Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Ananas ()
Date: November 07, 2019 03:28PM

Sahara, you wrote:" It was this parrot-like behavior that was one of the things that got me thinking, actually. Why could they not use their own words to explain things? Why the mimicry? It was so odd!"

YES, YES, YES! It was one of first thing for me too, which felt off, but not only when they explain/comment on something, but also when they talk to Mooji in satsang, the same parroting is happening. In sahaja they know what Moo likes to hear, so its rare that someone is authentic, its mostly parroting what he says or what they know he wants to hear from his devotees. It is sad.

Second point: you are not allowed to express the slightest "criticism/questioning" anywhere in the sangha, be it in a local group, in and around sahaja, in india, online....and with "questioning" I do not mean at all what we can express here in this forum, but something like a comment, "that it is hard to sit for such long hours in satsang" (because of back pain). NEVER question the master and what is happening around him. Never, ever. That is THE rule in Mooji sangha. Because he is GOD.

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Ananas ()
Date: November 08, 2019 02:25AM

Atma Yoga posted this comment on on January 16, 2018:

After just hearing about the tragic death of Flo Camoin at Monte Sahaja I would like to share my experience after following Mooji for the past year. I met him in the 2017 season in Rishikesh for the first time during the open Satsangs. I was overwhelmed by the energy in Satsang and the many transformative stories and intense emotions people would expose. Although the frequent crying, screaming and appearance of many weird individuals as well as some exorcism-like episodes were scary in the beginning I would contribute this to his power as a teacher and was sure to have found a great master.

The empty smiles and stares of some of his disciples who welcomed the people at the entrance as well as his grandiose entry to Satsang at the International Yoga Festival at Parmarth, with drums, music and dozens of disciples surrounding him gave me a first bad taste of this being another person cult. Later I would attribute this impression to be resistance from my ego-mind and I tended to belittle the many signs of egoic behavior Mooji himself presented and the cult-like devotion around his body.
I was following Eckhart Tolles pointings for about 1 year before meeting Mooji and never witnessed such overtly demonstrated “enlightenment” and emotional outbursts and was sure this comes from truth, not being aware this could also be a form of hysteria (I noticed that it’s almost only women who scream and cry during Satsang)!

After returning from India I met with the local Mooji Sangha regularly and came in closer contact with long-term Mooji followers. Despite the very lovely and peaceful Satsang-field we created together (which reminded me of the following Bible passage: “For where two or three gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Metthew 18:20) I was frequently irritated about the extreme centeredness around the person Mooji and the supposed superpowers attributed to him by some hardcore devotees.

Over time I found myself losing all interest in most worldly activities and would spend most of the day watching Satsang and immerse myself fully into Moojis pointings, teachings, opinions and worldviews without questioning his own ego and guru-identity anymore. I would interpret any criticism and irritation arising inside me as signs of my ego-mind and thus dismiss it immediately! In the beginning I was happy with the goal-oriented instant-awakening approach but over time this built up the pressure to “get it” fast or otherwise being stamped as a hopeless case. It clearly felt that this impatient goal-orientation could on the deepest level not be authentic and true! With hundreds of hours of Satsang in retreats, intensives, silent sittings, available on Youtube I noticed also a kind of addictiveness to listen to him.

Having no interest in pursuing a career anymore I found myself more and more in a financial and familial crisis and eventually slipped into a truly horrible dark night. I spoke to some people from the Sangha who expressed having similar problems and did not find Moojis statements on this topic very helpful, given the fact that he himself did not have to care of such matters for decades, living in a protected ashram-cocoon.

It so came to me spontaneously to investigate on this to see if there are other people who have problems leading a fulfilling life after following Moojis guidance for too long and I found the post about the suicide of Flo Camoin at the Monte Sahaja Ashram. I was very touched when reading this as I saw him in Rishikesh almost every day at Satsang. I remember that he made a very decent, peaceful and calm impression to me when diligently fulfilling his task of guiding the people to a sitting spot that very much touched me. Though we`ll probably never know what was going on in Flo that he decided to end his life, the fact that his suicide is only mentioned only very shortly at facebook and the Sangha is encouraged by the official Mooji facebook site to “keep silent” about this is somehow dubious. I spent many hours reading through other people’s testimonies of the cult-like dynamic that built up around Mooji and finally dropped the idea of a Guru who is the embodiment of God himself. And now it feels like a huge burden and heavy weight is finally lifted off my shoulders. I can breathe again and my Sadhana has come to a new level. I follow my own heart and embrace the immaculate beauty and beingness of nature again. Yes, Grace brought me to Mooji and yes, Grace let me drop the idea of him being special.

I write this to encourage people who feel stuck in their Sadhana and are in a similar position. The only true teacher is the Sadhguru within. Excessive worshipping and consuming one person’s thoughts and ideas can never be healthy and true, even if you abstract this in your mind to be impersonal! I saw how addictive his never ending stream of words in Satsang can be (Where is the sacred silence of Ramana?) and how many Sangha members lose interest in life about this. His pointings can be full of truth and deeply transformative but people around him should not forget that he too is a human being and not let the worshipping around his body slowly take excessive dimensions (just compare Satsangs from 2009 or even 2013 with now).

Om Namah Shivaya and Peace to all

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: JDecosta ()
Date: November 08, 2019 04:12PM

I listened to Mooji daily when my mother was ill with cancer. One year she was in hospital and I was with her all the time, hearing Mooji on the way to the hospital, on the way back home and whenever I had a minute for listening. It helped me to stay calm and strong during this hard year.

My mother died 2018 and now I do not listen to Mooji anymore, because when I listen to him, all those images, situations and feelings of my mother being ill, also come up. There seems to be a strong connection between listening to Mooji and the whole situation and mental state in which one is listening to him.

This is my experience.

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Chan lu ()
Date: November 09, 2019 12:19AM

Hi, I have some relative live there, M, change her name and choose a partner for this person. This person is really intelligent with career and leave all for be with his God. Anyway is his choice is his life, yeah I knew M, when he, was normal person, them after 5 years become God. Amazing

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Chan lu ()
Date: November 09, 2019 04:16PM

Chan lu Wrote:
> Hi, I have some relative live there, M, change her
> name and choose a partner for this person. This
> person is really intelligent with career and leave
> all for be with his God. Anyway is his choice is
> his life, yeah I knew M, when he, was normal
> person, them after 5 years become God. Amazing

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Chan lu ()
Date: November 09, 2019 04:50PM

What my relative learn from this Teaching in 8 years there? Nothing,not advaita not hindu philosophy not Zen, not meditation, not happiness . what learn is to survive in a forgotten village of Portugal,with very very small money,under difficult situations. and working for them. This can be done everywhere...why should go there?
Learn also to keep quiet every month for weeks,because their silence practice, really is imposible to contact my relative sometimes. This is what devotees of M, learn? I am not agains anybody, just about this teachings, are done for people not ready for it, they don't know the roots of vedanta philosophy not even the real masters of this. Hope they retired soon and my relative wake up for the Dream. Because we are not rich family, I think it is not the case of the main producers of this dream village, seems knowbody google or investigate deep.

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Ananas ()
Date: November 10, 2019 06:50PM

Hi Chan Lu,

I am sorry for your relative being still caught in Moojis cult. I hope your relative can find his way out.

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Chan lu ()
Date: November 10, 2019 09:46PM

Hi,thanks Ananas,
before the show, this person was a close friend of M.for around 6 years, now has to ask for appointment to meet him at his trone with security etc. , this just make me laugh, not worries this is entertainment now for me, I don't expect the relative will leave M. Many years with him, and is not young anymore. I wish all of them succés and happiness,

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: 2cents ()
Date: November 10, 2019 11:11PM

In my opinion, from the evolution of humanity point of view - many of us who are drawn to a spiritual path in this life may have hundreds of lifetimes of association with the true masters like Ramana, Haidikan Baba, Neem Karoli Baba, Shirdi Sai Baba, and Bhagawan Nityananda, Shivabalayogi. The intense inner work necessary for final liberation requires from the disciple mumukshutva (deep and persistent longing for realization necessary to withstand the rigors of 'Tapas'(the highest degree of extended meditation to burn every last imprint in the fire of awareness for total merging with Supreme Existence. It is the ultimate discipline, the great sacrifice to offer the ego into the fire of the Supreme - and does not happen by watching videos and telling yourself it's all the mind - it requires transformation of the brain function and entire Consciousness field of the person into That.
I include myself as one who felt it impossible/improbable to become a fully liberated being in the lifetime (yet again!!!). When the Supreme Unknown sends a charismatic, talented, verbose narcissistic dark magician to hypnotize those like me into the possibility of 'instant awakening' - the ego wants so much to jump on the bandwagon 'yeah, this is what I've been waiting lifetimes for!! I can do it - after all the puppet master is saying all the right things, people seem enchanted (under a spell??) and happy - THIS must be IT!!"
Personally, the story I told myself is that Thank God, I don't have to sit in Tapas, meditate for endless hours or sacrifice ANYTHING - just watch videos, let my inner chatter continuously parrot these pointings and bingo - game over.
I rationalized to myself saying the disciplined path of the true gurus were from another era and circumstance - not relevant now - after all, who has time to sit on a cushion for 12 hours a day!
The whole M scene seems to me a great lila of beings deeply wanting liberation who have perhaps spent lifetimes and maybe came close - had to come back and due to lack of perseverance coupled with a kind of spiritual exhaustion, put themselves under a magician promising everything the ego yearns for. So of course they must defend their position and choice to be with such a false one. M's game of reward and punishment has gotten so inflated with "I/Ego" I truly pray those who are sincere 'Sahajans' come through the dog and pony show and magical spell M is casting on them.
God bless everyone - no exceptions !

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: zizlz ()
Date: November 12, 2019 01:04AM

Someone posted this on the cults subreddit :


Follower of guru returns from retreat and decides it's a cult

This guy has posted a few videos defending Mooji from recent criticism such as the Be Scofield article. He attended a retreat with Mooji and has now had a change of heart.

Some interesting insights interspersed with some woo, and a suggestion of which group member to scapegoat (a la Osho/Sheela).

The video: []
(The two previous videos are on the same channel several months earlier)

Original: []

Haven't seen the video yet, but I figured I'll post it now, since it will probably be taken down soon because the Mooji organization will hit him with a copyright claim and Mooji's lawyers will hit him with their infamous cease and desist letter. So watch it while you can, if you're interested.

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