Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Sahara71 ()
Date: February 17, 2019 04:15AM

Hi Vix,

welcome to the discussion.... I agree with you- the Valentine's day card is creepy and inappropriate. A lot of women seem to confuse Guru-worship with romantic love. Moo is always hugging women and walking around holding their hands. He is absolutely encouraging women to have the wrong kind of feelings for him.

Then Amma Tanya reports that Moo tells women that sleeping with him will bring them closer to God!! (In the post recently shared by Startingover) That is disgusting and a mis-use of power.

Spicy Sue,

I think it is worth telling your friend's family that you are worried about him. They may well be worried about him too.

Hi Unknownlove,

Welcome to the discussion. Another member of this forum, named Constantin, also reported that Moo kicked a man out of the cult because both Moo and the man wanted to have sex with the same woman, and Moo did not like the competition.

Someone else on here recently reported that Moo talks about extraterrestrials, too. Then they thought it might just have been a joke. The fact that the censorship team had to get busy and prevent this particular talk from being aired is interesting.

The short-term memory loss thing is a big worry. Awakening or no awakening, it is not normal for healthy young people to experience memory loss. If they do have a medical team at Monte Sahaja, you would think they would want to investigate why people are reporting memory loss over there.

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Vix ()
Date: February 17, 2019 04:28AM

Hi Sahara71
thank you for the welcome:)
Yes, i just saw that message from Amma Tanya, and yes, this is not new, many tell their students this, and sadly they believe it.
I just wrote a long post on here and lost it as i got a error message?

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Sahara71 ()
Date: February 17, 2019 05:44AM

Hi Vix,

yes sometimes things do happen with posts and you lose them! That has happened to me a few times.

From the research that I have been doing, it seems that corrupt Gurus all tend to use the same lines on their victims...

A guru will justify all kinds of abuse of power, saying to the devotee "I did this to wake you up!"

Can you imagine how confusing that would be? Someone you trust and look up to doing something that makes you feel vulnerable, diminished, scared or belittled and then telling you it is for your own good?

Especially when you have already been taught not to trust you own mind? You have been taught to become compliant. Any doubts that arise regarding the Guru's behavior are dismissed by the victim as being "just the mind."

Over a period of time this works very effectively to keep devotees in check.

It's gas-lighting, or to use a stronger term, it's brain-washing.

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: GODHIMSELF ()
Date: February 17, 2019 02:04PM

I have tried to contact Amma Tanya in various ways ...she as not responded

she unfortunatly accuse Mooji ..but does not want to give details ..or name her

contacts who told her about sexual abuses by Mooji ...and no one here is able

to mention any names of anyone that as been abuse for now it is JUST

SPECUALTIONS...My friend that had made a video was told that the Mooji cult would

take legal actions if the video was not taken dowm..SO IT IS NOW DELETED .

Unless you can convince someone to come forward and make a video stating

"MOOJI AS ABUSE ME " The accusations of Amma Tanya ...are futile

Or she goes all the way and communicate with people who want to help her expose

the cult ....For some grave accusations like sexual misconduct of Mooji

who has thousands of followers cannot go halphway


someone told me ....It could be just bullshit coming from a derange lady

and it seem that there is no shortage of those around Mooji .


Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: February 17, 2019 11:34PM

Amma Tanya is under no obligation to talk with any of us.

She has the right
to do background research and decide who is trustworthy.

To Vix and SpicySue, welcome.

If you get anything dodgy in your private messages, please send a copy at once
to Rick Ross, the moderator.

Mr. Ross can be contacted here:


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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: GODHIMSELF ()
Date: February 18, 2019 07:31AM

Amma Tanya has taken down her videos .. For reason,s only known to her she his backing down from exposing Mooji.The present videos have been reloaded by
someone who wrote me a long email ....but I choose to share only this small part .

" I was actually a devotee of Mooji and spent time at Sahaja and I suffered pyschological abuse at the hands of Mooji. It has taken me a while to get my life back on track."

Is it ethical to repost videos of someone who wants them deleted from Youtube ?
I did as that person if he had the permission of Amma Tanya ..HE DID NOT REPLY.

Is that person now using the videos for his own..getting back at the Mooji cult ?

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Sahara71 ()
Date: February 18, 2019 09:14AM

The thing is GodHimself,

Amma Tanya made her videos publicly available via her Facebook page. She wanted her message to be seen by the world. I think she would understand that videos can be downloaded from Facebook....I am not very good with technology myself, but even I understand that once a video is public, it's going to be shared around.

If Amma Tanya has been threatened with legal action by Moo's group, then that would give her good reason to take down the videos... it doesn't mean she retracts her message, it just means she has better things to do than front up to court! It looks like she has a very busy life and is a successful college professor. After all, it is not really her battle to fight. It's up to the victims to take action now, if they are able.

There are many reasons why victims of sexual exploitation may be unwilling to step forward. This has been well-documented and is a whole subject of research, in itself. Amma Tanya is a nurse and would be well aware of the reasons that victims are reluctant to report sexual harassment or exploitation. She showed integrity in withholding the victims' personal information, and I applaud her for that,

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: StartingOver ()
Date: February 18, 2019 05:15PM

I spoke with Amma this morning, she is doing well. She has given permission for her videos to be shared, in fact she encourages it. She took it off her facebook because it is available on YouTube. She is putting all of the victims of Mooji in direct contact with each other as means to provide support for each other. She says that the sexual abuse victims are afraid to speak out, which she can understand and support but she is certainly encouraging people to not be afraid and expose their experiences with Moo and his team.

Also to clarify she has NOT been threatened with legal action, as they have no grounds to take any legal action. In fact she says she hopes that they try that route because it will shed more light on what he has been doing. She is not responding to certain messages because she has recieved quite a few messages or emails, alot of them are people sharing their experiences and alot of them are people being very nasty towards her including Mooji's sister with whoom she was friends with.

I will be speaking with those who have confided with her and updating here.

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: StartingOver ()
Date: February 18, 2019 06:15PM

I tried to post Amma's facebook post here directly but I keep getting error messages so I have attached a link to her post today.


Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Spicysue ()
Date: February 18, 2019 06:34PM

I saw her message this morning and messaged her myself. She replied. I think it’s going to be a very rude awakening for some and a rocky road to recovery for many.
I hope all involved find some peace.

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