Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Heythere1010101 ()
Date: May 11, 2020 02:46AM

Two 10-minute breaks
* Half an hour for lunch

Usually a seva session lasts for 4-5 hrs. depending on the work. You can choose to take the rest of the 'day off', work more, or if you live outside of sahaja, you usually leave after your done working.
The only way I ended up staying there all day some days, is if I volunteered for as much seva they could give me (all day work). At the time I was volunteering, mostly because I hated living on the campsite and if I was going to be doing 'chores' there any way, I figured I might as well do them at sahaja, and wanted to avoid being around the camp 'managers' where I was staying. they gave off a very weird vibe.
People that live on the land (or on the campsites) and are more involved work most of the day. There is maybe a little break for water, and 1 hr. break for lunch (which you pay for, all of the meals are paid for by you)
When I was in land care, we were 'making the mulch around the plants tidy' because thats how 'mooji likes it'. We would also rake for hours in the sun, and pick weeds.

* Training on back protection and methods for safe lifting and transport of supplies

there are limited supplies there, most things are bartered and traded between people, unless the tools are supplied by sahaja.
There is no formal training, or instruction. Because it's (supposedly) volunteer work, it is a free for all. But you are highly discouraged from not participating in seva, you are pressured into it.
It's like, if you've worked in construction before you'll work with the construction group. Then ok, were gonna do this this and this and thats it, you just start.
It's a mix of people devoted to mooji from all walks of life, in all professions, who have gone there to devote their "expertise" and they follow the instructions of what the 'team leader' or mooji is hoping to accomplish on the land for any given project.

* Boots or closed toe shoes to be work on worksites.
not a reqiurement

* Scheduled fire drills
that had just started when i went there in 2016, i dont know if they have it any more organized. when i was there it was a few people blowing foghorns around the land

* Scheduled emergency evacuation drills

* Access to water especially in hot weather
yes, they make sure everyone is hydrated, and knows where the water is

* First aid kids prominently displayed and we are taught where they are.


Supervisors and work leaders trained in first aid and have telephone access to
summon emergency medical care.

No, all the supervisors do have cellphones, which they could technically call for medical care?
I'm pretty sure everything all medical stuff is very far away, and when I was there it seemed like they were trying to get doctors or medical professional "devotees' to work on the land as care providers.
They have a list of all the 'occupations' they are looking for if you apply to visit sahaja for an extended stay.
You are supposed to get travelers insurance in order to visit there, but it isn't a requirement.

When persons arrive at Monte Sahaja are they required to have up to date immunizations and test negative for TB? Or documentation from a licensed physician that if they did have active TB that it has been arrested.


- is there sufficient light on the paths to offer safe passage?

No, I used to walk back to the campsite in the middle of the night, for about an hour or more.

- Are entrance and exits marked?

It is not obvious, they act as though it is very secretive info, and only tell people who are staying around there.

- Is the electrical equipment correctly fixed?

have no clue

- Are those tested by an authorized person?

Probably not

- Are the gas-bottles used for warm water in the showers, kitchen, etc. properly applied and inspected by an authorized person?

Again, no clue

- Is there an evacuation plan in case of fire?


- Are there any fire alarms and have those been tested?

Pretty sure no, but they had a fire there a year or too ago, so they may have gotten some, it doesnt seem likely though

- Are exit doors effective enough for the capacity of people hosted in case of evacuation?

Everything is mostly outdoors, basically everyone would just walk down the 'road' (a wide dirt path) to leave sahaja, granted that they were able to alert everyone in time

- What are the measurements to ensure an bacteria-free environment?

Cleaning with vinegar and water, as far as I know, it's the only mixture I ever saw them clean with.
I don't know how they deal with the composting toilets

- Do emergency cars have access?

Yes, but the roads are very rough (hence building roads all the time) and can be tricky and confusing to drive on

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Gaja ()
Date: May 11, 2020 03:40AM

To be honest I do not want anymore relatonships in my life, which make me feel depressed. I'm still having trouble with memories of Moo treating me really poorly while he had expectations to be treated special and with all respect and kindness.

I remember the night I screamd at him. I was screaming all untruth he said(I was keeping to myself all hurt, and resentment and all the untrue things he said about me, and my life), the time come, when I couldn't keep it to myself anymore, and I explode, I was giving egazmples where his words look stupid, and untrue. The same night when I lye in bed and fell asleep, awakend me a fear where I couldn't breath. I got really scared. But later i could breath, maybe after 30 seconds, breath come back to my lungs. The next day, Moo was upset, he said with anger: oh and she could breath again to come back to ignorance itself again. And I knew at that time, he wanted my death, and he doesn't care about people at all. This time, I was so afraid of Moo, I was running back to poland, I didn't take anything with myself, only some saved, hided money I had, and I flied to my home. And all of those love pictures you can see on facebook, are only to build his image as being loving guy, but believe me, he is not, he is nothing like he try to show himself to people. But anyway, sometimes I feel, I wish I could die at that night, I was so unhappy in this strange relationship, I felt so unbearably down, and later the years of PTSD, I feel it would be good for me, If I die that night. Maybe he wished me death out of mercy, to shorten my suffering. But anyway he turns out to not be powerful, if he couldn't kill me, only scared me terribly. I was never terryfied as much as I was then. Maybe this Floo boy who commited suicide at Monte didin't commit suicide, only Moo killed him. Few times, he showed agression toward people.This is possible. Moo is ruthless, dangerous.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Heythere1010101 ()
Date: May 11, 2020 03:52AM

I was very shocked that the boy Flo had commited suicide, not only that but on the grounds of Sahaja (from what I understand).
I didn't see him there, but I remember seeing satsang video's with him in them, he had such a striking and (I thought)beautiful face. I find this very sad, he was probably just another casualty of sahaja culture, which can be very emotionally cruel. If you are a sensitive person, I believe the type of treatment they employ there can be very dangerous.

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Heythere1010101 ()
Date: May 11, 2020 05:30AM

Also if you have underlying psychological instabilities or issues this kind of thing is very triggering.

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Sahara71 ()
Date: May 11, 2020 05:58AM

Thank you Heythere101 and Gaja,

I'm so sorry to hear how scared you were of Mooji, Gaja. I have come across a lot of people who fear Moo, in past few years.

Heythere101 - the most concerning thing you wrote (or one of the most concerning things - it's all pretty bad) was this:

"I have to talk about the 'supernatural' things that go on in sahaja as well.
This are indeed a very important aspect about this whole phenomena, but rarely talked about
I have seen people there go into convulsions and shocks, screaming hysterically, and mooji performing many types of 'exorcisms' on people.
these are common daily occurences in sahaja, and a very important, and undiscussed part of life there.
He calls this 'getting rid of stale energies' that were picked up throughout life.
People go into these swoons just from being in his presence.
There are also genuine spiritual breakthroughs that happen in satsang.
When these breakthroughs occur, depending on the devotion of the seeker, they will be pressured in some way to maintain the relationship with mooji, through mooji, or other devotees. If you don't 'stick with mooji' after your breakthrough, you are seen as a 'backslider' into sin. In the inner circle, I mean, with the 'sahajans' (as they call themselves)."

It's very troubling that people in vulnerable spiritual/emotional states are being 'pressured' to stick with Moo. Surely, if their spiritual longings were calling them down a different path to Moo's, then that would also be encouraged and honored?????

Otherwise, this is sounding very much like cult indoctrination! To tell people that it is somehow 'sinful' not to stick with Moo is very manipulative and very misleading. That is a very unhealthy, potentially harmful thing to tell a person.

Heythere101, can you tell us what happened to your friend who ended up being hospitalized in an asylum? Did he have some kind of strange spiritual experience or was he subject to some kind of pressure from the Moo group, if you know of any? I hope this is not too upsetting for you to talk about.

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Gaja ()
Date: May 11, 2020 07:54AM

Moo seams to be so false.
Once he said he doesn't cling to any religion, and what he is giving to people is not religion. And the other times he talk with obsession about being god, about Jesus, about sins, about devil, about exorcism...
His behavior as well as all sangha was behaving so weird as I remember. The other enlightened teachers behave normal, so there is a hope, but Moo group is behaving so odd.

Coming back to subject of religion. 12, or 13 years ago, I give up my religion, I stopped going to church, for what I saw, religion is only to make people neurotic. At this point of my life, I do not think much of religion. Yet for few years in my head there were some believes, songs, prayers. But now, I do not think anymore about religion, I do not pray anymore. When someone say to me : sin, devil, or Jesus, this mean to me as much as conversation about smurfs. I'm just not interested anymore with religious teachings. It doesn't matter to me.

Again coming back to what Moo said, that he is going to burn me. This remind me a story of a man in my country, who played to be very religious. He was showing everyone, how much he believes in god, and how holy he is. One night, he burned his whole family in their own house. 4 children and wife. After this tragedy he showed many camera videos about how loving they were, but the truth is, without any doubt that he burned them.
This also remind me that Moo shop was burned some time ago. I thought, maybe karma happened to him, and I do not have to cry so much, because life is justice. If Moo was cruel to me, maybe life will be the same cruel to him, and I can relax...but I won't watch, I do not want to see him anymore. I trust that life will teach him being humble.

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Heythere1010101 ()
Date: May 11, 2020 09:33AM

oh wow, I just remembered a very creepy thing.
It was the campsite managers, I don't know for sure, but it felt like they were out looking for me because I hadn't paid the whole months rent yet.
It had a very strange feeling like they were becoming paranoid I wouldn't pay the 'rent' (FOR A TENT??? haha)
It didn't make any sense because I had stayed there already for months, and you would think because I had paid it every month they would not be so worried, but the man went out in the car they kept at the campsite
(occupants could rent the car as well, but it didn't seem like a good idea to me, i ended up walking most of the time, or hitching rides with other devotees)

I had started walking toward sahaja that day (I would walk there every day to do seva, about 45 min) and I heard the car coming down the road,
I all of a sudden ran into the woods surrounding me so that I wouldn't be seen by the man.
I was sick of feeling hounded by them, so I ran for cover, I didn't want to be seen by him.
I remember feeling so relieved I had started walking when I did and heard the car in time to get off the road and hide in another path through the trees.
It was just so strange, it was the feeling you get when you avoided a very bad experience, a dangerous experience, by chance, and got away in the nick of time.
I have so many memories like this, crystal clear, of so many strange and disturbing experiences there.

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Heythere1010101 ()
Date: May 11, 2020 10:33AM

It's very troubling that people in vulnerable spiritual/emotional states are being 'pressured' to stick with Moo. Surely, if their spiritual longings were calling them down a different path to Moo's, then that would also be encouraged and honored?????

Otherwise, this is sounding very much like cult indoctrination! To tell people that it is somehow 'sinful' not to stick with Moo is very manipulative and very misleading. That is a very unhealthy, potentially harmful thing to tell a person.

It sounds like it because it is. There is LOTS of indoctrination there, ceremonies, rituals, and behaviour that is completely brainwashing and ritualistic.
It is all done through emotional manipulation, you become so confused at that point about where your decisions end and sahaja/mooji begins.
Noone is walking up and saying directly to you, 'if you leave mooji your committing a sin', at that point all they have to do is urge them to 'stick with mooji throughout their awakening'. It is insinuated that by leaving before you've reached a state of enlightenment, you are straying from the (mooji) 'path'
Thats all they have to do, suggest things and confuse you more and more, until you dont know what to believe anymore, and dont trust your own decisions any more.
I saw countless, young, vulnerable women who would groveling to mooji in confusion, in a heart wrenching battle most likely with their own intuition about the whole experience, and end up AGREEING yet again, that 'master always knows what is best for us'
this isnt an exaggeration, these types of 'sayings' are communicated ALL the time there, all day, every day. They think he is actually their personal living god!! They walk around calling him god, Lord, Master, savior ALL DAY every day

Heythere101, can you tell us what happened to your friend who ended up being hospitalized in an asylum?

So about my friend, Will, I told him about this forum, when I was still trying to wake him up to the fact that this whole thing is not where to look to find Truth. He said he looked at it and did't know what to think, he's still COMPLETELY brainwashed and completely devoted to mooji, whom he thinks is his guru. Weve kept in touch this entire time (almost 5 years now, quite a while) and every single time I have talked to him he talks about how he is going to get back to mooji/satsang/sahaja somehow. He has been sectioned for 5 years by his parents, apparently you can still do that in the UK which seems crazy to me. he's 26 yrs old!! How can his parents keep him sectioned?? It makes absolutely no sense to me.

Did he have some kind of strange spiritual experience or was he subject to some kind of pressure from the Moo group, if you know of any?

I would say both of us had very strange spiritual experiences there, no convulsions, or exorcisms, but very strange nontheless. After satsangs he began to become violent and extremely angry in front of me and then apologize the next day. When he went back to England he started wandering around and stayed at these random peoples house, got kicked out. He kept acting hostile and violent towards people until his parents had him sectioned, I think he was somewhat homeless at the time. I don't know what he experienced from directly talking with devotees in sahaja, in regards to pressure.

For me I was pressured by the camp manager to stay for longer and 'finish the job'(as in 'win' my enlightenment) when I was thinking about leaving. when I told him I think i should go, he said, 'what? your just going to get on a plane tomorrow?' like it was very unrealistic, when in reality i really should've. I was running out of money, and would barely have a savings when I got back. Did they look out for my well being when they knew I had money? Of course not, they pressured me to stay "and win my enlightenment" so they could make extra money on their rent that month.
I feel there was a lot of financial pressure there.

At the campsite, I was pressured to keep a schedule with others, do chores, and was scolded like a child, if they didnt think i had completed a task good 'enough'.
There is pressure not to communicate with your family or friends and using your cell phone was very 'controversial' on the campsite. You could get internet access once a week when the camp manager brought down the router. and are also pressured to not use the internet for anything 'disruptive to satsang'

When I went back to Hawaii, which is where i'm from, I was also in a similar state as will, thankfully they don't section people there, unless it is a very extreme case, but in any case I could somewhat hold it together enough to keep a job.
I could not relate to anyone I knew there anymore and felt like a complete stranger. I felt I had been used by sahaja. I hadn't beeb 'good' enough and had a miserable self esteem at this time.
I was angry at everyone and everything, hated myself, and was also, like a person in a previous post had written, extremely horny?? haha and was watching porn, and masturbating fervently, which was very out of character for me.
It was very weird, I actually became convinced I was possessed by demons. And honestly, it still sort of feels like that's what happened. I dont know, there was a very dark demonic feel to what I experienced when I left sahaja. The world outside of sahaja seemed grotesque and demonic, like your in hell all the time, suffocating. I can't explain it, I thought I was being punished for leaving for not being good enough to stay there. That is what it felt like, it was genuinely terrifying.

Like you could see through the motives of all the people in the world and how disturbing and dark everything was, how much worse the world was than you could ever imagine

I started going down this rabbit hole of conspiracy theories and becoming terrified for my life. I started going insane in a way.
Interestingly, it did open my eyes to a lot of things about this life/world that are being hidden and silenced, much like they are in sahaja

I made a conscious choice to leave sahaja and mooji, so in some way I believed I was being punished for that.

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Heythere1010101 ()
Date: May 11, 2020 10:48AM

I would like to say, that the camp managers were extremely invasive and you could almost feel them watching you, survielling you all the time. It's very disturbing feeling, like your being targeted. And actually this was talked about by mooji also, when your there (in sahaja, or with a sangha member) for your ego, its like hiding behind a sheet of glass. he said that exact phrase all the time.
Meaning, because the sangha and himself were so sharp and keen to the ego, they will sniff it out (again, exact phrase) and call you out on it if you are trying to 'hide behind it'
the point being the more you are 'called out' on your EVIL ego, you will lose your ego. It will vanish once you are told again and again what your ego is and what it is doing at all times. which is how you become enlightened apparently haha

This is taken literally by the sangha, and gives you a sense you are being watched at all times
I believe this is some kind of manipulation to get you to believe they can read your thoughts and that the sangha is enlightened so watch out if your trying to 'hide' anything.
Its so f'ing confusing, because that's why your there in a way, you want them to be 'calling you out' on your ego, so you can 'get closer' to enlightenment. But then you realize they are taking advantage of people in this whole charade.
They are actually damaging peoples ego's creating war. Because the attitude is you are at 'war' with your (implied) 'evil' ego. mooji is at war with the ego and wants to find it and kill it so you will become enlightened.

And then you find yourself asking 'what does any of this have to do with god? Or enlightenment?'
It becomes so deluded and manipulative

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Heythere1010101 ()
Date: May 11, 2020 10:56AM

Feels so good to write all of this finally

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