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Re: Sai Maa Organization is a sinister CULT!!!
Posted by: Simon P ()
Date: July 11, 2017 10:39PM

The People here in England need to stop her from entering the country at all ! I just found out that another person that attended the event here in the UK also found this be a Cult. I sent her this web-site and she can't believe what she is reading about these crooks out for themselves that just came to the UK. These cults and so called leaders that are really a problem here. They need to be exposed because Sai Maa is Rubbish!!!!!

The devottes of Sai Maa are the scariest one I could see along with Sai Maa they seem misguided like mindless robots. Where are the organizations here in the UK to stop these cults? Are there people that can deprogram these victims of Sai Maa?
I found this site as well that talks about this cult which I sent to people here in the UK.

Something has to be done to stop this Cult here in the UK, I was very surprised to see how many British people here attended this Cult event at the church. Sheeeezzzzzzz………!

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Re: Sai Maa Organization is a sinister CULT!!!
Posted by: Sonia Breg ()
Date: July 24, 2018 11:05AM

Sai Maa is coming to New York Manhattan !
She has brainwashed the following artist tha are preforming at this event
Chris Botti, Cynthia Erivo, and Lucia Micarelli!!

Anyone that comes to the defense of Sai Maa is not to be trusted.

THIS IS A DIVINE CULT!! A cult seeking new members and new students because this woman is getting old and needs to somehow continue to exist in her abusive spiritual Divine Perfection Bull-Sh**! Her awakening of humanity is to Rape humanity quickly and make money off weak people. The Government should have shut her down a while back when they had the chance to!

Her eyes, and clearly Plastic surgery face along her insane teachings says it all! Each Celebration of Sai Maa is another crooked method to gain more money and destroy more lives, this organization only cares but for one thing and that is PROFIT! She does an event to get more people, more young people to prey on weak and vulnerable people, do a Concert with talented people pay them a shit load of money and try to get more victims. This is a consistent exploitation of group members of hard working people and is totally a SCAM !

Power corrupts, and Absolute Power corrupts absolutely! Sai Maa is NOT an incredible woman, with lots of Love. She is a privileged woman from India with Wealth. A blood sucking Scam Artist duping people for MONEY and claiming enlightenment! She looks in your eyes and you are suppose to feel her energy. Well thats a load of CRAP!

Many people have said that there are huge, huge problems within this organization and outside from people in Thailand of Prostitutions involving young boys.

If your in bed with this Fake spiritually Narcissistic Abusive Divine Feminine and Masculine Con-Artist you were suffering before you meet her and now after being in bed with her you are still suffering, but you just don’t see it because her and the entire crew that work with her are disguising what is really going on. Clearly she is playing with peoples lives and only cares to make herself and her evil crew of delusional chanting devotee dogs richer. One look into the eyes of each of her members you can see the sick insane look in there eyes. They are all 100% Spiritual Cons and the government know this and so does a ton of other victims of her Bull Crap! She is a greedy Narcissistic Sociopath Crook!

Lucinda Hanover who works in the organization is a total crook and also a Narcissistic Fool! She kisses Sai Maa’s foot like a baby to a bottle, she is extremely dangerous, she is fooling celebrities and educated people and is not to be trusted! She pioneered gender diversity programs for executive women around the world, my Ass! The entire crew along with Doug Hanover are all a Scam and devotee disciples of this Evil Divine Feminine fraud and criminal!

She is a Scam, anyone paying money to see this Beeyotch is a total Fool ! All of the Ex members on this blog are only trying to give her a free pass and make people feel like she is not that bad. This freaking woman is an EVIL seducing, reckless, sick, brainwashing, destructive, deceptive, exploitative leader who is a disciple of pedophile Sathya Sai Baba!! And many of the members in her crew do the same thing in other countries like India and Thailand everyday.

I’m a woman and I speak for all women, all courageous woman, and woman from all background and I say, stay the HELL away from this FAKE circle of gullible spiritual, fake clone like, greedy, highly codependent, manipulative, promising love and good futures phonies! They are NOT as them appear.

This women only wants recruits with major money. She is a child predator.
DON’T drink the Cool-Aid of Sai Maa Folks!
Om Jai Jai is Om Kai Kai Kai !

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