friend.

In such a situation, a guru's victim may have good reason to fear that if she dares speak publicly, her identity will be known, because someone who earned her
trust as a close friend was the one who set her up to be groomed by the guru.

We do *not* know at this time if this is what happened in relation to Moo.

I am describing this as an all too common scenario and pointing out
that it is very possible that many persons who are sexually abused by gurus
are not mere faces in the crowd but are identified, known by name, their trust
and personal information is elicited by someone close to the guru who is part of the grooming process.

In short, many who are sexually victimized have already lost their privacy
before the guru violates them. They've already lost their privacy because someone close to the guru has, as part of the grooming process, befriended them
and elicted personal information from them.

This is part of the silencing process and what makes it so frightening for victims to speak publicly. Even when concealed behind a username, a victim
may be identifiable to the person who recruited her for a powerful man.

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Valma ()
Date: March 05, 2019 11:05PM

Thank you kindly for comments to my first post. Somewhere in the Upanishads it speaks about qualification of what an excellent Vedanta teacher should be: well-versed in the Upanishads and without any worldly desire. It also says that a self-realized teacher is very rare and a student able to understand these teachings also rarest. I mention it as Mooji is said to be a (neo)-Advaita teacher. Perhaps contemporary teachers and their students should make an honest reality check about themselves. When a half-baked teacher and an emotionally wounded or immature student meet, a disaster is near! In hindsight I know I would have acted differently in past situations where I found myself involved with a spiritual leader; but the young ignorant woman was not able to see what i see now. What is tricky is that not all of what they offer is bad, but it is mixed with a lot of falsehood, which gets you pretty confused and hooked. Only a clear-minded individual is able to discriminate truth from the untruth; that is a daunting task for a Western spiritual novice. Therefore greater responsibility lies in the hands of the one who has taken the position of teacher even more so when backed up by a powerful organization and crowd of devotees who adore him and think he is a god. I feel what is mostly lacking in our leaders (religious, spiritual, political) is ethics. They may have nice talks and gestures, shakti and charisma, but teaching by example of an impeccable ethical life would probably foster a greater safer aspiration to an authentic spirituality than talking about the ultimate Self to a crowd who may not be ready yet to receive higher teachings especially if not taught properly. Thank you for the opportunity of this forum to share on these topics.

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Be Scofield ()
Date: March 06, 2019 12:13AM

Hey ya'll,

This is Be, the author of the Mooji article. I spoke with ANOTHER former long term staff member last night who CONFIRMED everything I wrote and ADDED a bunch more. I added these pieces last night:

A staff member says exorcisms were common.

“The first exorcism was in Tiruvannamalai around 2011 or 2012. It was a Spanish woman who came in and started to scream on his lap. She was possessed according to Mooji. That night we were there all night and he was trying to get the spirit to leave her but it refused to leave her. And then later on a little girl was possed with many demons according to Mooji.”

She said people with mental illness started to regularly show up and Mooji would tell them they were possessed with demons. People would have voices in their head and other symptoms and he believed they were possessed.

The staff member who witnessed the exorcisms said Mooji cut her hair and another woman’s hair against their will. Some went along but some did not want it. There were about 20-30 people in total who had their hair cut by Mooji that night. She described what happened:

“I was like ‘I don’t want my hair cut, I don’t want to do it.’ Mooji said ‘No, no. It’s your turn, come on, come on.’ He ordered me to stand in front of him to get my hair cut against my wishes. He would grab our hair and pull it up toward the ceiling and then take the scissors and cut all the way across. It was a bad hair cut. He did the same thing to another woman with very long hair. She was crouched against the wall saying ’no, no, no’ and he took the scissors and cut her hair against her will.”

Someone who was close to the girlfriend at the time says that Mooji coerced her into getting an abortion against her will.

A former staff member said she has seen emails directly between Mooji and female followers to go on dates and engage sexually. This was while he had a girlfriend.

One former staff member said the gaslighting was frequent.

“There is a lot of gaslighting. It leads to so much self-doubting that you don’t believe anything that you think yourself. You rely on Mooji. And you start to do whatever he wants you to do. You don’t trust your inner voice anymore because you are told so often that it is your ego and you don’t know anymore.”

Another staff member confirms this and said he kept the cash in his room. “Mooji stored tens of thousands of dollars in cash under his bed in his apartment in London. He also had a safe in the closet behind the coats with at least $50,000 cash in it. It was British pounds wrapped in rubber bands.”
Another former staff member also confirmed this and says she helped write the statement to the police lying about the origins of the money. She said they told the police the money came from the person who was caught’s book sales.
Another former staff member confirms this and says that she smuggled tens of thousands of dollars in cash on flights for Mooji. She said other staff members would also smuggle cash from America and India to London. “It was always last minute, like the day of the flight or the day before. There was always cash on us.”

When Mooji first purchased Monte Sahaja it had no buildings on it. A former staff member said the whole center was built illegally. “He didn’t have the permits to build on the land. None of the buildings were built legally.”

A former staff member described how Mooji broke up her and her husband. At first, she was close with Mooji and he never liked having her husband around when they would be working together. When she and her husband couldn’t both afford to go to India they decided that he would go. Mooji resented her for this she said. When Mooji and her husband returned they were very close and she had been pushed out. And then her husband moved to Portugal and Mooji would not allow her to move there. He intervened in her relationship and separated them. One day she got a call from him saying that he was dating a Mooji disciple.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: GODHIMSELF ()
Date: March 06, 2019 01:44AM

I hope that brave Be Scofield is ready for the legal actions that the Mooji cult as said they would take against anyone that speaks against MOO..The court might be the best place to expose fully Tony MOO...if witness finally come forward .

The Tony MOO foundation did post a video of MOO saying that these "RUMORS" where not truth and Tony even assures the listeners that he believes that he would never do such things in the future . In the light of the article of Be Scofield Tony Moo is a big deceiver international scammer.

If ladies do come forward to say that TONY trick them in having sex with him to benefit their spiritual enlightenment ...A request should be made for YOUTUBE to remove all videos of MOOJI ...for those videos are like a way for him to attract more innocent young ladies for his sexual gratification...Down the line Be Scofield and Mr Rick Ross and his lawyers and members of this forum should unite
to have all of his videos remove from YOUTUBE to save more pains to innocent ladies .

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Horowitz ()
Date: March 06, 2019 02:56AM

Be Scofield, thanks for your additional evidences, Mooji is a real dark person and a higher caliber con artist, I think that the public opinion begins to change very quickly, most people are in a shock but they support the true statements and comments about him online….

It’s Mooji’s deep downfall, but he don’t give up so easily, I have watched Mooji’s video with a child on a stage at the International Yogi Festival in Parmarth ashram in Rishikesh: [] at 13:00-
“The boy sitting beside Mooji, his name is Gopal, he is the son of one of the Sangha and has known Mooji all his life. His parents say, he often asks to see Mooji and wants to come to Satsang”.
The boy wasn't introduced or his presence wasn't acknowledged at all by Sadhviji – a speaker of this event.
Mooji definitely wants to attract the attention of the part of female audience at the festival, to be seen as a “beloved master” and a lovely “father”. It’s Mooji’s new strategy to mix up together parental feelings with his manipulative guidance there.
Mooji is a new “Michael Jackson” on a stage? Who are actually the boy's parents? The boy should rather play somewhere with other kids, it looks like some fanatic Mooji’s devotional parents want to present their child as miracles and spiritual at such a young age and may show him how to be devotional to Mooji as well….
Mooji leave children out of it!!!!....

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Be Scofield ()
Date: March 06, 2019 03:24AM

There's nothing Mooji can do. The site is hosted internationally and is not subject to US/UK regulation. Also, Mooji would have to sue me and prove that what I have said is false which he can't because it's true. And no one can sue me because I live in hiding and am on the move frequently, so I can't be served papers. AND even if someone did sue me, I have no money for them to take and the article would still remain up. It is outside of any US/UK jurisdiction.

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Be Scofield ()
Date: March 06, 2019 03:25AM

> I hope that brave Be Scofield is ready for the
> legal actions that the Mooji cult as said they
> would take against anyone that speaks against
> MOO..The court might be the best place to expose
> fully Tony MOO...if witness finally come forward...

There's nothing Mooji can do. The site is hosted internationally and is not subject to US/UK regulation. Also, Mooji would have to sue me and prove that what I have said is false which he can't because it's true. And no one can sue me because I live in hiding and am on the move frequently, so I can't be served papers. AND even if someone did sue me, I have no money for them to take and the article would still remain up. It is outside of any US/UK jurisdiction.

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Horowitz ()
Date: March 06, 2019 03:52AM

The criticism of Mooji is related to him as an employee of the Mooji foundation in Monte Sahaja ashram (online) not as a private person. Indeed, Mooji is a public person and he is a figure of the public interest…..
Mission: "Mooji Foundation LTD is committed to the promotion of moral and spiritual welfare for the public benefit by promoting the teachings and practical methodology of the Advaita Vedanta school of Hindu Philosophy".
I do not see any legal grounds to sue/charge any Mooji's critics

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Sahara71 ()
Date: March 06, 2019 01:18PM

Just watching Tony now giving his live performance in India. Luckily for the crowd, it's a free performance, so at least they don't need to go to the trouble of asking for their money back!

Tony looks like crap. He looks like he hasn't slept well. He doesn't have much energy about him at all. Still, he is going through all the motions... I suppose he has to keep up the act for a bit longer; there is still money to be laundered no doubt, and documents to be shred.

The woman who introduced Tony to the audience had to plea for people to come forward if they wanted to go to work at Monte Sahaja, there are plenty of vacancies for all kinds of positions. Just pop up to the information desk and they will give you a job. Looks like the regular cult members might have taken the opportunity to flee the cult compound while Moo isn't there to throw his weight around (no pun intended- sorry Tony!)


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