Re: Any information about The Template?
Posted by: StacieBobacy ()
Date: November 19, 2016 10:52AM

Thank you for your information. It is nice to hear from someone that has direct experience.

Re: Any information about The Template?
Posted by: Juliavalon ()
Date: December 09, 2016 06:15AM

Hello StacieBobacy,
I have also had some interaction with this group to me it seems there is a lot of good but some things that disturbed me as well so its always good to be carful of anything or groups your looking at - but in all fairness i don't think it fits the profile of a cult - i.e. there are no members - you cant join and there are no rules. I noticed that JMC said other wise but although i will admit they are very strong on the issue of harmlessness especially to animals they don't make a rule of and vegetarianism is not a cult any way yes they are also anti religion or at least organised religion and any thing that has a guru or authority figure this gets them a lot of enemies but they have some strong arguments in favour of keeping your sovereignty. NOW for the Bad or at least disturbing. I was introduced to this in Byron Bay I loved the video which is free by the way.but when i went the guy who was running it was really a bit on an ego trip - it seemed more about him than the info although the ceremony its self was beautiful he really ruined it for me - he had groupies [young ladies] that fond on him and it seemed he was more interested in impressing them than anything else - a bit of a Lad - well i always feel you can judge the tree by the fruit. i stayed away for a long time - now they have released another video i watched it and wept - i got in touch and found out the guy i went to was fired - so i may give it another try. by the way i also was allowed to come free because i was at the time on disability and had no job.

Re: Any information about The Template?
Posted by: JMC ()
Date: December 14, 2016 07:16AM

Interesting to hear about the Template in Australia.
From what I saw in the UK participants were 'Members' in all but name: there was a very strong emphasis on the 'Template family', everyone encouraged to stay in touch with other participants, be on the email/Facebook lists, do repeat ceremonies etc. Those of us who stopped going to the ceremonies or who pulled away were pretty well shunned by the party faithful (some of whom we had known for a long time).
As for vegetarianism, Juliet completely lost her rag before one of the ceremonies a few years ago when a woman asked about maybe eating meat when pregnant or blessing meat if you are going to eat it. It certainly came across that vegetarianism is a rule if you are going to do the ceremonies.
Keeping your sovereignty is a nice idea but J and J just seem to be replacement gurus.
The guy who was running a lot of their Australian stuff was known for years, even over here in England, for being 'creepy'. It was unbelievable that he was allowed to carry on with this sort of behaviour for so long without any sort of sanctions. I'm pleased he is finally out, but why did it take so long? Why only now has any action been taken? There is absolutely no way that the Template mob can claim not to have known about his behaviour or try to make out that it is a recent problem, even people on the periphery like me knew about this.
Yes, they do let some people have ceremonies for free or at reduced rates but the payback on it is that these will often recommend others to attend the ceremonies and also make money on the books, geometry, jewellery, dvds.
All in all, I'm glad to be out of it. I'm surprised at how many people are now backing away from the Template, even some of the afore-mentioned party faithful who have been involved for years are realising that something is very rotten at the heart of it all and distancing themselves.
As I said before, it provided me with a big lesson in discernment.

Re: Any information about The Template?
Posted by: Juliavalon ()
Date: December 26, 2016 08:05PM

@JMC wow "lost her rag"is strong and is a bit of a derogatory term towards women or it seems so to me. it also seems you are pretty angry with them and i am wondering if it was you that the “lost rag” was directed - also as the veg thing strikes such a chord in you one might guess you are not a vegetarian. As far as a rule goes it is defiantly not - there WAS a whole argument/ discussion :-) on Face book between some people who said it was “unspiritual” to promote vegetarianism. I thought the JJ stance was very interesting refreshing and different from the normal veggie/vegan fundamentalists - without guilt or even health as the basic argument - but i wont go into that here. I only mention it because you seem to feel that its a strong case for labelling them a cult [ which is what this blog is about. any way in the arguments on fb a person named TIM who was not a vegetarian said that their take on it was the only thing he had against the template and that he was so glad that he could take part in spite of his total rejection of it.

Some of my friends who know the Aussie amb. well agree with you on that that he was a bit off for a long time but also say that he got a lot worse recently. there may be other things no one knows because there have been no public announcements.

as far as replacement gurus - i have to laugh because they are as far from gurus as any one i have met - i guess its easy to put someone in that category if they hold workshops or write books etc. but they don't do any of the normal guru stuff - i have never even seen a picture of Juliet and only a few on FB of Jiva put up by others. Nothing sanctimonious - SO having said all that i still have not gone back myself although i did really enjoy their second DVD - which must have cost a lot.. i saw that Nassim Harriman raised $300,000 on a fund raiser to “Finish” an almost completed DVD,, and it was no where near the complexity /technically of the JJ’s - perhaps thats where all that money they make goes - Does anyone know what kind of a life style they have? how much land owned car driven etc. Bhagwan was a good example of Swami snatcha your money. so it would be interesting to find out about the JJ’s on that level. you said they advertise them as a rare event and yet they do it every year - i looked at their website and noticed they didn't do many others so its questionable i mean how we define rare. I will eventually do at least one more step but i will be very aware now to any cult trips laid.

Re: Any information about The Template?
Posted by: JMC ()
Date: December 27, 2016 02:22AM

'Lost her rag' is precisely what happened at that event, as anyone who was there could have told you. (It was this incident and the venom behind it that got at least a couple of the party faithful questioning their loyalty to J and J and the Template set-up).
Nothing derogatory in what I said about women either, I would probably have said the same if it was Jiva who had thrown his toys out of his pram.
I'm veggie (definitely not vegan!) myself but dont see the point of lecturing or haranguing people to do as I do (always seems to be counter-productive, brings out most people's inner rebel), and I don't like being told what I can and can't eat myself! People can decide for themselves, they don't need to be turned upon and publicly humiliated just for asking a question at an event.
I'm afraid that I do see them as setting themselves up as 'replacement gurus', especially when they have a marked tendency to be very sanctimonious and condemning of others who do not do exactly as they say.
As for money, you would have to very close to them and their inner circle to know for sure precisely how much is coming in and out, but they always want more...
I agree about the Bhagwan, came across people who had been badly burned by him and his set up in various ways.
Good luck with your Template journey. I'm well and truly at the end of mine, as are plenty of others who have seen the other side of it all.

Re: Any information about The Template?
Posted by: Juliavalon ()
Date: January 05, 2017 09:53PM

Hi If any one is still on this one - Just wanted to Say i just finished reading Cults inside out, by Rick Alan Ross, fantastic and disturbing but excellent - he really brings together a lot of different looks at the phenomena from lots of points of views so you don’t have to do a lot of research or if you want to you know what to look for so you don”t keep finding the same thing over again. with lots of examples from the really dangerous to the mild. I have to say that what i read about and what i experienced with the template were 2 very different things. So far I haven't met Juliette and Jiva so if and when that will be interesting.

I realise it could also be a personality thing or if triggered by the anti religion thing as some people i have spoken to are, that cult could be an easy label to slap on someone which could happen to any one “teaching” any thing, any workshop etc especially if they charge for it.

but there are important definitions in the book so that a might be victim can be on the watch and for that i am grateful. Having said that and as i said before i am really feeling to adventure a bit more into it. but carefully and since JMC you have had your experience i wanted to ask if your initial facilitator gave signs that she were cultish or if you think so in retrospect. and who that was and if you don't think so would you recommend them.
Thanks For the conversation on this.

Re: Any information about The Template?
Posted by: CVK ()
Date: January 07, 2017 04:20AM

I don’t normally post on notice boards but I stumbled onto this thread and have to disagree with JMC here. As a highly sceptical person by nature I’m not really into a lot of new age stuff (i.e. angel guides, energy workshops and the like) and would definitely not see myself as New Age but I have done the Template ceremonies. From a purely participant perspective, there has been no pressure on me to buy or purchase anything, and my attendance at workshops was by choice. I’ve done 1 or 2 a year for a few years and they’ve been £75 for as long as I can remember. I’ve never been pressured to re-do any, though I know people can if they want to. As far as I’m concerned its one day a year and costs me about £75, which isn’t much for a workshop or event in the grand scheme of things. I found it meditative, and (as I don’t typically undertake these kind of things) spiritual without being religious in any way which suits me perfectly being an atheist. Beyond the workshop cost and time there has been no pressure for me to do or participate in anything else and I’ve pretty much continued on in my life as normal. That doesn’t sound like any type of cult I’ve ever heard of to be honest. If I decided to stop tomorrow (and I know people who have) I could, and I know that the people I’ve met would continue to speak to me.
I’m not sure about JMC’s involvement and why anyone would stop speaking to them for walking away but you sound pretty antagonistic towards J&J – perhaps this is why? I get the feeling that what you’ve said isn’t the whole story to be honest.
Being frank I’m sure it’s not for everyone, but from my understanding the long term aim is to get all the workshops filmed and released for free. I know there are two available on Youtube that are free, and that a third is on its way. In terms of finances, I heard that J&J were living in a small grass roofed home in Bali, and were struggling to get their roof replaced due to lack of funds so I’m pretty sure they aren’t driving BMWs and living in luxury. In all honesty, they can’t make all that much from the workshops once factors like transport, accommodation, costs for their geometry etc are factored in.
All in all I suspect I make more in a year than they do combined. So in summary, it might be New Age, and you may disagree with it (freedom of speech and all that) but it doesn’t really fit the criteria of either a religion (nothing is worshipped) or a cult (no figureheads, no rules, no conscripted financial contributions, no separationist talk etc.). If it did I certainly wouldn’t want any part of it.

Re: Any information about The Template?
Posted by: Juliavalon ()
Date: January 09, 2017 12:14AM

Thanks CVK

i dont know when i will get around to it but your post has made me feel more compfortable.

Re: Any information about The Template?
Posted by: JMC ()
Date: January 12, 2017 08:56AM

I don't normally post on notice boards or forums either, but I too felt that something needed to be said about the Template (although it is an alternative view to the previous two posters!).
CVK -what I said was my actual experience. I gather that I am not the only one to be dropped once I left the 'Template Family' either. Just because you might not like what I say does not mean that what I've related ' not the whole story', we have obviously just had very different experiences of the Template.
I havent thought about all of this for some years but it has got me interested in what has been happening with the Template lot in the meantime. I've spoken to a couple of people who are still involved but seem to be in the process of also pulling away (and I think because of this have become a bit more approachable).
The chap in Australia mentioned by juliavalon earlier has certainly been fired, but the general view seems to be that it was more for 'Asking awkward questions' and disobeying Juliet rather than the official reason that seems to be circulating ie inappropriate behaviour. Someone of the same name and the partner of an ambassador (a very nice woman that it turns out I've met previously) was in trouble for his wandering hands... but then later invited back to ceremonies as if nothing had happened.
To be honest, it is all a bit confusing: my view is that if someone shows unsavoury tendencies then they need to be booted out pronto and not allowed back.
It also seems that at least 2 ambassadors have quit, one as recently as last year.
I was left in no doubt by both conversations that Juliet is to be obeyed completely and her authority never questioned, or else....
To me, cults are not just about making money, they are primarily concerned with power and control.This is what I see going on within the Template. In the talks before the ceremonies are actually carried out, if one of the participants queries Juliet then they can expect to be on the receiving end of her very explosive temper (see earlier re vegetarianism, but I also saw another one when someone questioned about dispensing with guides, angels etc).It is a strong and effective incentive not to question whatever you are told. It was seeing this that first alerted me that all was not well with the Template.
For goodness sake, what is wrong with asking questions? If people want to say something they should be able to, particularly when they are paying to attend and learn.
I would say that it certainly has cultish aspects - the figurehead for the Template is Juliet (understandably, as she channelled the ceremonies, wrote the books etc and is a very charismatic speaker) and she keeps a very tight control over the people involved with the organisation.People are worried about 'upsetting' her and having her (and some of her acolytes) set about them if they step out of line.
Playing on some people's fears of being inadequate or incomplete if they don't take part in the latest ceremonies and have this or that newly discovered circuit 'reconnected' is another aspect of control and is very effective at getting people attending. As is the idea that by participating we are doing something great for humanity and because of this should be encouraging our families, friends etc to take part.
As for rules, there may not be a physical rulebook but there certainly are rules - do not question being the main one, closely followed by vegetarianism, no guides, angels, other religions etc.
The money - they are always asking for it but unless you are their bank manager then nobody knows for sure what it is or isnt spent on. Yes, they live part of the time in Bali, but also in australia (think there was a son and grandchild there??) and in the UK.
So just on the control, figurehead and rules scores I would say that the Template has cultish aspects.
I've also been thinking about the ceremonies; yes, the ones I attended were beautiful, but when you look at what is behind them... Having 'circuits reconnected' to make you 'Immortal'??? - FFS. If these are offering immortality then why has Juliet always looked so ill, miserable and uptight when I've seen her? Didnt look to be doing her much good...
Just re-read juliavalons previous post - I've come across a few people who have been mixed up with cults (Rajneesh one of the main culprits, unsurprisingly, plus some French/Swiss healer guy who's name escapes me)and there were similarities with some of their experiences and the Template stuff ie the figurehead, control etc.
Will try to get hold of the Cults Inside Out book and give it a read. It has surprised me just how many people have been involved with different cults and how they became entangled, came to realisations and eventually (some) made their way out.
It was some years ago when i did the ceremonies so you would be better asking someone with more recent experience and in your own country if you want to contact any ambassadors.
The ones I came across all that time ago were really nice people who totally and honestly believed in what they were doing. It was the incidents that went on in the ceremonies with Juliet and the fawning and worship around her that put me off and started me questioning.
As I said before, my involvement with the Template was a massive lesson in discernment for me, but all of us will have our own experiences of and perspectives on it.
If it is working for you, then fine enjoy it; if it isnt, get out.

Re: Any information about The Template?
Posted by: facet ()
Date: August 03, 2019 08:01PM

The Template is a controlling cult. It entirely based on ‘them vs us’, indeed if you are out you are out and those out are the ones who cannot be controlled by its teachings.

The business of very expensive geometry merchandise is the same used by the guy in Glastonbury, Ron Spencer aka Buddha Maitreya, and is sold on the basis that it will protect you from the ‘disconnection’ of your geometry circuits by the NNA, which is the abbreviation of the negative alien agenda.

There is a lot of pettiness going on within the group, including the discounting of your credibility if you are a meat eater, or have anything to do with any of the organised religions, because they are all infiltrated by the negative alien agenda. You are not to be trusted if you leave, because you yourself are likely infiltrated by the negative alien agenda. Control through fear anyone?

You are advised to buy the book they sell, (which is boring af by the way) as you may not necessarily understand the template fully if you do not, despite paying for and doing the circuit connection ceremonies. It doesn’t make sense, and the book is laden with loaded languages designed to rewire the brain - this obvious control tactic is also in their ‘free’ hypnotic video.

It is advised that if you do not have money you won’t have to pay, however attendees are shamed into paying at the last ceremony with an announcement being made by ceremony holders to the whole group that ‘three of you haven’t paid’ and you need to do so, we all have to get by etc etc, meaning that everyone pays anyway despite any open talk about not having to pay if on a low budget.

Repeating ceremonies is promoted profusely throughout, repetition = programming.

I believe that the people involved in hosting the ceremonies have been caught in vulnerable places in their lives, and unfortunately they ended up in someone’s money making net. It would be stupidity of me to put them all in the victim seat though, I’m sure plenty of people involved know exactly what it is that they are doing.

They will attempt to get contact with your children and friends on a separate basis if you go under one email, they really do not like it if you refuse to give individual contact details even in the case of children.

Beliefs touted also include ‘psychic attack’ which is something to fear greatly and move away from, living in with the general populace impossible as those psychic attacking are everywhere as are those infiltrated by aliens. Conspiracy theory is used widely throughout, so whatever is current will be found within the ceremonies somewhere.

We’re all entitled to have our own belief systems, though if it’s based on the generation of fear and then sales, it’s rubbish.

It harms greatly.

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