Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Horowitz ()
Date: January 12, 2019 12:17AM

David Godman about Papaji’s waives: ….Papaji, who took a second wife, a Belgian woman called Meera, while his first wife was still alive, and even fathered a daughter, Mukti, with her. He was over sixty at the time, and Meera was not much more than twenty. This relationship upset many of Papaji's devotees, and a significant number of them abandoned him because they all thought that he had fallen from his high state. Papaji himself did not conceal this relationship. As soon as the baby was born, he brought both Meera and Mukti to his parents' home in Lucknow to introduce Mukti to her grandparents. When I was researching his biography, I told him that it was his decision whether or not this story went into the book. In response, he sat down and wrote out an account of the relationship for me. He didn't think that it was anything that he needed to conceal. Though many people might think badly of him because of this relationship, there was never any question of suppressing it, of leaving it out of the book.... []

Interview with Ganga Mira (Meera) and Mukti, the daughter of Ganga Mira and Papaji, Gangotri, Portugal, June 2018. By Kailash.

They live in Portugal in some kind of spiritual small community and have confused satsangs there similar pattern like Mooji: []

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: January 12, 2019 04:17AM

Question: why is it that these enlightened types constantly go public as gurus?

Is it possible to get enlightened and have a quiet useful life out of the public glare?

Why do these enlightened types so often become clones of their guru?

Its possible to bring benefit just by being a coworker who is sane, steady, good humored, resourceful.

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Sahara71 ()
Date: January 13, 2019 05:19AM

I have just been watching an interesting guy speak about Advaita Vendata on YouTube. He is from the Vendata Society of New York. The way he explains his religion is much clearer and more informative than Moo trying (but failing) to explain Vendata.


Notice how this man does not attempt to shame the person asking the question? He just explains his answer in a normal, conversational tone, like a normal person would use every day. He doesn't do the 'staring eyes' thing or take exceptionally long pauses in his speech.

Advaita Vendata is much more complex and interesting when it's explained by someone who actually knows what he is talking about! It is somewhat difficult to grasp, but it isn't as confusing as the stuff Moo spouts.

When I listen to something like this video, I just find it really interesting; I don't get the tranced-out feeling that Moo's talks used to induce in me.

(I'm not advising anyone to follow Advaita Vendata. I don't plan to take it up. It's just a very interesting religion, amongst a whole planet of interesting beliefs held by different people.)

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: sound of silence ()
Date: January 13, 2019 08:28AM

Hello, I am from Germany, so please forgive my mistakes in English.
I´m new at this forum. 3 years ago I discovered Mooji on YouTube and, as so many, felt in love with him. Especially in his early years he had a Wonderful Charisma in my eyes.
Maybe behause I´m spirituell really settled, I don`t appriciate his pointing very much. He says, leave your mind out but he himself does very seldom speak from his heart. And I was really irritated by the people around him. Especially Krishnabai seems very strange to me. I´m sure, Mooji is a God to her and the other close devotees. I dislike all the cult around Mooji, kissing his feed and so on. And I miss some words out of his mouth, which are very importent to me like Gratefulness, Humility, Love.
So I´m really glad about this forum. Just to see that many people share my opinion.
Several months ago I wanted to go to Sahaja, but now I know that my life ist better without a guru named Moojiji.
I´m only sad that such a gifted and blessed Man forgets more and more about his source, because many see him as the source. But he is not.

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Mara Fiota ()
Date: January 13, 2019 07:44PM

There is no place for charisma where the deep truth is concerned the way i see it

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: January 13, 2019 10:17PM

MF prior posts here:


Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: clearvision ()
Date: January 16, 2019 01:58PM

I just noticed a new facebook page "No Ramana Lineage".
There's a good article there on Moo and his false claim to a "lineage":

False lineage narrative with "Mooji"

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Horowitz ()
Date: January 17, 2019 02:56AM

Mooji lineage to H.Poonja and R.Maharshi:
Mooji wants to be put equal to H. Poonja and R. Maharshi and become a spiritual living celebrity. There also is a PR team and employees of Mooji Media Inc. in Monte Sahaja ashram who promote Tony Moo everywhere as a great sage. They protects him and even claimed the copyright to the both compromised Mooji’s videos (mooji's feed kissed..…above here, Guru Purnima 2016, Mooji music: Om satguru mooji baba namaha). These were deleted from YT recently. It’s important to get these videos back at a new YT channel, these videos show what is going on behind the facade of Mooji public satsangs. it indicates that Mooji attracts a lot of fanatic female lovers and foolish worshipers who come from his YT video watchers, he also draws people who have been diagnosed with different mental health illness, have some mental health problems, or have experienced some life difficulties, homelessness, and traumas. Mooji presents a delusional-therapeutic cult with the most of confused enter level followers.

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Sahara71 ()
Date: January 17, 2019 05:53AM

That is a really interesting Fb page, Clearvision.

The article that you posted a link to is really well-written. Unfortunately, I have noticed that all the Moo Cult followers who I've interacted with have no interest in Hindu tradition and no concept of spiritual lineage and its importance.

I've noticed that they are generally modern Westerners who just want something to believe in. As Horowitz says, a lot of them sadly have mental health issues. Even those who are sane and educated, even quite intelligent in many cases, only really want to abandon rational thinking and live in a delusional state.

They then call it "enlightenment", but it is actually a confused mental state brought about by trying to comprehend some seriously irrational and misguided stuff.
If you look at the last link I posted, you will see that the genuine Advaita teachings are nothing like the gibberish that Tony Moo spouts. Advaita is a complex religion requiring serious study. You are not going to pick it up instantly by listening to a B-grade showman with a Jesus complex!

Unfortunately, we live in very insecure, changeable and interesting times. People just want a quick-fix, they are not interested in looking deeper.

Yes, Moo takes great pains to deceive people into thinking he shares spiritual lineage with Papaji and Ramana. He may as well save himself the effort, because his followers aren't that curious. Honestly, half of them would worship a turnip if you put it it front of them. Seriously.

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Horowitz ()
Date: January 17, 2019 10:24AM

Very constructive criticism of Mooji’s Is-ness or E. Tolle’s present moment in video: Ego’s Game - What Eckhart Tolle & Mooji Won't Tell You :)
What was said at 44:0-45:10 in this video is the truth for me, it’s also basic stuff for everybody who may be on a spiritual path: to shape your ego/conditioning, work on yourself and simultaneously be present/conscious, and meditate, get into stillness. I think that, in some extent, one needs to have the heathy ego, integrated personality to make a real spiritual progress.

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