Re: Enlightenment Theatre
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Date: December 14, 2017 03:07AM

English language version


Re: Enlightenment Theatre
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Date: December 16, 2017 01:26AM

Taken in the context of mystical manipulation, where one is being deliberately distressed in an enclosed ashram context (ex-members I have spoken to confirm this is going on), we can see how the below quote plays into the messaging that equates obedience with the removal of pain:

"As your satsang deepens, debris starts floating to the surface bringing much discomfort in the body-mind. Now is not the time for therapy or analysis. Simply leave it to the Sovereign power whose benevolence washes away all delusion. Remember this! "-Mooji

I.e. don't talk about it. Don't discuss it. Don't think. Just ask for my help and everything will be ok.

Getting Vulnerable w Mooji - Description in NYT article
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Date: December 16, 2017 05:19AM

Unplugging in the Unofficial Capital of Yoga - 2014



One of my favorite Rishikesh pastimes was attending satsang, a sort of spiritual Q.-and-A. session, part “Donahue,” part college seminar, part sermon. The famed Mooji, a Jamaican guru, was among those who held satsangs in Rishikesh during my stay, attracting hundreds of followers daily.

One by one and in front of the large crowd, they asked often-raw questions of Mooji, who answered or used them as springboards for riffs on faith. One question was from a married man with children who said simply, “I’m tired of being a person.” Another was a young woman who was struggling with her conservative Jewish family accepting her as lesbian. At one satsang, a young man made his way onstage and buried himself in Mooji’s lap, in tears. I sat watching cross-legged, feeling somewhere between moved and confused.


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Mooji A Big Disappointment (self.Mooji)

submitted 1 hour ago (December 15, 2017) by Justanormalguy44


I write this not as an angry person lashing out which I did experience anger, but more as person who is deeply concerned and saddened by what I have seen from Mooji and Sahaja.

Before meeting Mooji I followed him like most online and became in love with him. I couldn't go a day without ingesting his words. He carried me through very difficult times. But upon meeting him my perception radically changed.

My 1st day at Sahaja I tried to arrange a private talk with him without his camera crew and was told I would have to pay 150 euros, that was the 1st red flag. As time progressed I began to notice that people would have these grand dios ideas about the powers that he had and one lady would cry almost everytime I mentioned his name which by the way her husband of over 40 years had just died, which for me explained why she was so vulnerablbe.

I also noticed that the sangha members there would watch me and everyone very closely and try to shut out any ideas that didnt correspond with what they were teaching.

i once told one of the members that I didnt agree with Mooji because he was yelling one day REALLY aggressively and she became very angry that I didnt agree with his actions. He came off as VERY judgemental and arrogant.

What I saw on youtube and what I saw from him in real life was totally different. I spent 2 months living with him and realized that it was a big effort to make him appear "GODLY". Even the videos have to go through a 3 phase approval process before going to youtube.

He would make very outlandish and arrogant remarks and completely embarrass and scrutinize people in front of others. I went to hug him one day and he pushed me off him with an angry look yelling at me becuase he felt that I didnt ask enough questions and also called me a devil. It hurt me deeply when he said those words, I couldnt believe the man who I had such deep respect for would act in such a way.

Alot of his followers either have mental illnesses and it was very clear to me after speaking with some of them. He teaches about illusion but alot of the people that I saw their were in complete fantasy world and one girl cried saying that she wanted to leave there but didnt know how, she felt scared when she doesnt have his safety. I really felt bad for her.

I never had the courage to tell Mooji these things to his face as he himself is afraid and hides behind his members when any real challenge arose. It doesnt seem he is open to criticism. He and his closest members have made it very clear.

I have sought out counseling after leaving him and had to accept the fact that I unknowingly joined a cult, something I said I would never be apart of. Mentally I was fucked for a while from the mind games he played with me but slowly i am gaining my confidence back in myslef which he desperately tried to take away with his incomplete teachings and hypnotic trance techniques. It was VERY hard for me to accept the fact that he is not true.

With the recent suicide there and the many people who have gone on to have tremedous mental health problems after leaving him I would say that something needs to be done.

I have tried to let this situation go but my heart can only think about the many victims that will come to him.

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Was Bentinho Massaro ever with Mooji?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: December 20, 2017 10:58PM

New discussion of a "Tech Bro" guru, Bentinho Massaro, based in Sedona Arizona.

Did anyone ever see him involved with the satsang scene, with Mooji or other satsang leaders?


Re: Was Bentinho Massaro ever with Mooji?
Posted by: happytown ()
Date: December 30, 2017 04:27AM


A discussion on a hypnosis website (in French) discussing mooji's techniques.

Mooji search trends
Posted by: happytown ()
Date: December 30, 2017 04:48AM

After a year in which a young French man took his own life whilst in the "grace field" of mooji's ashram, the following week the google search term "mooji cult" spiked in France


Re: Mooji search trends
Posted by: happytown ()
Date: January 22, 2018 07:36AM

In a bizarre turn of events, mooji is doing an interview tomorrow (1/22/18) with "London Real Academy" owner Brian Rose, a self-help be-all-you-can-be type with a lot of internet stink, for example: []

Mooji says you can "Ask him anything"!

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Re: Mooji search trends
Posted by: happytown ()
Date: February 03, 2018 06:18AM

I finally got round to watching the interview on London real. Very slick. I guess it's only a matter of time before Oprah comes calling.

Mooji is asked by the interviewer if he's a cult leader, and mooji responds by asking what is a definition of a cult, and wouldn't Jesus be considered a cult leader?

This struck me as ridiculous, since everyone knows Jesus only charged two shekels and a goat for his ten day retreats. And online subscription to his video streaming service cost a mere two chickens.

Seriously though, isn't comparing yourself to Jesus enough of a red flag in itself?

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: February 03, 2018 07:56AM

Here's why Jesus was not a cult leader.

He was the one who was betrayed.

His own account sold him out. He faced the judges and torturers all by himself, with no one to speak on his behalf.

Most tellingly, Jesus had no fixed residence, no place to lay his head.

He did not build an ashram, either.

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Horowitz ()
Date: February 03, 2018 10:34PM

9 Ways to Spot a Fake Guru or Spiritual Teacher [by Paul Lenda]

Who is Mooji?

1. Charging a large amount of money.
2. Giving themselves fancy titles. Sri sri sri sri...
3. Inability to take criticism.
4. Overly focused on the end goal of spiritual enlightenment rather than the process of getting there.
5. Behaving hypocritically.
6. Focusing on fulfilling an egocentric desire.
7. Displaying spiritual materialism.
8. Behaving selfishly.
9. Promising a fast path to self-realization.

1. Charging a large amount of money:
Five days retreat with Mooji in Lisbon in 2018 in Aula Magna at the university campus, no food, and no accommodation. It's very expensive (275 EUR), high canceling fee (50 EUR), and no refund (10 days before start). Such canceling fees show it‘s not the satsang anymore but it’s the business although the aula has about 1500 seats. Mooji may not prepare any lectures regarding to particular spiritual topics. There may by only questions/answers setup and no meditation again. "Satsang Intensive at Aula Magna, Lisbon, Portugal, 23/2 – 27/2/2018. What is the price? The fee for attending the Satsang Intensive program in Lisbon is€275 EUR. The fee for online attendance is £95 GBP (early bird price of £75 until 15 January, 2018). What is the cancellation policy? Attending physically at Aula Magna in Lisbon, Portugal: In case you cancel your participation at least 11 days before the event starts, you will be charged a €50 EUR cancellation fee, and the rest of your payment shall be reimbursed to you. If you cancel your participation to the event with 10 days or less before the event starts, then you will get no refund of the event fee. Please note that tickets are non-transferable, and as such it is not possible to sell, give or otherwise transfer your ticket to another person.

2. Giving themselves fancy titles. Sri sri sri sri...
Tony Moo Young changed his name to Mooji, Sri Mooji, MoojiBaba and Sri Mooji Baba: (Sri: great/holy), (Ji: Sir), (Baba: guru/teacher/saint)). He took too many prefixs and honorific titles from other Indian spiritual teachers: Sri Ramana Maharshi, Papaji, Sai Baba. If people call him Sri Mooji Baba, it means in very modest form: Sir Great Teacher Moo. I am also wondering why he has adopted a lot of Hindu/Indian culture/customs, his Indian clothing, greeting, and words atc., although he comes from Caribbean/Jamaica culture regions and has lived in the UK most of his adult life.

3. Inability to take criticism:
Mooji avoids any criticism regarding to his person or his spiritual pointing in the most discussions and in addition, he is not critical of any other religions, politics, society or the outer world openly. Mooji was exposed some criticism at his second appearance: Buddha at the Gas Pump (2017) because he let his followers worship him. Mooji refused smartly such criticism from several points of view. Mooji has not set up any rigorous ruling in Monte Sahaja yet; ashram is a community of love, easy spirituality, sex, and money. For that reasons, there is no criticism of Mooji from inside of the community.

4. Overly focused on the end goal of spiritual enlightenment rather than the process of getting there.
Mooji usually talks about the completed enlightenment or spiritual self-realization significant parts of his satsangs and presents it, as if one reaches a full joy, tremendous happiness, deep peace, beautiful bliss, and unfathomable silence. Mooji creates and activates a kind of dopamine award in the minds of his listeners and followers and hypnotizes the audience with the huge spiritual expectations with achieving the pure Samadhi or a spiritual ecstasy very easy. Then the listeners get an unrealistic impression, that the attending any steps of spiritual enlightenments must always be a pure spiritual heaven and a permanent joy. Mooji’s satsangs or pointing out play mostly spiritually motivation role, present only spiritually recreation events, and are based on the unreal effortless approach of the instant spiritual awakening.

5. Behaving hypocritically:
Mooji’s huge hypocriticism is to talk about and explain states of the pure awareness or the self-realization, which he has not permanently experienced yet and to present them as if were his own spiritual achievements. Mooji pretends to be an enlightened being and a beloved master, but he is only a teacher. For these reasons, Mooji has also created the cult of a realized Guru in ashram to be better excused, covered up, and protected from his own spiritual failures and sadness.

6. Focusing on fulfilling an egocentric desire:
Mooji permanently fulfills his sex desires and sleeps with a lot of his young devotees in ashram and during traveling; his sexual life is very promiscuous. Mooji’s second strong desire is to seek name and fame for himself and to be recognized as a famous spiritual master, he has been working on his spiritual reputation purposely for many years.

7. Displaying spiritual materialism:
Mooji has built a large ashram in Monte Sahaja and announces it a spiritual heaven, where the highest pure consciousness resides. He associates places and himself with some spiritual radiations, extraordinary spiritual power, God’s grace, and spiritual and material prosperity. He presents himself as a more realized or holy person and blesses almost everything and everybody.

8. Behaving selfishly:
Mooji does not behave classically selfishly; I think that he is a giving person and he is ready to share a lot of spiritual or materialistic stuff. But Mooji is also very spiritually condescending to anybody who has had any spiritual deep experiences or awakening without his assistance or blessings. I have noticed that in several Mooji's satsangs. Mooji usually puts any spiritual experiences of other people down and falsely acts from the highest spiritual level of the void. He is a spiritually selfish, proud person, and he cannot bear the spiritual greatness of others. In addition, his strong cult of personality is a sign of the narcissism. He built up a large throne on a pedestal with golden picture frame behind him in the ashram hall; in addition he posts his photos almost everywhere. His selfishness lies mostly in his narcissistic personality features and his easy pseudo-spirituality.

9. Promising a fast path to self-realization:
Mooji is a spiritual populist like a political populist who has a simple and quick solution for everything. According to him, the spiritual awakening is simple, almost effortless, in a short time achieved, and with immediate benefits. Mooji mistakes the simple sensation, meditation, or silenced mind for the Isness or the true Self in his pointing out and exercise-invitations. Mooji has minimal spiritual genuine experiences and he could also be called a spiritual “fast food” Guru who serves an instant spiritual awakening “coffee”.

Mooji is not true and seems to be not an enlightened being at all, but more likely a group therapy amateur psychologist or a teacher.

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