Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Ananas ()
Date: April 29, 2019 06:48PM

Joyfree Wrote:
> We are here to help and indeed, there is much
> support for those who step out of that malicious
> environment.
> Truth speaks for itself, I only hope that in this
> process no others will be harmed and those who are
> still exposed to that harmful environment find the
> strength to get out and see the truth for what it
> is.
> Much compassion for everyone!
> I’m happy many got out, including myself. I’m
> angry and sad at the same time. I guess it is the
> process one needs to go through.
> My heart is speaking only immense gratitude to all
> that are contributing here in various ways! It all
> helps a great deal!


Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 29, 2019 08:38PM

Thank you, Annette.

What you have written is testimony on behalf of the poor and oppressed.

Instead of chanting or kirtan music, as an accompaniment
to Annette's post, here are some choices of music:

* Get Up, Stand Up by Bob Marley


* Fanfare For The Common Man Aaron Copeland


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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: AnnetteChappelle ()
Date: April 29, 2019 11:25PM


Here’s one for my friends at Sahaja from me


Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: AnnetteChappelle ()
Date: April 29, 2019 11:53PM

I watched what Amma Tanya White and Henri and a few others speaking out went through just for sharing their opinions and experiences. Also a few others on Facebook. I saw how they were attacked. It speaks of what kind of people Mooji breeds and nothing else. So it’s expected. A nice smear campaign and good counter story for anyone coming out in their own name. I can see already a few places they can go. Mentally ill, distorted perceptions, must have had her ego hurt, all the well wore patterns.

Trying to distract from the truth to protect their own certainty so they can feel safe through him. That’s why the attacks. Because if these things are true he isn’t who he says he is and they will feel confused not certain. That’s all the arguments are about. Any Questioning means they can’t be certain. Certainty and Pure Love is Mooji’s biggest appeals.

By the way I tried several times to resolve the situation with just Mooji. I won’t go into details. But I can say that I care nothing about any label of betrayal. I gave him quite a few chances. Before the opportunity came to speak to many many many people and Be just happened to come a calling. It was so natural just to share what I have shared with so many already to her.

There is more that never made it to her story because she just had too much and had to choose. I won’t name names or go into details here because I do think it would give Mooji time to come up with excuses and I think they will lie for him. But I understand this post is permanent and any member can email me here. So anyone can find me. And I will be very sure before I move forward they are legit.

I’m not sure I will participate much but I do think people doing research with an open mind has enough information here and on gururatings and reddit to get a feel for what is around Mooji and make an informed decision.

Be well and don’t let Mooji have anymore of your time than you need to sort it all out. Unless exposing him is your highest calling.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: SadGame ()
Date: April 30, 2019 12:09AM

Thank you annette for you strength, it gives me great inspiration and courage.

I have been under the influence of M. during a pivotal moment in my life, starting a family and carreer. All of this turned out beautifully after all, but the process was definitely tainted with the limitations of cult indoctrination, and complacence with cult like phenomena.

Although the NPD manipulation will be more strongly felt in close proximity to the narc, I feel that ALL of M.s teaching is stained by his manipulative impulses, even if he isn't aware of it.

Having been raised by a narc and NPD father, and having come to the point where I could connect the dots and apply this same framework to M., I started to recognize the retoric and reflexes of protecting ones self image in him. I might even have to say that i recognize them AS an NPD father, although I hope that this recognition, and continuing reflection on its implications, might alleviate the impact on my own children.

And then to think that I had practically started attracting followers myself, before having truly seen through any of the seriously explosive problems that lure in the darkness that surrounds the guru. I can totally see myself falling into all of the traps that Mooji and other abusive "guru's" have fallen into. I love beautiful women, especially if they find me wonderful, I love sex, even now I am thinking get me a few nice lady disciples I wouldn't mind teaching them to surrender their ego's. Temptation island. But these elements would remain comfortably hidden in the shadow of any overt identity that I would allow myself to consciously embody, all the more dangerous...

I am glad that the intuition that I had, that I wasn't (yet) enlightened enough, that I had some more negative tendancies to work through, stayed with me long enough to prevent me from jumping in head first and drowning in the swamp of self aggrendizement.

Long enough for me to come to this forum and learn the necessary perspectives to assess the dangers and improve my 'discernment'... another one of those contaminated words, btw I love how we keep subtracting letters from M.'s name, it is a great metaphor for what remains of his false guru image when the truth about him is revealed.

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: Valma ()
Date: April 30, 2019 12:10AM

AnnetteChappelle Wrote:
> Corboy,
> Here’s one for my friends at Sahaja from me
> []


Maybe that could help too:


Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: AnnetteChappelle ()
Date: April 30, 2019 12:20AM

Yes Valma!

It’s a call for true FREEDOM. Not the enslavement that Mooji offers by controlling all authenticity and spontaneity and genuineness in those that work at Sahaja.

I wanted to shake them out of it. I saw behind their dull expressions, tears and complete obedience and submission to him was the opposite of FREEDOM. The environment is another thing I studied. How people jumped to get him what he needed. How he was like thier drug. You know he says “to live at the Masters feet is to live on top of the world” that explains why people bow at his feet then. It’s all a mirror of what he’s told them in private on full display, obedience and submission. For his “pure love” to lead them home. Entirely unnecessary but it does open the heart for him to play with it as he likes. A few times I literally laughed out loud as it was so ridiculous I thought it was a joke. Mooji each time looked at me and I expected him to smile. He did not. I guess Mooji could tell I hadn’t drank enough of the koolaid. So funny looking back on it all. How lost I was and how only by leaving him entirely could Life show me it’s full independence and freedom.

I’m glad my post confirmed what you already sensed Valma. You can trust yourself. You’ve been spared, my friend.

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Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: 2cents ()
Date: April 30, 2019 01:00AM

Welcome Annette with all your Truth and Courage! "Brave" moved my heart deeply, Thank you. - I'm not one who has had any personal dealing with M, but join you all in the path of letting go of all kinds of tyranny - including that which we self-impose. That song lifted a veil for me - all the subtle ways we play out our core beliefs of 'not good enough', they won't love me if I....' 'got to be perfect', and whatever our own triggers are that make us believe we have to conform to the 'program' - if we do then we'll be...OK, Loved, Awakened, whatever. It's kind of the opposite behavior of NPD - let me belittle, minimize, sublimate myself, stay silent, play along -to be accepted, noticed, seen, rewarded with appreciation and specialness - endless.
This forum is a healing balm for those who choose to be Brave

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: AnnetteChappelle ()
Date: April 30, 2019 01:10AM

Sad game- that is a testament to your integrity. In the end integrity is all we have. It’s our best friend in making choices because when we stay in it, we are safe.

Feelings are alarm bells. Like when our house is on fire and we need to listen to them. Many at Sahaja have had to take all the batteries out of their fire alarms so the noise constantly going off won’t disturb them.

2cents that is really great! And yes M. Is more than enough to point to the wizard of Oz. The Dead Heron Society, has a nice ring to it as well.

Re: Mooji a cult?
Posted by: snapping-out ()
Date: April 30, 2019 01:13AM

hi AnnetteChapelle,

thank you so much for coming out and sharing your experiences with us. For your courage to stand up for yourself and TRUE FREEDOM! Which is indeed, as I'm also discovering, something totally different from the crippled, deluded, sick portrayal Moo presents.

Yes, their attacks will be the usual suspects. I have no doubt frightened members will try to do anything to "keep the dream alive".

I'm very happy to learn your life is a beautful life. May it serve as an example for those still inside Moo's prison, to show that there is life beyond the borders of Sahaja.

My heart is really with them. I cannot even imagine what it must be like to be so pinned down, with nobody to speak to, nowhere to go. So messed up...

And thank you and Corboy for the music...

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