How False Memories Can Be Imposed - 'The Master"
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Date: January 27, 2017 10:56PM

The Master’s harrowing auditing scene explains how Scientology works
By Clayton Purdom Jan 26, 2017 11:23 AM



A new video from Nerdwriter1 explores how that psychology is manipulated in one of the film’s ("The Master")most memorable scenes: the initial audit between Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Lancaster Dodd and Joaquin Phoenix’s Freddie Quell.


Dodd’s questions are drawn almost directly from the Church’s own Oxford Capacity Analysis, which bears no affiliation with the actual Oxford University. The scene grows more intense as Quell is forced to repeat his own name and asked the same question over and over, eventually falling into a kind of hypnosis.

This hypnosis as well as the stress of not being allowed to blink compel him to reveal past traumas, like murder, incest, and a troubled childhood. And so while the film’s concerns are larger than one cult,

Nerdwriter1’s point is that the auditing scene accurately portrays the way Hubbard commingled classic psychotherapy with command hypnosis to create an unscrupulous but powerful mastery over his church practitioners

Corboy note:

Anyone who does this to another human being is already a monster in human form. Anyone who does this to other human beings will end up a miserable, wretched animal in old age, and die like a poisoned rat in a hole.

This kind of power corrupts the operator.

Readers, anyone who does this is a black hole disguised as a human being. The only ecstacies you get will merely be the result of having your neurons manipulated. You feel ecstacy but are merely a meat puppet whose nerve endings are firing at an abnormally high rate incompatible with humanity itself.

(Grim) All this does is accelerate human bonding to the point of regression and merger. Whatever personality one formed is split off and dissociated.

And the worst of it is that this shit can be done by anyone who hangs out the name guru, sheikh, pir, teacher, master, trainer, "shaman", mage, magician, preacher, etc.

Tricking people to believe, erroneously that they've been molested is an effective way to estrange them from those who truthfully love them for who they are

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