Any information about The Template?
Posted by: StacieBobacy ()
Date: March 02, 2016 09:27PM


I am new to this forum. I've joined because I'd like to have more info about this group called "The Template." It is very sketchy! Please see the link above for information.
Sorry if this is a repeat question.

Thank You for your time. Have a great day.

Re: Any information about The Template?
Posted by: liminal ()
Date: March 03, 2016 12:43AM

The leaders are Jiva and Juliet Carter.

I wonder how much they charge for their "ceremonies".

Re: Any information about The Template?
Posted by: StacieBobacy ()
Date: March 03, 2016 12:47AM

I have never heard of them, are they from another cult? I'm sure the ceremonies cost far too much!

Re: Any information about The Template?
Posted by: liminal ()
Date: March 03, 2016 01:27AM

The authors and leaders of The Template are Jiva and Juliet Carter.

I don't know anything about them or their group.

We can focus on their behavior, on whether they are safe group leaders or not. Their beliefs may seem odd to us, though they are right in line with the New Age marketplace. So behavior is what is most important.

StacieBobacy Wrote:
> I have never heard of them, are they from another
> cult? I'm sure the ceremonies cost far too much!

Re: Any information about The Template?
Posted by: StacieBobacy ()
Date: March 03, 2016 02:00AM

I know someone that is involved with their ceremonies. So far all I know about the group, is it's expensive and secretive. I don't think it's made it's way to the U.S.A. at all. What little I read was so full of flowery and new age language, I quickly stopped. Can the general public read these messages?

Re: Any information about The Template?
Posted by: liminal ()
Date: March 03, 2016 03:35AM

[] You can keep this checklist handy to compare anything you hear about the group and leaders.

Also this [] with suggestions for friends and family.

StacieBobacy, your question about the general public, yes, this forum can be read by anyone online.

Re: Any information about The Template?
Posted by: StacieBobacy ()
Date: March 03, 2016 03:38AM

Thank you. My initial question has pretty much been answered.

Re: Any information about The Template?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: March 03, 2016 05:55AM

(If you live naked in a desert, you risk dehydration and injury from cactus spines, rocks, etc. Extreme temperature change between night and morning. C)


Connecting the Broken Circuits in Our Bodies to Prepare for the future

I've practiced quite a few methodologies during my life. Many of these were body oriented such as yoga, mountaineering, and Ti Chi Chuh. Many of them were focused on the mind and nervous system. However one of the MOST powerful things I ever did was a series of ceremonies.

About 30 years ago a woman named Juliet Carter was living naked in the desert in order to connect, as the gnostics did, directly with source. During this time she began to align with a body of knowledge. Over the years she was able to bring more and more of this knowledge into physical space here. She and her partner have since condensed this information into a series of very powerful ceremonies, involving sacred geometry and coded language.

I was first introduced to these ceremonies about 7 years ago. Muscle testing before and after each ceremony verified that the process re-connects 33 circuits in the human body permanently(!). What this means is that you can participate in the ceremonies, and 7+ years later, when you are tested, your circuits will still be fully connected.

Why is this important? Since we rely on our bodies to tell us about what is happening in our reality, having 'broken circuits' that are not fully functional, means you will not receive all the information that is available to you. With functioning circuits, on the other hand, your body can interpret light and subtle energies- then forward the information to you.

If people in the population have re-connected circuits... they will be able to directly translate light and become sovereign. This is 'earth changing' stuff.

I used to perform theTemplate ceremonies for others, however since the transition I went through, I am no longer doing this. These ceremonies are available in many countries... to check for a nearby ceremony you can go to

As of now, the first ceremony is available by DVD. Muscle testing on many people has shown it is effective in connecting the first 12 circuits in your body. And once they are connected, your experience of reality will change in wonderful ways. Here are some links to a few UTube videos created by Juliet Carter and her husband, Jiva... enjoy.

You might like to know what changed for me. Well, Juliet told me that everyone who goes through the ceremonies has an earthquake in their life within a few years, if they are not living fully aligned with source.**

She was right. My entire life fell apart. And I am so glad(!) My new life fits me wonderfully, and I have a sense of deep joy and happiness all of the time. So I am saying to you, "Come on in, the water is fine"

**(Corboy: Sounds like fear installation. "In a few years" is vague time unit. Within one to three years, most of us will have a painful episode in our lives, or something nasty (car accident, broken limb, loss of a job, death, medical problem, etc.) will happen to a friend or family member.)





Ibiza (Ibiza is a site for the international techno/rave community.)


Glastonbury, UK (A site important to the New Age scene, as Glastonbury was linked in the minds of the hopeful to the Arthurian legends)


Byron Bay, Australia (Byron Bay is a gathering place for the New Age/alternative community in Australia).


Re: Any information about The Template?
Posted by: StacieBobacy ()
Date: March 03, 2016 06:08AM

Thanks for posting this! I poked around online and couldn't find much. It sounds like typical cult double & even triple speak. You're connected, then 7 years later permenantly connected, then there's an earthquake because you're not connected. Living naked anywhere is probably not a good idea either. What a mess.
Thanks again!

Re: Any information about The Template?
Posted by: JMC ()
Date: November 19, 2016 05:53AM

Hi Stacie, I know a bit about this lot. I came across them in Glastonbury a few years ago (where else!!) and ended up doing some of their ceremonies before pulling away.
One of the reasons was I didnt feel comfortable with the way that Juliet Carter publicly and vociferously harangued people if they were not towing the party line exactly (people HAD to be veggie, they MUST NOT believe in religions etc). They were very big on steering people away from the control of organised religions but it seemed to me that they were trying to replace it by controlling their followers themselves.
There was also the pressure to attend ceremonies and keep repeating them (initial ones were £75, repeats less). They went on about the 'Template Family' and trying to get our friends and family 'Templated' (ie to also attend the ceremonies).
They tend to come over to the UK annually, usually at this time of year. Each time it is hyped as 'A rare opportunity' to attend ceremonies with Juliet and Jiva and each ceremony is supposed to be the last; when I came across them first they only had 4 ceremonies, then rapidly 'downloaded' through another couple which were also billed as being 'the last'. They are now up to number 13 (surprise, surprise).
They have other people to lead some of the ceremonies in their absence that they refer to as 'Ambassadors'. These ambassadors have been taught and can lead up to ceremony 6 at the most, but after that only Juliet and Jiva can lead the newer ones; so when they are in the area leading these newer ceremonies there is a high demand from people wanting to attend, so J and J pocket a large sum each time.
When the ambassadors train to lead each ceremony they have to purchase from J and J the geometry that goes with that particular ceremony - they are large pieces and the costs can run into hundreds.
There are around 7 or 8 ambassadors and they are living in or performing ceremonies in the UK, France, Greece, the US and Australia, and probably other countries.
Besides performing ceremonies and selling large pieces of ceremonial geometry to the ambassadors, there is also the income from books, dvds, cds and smaller pieces of geometry and jewellery (the latter produced in their workshops in Bali and Australia). Another former Templater remarked ruefully to me that it is '...a nice little family business they have running there'. People are also encouraged to donate.They are always wanting more money.
The newsletters are interesting. Besides the usual wanting money, the language is weirdly hypnotic - you can get drawn in by it, but by the end of the piece have no idea about what you have just read. Odd.
They are secretive and the only way that the whole truth will come out about them is if members of their very tight inner circle finally break away and spill the beans, I think it is long overdue.
In short, there are some very culty elements to their operation and behaviour and I'd advise to steer well clear. I've cut myself off from all of their members and hope that eventually they will see what I saw and pull away.
If nothing else they provided me with an excellent (but very expensive!) lesson in discernment.

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