David Jang, World Olivet Assembly and Olivet University
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Date: August 13, 2016 07:31AM

I wanted to warn everyone not to fall for missionaries from the World Olivet Assembly. They usually evangelise in the streets and on campuses and present themselves as Christians from Immanuel church or YEF or AM or Jubilee World. These are all front groups for a cult with David Jang on the top. David Jang is former moonie!!! He uses the same methods and once you fall for it, you will slave for free for one of his ministries. Don't be fooled by love and attention by the members at the beginning. It will fade of after some months and they will manipulate you to donate all your money and your time to the group.

Check the worldolivet.org. On the bottom is the list of some of his front groups. Recently they are trying to expand so be careful!

They are also running NEWSWEEK. just google it. They are trying to get as much cash as possible for Jang's delusional kingdom of God.

As former members and also others say, the cult has no human decency.


oh yes and they belive that Jang is Second Coming Christ.

Re: David Jang, World Olivet Assembly and Olivet University
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Date: November 04, 2016 02:32AM

They have their sights set on Trinidad and Tobago. I know because they wanted to recruit someone I know from there to spearhead their operations there...

Re: David Jang, World Olivet Assembly and Olivet University
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Date: April 13, 2017 04:23AM

hi everyone,
please note that the Jang´s cult bought recently the Orpheum Theater in St. Louis.
Who are the new owners of the Roberts Orpheum Theater

They recruit many new people. Joshua Allen is supposedly the leader but it is actually lead from behind by Koreans. And David Jang is pulling the strings in everything.

They will recruit you and send you to Dover to receive training. They will take control of your life one by one. There are many exmembers whose lives have been destroyed but they got bullied by Jang and his cult into silence. David Jang is a textbook psychopath. Charismatic but completely void of any morals.

If you have any experience with this cult, please share here, so that many can be warned.

Re: David Jang, World Olivet Assembly and Olivet University
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Date: September 12, 2023 09:54AM

There is a new website that has testimonies from ex-members of Olivet with candid views on David Jang. It's a must-read for anyone interested to know more about David Jang, Olivet University, World Olivet Assembly or Olivet Assembly.

It's called OlivetWatch.com

Gratia Community Church San Francisco Olivet Assembly Jang
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Date: September 15, 2023 09:48AM

Corboy note: Big city rents are expensive. Money has to come from somewhere just to open a humble storefront church. Where has that money come from?

A church's website should give information on who its actual leaders are and which governing organization it is tied to. No one should be shaming, sneering or defensive if you ask such information.

Olivet Assembly Chief Mark Spisak Under Scrutiny in Money Laundering Probe



. Sometimes the connections between the church and university are less obvious.

Walker Tzeng, Chief Operating Officer of Olivet University, is pastor of Gratia Community Church in San Francisco. The word "Olivet" makes no appearance on Gratia's 2020 tax filings nor on the church's "about us" page, even though Gratia was incorporated by Andrew Lin, also known as Tony Lin, former chairman of the Olivet University board who pleaded guilty to a felony in Manhattan DA's investigation.

Mark Spisak, the head of Olivet Assembly, is being investigated for money laundering

Eyes on Trafficking News
January 30, 2023 PBJ Learning


Other information about Olivet Assembly on Cult Education Institute website


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Re: Gratia Community Church San Francisco Olivet Assembly Jang
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Date: September 15, 2023 08:42PM

Investigations and Olivet University Complaint Threaten David Jang’s Empire

Jang has had ties to Newsweek, Christian Post
Steve Rabey April 5, 2023


International Business Times

Newsweek Media Group Will Work More Closely With Christian University, Founder Says
By IBT Staff Report
02/21/18 AT 1:19 AM EST


Results Google Search reddit "david jang" "olivet assembly"


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Re: Gratia Community Church San Francisco Olivet Assembly Jang
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Date: September 15, 2023 08:53PM

Google search "Gratia Community Church"


Nothing about Olivet Assembly or David Jang

Only if you know about Olivet Assembly and use these search terms do you get something in the results:

Google search results: "gratia community church" "olivet assembly"


If you know enough to add David Jang to the search terms you get this:

Google search results: "gratia community church" "olivet assembly" "David Jang"


Re: David Jang, World Olivet Assembly and Olivet University
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: September 15, 2023 09:00PM

(Read the whole thing - just part of the article is excerpted)

Probing a mysterious network of dropshippers, evangelicals, crapgadgets, and semi-vacant Manhattan department stores
Cory Doctorow 10:06 am Wed Nov 28, 2018 Boing Boing



Now, (Jenny) Odell has stumbled into a much weirder, much scammier, much murkier world, when she started investigating the parents of one of her Stanford students were receiving a steady stream of mysterious packages addressed to "Returns Department, Valley Fountain LLC."

Odell's investigation revealed a bizarre network of shitty, overpriced off-brand gadgets sold through thousands of Amazon stores, as well as through a mostly empty "department store" right in the middle of Manhattan, as well as through a network of "book stores" that mostly sold crappy gadgets, whose proprietor kept on changing his name.

This network is tied in with the religious cult that turned out to be the mysterious acquirers of Newsweek, whose subsequent shenanigans were revealed by Newsweek's own reporters,


leading to police raids.

This cult — centered around Olivet University and an evangelical pastor named David Jang — is also implicated in the International Business Times, as well as weird spam- and clickbait-mills.


After (Jenny) Odell's extensive investigation, it's still not clear what, exactly, the fuck is going on with all these businesses, LLCs, storefronts, online storefronts, stock-art shoops, and other mysterious practices. What is clear is that someone is making a lot of money, somehow — giant Manahattan department stores don't come cheap!


Still harder for me to grasp was the total interpenetration of e-commerce and physical space. Standing inside Stevens Books was like being on a stage set for Stevens Books, Stevens Book, Stevens Book Shop, and Stevensbook — all at the same time. It wasn't that the bookstore wasn't real, but rather that it felt reverse-engineered by an online business, or a series of them. Being a human who resides in physical space, my perceptual abilities were overwhelmed.

But in some way, even if it was impossible to articulate, I knew that some kind of intersection of Olivet University, Gratia Community Church, IBPort, the Newsweek Media Group, and someone named Stevens was right there with me, among the fidget spinners, in an otherwise unremarkable store in San Francisco.

Note: article by Jenny Odell "Shenzhen's Revenge" cited
-- Instagram freebies linked to an entire world of shadow finances.


Not very edifying company for a community church franchise to keep.

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Re: David Jang, World Olivet Assembly and Olivet University
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Date: September 15, 2023 09:02PM

Various and sundry discussions of Olivet Assembly and David Jang's churches on Reddit.


Re: David Jang, World Olivet Assembly and Olivet University
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Date: September 15, 2023 09:42PM

The Community
Young Disciples
Olivet Assembly

And today...Gratia Community Churches? More information is needed.

Who's Behind Newsweek?
The Magazine's Leaders are Anxious to Hide Their Ties
to an Enigmatic Religious Figure. Why?

Mother Jones Magazine

By Ben Dooley | May/June 2014 Issue


Jang also has a history with Moon’s Unification Church. In 2013, a Japanese court resolved an almost six-year-long libel case that Christian Today, a Jang-founded website, filed against Makoto Yamaya, a Salvation Army major. Yamaya had claimed the Community was part of the Unification Church and that Christian Today had mind-controlled its employees; the court found that these charges had no basis. But it also found that Jang joined a Unification Church student group as a young man, eventually rising to the rank of executive director of another church-affiliated student organization. He then went on to a church-run theological institute, and helped manage the transition when it became Sun Moon University in 1993, subsequently leaving the church. Four former members tell me that Jang often spoke of his time in Moon’s church, including his marriage by Moon in a 1975 mass wedding, an event also affirmed by the Japanese court.

Jang now rejects the Unification Church. “They pray in their leader’s name,” he told followers in 2008. “They went wrong and went astray because they threw away Jesus and threw away the cross.”

Moon once vowed the Washington Times would “become the instrument in spreading the truth about God to the world.” But Jang’s interest in the media business stems from a vision of a new biblical deluge. The world has entered the period of a second flood, Jang explained to his followers in a 2002 message about Christian Today (not to be confused with Christianity Today, the evangelical Christian magazine founded by Billy Graham, which infuriated Community leaders when it ran a multipart exposé about the group). But instead of the rain that bedeviled Noah, Jang explained, humanity is being drowned in information. Information, he said, is everywhere, but “there is no water to drink.”

To solve that problem, Jang explained, the Community would build a new ark—a group of true believers that would gather up the people of the world and prepare them to enter the kingdom of God. This new ark would be divided into three types of ministries, representing the spirit, the soul, and the body of the church. The spiritual ministries are devoted to Bible instruction and include Apostolos and Young Disciples. Olivet represents the Community’s soul. The group’s moneymakers—businesses ranging from a shoe store to a web design firm—make up the ark’s body.

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